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OUTRAGE: Record $135 Billion a Year for Illegal Immigration, Average $8,075 Each, $25,000 in NY – In a decade, what America could have done with $1.3 trillion?
  • Pay off ALL existing student loan debt
  • Put 8.33 million people through all 4 years of college
  • Buy the entire NFL league, Major League Baseball, the NBA, the NHL and NASCAR, and still have well over 75% of the money left
  • Give three iPhone 8 Plus smartphones with 64GB to every man, woman and child in the U.S.
  • Pay off nearly 7% of the national debt
  • Give a $4141 present to every person in America
  • Fix half of our crumbling infrastructure
  • Pay for the damage 8 Hurricane Katrinas and 1 Gustav
  • Hire Beyoncé – one of the world's highest paid performers – to play one show every night for the next 1,027 years

Calling an illegal alien an ‘undocumented worker’ is
like calling a drug dealer an ‘unlicensed pharmacist.' —quipper unknown

Tucker: Campaign Against ICE Is Campaign For Open Borders – video
BRANDON JUDD: If You Build It, They Won’t Come, Says Veteran BP Agent
Protesters Arrested After Occupying Oregon ICE Building For Over a Week
…Burn American Flag Outside Washington State Detention Center, Ordered to Vacate
ICE Barricades DC Headquarters to Block Protester 'Occupation'
Democratic Pollster Says 84% of Americans Are Against Sanctuary Cities – HOLLY NOTE: This vividly illustrates that many Dem mouthpieces are clearly out of touch with most Americans.
Captain of Juarez-El Paso Barrio Azteca Gang, Wanted by FBI, Is Arrested
Jeff Sessions Says Migrant Children Are Smuggling Drugs into US
Nonprofit Operator of Shelters For Immigrant Kids Reveals Bomb Threats, Staff Harassment
Pentagon Asked to House Up to 32,000 Illegal Immigrants On Military Bases
U.S. House Rejects Compromise Bill On Border Family Separations
ICE at Bay: Siege at Portland Continues as Copycat Insurrections Spread Nationwide
Mexican Arrested for Alleged Illegal ‘Voter Assistance’ Scheme in Texas Border City
UC Berkeley 'Arming' Students Against ICE Agents – video
Pence to Central Americans: "If You Can't Come Legally, Don't Come at All"
Justice Sonia Sotomayor Unleashes 20 Minute Furious Rant Over SCOTUS Decision to Uphold Trump Travel Ban
How Congress Can Stop Family Separation at the Border Without Allowing Amnesty
Catch and Release’ Is Back. ‘We’re Simply Out of Resources,’ White House Says.
Trump Says Current Immigration Laws Are 'Obsolete'
Dozens of Illegal Immigrants Abandoned By Smugglers in Arizona, Border Patrol Says
7-Year-Old Unaccompanied Migrant Found with Smuggler in Texas — 80 Miles from Border
‘Build the Wall!’ ABC Reporter Encounters Smuggler At Border, Ignites Demand For More Border
King: SCOTUS Laid Foundation for Border Wall
“Leave My Husband Alone!” Mitch McConnell’s Wife Screams as Angry Protesters AMBUSH THEIR VEHICLE
Federal Judge Rules That Border Agents Can't Separate Families; Must Reunite Families in 30 Days
Give Illegal Immigration The Nork Treatment
17 States and DC Sue Trump Admin Over Separation of Illegal Alien Families at Border
Supreme Court Rules That Trump's Travel Ban Is Constitutional
Portland Occupiers Shut Down ICE Office, Replace American Flag with 'Refugees Welcome' Flag
Dem Rep Introduces Bill to Abolish ICE – HOLLY NOTE: ICE does a lot more than intercept illegal immigrants. Starting in the Obama years, they've had to act as babysitters and diaper changers and as well as medics for those sickened crossing the blazing desert or come here illegally just in time to drop an anchor baby. They also stop from coming into the country illegal trade including human trafficking, illicit drugs, counterfeit merchandise and intercept would-be terrorists and gangs. ICE is the second-largest criminal investigative agency in the U.S. government after the FBI. So getting rid of ICE would be a huge detriment to our nation and is yet another crazy liberal idea to promote open borders and further endanger law-abiding American citizens.
Illegal Immigrant Accused of Raping, Impregnating Non-Verbal 13-Year-Old Girl
Nolte: Border Hysteria Delivers Disastrous Week for Establishment Media
Illegal Aliens: Your Tax Dollars At Work – Barbara Simpson Targets Economic Truth Behind Fake News About Undocumented Immigrants
Washington State Governor Gives $1.2 Million Taxpayer Dollars to Assist Illegal Aliens
Border Patrol Arrests Iranian National at Laredo, TX With 2 Cell Phones and Currency From 6 Other Countries
7 Dominican Gang Members Arrested in Machete Stabbing Death of 15-Year-Old Boy at NYC Bodega
Sarah Sanders Mic Drop on Immigration: “We’re NOT the Obama Administration”…”We’re Actually Trying to Enforce The Laws”
Obama Cronies Get Rich Off Migrant Kids – Razaists Rip Off America
Illegal Alien Kids Are Unhappy Having to Recite the Pledge of Allegiance
Climate Refugees: Migrant Apocalypse Still to Come Says Canadian Writer
Michael Goodwin: Democrats Refuse To Acknowledge Safe Borders Are Necessary
The U.S. Passes Germany In Asylum Requests
Trump Says Illegal Immigrants Should Be Deported With 'No Judges Or Court Cases'
Underage Pregnant Girl, 1-Yr-Old Child Among 57 Migrants Rescued in Arizona Desert
Mother, Crying Child In Iconic Photo Have Family Back Home And No Basis To Claim Asylum
The Unraveling: An Angry American Weekend
Trump: Only Workable Immigration Solution Is To ‘Detain, Prosecute, and Promptly Remove’ Anyone Who Crosses Border
Rob Reiner, Julian Castro Among Protesters Calling To Free Kids From Texas 'Tent City'
Teen Missing After Walking Out of Migrant Center in Texas
California Dems Furious at Plans to House Detained Illegal Aliens at Navy Bases
9 Times MS-13 Gang Members Posed as Minors, Used Kids to Enter U.S. Illegally
Ray Stevens - Come to the USA – video of day humor
Trump's Family Separation Policy Was Deterring Illegal Immigrant Mothers at the Border
Immigrants in Mexico Confused Over Changing Policies – HOLLY NOTE: This video perfectly illustrates that Trump's zero tolerance policy was a true deterrent. Women in this video said they were staying in Mexico and not jumping the border because they might be separated from their kids. IF and when the border wall is built, this will greatly reduce these dramas as well as the ones depicted in the next 2 news items. – video
Smuggler Abandons 6-Year-Old in Blazing Desert Heat
20,000 Unaccompanied, Undocumented Migrant Kids Could Be Housed on Military Bases This Year
Surprise: After Trump Signs Order Keeping Adults With Children, Democrats Demand Open Borders
These 41 Republicans Killed The Goodlatte Immigration Reform Bill
NEW POLL: Majority of Americans Blame Immigrant Parents -- Not The Government -- For Border Crisis
Hey, Liberal Media, Canada Also Detains Migrant Children And Separates Them From Their Parents. Are They Nazis Too?
Tucker vs. Jorge Ramos: Mexico's Election And Immigration – video of day
Outrage Over Trump's Detention Centers – But They're Actually Obama's
I Was a Childhood Immigrant to the US -- Trump Is Acting Wisely and Compassionately on Illegal Immigration
Hillary and the Children
The Big Picture: What We Know And Don’t Know on Child Separation
Texas: Latinos to Outnumber Whites in Just 4 Years
House Punts Immigration Vote to Next Week
House Abruptly Scraps Planned Vote on Troubled Bill After Days of Scrambling
National Border Patrol Council Labels Peter Fonda as ‘Domestic Terrorist’
Trump Vows To Stop Illegals
Trump Says He'll Cut Off Foreign Aid to Countries That "Abuse" the United States
Marsha Blackburn Says Liberals, Liberal Judges To Blame For US-Mexico Border Mess
Children Separated From Their Parents – video
Jeff Sessions: Family Separation Is 'Temporary And Rare'
‘Where are the Girls?’: Child Trafficking Feared as DHS Can’t Say Where Immigrant Girls are Being Held
Judicial Watch: Documents Reveal Obama HHS Paid Baptist Children and Family Services $182,129,786 for 4 Months Housing of Illegal Alien Children
The Real Cost of Illegal Immigration Is Measured in American Lives
CNN Tries To Shame Border Patrol Agent — He Flips The Script And Leaves Host Speechless
Trump Tears Into Republican Leadership Over Children In Cages Hoax During Capital Hill Visit
Governors Pull National Guard Troops From Border To Protest Trump's 'zero Tolerance' Immigration Policy
Trump Blesses House Republicans' New Compromise Immigration Bill
Video Shows DHS Boss Kirstjen Nielsen Being Heckled, Harassed at DC Restaurant
Immigration Tensions Boil Over As Dems Accost Trump, Intern Curses At President
Border Battle: US Taking in 250 Kids a Day
Trump: U.S. Won't Become a 'Migrant Camp'
Ted Cruz Announces Bill to Stop Family Separations At Border
Moms of Children Killed By Illegal Aliens Slam Media For Hypocritical Coverage of Border Separations
'Angel Mom' to Liberals: Where's the Concern For Us? – video
Secretary Nielsen Calls Out 'Fake News' – video
WH on Family Separations at Border: Trump Enforcing The Law – video of day
DACA Kids Approved Despite Murder, Rape And Sex Crimes Arrests
Laura Bush's Critique of Trump's Immigration Policy Rings Hollow – HOLLY NOTE: George Bush talked a good game, deported illegals, but had zero backbone in accomplishing anything on border security. Good on criticism, lousy on protection.
Border Hit by Huge Spike in Fraudulent Families Entering U.S. – DHS Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Decries 315% Increase in Number of Parent Poseurs Since October 2017
Children Cry on Tape After Border Apprehension, Illegal Alien Mother Convicted

Coulter: ‘Of Course’ the Left Is ‘Using Children’ to Push Open Borders
Conservatives Care Very Much About Kids — But Border Security Is Critical
Sources: Illegals Increasingly Use Other People’s Children to Claim Asylum
Nielsen Urges Congress to Fix Immigration Loopholes – video of day
No 'Immigrants' Were Killed in High-Speed Chase With Border Patrol
White House Responds to Southern Border Migration Crisis, Policies and Family Separations – With a Historic Recap
Why Weren’t Liberals Furious About These Photos of Illegal Immigrant Detentions Under Obama?
Why Force America To Be The World’s Charity Ward?
Thousands of DACA Recipients With Arrest Records, Including 10 Accused Murderers, Allowed to Stay in US
DHS: 13% of DACA Recipients Had Arrest Record – video of week
54% of Alien Children, Teens, on Taxpayer Welfare, Nearly Half For Adults – HOLLY NOTE: When moving to Australia, permission to enter the country was granted IF and only if I could prove able to support myself – and then do so – and not be a burden on their system. As for Australian residency, I still have the 2-inch stack of paperwork, waited 4-1/2 years and spent thousands of dollars for approval, but did it the right way by Australian law.
PHOTOS: Inside Shelter for Illegal Alien Children Separated from Parents – HOLLY NOTE: Predictably Dems are painting these shelters as Nazi camps when in reality these kids have clean rooms, their own bed, new clothes and toiletries, 3 square meals + 2 snacks a day, 6 hours of school daily and supervised play time. Every unaccompanied immigrant minor costs taxpayers $36,000 to house, clothe, feed and care for.
Related: Illegal Immigration Costs California $30.3 Billion a Year—17.7% of State Budget
Democrats Gain Entry to NJ Immigration Detention Center After Arguing With Cops, 'Literally Banging on the Door'
True Story of Obama’s ‘Internment Camps’, Trump’s ‘Concentration Camps’
Facility For Illegal Alien Children Separated From Parents - El Cajon, CA – video of day
‘I Lost My Best Friend:’ American Father Fights for Justice Years After Son is Killed by Illegal Alien on Father’s Day
At Least 5 Dead After SUV Smuggling 12 Illegal Immigrants Crashes, Sheriff Says
Trump, DHS Officials Punt Family-Separation Immigration Policy to Congress – Trump Says Democratic Obstruction Preventing Changes to Law
Ryan's RINO Amnesty Plan Puts GOP on Track to Lose the House
Immigrants Fleeing Gangs Prefer Taking Chance For US Asylum
John Legend Slams Paul Ryan for Father's Day Post Amid Immigration Controversy: 'Seriously, F--k You'
New DACA Bill Protects Dreamers, Builds Wall, Ends Family Separation, Ends Visa Lottery, More
Leaked Version of Pending House Immigration Bill Calls For Amnesty For Millions of Illegals
Manslaughter, Rape Convicts Released Under California Sanctuary Policies – Deportation Officers Arrested 162 in L.A.
US to Open Temporary Shelter in Texas for Undocumented Children as Existing Facilities Reach Capacity
Rep. McCarthy: Bill Must Protect Border, Deal With DACA – video
Asylum Laws Must Remain Focused on the Persecuted
Catholic Bishops Conference In Florida Calls For Catholics to Disobey Trump Immigration Policies, Threatens ‘Canonical Punishment’
Backdoor to Illegal Immigration Closing: U.S. Clears More Asylum Cases Than It Receives in May
159 Migrants Found in 4 South Texas Stash Houses – HOLLY NOTE: Day after day after day we report that 159 here, 300 there, another 26 there, then 258 more. It never ends. In Jan-April this year alone, 62,000 were caught sneaking into the U.S. Check our Borders and Immigration archives for even more news items on this issue. More than rhetoric, more than Congressional 'yak' and stalling, this shows we need a secure border.
Assaults on Border Patrol Agents Increase 73% from 373 in 2014 to 847 in 2017
These Assaults Going Unpunished: Union Official
Ryan Says Trump Will Sign GOP's New Immigration Bill
Lou Dobbs: Does GOP Compromise on Immigration Mean Disregarding Voters? – video
Arizona Area Where Border Agent Was Shot Is Known For Drug, Human Trafficking Activity
Rancher Says Border Patrol Agent's Shooting Could Have Been Averted
New USCIS Office Investigating Thousands Who Got US Citizenship Through Identity Fraud
Texas Firefighters Buy Pizza For 54 People After ICE Finds Them Hiding In Tractor-Trailer
Cynthia Nixon Proposes ICE Ban And Free College For Illegal Immigrants
MS-13 Gang Members Among 91 Arrests During 5-Day Sweep in New Jersey, ICE Says
Border Patrol Agent Shot In Possible Ambush Near US-Mexico Border In Arizona
Republican Leaders Promise Vote on 2 Separate Immigration Bills Next Week
ICE Rips California County For Scrapping Contract to House Detainees, Says Move Could Backfire
Homeland Security Will Strip Citizenship From Naturalized Americans Who Lied on their applications
'US Official Gets Ideas For Mexico Wall From Israel'
Teachers Reportedly Fearful After MS-13 Infiltrates Maryland School
In a Major Change In US Policy, Sessions Rules That Domestic Violence Is Not Grounds For Asylum – HOLLY NOTE: We abhor domestic violence, but it seems that 'private crime' isn't a reason to leave your country and your heritage.
Immigration Court Cases Still Piling Up
Border Patrol Finds 6 Illegal Immigrants Being Driven Over the Border Hiding in Cabinets on the Back of a Truck
Philly Mayor Dances After Sanctuary City Ruling, Despite Past Crimes in City Tied to Illegal Immigrants
Tax Break For Undocumented Immigrants Pushed By California Democrats
1,000 Illegal Immigrants Bused to California Federal Prison For Detention
'Angel Mom' Reacts to DOJ, DHS Report on Criminal Aliens – video of week
King: Group of Republicans Plotting With Dems For Amnesty – video of day
Rogue House Republicans Are Preparing to Grant Amnesty to 3.2 Million Illegal Aliens
Undeterred By Trump, Asylum-Seekers Line Up at the Border
Judge Rules Federal Anti-Sanctuary City Law Unconstitutional
Ann Harris Bennett, Houston Registrar, Battles to Keep Non-Citizens on Voter Rolls
New DOJ Report: 1-in-5 Federal Prisoners are Illegal Aliens – HOLLY NOTE: "Many of these individuals committed serious and violent crimes, in additional to entering the country illegally." This new report completely refutes the following failing New York Times article.
The Myth of the Criminal Immigrant
ICE to Transfer 1,600 Immigrant Detainees to Federal Prisons, Report Says
Tomi Lahren on Illegal Immigration: 'How Are We to Handle Crisis If We Keep Bending Rules'
Illegal Immigrant Children on Border Quadrupled in May
College Place School District Releases Plan to Address Latino Families’ Concerns
Poll Shock: Immigrants Hurting Communities – HOLLY NOTE: These are astounding findings especially since it's a poll from left-leaning CBS. Every single segment of America feels that immigrants hurt their communities. What is wrong with preserving conservative traditional American values, Judeo-Christian values upon which this country was founded. While we're perfectly happy to have people of other faiths worship their god we do not want them taking over our country, the moral fabric of America's foundations and replacing our culture with theirs.
Arrests for Illegals at Border Crossings Nearly 52,000 in May – 3
rd Month in a Row the Number Topped 50,000
Border Wall Construction Begins In Santa Teresa, New Mexico
'A Sanctuary City': Philadelphia Mayor Kenney Dances to Celebrate Court Win Against Trump
UN Slams Trump's Policy Separating Families at Border – HOLLY NOTE: The policy is meant to be a deterrent. The U.S. is not obliged to take in anyone just because they show up at our door, not to mention, barge through it. This is the globalist agenda at work, this over-running of America with gangs, the uneducated and drug dealers. Meanwhile the UN pluck the heartstrings to move their agenda forward. – video
Lawsuit Challenging US Immigration Policy on Family Separation May Proceed, Judge Rules
Dobbs: Illegal Immigrants Are a 'Preferred Group' in the US – video
DACA Fix Will Spur New Wave of Illegal Immigration: ICE Chief
ICE Raids Ohio Landscaping Business; 114 Arrested
Sessions, Trump Blame Bad Law For Separating Illegal Immigrant Children From Parents
Rubio Responds to Merkley Border Trip: ‘No One’s Being Abused But This Is Not Ideal’ – HOLLY NOTE: Rubio's solution for stopping illegal immigration is to "help the countries they're coming from make life better there." Does he think America has endlessly deep pockets? Jesus said in 3 of the 4 Gospels that the poor will always be with us. It's not that people shouldn't try to help the poor, but how do you fix entire countries of Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Philippines, China, South Korea, India, Ecuador and Brazil? These are the nations of origin – in order – for illegal immigrants currently living in the U.S. To 'fix' any of these to the point of making illegals want to remain in their home country would bankrupt the U.S.
Prosecutions of Illegal Border Jumpers Surged In April After Sessions Issued ‘Zero Tolerance’ Order
Illegal Border Crossings Remain High Despite Crackdown
Obama Held More Than Double the Number of Children in Shelters Compared to Trump White House
The One To Democrats Don't Dare Bring Up in Today's SoCal Primary
Two CIA Agents Arrested by Minutemen while Crossing Mexican Border with 1300 Pounds of Cocaine
'Sanctuary' NYC Released 440 'Dangerous' Illegals
Search Suspended For 14-Month-Old Boy After Mother Found Dead; Illegal-Immigrant Boyfriend Suspected
Supremes Side With Trump Admin in Illegal Alien Abortion Case
California One Step Closer to Expanding Medicaid For Illegal Immigrants
'Reckless' Sen. Merkley 'Spreading Blatant Lies' in Failed Attempt to Enter Immigrant Detention Center, WH Says
REPORT: Immigrants with Detainers Released by Sanctuary New York, Commit more Crimes
McCain Still Pushing for Amnesty
Illegal Border Crossings Remain High Despite Crackdown
New Border Wall Construction Underway In San Diego; Wall Includes Anti-Climbing Plate
FAKE NEWS: ICE's 'Special Prison Bus for Babies' Causes Online Furor, But It's Really for Field Trips
Comedic Look at 2014 Photo of Detained Children Used as Swipe Against Trump, Fake News, More – video
Far From Obama's Cages: Feds Pay $670 a Day to Make Unaccompanied Alien Children ‘Comfortable’ – HOLLY NOTE: This is how Obama housed illegal immigrant kids.
Activists Use International Law to Try to Stop Trump's 'Zero Tolerance' Border Policy – HOLLY NOTE: There is a simple solution if people don't like Trump's policy – don't come here illegally.
ICE Raid On ‘Sanctuary’ Chicago Nets 156 Illegals: Sex Traffickers, Rapists, Drunk Drivers, Drug Dealers, Thieves
Related: From Jan-April 2018, 22,000 Unaccompanied Minors and 40,000 Families Arrived at the U.S. Border
Republicans Pressured to Join Leadership Rebellion And Pass ‘Dreamer’ Rights
Illegal Immigrant Facing Death Penalty in 2014 Murder of Border Patrol Agent
California's Sanctuary Cities 'a Little ture of Hell,' Franklin Graham Says
Advocates Target Separation of Immigrant Families at Border
MAY 31
Kevin McCarthy: GOP ‘Very Close’ to Immigration Deal
Twice-Deported Man Allegedly on Drugs Kills Texas Girl, 17, in Crash, Cops Say
Authorities Fear Cartel Violence Will Spread in El Paso-Juárez Metropolitan Border Area
Sen. Perdue: Trump ‘Probably’ Won’t Sign Spending Bill Without Border Wall
Refugees Receiving Better Treatment Than Many US Citizens – video
Clinton & Obama's Statements on Record as Sitting Presidents Regarding Illegal Immigration – video of day
Somali Gang Storms Maine Park, Beats Victims – video
MAY 29
Secy of the Interior Zinke Calls for Border Wall: ‘A Nation Without Borders Can’t Exist’
Alabama Sues to Stop Illegals From Reshaping Congress: 'Something Exceedingly Distasteful, Nearly Obscene, in Such a Scenario'
Fake News: Top Liberals Blame Trump for ‘Awful’ Photos of Obama’s Migrant Detention Centers
MAY 28
Some 1,500 Immigrant Children Unaccounted For, Federal Official Says – video
Rick Santorum: Immigrant Parents Are Putting Children 'in Peril' By Coming to US Border
Russian Facebook Ads Inflamed Hispanic Tensions Over Immigration After Trump Election
Trump Calls For Democrats to End ‘Horrible Law’ That He Says Separates Children From Parents at Border
MAY 25
MS-13 Suspect Who Allegedly Killed Man, Burned Body Entered US as 'Unaccompanied Alien Child'
Trump on US Immigration Trials: "The Whole System Is Corrupt" … "We Have The Worst Immigration Laws in the World"
Two More Republicans Sign Petition to Force Immigration Vote: GOP Wants to Pass a Measure That Will Stop illegal immigrants into the U.S. and Find Legal Remedy For "Dreamers"
National Guard Assisting US Border Agents – video
Tom Homan: MS-13 Kills For Sport – video of day
Larry Elder: In Calling MS-13 'Animals,' Trump Was Kind
Agent Shoots, Kills Illegal Immigrant After ‘Assault’, Says Border Patrol
MAY 24
Father of Daughter Killed by MS-13 Gang Members Praises President Trump for Using ‘Correct Word’ to Describe Them
Mexico's Presidential Candidates Say Mexico Should Help Central Americans on Way to the U.S.
Trump to Cut Foreign Aid For Home Countries of Illegal Immigrants – HOLLY NOTE: While the specific countries involved weren't revealed, a little sleuthing can figure the probable nations. Here are the top 5 nations for arriving illegal immigrants and the amount of Foreign Assistance given to their country of origin last year according to US government records.
Mexico — $309M
Guatemala — $184M
El Salvador — $99M
Honduras — $137M
China — $17M – Why we're giving China any $$ is a mystery since we borrow vast sums from them. Also weird, starting in 2010 (Obama admin) China received around $2M, but prior to 2010 they got nothing. Foreign assistance stayed at the $2M level in 2011-12. In 2013, it shot up to $28M, then backed off to $20M the next year through 2016. In $2017 Trump pared their assistance back to $17M and has given them only $3M this year.
Trump Shames Democrats For Defending Violent MS-13 Gang
Border Caravan Sparks A Bitter Debate Over Asylum Policy on Capitol Hill
MAY 23
More Than 450 Caravan Migrants Made It Into U.S. – 122 Arrested For Jumping the Border, 330+ Others Showed Up at Official Ports of Entry and DEMANDED Asylum
MS-13 Member Named 'Animal' Gets 40 Years For Killing 15-Year-Old: 'He Stared at Me and He Asked Me If I Was Going to Stab Him. I Told Him, Yes, the Mara Rules You' – HOLLY NOTE: Mara is short for Mara Salvatrucha
Related: Devil's Work: MS-13’s Satanic History
Nassau County Police Commissioner Pleads for Help With MS-13 – video
Tractor Filled With 92 Illegal Immigrants Found in Texas
Border Patrol Agents Arrest Deported Child Molester En Route to San Francisco
Report: CA Dems Pushing to Give Adult Illegals Full Healthcare Benefits
Mexican National Arrested For Allegedly Creating And Selling Fraudulent Immigration Documents
MAY 22
‘Mayor Libby Schaaf Act’ Would Imprison Gov’t Officials Who Warn About ICE Raids
Another California City Rebels Against State's Pro-Illegal Immigration 'Sanctuary City' Policies
Trump Blames 'Weak People' in Congress for Failing to Stop Illegal Immigration
Border Security on the Menu as Trump Dines With Governors – video
Trump Border Wall Crowdfunding Possible Under Tennessee Lawmaker's 'Trust Fund' Bill
Tennessee to Ban Sanctuary Cities
Kobach Slams Open-Borders Activists Who Stormed His Office: ‘Illegal Means Illegal’
Liberal Writer Would Rather Have Daughter Date MS-13 Member than a Republican – HOLLY NOTE: Clearly the author, Rob Rousseau, has no understanding of MS-13 and their tactics whose motto is "kill, rape, control". – video
WH Lists Just Some of the ‘Unthinkable Violence of MS-13’s Animals’ – HOLLY NOTE: They didn't mention where they beat people with bats hammered full of exposed nails to in addition to breaking bones, it rips flesh. Calling them 'animals' isn't low enough because animals don't torture. Obama let many of these subhumans into the country under his 'catch-and-release' policy.
MAY 21
Tucker: By 2020, Defending MS-13 Will Be on Dem Platform – video
Related: America's Most Violent Gang: How MS-13 spread from El Salvador to More Than 40 States as 10,000 MEMBERS Enforce Bloody Rule With GUNS and MACHETES – flashback
Nearly 300 Bangladeshis Have Been Arrested After Illegally Crossing The Texas Border From Mexico So Far This Year
Border Patrol Agents Bust 8 More Bangladeshis at Texas Border – HOLLY NOTE: Since they're a long way from home, someone must be shipping/smuggling them over in great numbers.
MAY 18
California Gov. Brown Signs Law to Protect ILLEGAL Immigrants
U.S. Resettling More Refugees Than the Population of Philadelphia
Government Spending for Illegal Immigrants Should Outrage ALL Americans
Trump Asks Sessions to Consider Prosecuting Oakland Mayor
MAY 17
Ryan Sketches Plan for Amnesty Bill to Mollify Business-First GOP
Tucker: Republicans Want to Betray Immigration Pledge – HOLLY NOTE: This should set your hair on fire! – video of day
ICE Arrests 78 Criminal Aliens and Immigration Violators in 5 Midwest States
– HOLLY NOTE: Before you feel sorry for them check out their convictions: assault, arson, rape, sex assault on a child, solicitation of a child, domestic assault against a child, prostitution-hiring a child age 13-16, felony theft, felony forgery, prostitution, manufacturing false documents, identity theft, hit and run, distributing a controlled substance, driving while intoxicated (DUI), drug possession, indecent exposure, domestic assault, illegal sale of a weapon, criminal impersonation, possessing drugs with intent to sell, burglary, malicious prosecution, illegal re-entry after deportation and witness intimidation. NEED THE WALL!
Frustrated Trump Wants Action On Border Wall, Immigration
Officers Arrested 13 People In New Border Surge – HOLLY NOTE: No wonder the numbers are surging again. Congress won't get off its backside and vote the FULL funding through, coupled with this ridiculous excuse for a "wall".
Outrageous Excuse: Illegal Alien Who Crossed Border 4 Times, Suspected in 3 Missouri Shootings Said 'Voices Tell Him Who to Shoot"
Trump Vows to Get ‘Full Funding’ For Border Wall
DACA Rebellion ks Up Steam in House
1st Appeals Court To Weigh Trump's Decision to End DACA
Lie Detectors With AI Are Future Of Border Security
WATCH: Walls Would Work in Laredo Sector, Says Border Patrol Chief
Related: 36 Migrants Found in Texas Border Stash House
Trump Hails Sanctuary 'Rebellion' By California Lawmakers – video
Jerry Brown Slams Trump, Says California's 'Not Impressed' With 'Lying' on Immigration, Crime
MAY 16
Donald Trump: Time to ‘Catch’ Illegal Immigrants and ‘Release’ Them Back to Their Countries
Trump Administration May House Immigrant Children on Military Bases: Report
MAY 15
DHS Shuts Big Loophole to Deter Illegal Immigrant Students, Workers
Mexican Woman Stole American’s Identity to Vote in 2004, 2012 and 2016 Elections
Nearly 700 Migrants Rescued in Single Texas Border Patrol Sector
Effects of 'Chain Migration' – video of day
DHS Doubles Focus on Businesses That Hire Illegal Immigrants
MAY 14
DHS Requests An Additional 700 Troops to Patrol Border
Terrifying Moment a Mexican Human Trafficker Barrels Through US Border Checkpoint at 100MPH Seriously Injuring an Agent, With 2 Illegal Immigrants Hiding on the Car's Floor
Two Arrested in Separate Assault Attempts on Border Patrol Agents
MAY 11
Agents Sound Alarm on Syrians Caught Sneaking Across Texas Border
Georgia Candidate Says He'll 'round Up Criminal Illegals' in New Ad
Iranian, Hezbollah Expansion in US Backyard Continues Unhindered
MAY 10
Half of All Americans Now Live in ‘Sanctuaries’ Protecting Immigrants
Border Deployment Leads To Arrest Of 1,600 More Illegal Immigrants
DHS Requesting 700 Additional Troops, Helicopters For Border Security
Immigration Court Backlog Soars As Trump Cleans Up After Obama
National Guard Making Impact at US-Mexico line, Customs and Border Protection Agency Says
US Deportations to Mexico Rise to Start Year
Santa Clarita Votes To Oppose Sanctuary Laws – Grieving Father Whose Son Was Killed By An Illegal Immigrant Fights California's Sanctuary Law – video
Californian Teen, 18, Charged With Recruiting 5 Classmates for Drug Ring Across Mexico Border and for Trying to Traffic Illegal Immigrants in the Trunk of His Car
No More Central American Caravans for Mexico
Mexican Caravan Migrants Protest Lack Of Visas in Mexico – HOLLY NOTE: This could be Mexico's sly way of forcing them into the U.S.
‘Roseanne’ Tackles Illegal Immigration Harming Working Class
Sessions Says All Illegal Border Crossers Will Be Prosecuted; Children May Be Separated From Parents – HOLLY NOTE: While MSM is spinning this message as something terrible, the Trump administration has a simple solution: Don't come here illegally. Don't break the law. Stop jumping the line.
Keith Ellison Spotted Wearing Something That Gives Away Democrats' Entire Immigration Agenda: T-Shirt Says 'I Don't Believe in Borders' – video
Mexico Deploys Deportation Force Near Its Own Southern Border
'Heinous and Violent': MS-13's Appeal to Girls Grows as Gang Becomes 'Americanized
Illegal Immigrant Sentenced to Life in Texas Prison for Continuous Child Sex Abuse
All Members of Migrant Caravan Now Inside US... "Odds of Them Staying, However, Appear Slim"
Border Patrol Agents Arrest 15 More Bangladeshi Nationals in South Texas
Trump Warns: Might Have to 'Close Up' The Country Over Border Wall Funding
GRAPHIC: Cartel Civil War Leaves More than 450 Dead in Mexican Border City
Illegal Immigration UP 233% in April on Southwest Border
Mexican Cartels Cooking Meth Closer to U.S., Say Authorities
Tuolumne County Becomes Third to Oppose California Sanctuary State Laws
158 'Caravaners' Let into the U.S. – HOLLY NOTE: Reported on Fox News this morning, bout 40 were Mexicans posing as caravaners and some were gang members. When we find a 'hard' story on this (that most news outlets omit) we'll link it.
Texas Leads the Charge Suing to End Unconstitutional DACA – video
New Anti-DACA Case Draws Favorable Judge
Mexican Ambassador to US Addresses Annual Migrant Caravan – video
Trudeau Pins Canada’s Illegal-Immigration Woes on Trump Administration – HOLLY NOTE: Trudeau has a short memory. "Trudeau forced to backtrack on open invitation to refugees"
Caravan Illegals Enrage Other Migrants By Cutting Into the Line
Sessions Sends 18 Judges, 35 Prosecutors to Border; Tells Caravan: 'People Should Wait Their Turn'
Trump's National Guard request for US-Mexico Border Draws Response From Surrounding States
7 Illegal Aliens, 2 MS-13 Members Busted in WVa. Drug Ring, Liberal Media Ignore Story
Mexican National Illegally Enters U.S. 7 Times -- Now Faces Prison
7 States Suing to Overturn DACA – video of day
Illegal Immigrant Sentenced for Sex Assault – video
Texas Among States Filing DACA Lawsuit to End 'Unlawful' Program
Top Judge: Backlog of Illegal Immigration Court Cases Over 1 Million, Delayed Deportations 684,000 – HOLLY NOTE: Since Obama's policy was catch-and-release and the vast majority of illegals never turned up for hearings, there is likely not going to be that big of a backlog in the courts. Second, Obama relied on self-deportation (yeah, how dumb is that!) and since most illegals don't take themselves back across the border, this number too, is also likely much smaller. However, because Trump axed Obama's ridiculous catch-and-release, cases that actually get heard in court and real deportations will probably increase since Trump plans a course of detainment, not catch-and-release. They won't have to spend needless $$ and time tracking them down.
At Least 14 Members of Immigrant Caravan Allowed to Apply For Asylum, Organizers Say
Chicago's Illegal Immigrant Population Is Down to 7% – HOLLY NOTE: Their high rate of illegals is likely the reason Rahm Emanuel pandered to them this week by rolling out the "key to the city" for them, giving them all sorts of privileges. Yesiree, it's election time in less than 10 months. Oh but wait, foreigners aren't allowed to vote in U.S. elections. Maybe Rahm, didn't get that update. As for Trump saying other countries aren't "sending their best and brightest", Chicago's own stats reveal that nearly 50% of illegal aliens have either NO high school at all or some high school with no diploma. Only 14% have a college degree. So Trump was right – again.
California Bill Would Allow Illegals to Serve on Government Boards
Embattled Missouri Governor Greitens Sends National Guard Troops to Mexico Border
UN Official Warns: Migrant Crisis 2.0 Might Come From Africa
Members of Migrant Caravan Remain Defiant After US Denies Border Entry Again
Nearly 200 Caravan Migrants to Seek Asylum, in Direct Challenge to Trump Administration
Border Agents React to Migrants Demanding Entry into the US – video
Attack on US Sovereignty: Caravan Organizers Vow to Outlast U.S. Government
DOJ Files Charges Against 11 Alleged ‘Caravan Migrants’ for Illegal Entry to U.S.
Malkin: Asylum System Has Turned into a Complete Joke – video of day
Optics of 'Caravan' Helping White House Make Its Case – video
Caravan Arrives, Honduran Flags Flying, Middle Fingers Flashing – HOLLY NOTE: This is not what you do when coming to a country to fall upon their largesse and show they can contribute something positive. Waving their national flag in triumph after breaking our laws is sign of invading and conquering.
POLL: Most Want to Keep Out Central Americans Now At Mexico Border
Jorge Ramos: US Becoming Hostile Country for Refugees – video
Sen. Lindsey Graham: US Can't Afford NOT to Have a Wall – video
Kirstjen Nielsen: Lawmakers Tell Me They Want to Secure Border But Won't Fund Trump's Wall
Border Caravan? Call it the George Soros Express: Billionaire's Deep Pockets Linked to 3 of 4 Groups Behind 'Refugee' Invasion Coalition – HOLLY NOTE: He's 87 and can't keep inflicting his socialistic agenda much longer.
Pence Vows to Build US-Mexico Border Wall – video
ICE Acting Director Thomas Homan Says He'll Retire Service After 34 Years of Service
Trump: No Apology For Travel Ban Muslim Comments
U.S. Catholic Bishops to Americans: Drop Dead
MS-13 Gang Members Are Being Removed By Our Great ICE and Border Patrol Agents By the Thousands, BUT
Competing For Supremacy In 21st Century America—Hispanic, Latino, Mexicans
APR 30
'Caravan' Encounters Border Crossing 'at Capacity' – HOLLY NOTE: Photos proves Trump's point that we needs a good border wall, not this dilapidated ancient piece of junk.
These people thought they were going to have a slam dunk at Gov. Moonbeam's easy-peasy nearly open southern border in Calif. However, Border Patrol stood firm after the San Ysidro port of entry hit capacity. Caravaners were warned when still halfway through Mexico not to come and were supposed to seek asylum in Mexico, by international law, stopping at the first country outside of their own – that's Mexico – when seeking true asylum.
Showdown at US Border
Judd: Migrants in Caravan to U.S.-Mexico Border 'Don't Respect Our Laws'
…Snub Warnings of Stern US Response
Border Patrol Catches Migrants ‘Associated with’ Caravan Crossing Illegally
Border Patrol: Members of Caravan Have Already Illegally Entered the US – video of day
Members of Migrant Caravan ‘Marrying’ at U.S. Border Before Seeking Asylum
Facebook Apologizes, Belatedly Restores Event Page for Anti-Caravan Protest
200 National Guard Troops Finally Headed for California Border – HOLLY NOTE: Of course this is after the caravaners arrived. Even so Calif. Gov. Jerry Moonbeam Brown has so hogtied their National Guard, they are effectively neutered.
LAPD Officer Arrested for Smuggling Illegal Immigrants Across US-Mexico Border
Chicago Handing Out ID Cards to Illegal Immigrants
U.S. Legal Resident – from Mexico – Caught Smuggling Guns for Cartel Inside Mexico
Canada Seeks U.S. Help to Curb Flow of Nigerian Asylum Seekers Coming from New York
Prison Time for Mexican Border State Cops Convicted for Rapes, Robberies
APR 27
Illegal Immigrant Cop Killer Kicked Out of Courtroom Again, Given Death Penalty
Migrant Caravan Set to Cross into US This Weekend as Trump Administration Announces Plan to 'Defend' Border – HOLLY NOTE: Who does this? The Trump admin already warned them they aren't welcome and yet they announce they plan to storm the border this weekend. If any illegal sets even one foot onto our land, by U.S. law, their 'case' must be processed. This ridiculous self-castrating law must be changed. By international law, any person seeking asylum outside their country must apply for asylum at the first country they come to. That is Mexico – not the U.S. some 1,500 miles away. Need the wall.
Caravan of Illegal Immigrants Bypasses Asylum in Mexico – video of day
DHS Boss Threatens ‘Caravan’ Border-Crossers With Prosecution, Detention, Deportation
Ann Coulter: Teddy Kennedy's Surprise For Grandma
Customs Officers Find $17M Worth of Cocaine in Kentucky
Johnson: US Has Horribly Broken Legal Immigration System – video
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Demands Feds ‘Cease and Desist’ Immigration Crackdown
Mexican Rapper Admits to Dissolving Students' Bodies in Acid: Report
In Texas, a Closer Look at Illegals on Voter Rolls
Supreme Court Travel Ban Arguments Suggest Win for Trump Likely
Former Cartel-Linked Mexican Border Governor Pleads Not Guilty to Drug Trafficking, Money Laundering, Racketeering Charges in Texas
9,000 Nepalese Immigrants TPS Extend For 12 Months
APR 26
Migrant ‘Caravan’ at U.S.-Mexico Border Prepares For Mass Crossing
…Bypassed Asylum in Mexico, Headed Straight for the U.S. – video
US Warns Migrant 'Caravan' Against Trying to Enter
Shock: Admitted MS-13 Illegals Placed Around the Country
$46,654: Annual Cost of Detaining Illegal Aliens Exceeds Average American Income
ICE Boss Takes on NY Gov. Cuomo, Calls Slams 'Insult' to Agency
Coast Guard Seizes 12+ Tons of Cocaine Worth an Estimated $390 Million
Here's Why Millennials Should Be Furious About DACA  
GOP Senator: Inaction on DACA is ‘an Indictment of Us in Congress
Napolitano: Trump's Travel Ban Will Be Upheld in 5-4 Supreme Court Vote
APR 25
Another MS-13 Member Tries to Sneak Into U.S. as Illegal Immigrant Child
ICE Nets 163 in New York Raids – Nearly 3/4 Were Convicted Criminals or Had Criminal Charges Pending
Strengthening and Reforming America's Immigration Court System
Judge Gives Trump Administration 90 Days to Explain Move to End DACA
Smartphone Apps Help Immigrants Notify Family If Detained
Border Union Prez Calls for Massive Detention Center at the Border
Migrant Caravan Arrives at US-Mexico Border – Plan to Seek Asylum in U.S. Today – video
Trump Tweets on Border WALL, NAFTA & Illegals: realDonaldTrump/status/988415011382091776 and realDonaldTrump/status/988413372298416128
Sen. John Barrasso on Border Patrol, VA Secretary Nominee – video
Tsunami of Remands Possible After SCOTUS Decision: Deported Criminals Could Also Return – HOLLY NOTE: It's incomprehensible that some laws are so unbelievably poorly written that they end up at the Supreme Court for 'interpretation'. This one contains gaping loopholes that are sure to boomerang on Americans in a very bad way.
Mexican Film Students Were Murdered and Dissolved in Acid
Two Centuries of US Immigration – video
Muslim Advocates Want DOJ and DHS to Withdraw Report on Immigrant Terrorism
Rich International Rescue Committee Gets Richer With Grants for Refugee Gardens
"Everyone Was Afraid to Be Branded as a Racist"
APR 24
Migrants Sneak Across US Border, Prepare Asylum Claims – video
AG Sessions Builds Legal Wall Against Caravan’s Economic Migrants
Trump: DHS Instructed to Halt ‘Caravans’ into the U.S., May Make Border Agreement Part of NAFTA
SHOWDOWN=> DHS Vows to Arrest, Prosecute Caravan of Illegal Aliens if They Enter US
56 Illegal Immigrants Found Stash House
Mexico Murder Rate Soars With 7,667 Killed in 3 Months
Yucaipa Opposes California’s Sanctuary State Law, Approves Letter of Opposition
Mistrial Declared For Border Patrol Agent Accused of Killing Mexican Teen
Nogales CBP Officers Seize $291K in Hard Drugs
CBP Officers at the Pharr Port of Entry (at southern Texas toe) Seize Cocaine Valued at Over $347K
Yuma Sector Welcomes the Arizona National Guard
The U.S. Already Has a Glut of Low-Skilled Workers But The Trump Administration Is BETRAYING Them
APR 23
11 Killed in Tijuana in 24 hours — 650 Murdered in 2018 – HOLLY NOTE: Literally just a 'skip' over the border, it won't be long until this violence spills into San Diego and towns even closer to Tijuana. No wonder San Diego bucked Gov. Jerry Brown and joined the lawsuit against being a sanctuary state.
Migrant Caravan Reaches US, Mexico Border
Driver in Illegal Immigrant Smuggling Case Gets Life Sentence
Illegal Immigrant Who's Been Deported Previously Accused of Nail Gun Rampage
Cartel Gunmen on Jet Skis Open Fire on Cancun Tourist Beach
Dueling Apps Bring The Immigration Policy Battle to Your Smartphone
APR 20
Border Patrol Reaction to DHS Report on Sanctuary Policies – HOLLY NOTE: March alone of this year saw a huge spike in illegal immigrants jumping the border – 37,393 – crossed into the U.S. Illegally. And they will KEEP flooding in until the border wall is completed. Remember, illegal immigrants cost taxpayers $135 Billion every year. This is unacceptable to most people's wallets. – video
Border Patrol Agents Sound Alarm on Pathway from Bangladesh to U.S. Border
Mexico Finds 191 Migrants Packed into a Bus, Truck
Alleged Illegal Immigrant Rapist Flees After Judge Grants Bond with Passport, Say Police
Border Patrol Tries New Approach to Deter ‘Dangerous’ Border Crossings: ‘Ain’t Worth Risking Your Life’
Born and Raised in New York Andrew Cuomo Claims He's 'Undocumented,' Challenges Officials to Deport Him
Remnants of Migrant Caravan Resume Trek to U.S. Border
Scores Assassinated in ‘Most Violent’ Election Season in Mexico’s History
APR 19
DHS Reveals Dozens of MS-13, Other Gang Members Released By 'Sanctuary' Policies
STUNNING! 94% of Immigrants in US Federal Prisons – Over 35,000 – Are Criminal Illegal Aliens – video
Trump Says There’s a ‘Revolution’ Going On in California
HALF Californians Support Travel Ban, Increasing Deportations
Smuggling Cartels Fuel Surge In Border Jumpers From Bangladesh
Tim Pawlenty Posts Video Touting Crackdown on Benefits For Illegal Immigrants
Activists Target Journalism Professor For Illegal Immigrant Assignment
Illegal Aliens Caught near Border with ‘Assault-Style Firearms,’ Says Border Patrol
Mexico Agrees To Pay For Wall – in Exchange For Closing NAFTA Loophole
APR 18
San Diego votes to Join Trump Administration's Lawsuit Against California's Sanctuary City Law
Orange County City Votes Again to Opt Out of California's Sanctuary State Law
California Governor Blames 'Low-Life Politicians' as 'Sanctuary' Law Backlash Builds
Trump Administration's Lawsuit Against California Sanctuary Laws Backed By These Cities, Counties
But in Other States, the Insanity Spreads: New Mexico's Largest City Curbs Federal Immigration Agents' Powers to Deport Illegals
100 Face Charges for Multi-State Heroin Trafficking Ring, More Arrests Might Be Forthcoming – HOLLY NOTE: Article states the heroin was produced in Mexico. Need that wall!
Illegal Hits Motorcyclist, Accelerates and Crushes Man to Death – Guatemalan Has Prior Convictions for DUI, Possession
Supreme Court Makes It Harder to Deport Legal Immigrants Who Commit Crimes
Feds Strip US Citizenship From Somali Diversity Visa Winner Who Obtained Green Cards for Fake Family
ICE Arrests 225 in NY Immigration Raids, Most With Criminal Records
But in Other States, the Insanity Spreads: New Mexico's Largest City Curbs Federal Immigration Agents' Powers to Deport Illegals
APR 17
HUNDREDS From Honduran Caravan Board “Beast” Freight Train North to US Border
Related: Despite Mexico's Claim to Have Stopped the Honduran "Caravan", Hundreds Are Boarding the Train in Central Mexico Headed for the U.S. – video
California Reneges: Refuses President Trump’s Request to Deploy National Guard Along Border
3 More Cities Join Revolt Against California Sanctuary State Law
National Guard Troops at the Border at Least Until October
California and Texas — Approaches to Immigration and the Power of States to Craft Immigration
ICE Arrests 12 Illegal Immigrants in North Carolina – Most With Criminal Convictions
Time to Stop the Hot Air and Build the Wall!
APR 16
How Barack Obama’s DACA Encouraged Identity Theft by Illegal Aliens
I Ran US Border Patrol — And I Support Trump’s Call to Deploy the National Guard
Justice Department Demands Sanctuary Cities Prove They Are in Compliance With the Law
Opposition to Immigrant Sanctuary Spreading in California
APR 13
14 Murdered in Just 36 Hours in Cancun
Obama Judge OKs Lawsuit Forcing Companies to Hire DACA Recipients
APR 12
Border Patrol: MS-13 Member Posing as Unaccompanied Minor Part of the ‘Migrant Caravan’
Rapists, MS-13 Member Arrested After Illegally Crossing Texas Border
California Agrees to Send National Guard to the Border with BIG Caveats
Jerry Brown Bolsters National Guard But Defends California's Sanctuary Status
Westminster Votes to Support Federal Lawsuit Against California Over
Orange, Newport Beach Vote to Support Federal Lawsuit
Aliso Viejo Votes to Join Lawsuit…
Where San Diego County Leaders Stand on California Sanctuary State Laws
Escondido Joins…
Santa Cruz County Council Considers Opposing…
Iowa Governor Signs into Law Ban on 'Sanctuary Cities'
Rep. Messer Talks Plan to Stop Funding Sanctuary Cities – video
Most of Texas Border Community Supports Fence Expansion: It's 'Something Secure For Us'
ACLU Lawsuit Challenges Separation of Immigrant Families
Arizona Court Says Dreamers No Longer Eligible for In-State Tuition
DHS Secretary Signals She’s Open to Adding Guest Worker Visas
APR 11
Border Patrol Reports ‘Large Groups’ of Migrants Crossing into Texas
Inside Military Operations at the Southern Border – video of day
Texas National Guard Troops Will Be Armed, Says Governor
Trump's National Guard Request for US-Mexico Border Draws Response From Surrounding States
CBP Officers at the Hidalgo Port of Entry Seize Meth Valued at Over $1 Million
APR 10
Migrant Surge Yields 82 Assaults on Border Patrol Agents in February 
‘Caravan’ Tells CNN They’re ALL Going to America, But in Reality…
At Least 200 Will Seek Asylum in US
Ground Broken on 20-Mile High-Priority Stretch of Trump's Border Wall in New Mexico
'Rogue State' California's Governor Resists Trump's Call as Others Send National Guard to Protect Border
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to Send at Least 1,000 Troops to Mexico Border
Arizona Sent 225 Troops to Mexico Border Yesterday, 113 More Heading Today
Troops Sent By Trump To Border Will Fly Drones, Gather Intel - and Clear Brush, Too
California Appeals Trump Victory on Border Wall
4 Areas Where Democrats Once Backed Trump Immigration Agenda
H-2B Employers Are Concentrated in Certain States – HOLLY NOTE: 2 things: H2-B immigrant workers as this article highlights directly compete with American dropouts for employment. The number of dropout is shocking. And 2) When we lived in northern Colorado I ran one of our businesses. Part of the hiring process required all employers to have new employees sign a document stating they were American citizens. It wasn't lengthy, about 1/3 page long, just enough to attest to their citizenship, provide SSN, and I think their driver's license number. This was so long ago, it's hard to remember. The point is, Colorado by law, didn't allow hiring illegal immigrants. This signed document then went into their personnel file. Now look how far down the tubes this state has gone. Even the town of Pueblo (we're in an unincorporated area of the county) is a sanctuary city as well as most of the Front Range cities. Pretty much all of Colorado is an unofficial sanctuary state. The only larger city that has retained common sense is Colorado Springs, 45 minutes north of us and world headquarters of several Christian churches.
Feds Announce 'Zero Tolerance' Policy for Illegal Immigration
Trump Signs Memo Vowing End to 'Catch-and-Release' of Illegal Immigrants
Illegals Hops the Wall into US, in Under 2 Minutes – HOLLY NOTE: You can see in the first and last images that a metal ledge halfway up on Mexico's side, allows two others to give him a leg up where gets a foothold. Then in the 2
nd image, he's boosted over the top of this 20-foot wall. That's why Trump want a 30-foot wall and without the cross pieces.
Don't Think Walls Work? Ask Yuma County's Sheriff
No Debate Necessary, The Constitution Article Four, Section 4, Guarantees Border Protection
5 Caravan' People Have Already Arrived at the U.S. – and Turned Back
Honduran Migrants in Mexico Caravan May Seek Asylum At Arizona Border – HOLLY NOTE: Two points: It's common knowledge among migrants that if they arrive at the U.S. border with children in tow they have a much better chance of being allowed to stay. Second, as stated in this article and numerous others, the caravan walk is an annual event and "a way for migrant advocates to raise awareness," not a cry for asylum.
Nevada’s GOP Governor: Border Duty Not ‘an Appropriate Use' of National Guard – HOLLY NOTE: Did Nevada, Montana, Oregon and California object and resist when Obama and Bush sent the National Guard to the border in 2006 and 2010?
Mexican President Rebukes Trump Over Border Troops, Yet Mexico Has Military on Border
Has The California Backlash Against Liberal Craziness Finally Begun?
Horse Trailer Carrying At Least 18 Illegal Immigrants Crashes 15 Miles into California
Oregon Governor Kate Brown Accepted George Soros Money Before Refusing to Allow National Guard on Border
Democratic Congresswoman Criticizes ICE for Arresting 15-Time Criminal Illegal Alien Outside Court House
ICE Arrests 97 Suspected Illegal Immigrants at Tennessee Meat Processing Plant
No Way Does This Sheriff Want N.J. to Become a Sanctuary State
Border Patrol Agents Stuck on Desk Duty Amid Trump Call For More Manpower
Trump Says He Wants to Send 2,000 to 4,000 National Guard Members to US-Mexico Border
…Will Only Play Supporting Role to Agents at the Border
Mexican Senate Threatens to Stop Helping U.S. Against Drug Cartels If Trump Deploys Troops to Border – HOLLY NOTE: Reading between the line, Mexico wants illegals to be able to still swarm the U.S. border and send back those tens of billions in remittances every year. So in retaliation, they threaten America with their murdering drug cartels – many of which operate right on the border. Last year Mexicans in America sent back to their country over $27 billion. The year before, it $24 billion.
Related: Mexicans in U.S. Send Cash Home in Record Numbers – HOLLY NOTE: We've heard of this straight from the mouths of several Mexican Nationals who are in the U.S. illegally and work in local Mexican restaurants. Several were waiters and one was the maître d'. The latter has lived in America at least 13 years while his wife and family enjoy a very comfortable life in Guatemala running the family restaurant business. Since US$1 = 7-1/2 quetzals, his family sits pretty. Meanwhile 'Carlos' enjoys his free lifestyle in the States and all that America has to offer.
George Soros Funded Groups Are Supporting Illegal Immigrant Caravans
Trump on Caravan: Women Raped at Levels Never Seen Before – video
Tucker: Facts Threaten Immigration Advocates' Fantasies – video
Trump Signs Order Deploying National Guard to the Border – video 
Officials Say “Staggering” 37% Increase in Illegal Immigration Helped Prompt Trump Action
…"A Point of Crisis" – Illegal Immigration UP 203% from March 2017
Bangladesh Nationals Continue to Flood Texas Border
Most Border-State Governors Back Trump's National Guard Plan
President Trump Has Every Right to Defend Our Border and Not Give In to Migrant Group's Demands
Ken Blackwell: Trump Will Stop ‘Nonsense’ That US ‘Should Be Borderless’
Migrant Caravan Won't Test Trump's Troops, Sets Sights on Mexico City – HOLLY NOTE: It's a partial win. While some in the caravan have elected to remain in Mexico, others still aim for the U.S.
Judge Rules Convicted Drunk Driver, Previously-Deported Illegal Be Set Free, Allowed to Stay in U.S.
Now Escondido Joins Stand Against California's Sanctuary Laws – video
1,000,000+ Illegal Immigrants Scored California Driver's Licenses, State DMV Announces
Gorka, Geraldo and Bongino on Trump's Plan for the Border – video of day
More California Cities Vote to Fight State's Sanctuary Laws – video
Allen West: The Left Is Trying To Test Trump On Border Security – video
Trump Says Military Will Guard The US/Mexico Border Until a Wall Can Be Built
Survey: Border Agents Want Trump's Wall
Illegals Flooding Texas Say Tough Talk Won't Deter Crossings
South Texas Border Patrol Agents Overwhelmed by Illegal Border Crossers, Says Agent
Third Mexican Town Welcomes Illegals
New York Leads Multistate Lawsuit Against Trump Administration's 2020 Census Citizenship Question
Mexico Hands Out Brochures Showing Migrants How to Avoid Border Patrol, Enter U.S. – HOLLY NOTE: The Mexican government was defensive when caught printing and handing out a 32-page comic book style pamphlet, "Guia Del Migrante Mexicano" (Guide for the Mexican Migrant), that gives illustrated pointers on navigating deserts and swimming rivers safely as well as what to pack, how to deal with Border Patrol agents and tips on how to hide once in the U.S. According to this article, "The New York Times reported that about 1.5 million copies of the guide had been distributed across Mexico in December 2004." That was just for 1 month, 14 years ago. Can you imagine how many copies of this brochure have been disseminated everywhere, not just in Mexico?
Related: "Guia del Migrante Mexicano" 
Related: "Guia del Migrante Mexicano" – in English
Mexico, The Meddling Neighbor – HOLLY NOTE: How the LA Times has changed its tune in 12 years. Then, they acknowledged that Mexico handed out the pamphlet referenced above and said, "Assisted border-breaking is just the tip of the iceberg." Now it's become a Sanctuary State.
Caravan Releases List of DEMANDS And Expects Trump to Comply: ‘Open the Borders to Us Because We Are as Much Citizens as the People of Countries Where We Are and/or Travel’
Mexico Says It Will Disband The Migrant Caravan – HOLLY NOTE: Mexico just granted them a 20-day permit to stay in Mexico. A few said they would seek asylum there, but the majority stated they would continue into the U.S. – video
Trashing Arizona – Illegal Immigrants Dump Tons of Waste in the Wilderness Every Day—And It's Devastating The Environment – HOLLY NOTE: This is what they leave behind – 21,000 pounds of trash every 24 hours. And that's just in Arizona, not counting, Texas, New Mexico and California. – flashback
Huntington Beach Votes 6-1 to Challenge Sanctuary Law – video
More Bangladesh Nationals Arrive at Texas Border
Only in the U.S. Is It Controversial for the Census to Ask About Citizenship 
3 Changes Would Drastically Improve Our Immigration System
What You Need to Know About Catch and Release – How Our immigration System Continues to Encourage and Allow an Influx of Aliens to Illegally Cross Our Borders and Resettle in American Communities
Ken Paxton: Migrant Caravan Is Tough Issue for Texas – video
Steyn's Take: Immigration Caravan and 'Offensive' Statues – video of day
Mexico’s Much Tougher Immigration Law: Let’s Try It Here at Home – flashback
Trump: Until There’s ‘A Wall and Proper Security, We’re Going to Be Guarding our Border with the Military’
Immigrant Caravan Organizers Blast Trump as a 'Bully,' Say US Obliged to Welcome Refugees – HOLLY NOTE: By UN international law, specifically The 1951 Refugee Convention, that has been on the books for nearly 70 years, people seeking refugee status are required to stop at the first country they come to outside their own, which is Mexico. They will not find a welcome mat there when Mexico shoves their own poor into the U.S. Mexico will not tolerate them, which is why they are giving them food and water and encouraging them on the journey northward into America.
'Caravan' Marches on Unimpeded, Despite Obama Administration Spending Millions to Help Mexico Control Border – HOLLY NOTE: If you missed it, see yesterday's shocking Photo of the Day
Democratic Activist: Keep Border Open Until Trump OKs Amnesty
Trump Calls on Congress to Change 'Ridiculous' Immigration Laws
U.S. Arrests 99 MS-13 Gangsters Who Entered as ‘Unaccompanied Minors’
Border Agents Nab Illegals from Guatemala, Haiti, Entering U.S. Over Easter Weekend – From Canada – HOLLY NOTE: …Through the non-existent northern border wall. This is a snapshot of future problems. Canadians are not coming here to better their lives as they have a lovely, prosperous country. That's not the issue. Once the southern border wall is complete, the entire northern tier will be the likely port of entry.
Tucker: Will Our Leaders Protect Us From a Caravan Invasion? – video
Steyn's Take: Immigration Caravan and 'Offensive' Statues – video
The White House Is Working on New Immigration Package
DOJ to Impose Quotas on Immigration Judges to Speed Up Deportations
US Customs Official on Closing 'Loopholes' at the Border – video
Israel: Deal Reached to Resettle African Migrants in West (Including the USA)
Caravan of 1,500 Central American Migrant Families (about 5,000 people) Crossing Mexico to Reach U.S. Border – HOLLY NOTE: Trump should send the National Guard to the southern border because these migrants' stated plan is to 'storm the border,' which gives them a better chance of success in a large group. Border Patrol Agents can't be everywhere and If even one of their feet touches U.S. soil, they have to be let in for processing and then released into the general population until their case can be heard – courtesy of Obama's 'Catch and Release' policy During that time, they then melt into towns and cities and set up their lives. They use America's generous welfare system, hospitals and schools which taxpayers fund, and step in front of thousands of would-be welcomed legal immigrants doing it the right way. This absolutely makes the case for Trump's border wall.
Border Patrol Reaction to Caravan of Immigrants Headed to US – video of day
Related: What Happens When Illegal Immigrants Enter the US? – video
Trump Throws DACA Off Table, Threatens NAFTA as Caravan of Migrants Crosses Mexico
Trump Links US Border Wall to NAFTA Renegotiation, Warns Mexico ‘Must Stop Drug, People Flows’
Trump Demands Border Wall Legislation: 'our Country Is Being Stolen!'
Customs and Border Protection Chief Backs The Trump Border Wall: 'Walls Work. ... Agents Know It'
Trump: Republicans Should Use ‘Nuclear Option’ on Border Law
Illegal Immigrant Nabbed After Going on the Lam in 1995 for Impregnating 12-Year-Old Daughter
HHS Mulls Appeal Abortion For Illegals – HOLLY NOTE: Saturday local Talk Radio show host, Jeff Crank, pointed out that with the U.S. granting abortions to any illegal immigrant, no questions asked, this policy will magnetically draw more. illegals Once here, Crank continued, if the woman 'decides' to keep the baby, stays and delivers here, now we have another automatic U.S. citizen.
Trump Rips California Governor For Pardoning Ex-Cons Facing Deportation
TAMMY BRUCE: Poor California –Democrats Are Turning The State into a Major Nightmare
Putting Illegal Immigrants Ahead Of The Safety Of His Citizens – video
Panel: Should States Be Able to Opt Out of the Refugee Resettlement Program? - video of week