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Joint Chiefs Gen. Joseph Dunford: North Korea’s Ability to Target US With Nuclear-Tipped ICBM ‘a Very Short Time’ Away
Latest: Crackpot Kim Predicted to Carry Out Huge Provocation in mid-October
Millions Sign Up for NKorea Military to Counter US
Malaysia Bans Travel to NKorea, Soccer Match Postponed
Rep. French Hill: Trump Is Making Progress on North Korea Where Past Presidents Faltered
‘Kleptocracy Tour’ Highlights London Money-Laundering – video
Venezuela’s Maduro Tells Starving Populace to Prep for War with United States
Venezuelan Women Forced to Turn to Prostitution to Afford Food
‘White Plague’: France on Track for Muslim Majority as Native European Populations Dwindle
Canada Says No Safe Haven for Illegal Immigrants
Frau Dummkopf Not Safe Yet
NKorea Says U.S. 'Declared War,' Warns It Could Shoot Down U.S. Bombers – Even over International Waters
Concerns Over US Grid Security Rise as North Korea Threatens EMP Attack – HOLLY NOTE: In the next several weeks, we will begin offering complete EMP protection for home and business. Watch for the big announcement on
NKorean Prisoners Look Like 'Walking Skeletons' in Kim Jong Un's Labor Camps
Chelsea Manning Barred from Canada after Conviction for Leaking Classified Documents Equated to Treason
Trump Threatens "Little Rocket Man", Says Kim "Won't Be Around Much Longer" as North Korea Holds Huge anti-US Rally
North Koreans Gather in Pyongyang for anti-US Rally
Angela Merkel Makes History in German Vote, but So Does Far Right
German Election: AfD Vows to Fight 'Invasion of Foreigners'
Spain in Crisis: Catalan Police Reject Madrid Takeover, Vow to "Resist"
Catalonia Referendum: Spanish State Poised to Seize Catalan Finances
Now Canadian League Football Players Are Protesting Canada's Anthem
Transgender Group ATH Says It Is Fine to Punch Women
Trump Signs Executive Order Targeting NKorea's Trading Partners
Kim Jong Un Says Trump Will 'Pay Dearly' for His Threats in Fiery Statement
NKorea Threatens to Detonate H-bomb in Pacific Ocean
Hawaii Reportedly Prepares for Nuclear Attack Amid Heated NKorea Rhetoric
Anti-Immigrant AfD Party Draws in More Germans as Vote Nears

SKorea Unexpectedly Approves Aid to Pyongyang As North Korea Calls Trump "Barking Dog" – HOLLY NOTE: Understandably, SKorea is not running scared; it's terified and bolting.
Germany: Two Muslim Migrants Rape 16-Year-Old Girl on City Street
EU: Delusions without Borders
Theater of the Absurd: Gay Porn-Actor-Turned-Spy Who Posed as Jihadist Gets Suspended Sentence
New Surge in Migrants Crossing US-Canada Border
5 Reasons You Need to Watch 'The Vietnam War' on PBS
Spain Expels North Korean Ambassador Over Missile and Nuke Program
Taiwan Suspends Oil Exports to NKorea, Clothing Imports
NKorea Says Sanctions Will Accelerate Nuclear Program
French University Suspends All Courses Due to Migrant Squatters
New Zealand Officials Cancel Flights Due to Fuel Shortage
Report: NKorea Secretly Building Nuclear Sub
H.R. McMaster: US Has to Move with 'Great Sense of Urgency' to Deal with North Korea
No, We Cannot Shoot Down North Korea’s Missiles
Canada's Gen.John Ivison: 'U.S. Policy Is Not to Defend Canada' in the Event of a Missile Attack, Says the U.S. Might Do So Anyway
Related: Canada Funds Europe-Based Missile Defence Program But Won't Join One at Home
Related: Matt Gurney: Remind Me Again Why Canada Opted Out of Missile Defence?
How Black-Market Tobacco Funds the World’s Bad Actors
Joint Sea-2017: Russia & China to Send 11 Ships, 2 Subs to Pacific
NKorea Fires Missile Towards Japan
…Threatens to Sink Japan, Reduce U.S. to Ashes and Darkness
Monster 'Fatberg': 143 Tons of Grease and Garbage Clog UK Sewer
Fearing Russia, Sweden Holds Biggest War Games in 20 Years
'Britain Will Regret It!' Juncker Dismisses Brexit as He Demands Tighter Ties for Remaining EU States with ALL of Them Joining the Euro
Swedish Police Must Put Rapes Aside - Have Too Many Murders to Investigate – HOLLY NOTE: This "sharp increase" is a direct result of allowing into their country "criminal immigrant gangs in Sweden". Remember when Trump was hugely criticized for stating that Sweden was seeing a huge increase in rapes and other violent crimes as a result of taking in so many Muslim immigrants? Some woman in the Swedish government denied their terrible situation, except the problem got too big to hide. She had to retract her statement especially when Swedish Democrats backed Trump's statement about their immigrant-led crime crisis. Ami Horowitz further proved it in his video that Sweden is now rape capital amidst Muslim immigration. Because of this, women have vanished from Sweden's streets. Now, too late, Sweden acknowledges they have created a disaster, want to off-load their immigrants and their PM decalres they "never go back" to mass immigration.
Mugabe Threatens New Round of Land Seizures from Zimbabwe’s White Farmers
WA Senator Says US Must Prepare for NKorea Nuclear Attack
Surprising Illegal Immigration Solution Found in Greece
What’s This? Now Canada Is Deporting Illegal Aliens in Growing Numbers
UN Unanimously Passes Fresh Sanctions on North Korea
World War 3: NKorea Preparing for BATTLE as Kim Jong-un Declares 'Quasi-War Status'
Are You Watching Putin? Sweden Joins Forces with US and NATO in Astonishing Show of Force
Merkel Calls on Hungary to Implement Court Ruling on Refugee Distribution
North Korea 'Secretly Helped By Iran to Gain Nuclear Weapons', British Officials Fear
US Calls for Monday Vote on New North Korea Sanctions
North Korea Warns U.S. of ‘Greatest Pain’ if Sanctions Pass
Capital Is a Ghost Town Amid Nuclear Testing…
Denmark Suspends Refugee Resettlement Under UN Program – HOLLY NOTE: This program of streaming in millions of refugees and illegal immigrants to wealthy, self-sustaining countries is not without purpose. The Elites' plan is to level the playing field for ALL countries worldwide and implement the 'race of tan' – a total blending of all people, all economies, smooch together all religions, till you can't tell one country from another. Call it what you want, but we stand against this Agenda 2030 plan. While Progressives are busy welcoming in illegals, realize they are sinking your ship. At least Denmark, Poland, Australia and a few other countries have awakened to this nefarious plot. Canada is just now coming out of the cobwebs to see the truth. It's past time for America to smash the snooze alarm.
Norway Wrestles With National Values, Immigration, EU Ties in Election
Pat Condell: Europe Is Killing Itself – video
European Court Orders EU Countries to Take Migrants
China Closes North Korean Border Crossing
On Taxes and Immigration, Look to Hungary
Next NKorea Missile Launch Could Be This Saturday
SKorea Bolsters Missile Shield as ICBM Test Fears Rise
…Protesters Clash with Police Over Deployment of US THAAD Missiles
Korea Nuclear Test Furthers EMP Bomb
Nuclear iNspiration: Has North Korea Emboldened Iran?
China Has Economic Tools to Pressure Kim But Worries About Consequences
Putin: Russia Reserves Right to Further Cut U.S. Diplomatic Mission
Syrian Army, Allies Break Islamic State Siege In Eastern City
South Korea Thinks North Preparing More Missile Tests
NKorea Reportedly Moves Rocket-That May Be ICBM Overnight
South Korea Holds Second Live-Fire Drill after North Korea's Hydrogen Bomb Test
NKorea Nuclear Progress Puts Iran on Renewed Pathway to Bomb – Iranian, NKorean Leaders Meet After Hydrogen Bomb Test, Testing U.S. Resolve
Gaffney: On North Korea, 'Strategic Patience' Has Enabled Strategic Blackmail
Japan Prepares for Mass Evacuation of 60,000 Citizens from South Korea
Trump Agrees to Lift Limits on South Korean Missile Payloads
Is NKorea the Bait in the Trap? Will Russia and China Combine to Strike America?
Europe's New Lie: Comparing Asylum Shelters to Nazi Concentration Camps
Amb. Haley Seeks Toughest UN Sanctions on North Korea, Says 'Enough Is Enough'
North Korea Reportedly Appears to be Readying New Ballistic Missile Launch
Related: Size of NKorea's Nuclear Weapons Tests
Game Changer: North Korea Openly Threatens EMP Attack for the First Time
Could Wipe Out Electrical Networks Across the US… – HOLLY NOTE: Friends, didn't think things that will drastically alter life for our entire country would escalate quite this quickly with NKorea. If you have any preps left to do, now is the time to get busy.
Seoul Conducts Live-Fire Drills After Latest North Korea Nuclear Test
China Raises Radiation Threat Level, Begins "Emergency Monitoring" Along North Korean Border
Steven Mnuchin Proposes Cutting off 'All Trade' with Countries That Do Business with North Korea
Iran Requests 950 Tons of Uranium from Kazakhstan – HOLLY NOTE: How much will end up in NKorea's hands?
Canada Preparing Winter Shelters as Migrant Wave Continues
New Royal Baby Is on the Way – Kate and William Announce She Is Expecting Their Third Child
AUG 31
Starving Prisoners Look Like 'Walking Skeletons': US – HOLLY NOTE: It's not just the prisoners who are starving. There are well-documented cases of cannibalism in NKorea. Even administrations prior to Trump's have stated that NKorea extorts the U.S. to feed its people. If the Kims really cared about the well-being of their people they wouldn't spend tens of billions on missiles, rocketry and nuclear weapons development. The amount of $$ allocated to military and weapons could have fed their country for many years. One North Korean expert stated that NKorea wants to be seen as a force to be reckoned with, to become a nuclear state, and to be viewed as an equal to Western states, that it cares nothing about its people.
Trump Says Talking to North Korea 'Not the Answer,' Rips US 'Extortion' Payments
AUG 30
Iran Dismisses US ‘Dream’ of Military Site Inspections
Kim Jong Un Called Missile Launch 'Meaningful Prelude' to Containing Guam, North Korea Says
Australian Psychologists Push Teaching Gay Marriage Support, Gender Transition for Young Kids
AUG 29
North Korea Fires Unidentified Missile OVER Japan in Alarming New Development
Residents Freak as They are Urged to 'Take Immediate Shelter Underground’
th Missile Fired in 12 Tests Since February…
German Nurse Killed at Least 84 Patients: Police
How to Get Out of the Iran Nuclear Deal
3 Hurt in 'Liquid Attack' and 2 Trampled as Terrified Crowds Flee in Panic Amid Acid Fears
Related: 'Emerging Link' Between Acid Attacks and Gang Violence in London
AUG 28
The Invasion of Canada
Deportations on the Rise in Canada Amid Migrant Influx
EU Could Be Open to Brexit Climbdown Over Trade Talks Amid Revolt Led By France
Illegal Immigrant Who Murdered Carer in Hyde Park Jailed for Minimum of 26 Years
Thousands Flee Violence in Myanmar
Guatemala Leader Orders UN Official Out
3 of Britain's Leading Independent Schools Caught Up in Exam Cheating Scandal
War-torn Yemen Now Struggles with World’s Worst – and Worsening – Cholera Crisis
AUG 25
Iran Boast on Uranium Enrichment Serves as Warning to Trump
Migrant Riots Break Out in Rome: Man Throws Gas Cylinder as Italy Police Clash in Capital
Farage Fury as EU Warned Terrorists Could Come in Migrant Boats
Farage Vindicated: Libyan Official Warns Terrorists Hiding on Migrant Boats
Merkel Acknowledges Europe's Disastrous Migrant Policy: '2015 Must Not Be Repeated'
Related: 65 Countries Have Erected Border Fences as Governments Try to Hold Back the Tide of Migrants
Canada Sees 'Unsustainable' Spike in Asylum Seekers at U.S. Border
Canadian Prime Minister Sounds Alarm About Illegal Immigrants
Walks Back Famous Tweet – Now Trying to Stop “Irregular” Migration
AUG 24
Report: Trump Administration to Withhold Up to $290 Million in Egypt Aid
Wonder Why KJU Backed Down? Here's an Inside Look at 450 "Super Nukes" Pointing at NK
Update: Egyptian Foreign Minister Attends Kushner Meeting Following Reports of Snub
Hundreds Confess to Eating Human Flesh
Iran Caught Shipping Soldiers to Syria on Commercial Flights in Violation of Nuclear Deal
AUG 23
NKorea Photos Suggest New Solid-Fuel Missile Designs
U.S. Sanctions Chinese, Russians for Illicit Trade With North Korea
Russia Vows "Inevitable Response" Over "Illegal" Sanctions
Iran on the Path of North Korea
Turkey on Verge of Military Cooperation with Iran against Kurds?
Iran Can Resume High Uranium Enrichment in '5 Days,' Official Says
Chernobyl: City of Ghosts
AUG 22
North Korea Warns Australia That Supporting Trump Is a 'Suicidal Act'
Trudeau Warns Migrants
Pope: Rights of Migrants Trump National Security Concerns
Hard Labor: NZ's Ardern Takes Tougher Line on Immigration
Edmonton Could Become a 'Sanctuary City' for Undocumented Immigrants
AUG 21
North Korea Warns of 'Merciless Strike' Ahead of US-South Korea Drills
Syria's Assad Says Western Plots Against Him Foiled But War Not Yet Won
Nigel Farage: Frankly the Whole Thing Is Madness – video
Can Largest African City Deal With Doubling of Population?
Inventor Claims He Dumped Swedish Journalist's Body After She Died in 'Accident' on His Self-Built Submarine
AUG 18
NKorea Shows the Capitol Building Being Obliterated By Red Missiles in New Series of anti-West Propaganda Posters
My Family Escaped North Korea — Trump’s Response Was Spot on
Poland to the EU: Take Your Middle Eastern and African Migrants and Shove It
Westerners Are Kinder to Migrants When Given the ‘Love Hormone’ Oxytocin and Put Under Peer Pressure, Scientists Find
Forced to Resign for Calling Out Rape Gangs
Australia's Pauline Hanson Wears Burka in Parliament in Bid to Ban the Garment
AUG 17
Satellite Images Show Iran 'Is Building a Secret Missile Factory on the Syrian Coast Which Could Be Used to Strike Israel'
Nikki Haley Increasing Scrutiny of Iran Amid Nuclear Deal Review
Bungling Armed Robber Caught after He Previously Left His Resume at a Bookies He Raided When He Failed to Get a Job
People Smuggling Gang Face Jail after 2 Groups of Albanians Including a Child Were Found in Car Trunks Heading to Britain
Lebanon Scraps Controversial Law Which Allowed Rapists to Walk Free If They MARRIED Their Victims
12 People Crushed to Death When a Tree Crashes Down on Crowds Buying Candles for Religious Festival on Madeira
Brexit Talks Pushed Back to December as Angela Merkel Hold Up Negotiations
Melbourne, Vienna and Vancouver Named World's Most Liveable Cities – Sydney Slips Down Amid Fears of a Terror Attack
Shock Map as Tourists Are No Longer Welcome at These European Holiday Destinations
AUG 16
Iran's President Threatened to Revitalize the Country's Nuclear Program If the US Continues With Sanctions
Richard Haass: There Are No Good Options Left on North Korea
Reno Time: Big Ben to Be Silenced for 4 Years
Woman Police Officer, 47, Denies Assaulting Her Force’s Own Black Race Relations Adviser By Tasering Him in the Face
AUG 15
NKorea Backs Off Guam Missile-Attack Threat – Kim Warns He Could Change His Mind If the U.S. Persists in ‘Extremely Dangerous Reckless Actions’
NKorea’s Missile Success Linked to Ukrainian Plant, Investigators Say
Jim Mattis: If North Korea Fires Missiles at the US, 'It's Game On'
Iran Sending Warships to Atlantic Ocean Amid Massive New Military Buildup – Boosts War Spending By $500 Million after U.S. Issues Sanctions
Vicente Fox Tweets Image of Trump with Swastika Superimposed on His Forehead
Illegal Refugees Complain About Housing In Montreal
AUG 11
China Pledges to Stay Neutral in Conflict Unless US Hits N. Korea First, State Media Says – HOLLY NOTE: This shows China has zero intention of reigning in its little brother. Those in government who thought China would help maintain peace were dead wrong. It's obvious China is quite content for NKorea and Crazy Kim to continue building missiles and enlarging their nuclear arsenal.
Bolton: N. Korea Crisis Only Going to Get Worse for US
Japan Moves Missile Defence System into Central Tokyo as People Rush to Buy Bomb Shelters – US Citizens in Hawaii Are Told to Prepare for a Nuclear Attack
The Latest: Canada Sends Soldiers to Migrant Border Crossing
Stunned Tourists Watch Migrants Invade Beach in Spain and Scatter Before Police Arrive
Former Newspaper Editor Who Exposed CIA Found Dead
China’s New Long-Range Missile
Unexploded WWII Bomb dropped Found at Japan's Crippled Fukushima Nuclear Plant
It's Official - North Korea Is Now a Nuclear Power
North Korea Says It Is ‘Carefully Examining’ Plan to Launch Missiles at Guam
South Dakota Airmen Arrive "Ready to Fight Tonight" from Guam
Guam 101
Deterring North Korea: The Next Nuclear-Tailoring Agenda
Poll: Most Americans Support Sanctions to Halt North Korea's Nuclear Program – infographic
Turkey Starts Building Wall on Iran Border
Norway Mulls Iodine Tablets for Citizens amid Russian Nuclear Sub Fears
The Insurance Compulsion: Fear of Life’s Uncertainties Drives Societies Toward the Misery of Socialism
Refugee Integration Makes Slow Progress, But German Political Divisions Stand Firm
North Korea Already Already Making Missile-Ready Nuclear Weapons, U.S. Analysts Say
Thought to Possess 60 Nukes… – HOLLY NOTE: On Aug. 1, I wrote: Much as we love our country, we are concerned officials continually miscalculate threats on many fronts whether it's terrorism strikes and ISIS capabilities, the advancement of Iran's nuclear program, the harm of illegal immigration/dangers of sanctuary cities, asteroids and NEOs whiz-by's (normally we get notified of a dangerously close to Earth asteroid the day after it zings by. Just last week "experts" thought NKorea was 3 years away in their nukes and missiles program from where they think NKorea is now. What if that's wrong too? With one of their ICBMs capable of reaching any U.S. city in less than 40 minutes, how long are they going to wait to act? When an ICBM is literally overhead?
Defiant N. Korea Spotted Moving Anti-Ship Missiles in Face of Warnings
NKorea May Be In Possession of a Miniature Nuclear Warhead, Japan Warns
Migrants Storm Check Point at Spanish Enclave in Morocco
On the Beach 2017
Moment Brainwashed German Schoolgirl Is Captured in Iraq
Huge Migrant Wave Set to Hit Europe, German Intel Says
NKorea Threatens to 'End the US' as UK Warns Kim Jong-Un's Nuclear Provocations Could Be 'Catastrophic'
McMaster: Threat of North Korean Nuclear Weapon Strike 'Impossible to Overstate'
Poll: Most Say US Should Deploy Troops If NKorea Attacks South
North Korea Official's Visit to Iran Could Signal Wider Military Ties
Duterte Mocks North Korea’s Kim ‘Chubby Face’: ‘That Son of a Bitch Maniac’
Venezuela Quells 'Paramilitary' Attack at Base; 2 Dead
Maduro Vows 'Maximum Penalty' for Attack…
War of Words: Rouhani Hits Back At Trump Over Nuclear Deal
WORSE ON THE WAY? NKorea Developing Hydrogen Bomb More Powerful Than the Atomic Bombs Dropped on Japan
Radioactive Material Reported Stolen in Northern Mexico
Pentagon is Funding Silicon Valley’s Space Industry to Watch NKorean Missiles
China Carries Out Flight Test of Anti-Satellite Missile – Highlights Growing Space Warfare Capabilities
Socialism Has Destroyed Venezuela
Whatever Happened to All Those Leftists Who Went Gaga Over Venezuela?
Related: Bernie Sanders Praised Socialist Venezuela as Model for Ending Income Inequality – Called It 'the American 'Dream'
Venezuela Abandons Any Claim to Democracy
Venezuela Agents Arrest Opposition Leaders In Midnight Raids
Venezuela's Political Crisis: Why It Matters to Americans
Who Will Take Venezuela's Huddled Masses?
Nigel Farage Accuses the Government of 'Betraying' Brexit by 'Selling Out' Those Most Concerned By Immigration
Erdogan's Revenge: Dozens of Turkish Prisoners Paraded in Public as 500 'Traitors' Face Life in Prison Over Failed Coup
Immigrant Population Hits New High in Germany
The Root Cause of the Disasters in the Middle East
The Road to Global Oz
How Far Is the US Willing to Go to Curb NKorean Aggression? – HOLLY NOTE: Much as we love our country, we are concerned officials continually miscalculate threats on many fronts whether it's terrorism strikes and ISIS capabilities, the advancement of Iran's nuclear program, the harm of illegal immigration/dangers of sanctuary cities, asteroids and NEOs whiz-by's (normally we get notified of a dangerously close to Earth asteroid the day after it zings by. Just last week "experts" thought NKorea was 3 years away in their nukes and missiles program from where they think NKorea is now. What if that's wrong too? With one of their ICBMs capable of reaching any U.S. city in less than 40 minutes, how long are they going to wait to act? When an ICBM is literally overhead?
US Military Detected 'Highly Unusual' Levels of North Korean Submarine Activity – HOLLY NOTE: Nukes launched from subs can be even more lethal than a single land-striking nuke. If one of their subs slinks over to the U.S. coastline and launches a nuke-tipped missile 300 miles overhead, the resulting EMP means "lights out" for America and we're shuttled back some 150 years with nothing electrical, nothing electronic working. That's literally life-altering.
Related: EMP: A Growing Threat
‘Ironclad’: In Nearly Hour-Long Phone Call, Japan’s Abe Stands with Trump on North Korea
Spanish Border Enclaves Under Violent Siege as Increasing Hordes of African Migrants Storm Barriers
Systems Failure in the West and How to Solve It
Girls Seeking Help for Forced Marriage at Record High, Just One Conviction
East Forces Line Up Against NATO Members: China, Russia and NATO Forces Put on Huge Show of Strength as the World's Powers Flex Military Muscles – HOLLY NOTE: This has a prickly-hairs-on-the-neck feel to it. The number of enemy troops, vehicles and jets participating is staggering. China, India and other Asian countries could easily assemble the prophesied End Times 200 million man army (Revelation 9:16). Through Russia into the mix and it's a done deal. Not since the Cuban Missile Crisis has nuclear war been more likely. See Henry Gruver's prophecy given to him by the Lord 31 years ago.
Vladimir Putin Orders 755 American Diplomatic Staffers to Leave Russia
Japan’s Residents Buying $19,000 Bomb Shelters: NKorea’s Missile Launch Sends Demand Surging
Officials KIlled as Venezuela Votes
22,000 People Evacuated after Music Fest Stage in Spain Is engulfed in Flames
Black Lives Matter Riots in England
France Breaks Up Migrant Camp, Wonders Why Another Appears
Al-Shabaab Militants Ban Starving Somalis From Accessing Aid
ALERT: NKorea Successfully Launches New ICBM That Survived Re-Entry – a Big
U.S. General: NKorea ICBM Threat Advancing Faster Than Expected
Obstacle They've Overcome – Shows No Sign of Let Up

Russian Drone with Thermite Grenade Blows Up a Billion Dollars of Ukranian Ammo
Russia Hits Back Over Sanctions, Orders U.S. Diplomats to Leave
US Orders Venezuela Embassy Families Out as Crisis "Showdown" Arrives
The French Government Built a Migrant Shelter in This Small Town – Residents Responded By Building a Wall Around It
General: North Korean ICBM Test Was ‘Game Changer’
Why NKorea Still Hates the United States
Illegal immigrants in New Zealand Grow Commercial-Scale Cannabis in Rental Houses
The Imminent Death of Venezuelan Democracy
In Bitter Winter and Months to Go, New Zealand Running Out of Firewood
NKorea Could Reach US with Nuclear Weapons as Early as Next Year: Report
Next NKorean Missile Test May Be Imminent
EU Court Says Austria Can Deport Asylum Seekers
Jordan Releases Video Showing US Troops Surrendering Before Deadly Shooting
Fatal Police Shootings In UK at 12-Year High
US Moves One Step Closer to Imposing Fresh Russia Sanctions
New US Sanctions Against Russia, Iran & N. Korea at Odds with Intl Law – France
Erdogan: Turkey Will ‘No Longer’ Cave in to Pressure from the West
CIA Chief Hints Agency Is Working to Change Venezuelan Government
Venezuela Opposition Launches Two-Day Nationwide Strike
…Enters Crisis Week as Vote for New Constituent Assembly Approaches
NKorea Appears to Be Preparing New Missile Test: Report
UK Guardian: Charlie Gard Case Justified as 'Children Do Not Belong to Their Parents'
'There'll Be VERY Large Scale Public Anger': Nigel Farage Rails Against Brexit REVERSAL
Trudeau Government: Respect for Human Rights of Others Only Voluntary
The Battle for Venezuela, Through a Lens, Helmet and Gas Mask
Could Venezuela Be on the Brink of a Civil War as Bloody as Syria?
Police Protest Over Rising Brazil Violence
Forced Child Migration 'Bigger Abuse Scandal Than Savile'
Paper: Future of Globalization ‘Shaken’ by Trump Victory, Nationalist ‘Political Earthquakes’
Coast Guard Rescues Stranded Couple as Advancing Atlantic Waves Threaten to Sweep Them to Their Deaths
Germany: Man Wearing Cross Beaten by Migrant Gang
Toronto Man Irks City after Building Stairs for $550 After $65,000 Estimate
Sweden Stands at Abyss as National Police Chief Begs for Help
German Judge Warns of Court System 'collapse' Due to Mass Number of Asylum Complaints
IT'S OFFICIAL: US Confirms NKorea Can Hit America with Nuclear ICBM
NKorea May Have More Nuclear Weapons Material Than Previously Thought
NKorea Committing ‘NAZI-era Atrocities’ and Executing People in SCHOOLS
Iran Military Warns Against IRGC Sanctions
Mayor in Italy: "We are INVADED, OVERWHELMED" by Muslim Migrants
Trump Admin to Hit Iran With New Sanctions as Tehran Threatens Attacks on U.S. Bases
Trump Must Withdraw from Iran Nuclear Deal - Now
Europe Beware! Turkey Eyes Iran as Replacement Partner
The US Deep State: Sabotaging Putin-Trump Ceasefire Agreement In Syria
SKorea Willing to Sit Down with North on Easing Tensions, Family Reunions
Winning a War Against NKorea Would Come at 'great Cost': Here's What It Might Look Like
The North Korean Threat – video
Revealed: London Accuses France of Plot to 'Wreck Britain' - Even If It Gains Nothing Itself – HOLLY NOTE: Sounds like the Progressives' agenda on Republicans
60 Minutes: Worldwide Pedophile Network – video
Freak Fest in Colombia
Hungarian Gov't Calls Campaign Against George Soros 'A Matter of National Security'
Pope Francis - World Government Must Rule U.S. ‘For Their Own Good’ – video
Kim Jong-un's Wife Seen for First Time in Months as the Pair Attend a Lavish Banquet to Celebrate Missile Test – HOLLY NOTE: Nothing says elegance and grace like rocket launchers and missiles flying adorning a table laden with flowers, fruit and wine.
Will Trump Stop the 10 Chinese Companies Supplying North Korea's Nuclear Program?
China Sends Troops to First Overseas Naval Base in Djibouti
France: Muslim Migrants Dig, Camouflage Holes with Sharp Metal Objects to TRAP POLICE at Night
NKorea Warns It Will Turn America into 'Pile of Ash'
The US Had a Clear Shot at Killing Kim Jong Un on July 4 – Here's Why It Didn't Strike
China Says 'China Responsibility Theory' on North Korea Has to Stop – HOLLY NOTE: This is clear indication that China has no intention of helping curb the actions of NKorea's crazy leader. The fact that China increased its trade with NKorea by 73% in the first 2 months of 2017, should have given Trump a big clue. China's President Xi was just playing him.
Brutal Muslim Religious Police Now Patrol Europe
Europe's Mass Migration: The Leaders vs. the Public
Air Canada Flight Nearly Lands on 4 Planes on Crowded San Francisco Runway
‘They Don’t Even Try’: Hungary’s New Border Fence Called ‘Spectacular Success’
North Korea's Missile Programme – Their KN-08 Will Be Able to Hit ALL 50 States and All of Canada – HOLLY NOTE: This graphic was made by the Center for Nonproliferation Studies for the Nuclear Threat Initiative in 2016. They state on their site that NKorea may have other missiles as well. Since this info is a year old and NKorea is making significant nuclear warhead and missile strides, there's no way to know just how far this secretive nation has progressed beyond what the article shares.
Russia Quietly Begins Building Third Military Base in Syria
NKorea Warns US Bombing Drill Risks Provoking "Nuclear War"
Asia Expert: NKorea Will Never Give Up Nuclear Weapons – video
Syria Cease-Fire Goes into Effect in Southern Part of Country
DIA Reveals New Details of Russian Information Warfare … Report Highlights Moscow's 'Information Confrontation' Plans for Future Conflict
Moscow Offers Evidence to UN That NKorea Tested Mid-Range Missile, Not ICBM
Spain Rescues 54 Migrants from Boat in Strait of Gibraltar
NKorea Threatens 'Whole US Mainland' with 'Annihilating Strike' after Latest Missile Test
Russia Nixes U.S.-drafted U.N. Resolution Against NKorea
Australia Will Join US in Fight Against North Korea If War Breaks Out
NKorea Nuclear Threat: There Is One Diplomatic Option Left to End It, John Bolton Says
Venezuelan Lawmakers Beaten, Besieged in Latest Violence
Russian Spies Ramping Up Their Intelligence-Gathering Efforts: Report
NKorean ICBM Not Seen Before by Pentagon
"It's a LOT Worse Than Anyone Thought" NKoreans Have Missiles to Reach ALL of USA – HOLLY NOTE: Crazy Kim doesn't even have to be terribly accurate – just detonate a nuke overhead releasing an EMP. This would do more damage for a longer period of time over a greater expanse than any bomb landing on a desired target.
Merkel to Take Charge of G-20 Agenda, Press Multilateralism Message to Trump – Keep Summit Focused on Her Pet Topic – 'Green Energy'
G-20 Summit’s Expected ‘Left-Wing Extremists’ Prompt German Troops to Forgo Uniform
Despite Paris Accord, G-20 Countries Invest 4 Times as Much in Fossil Fuels as Green Energy
Bill Gates Urges End to Generosity, Fears African Refugees Will Decimate Europe
Austria to Send Troops and Armoured Vehicles to Border With Italy to Block Migrants
Ukrainian Investigators: Russia 'Is "Liquidating" Witnesses Involved in the Shooting Down of MH17'
Tyrant Maduro Has Venezuelan Lawmakers Beaten, Besieged in Latest Violence
'Russian Aggression in the Caribbean Sparks Fears of New Cold War'. Sorry, No It Doesn't…
GAME-CHANGER: NKorea Claims It Successfully Launched ICBM
US Warship in South China Sea, ‘Military Provocation,’ Says China
Polish Leaders Ramp Up Anti-EU Rhetoric Ahead of Trump Visit
Mafia & Migrant Gang Violently Forcing Refugees to Sell Drugs in Sicily
At Least 20 Killed by Car Bomb in Damascus
President Trump to Address Famine in Africa
Europe's Migrant Crisis: Views from Central Europe: "We Are Not Going to Take Part in the Madness of the Brussels Elite."
The Unknown Refugee Crisis – Crossing Borders
Meet the American Woman Helping NKorea’s Defectors