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OUTRAGE: Record $135 Billion a Year for Illegal Immigration, Average $8,075 Each, $25,000 in NY – In a decade, what America could have done with $1.3 trillion?
  • Pay off ALL existing student loan debt
  • Put 8.33 million people through all 4 years of college
  • Buy the entire NFL league, Major League Baseball, the NBA, the NHL and NASCAR, and still have well over 75% of the money left
  • Give three iPhone 8 Plus smartphones with 64GB to every man, woman and child in the U.S.
  • Pay off nearly 7% of the national debt
  • Give a $4141 present to every person in America
  • Fix half of our crumbling infrastructure
  • Pay for the damage 8 Hurricane Katrinas and 1 Gustav
  • Hire Beyoncé – one of the world's highest paid performers – to play one show every night for the next 1,027 years

Calling an illegal alien an ‘undocumented worker’ is
like calling a drug dealer an ‘unlicensed pharmacist.' —quipper unknown

Illegal Immigrant Charged In String Of California Murders May Face Death Penalty, Officials Say
California Governor Vetoes Bills To Let Noncitizens Serve On Boards, Block Immigration Arrests In Courthouses
Illegal Immigrants Charged With Murder in LA, Virginia – video
Caravans of Migrants Continue Pouring Over US-Mexico Border
California Judge Punches Hole In State's Sanctuary Law
Despite Repeated Deportations, Suspect in Homeless Beating Deaths Cut A Bloody Swath Across Los Angeles, Called a ‘Violent Predator’
ICE Program To Recruit Local Police Overextended Under Trump: Audit
2 Antifa Extremists Who Called For Armed Violence Against ICE Have Been Arrested
New Study Reveals 22 Million Illegal Aliens in US – video
650 Bangladeshi Nationals Arrested in Single Texas Border Sector in 2018
Illegal Immigrant Charged With Murder After Knife, Hammer Attack On Fishing Vessel Off Massachusetts
Suspected Birth Tourism Site Reportedly at Center of New York City Stabbing Spree
Atlantic Magazine: Immigration is Fracturing America into Rival Tribes
Hundreds of Migrants Who Crossed US Border Into Canada Have Been Deported
Antifa Website Calls For 'Slaughter' of 'Fascistic Border Patrol Dogs And Their Bosses'
Former ICE Acting Director: Border Walls Work – video
Mississippi Forestry Company Hires More Than 1,000 Foreign Workers, Without Seriously Looking for American Workers
If Farmers Need Foreign Labor, Something Is Wrong – HOLLY NOTE: Why aren't we using non-violent prisoners as workers? It gets them out in the fresh air, the knowledge they're doing something useful and withdraws a magnate for illegals to come here.
Due Process Gone Wild Yet Again: The Immigration Courts
Number of Illegal Immigrants in US May Be TWICE What's Reported: Yale-MIT Study
Study: Average of 22 Million Illegal Immigrants in US – video of day
Agents Apprehend 2,000 Migrants in 3 Days at Single Border Crossing – the Rio Grande Valley Sector – Where There Is NO Physical Barrier
Trump Border Wall Going Up in Texas
Immigrants May Be Denied Green Cards If They Receive Benefits – HOLLY NOTE: This is what Australia and other countries do – and you have to prove financial self-sufficiency so they aren't a financial burden on taxpayers. Common sense at work.
FY 2018 Refugee Admissions: 70.8% Christians; 15.4% Muslims
Children's Remains Found In Mexican Mass Graves
These Sex Offenders Are Begging To Be Deported. Why Does California Pay Millions To Keep Them?
Illegal Immigrants Among 8 Killed in Arizona Head-On Crash, Officials Say
Still Wall-less: Open Border Haunts Trump – Frustrated President Asks GOP: Where’s the Money?
DACA Students Do Not Have To Pay Tuition Up Front At This College
Tijuana Breaks All-Time Homicide Record amid Cartel War
Trump: “I Want To Know, Where Is The Money for Border Security and the WALL in This Ridiculous Spending Bill”
When Did Our Immigration System Start Functioning Like a Charity to Benefit Third-World Countries Rather Than America? 'It's the Average American Citizen Who Bears the Burden'
Border Patrol Agents Discover Nearly 200 Illegal Immigrants In Remote Arizona Desert
Immigration Is Out of Control and These 7 Points Prove It
Border Wall Effort Getting Boost From US Sheriffs' Crowdfunding Site
Oakland City Council Passes ‘Abolish ICE’ Resolution
Sessions Limits U.S. Judges’ Ability To Dismiss Deportation Cases
Federal Agency Says It Lost Track Of 1,488 Migrant Children – HOLLY NOTE: But are they really 'lost'? Read this next CBS article to understand what really may be going on.
Related: Did the Federal Government Really Lose Track Of Almost 1,500 Immigrant Children?
MS-13 Gang Member Convicted of Brutal Tennessee Assault With Rifle, Bleach, Plastic Bag, Feds Say
Sanctuary Policies Protect Sex Offenders – Victims Are Mere "Speed Bumps" on the Road to Anarchy
ICE: More Than A Quarter Of Illegal Immigrant Families In Alternative To Detention Skip Court Hearings
Immigrant Group Fined Nearly $35,000 For Selling Cards That Claimed To Protect From Deportation, Founder Of Organization Had Criminal Record
Residents Complain About Smell After 157 Unidentified Bodies Discovered In Morgue Trailer
Are The Refugee Contractors And Their Friends In Congress Preparing To End-Run The President On Refugee Cap? – HOLLY NOTE: Reality Check. Keep in mind that resettlement groups receive tens of thousands-to-millions of dollars every year (that American taxpayers finance) for the refugees they distribute around the U.S. These are primarily religious-affiliated organizations who have a vested monetary interest – though listed as "non-profit" – in seeing more refugees enter the U.S. Nine major contractors exist within US State Department and the Office of Refugee Resettlement (HHS) fund. "They call them Voluntary Agencies (VOLAGs) which is such a joke considering the large amount of federal funding that flows to each one! There are approximately 350 subcontractors in 180 cities working under the nine biggies." Source: Refugee Resettlement Watch
27 People Suspected Of Entering U.S. Illegally By Boat Arrested Days After 26 Similar Arrests
Nearly 805 of Households That Take In Unaccompanied Minors Already Have Illegal Immigrants, ICE Official Says
Migrants Illegally Entering Arizona by Hundreds, Says Border Patrol
Washington Post's Damning Report Claiming the Trump Admin. Denied Passports to Hispanics Who Are U.S. Citizens Had Glaring Factual Errors, HuffPost Finds
Southern Surge: 25% of All K-12 U.S. Students Are Hispanic
Border Wall - A Love Story – HOLLY NOTE: This is not what Americans voted for. One viewer on YouTube astutely commented: "This wall looks to be about 16 or 18 feet high and could easily be scaled. Throw a rope over, tie it off and climb up and over unless it's got some type of built in sensors it won't stop many people. Two 20 foot ladders tied together could put 100 people over this wall in an hour. What happened to the new border walls that are 30 feet high?" – video of day
U.S. Congress Flooding the U.S With 44 Million Foreign Born
Will Stalled Immigration Reform Shape Midterm Elections? – video
Mexico Finds 124 Central American Migrants Aboard Trucks
A Needed Pause: Trump Administration Caps Refugee Admissions at Record-Low 30,000
Juan David Ortiz, Border Patrol Supervisor, Charged With Murder In Serial Killing Spree
Arizona Border Patrol Agents Spot 188 Migrants in 33 Hours
When Will President Trump Get The Border Wall Built? – video of day
GRAPHIC – 7 Human Heads, Foot and Hand Dumped in Mexican Border State
New Border wall in Santa Teresa New Mexico – video
Cartel Hitmen Dressed as Mariachis Shoot Bystanders in Mexico City Tourist Plaza
Our Flimsy Border Wall Can't Stop These Illegals At The Chilton Ranch – video
47 Migrants Found in Tractor-Trailer After Border Patrol Chase
DHS Identifies Just Over 700,000 Overstayers in 2017
There Are No Jobs Americans Won’t Do: A Detailed Look At Immigrants (Legal And Illegal) And Natives Across Occupations
CIS Director: Twitter Refuses To Promote 'Illegal Aliens' Tweet Despite It Being Used 'In Supreme Court Rulings'
New Jersey Girl, 16, Stabbed To Death By Illegal Immigrant From Guatamala
U.S. Immigrant Numbers Hit 44.5 Million, Break 108-Year Record
Illegal Immigrant Families Exploit ‘Catch-and-Release’ Loopholes, Surge Over Border At Record Levels
Meatpacking Plant Owner Pleads Guilty After Immigration Raid
The Actual Number Of Illegal Aliens Appears To Be Far Larger Than Previously Understood
5 Sexual Predators Arrested Attempting to Re-Enter U.S. from Mexico
Border Battle: Crossings Surge
Border Patrol in Texas Nabs More Than 130 Illegals in Just Over 24 Hours
Ingraham: Time to Build The Wall – video
Border Patrol Agent Fired Upon from Mexico
The Importance Of Border Security After 9/11 – video
100 Bangladeshi Nationals Apprehended Near Texas in 3 Weeks
Facial Biometrics Catches Another Illegal at DC Airport
Immigrants Cited In Theft Of 39 Million Social Security Numbers
Mo Brooks: Likely 15M Illegal Aliens in U.S., Giving Blue States 20 Additional Congressional Seats – HOLLY NOTE: This illustrates perfectly one of the critical problems of illegal immigration. It's not the people; it's their values and culture they bring that we disagree with. As a result it is changing the very fabric and nature of our great country. It is pushing and propelling us into socialism – something that sounds desirable especially to slackards – everything for FREE, but someone pays for all those freebies. It's not the nebulous 'government'. It's the rest of us working our buns off. Now they're changing the true count of Congressional seats? People who endorse or turn a blind eye to illegals simply aren't thinking through all of the terrible repercussions.
Cops Capture 217 Central American Migrants Along Mexican Border State Dirt Roads
Assaults on ICE, Border Patrol Surge As Illegal Immigrants Get More Violent
Border Agent Shot At While Sitting In Patrol Car Near Border
Mexican Agents Rescue Over 300 Migrants In Two Trailers Bound for US
Mexican State Cops Stop 119 Central American Migrants Headed to Texas Border
Trump Says He Could Use Military To Build His Wall If Congress Won't Fund It Through DHS
Burger Joint Staff Wear 'Abolish ICE' Pins, Forcing Company To Change Its Policy
ICE Raids Dairy Farm Where Illegal Alien Murderer of Molly Tibbetts Was Employed
Candace Owens Visits ICE Immigration Center: It's Nicer Than Every School I Attended! – video
MS-13 Gang Members, Criminals Embedding in Record Number of Illegal Alien Family Units Pouring Over Rio Grande Valley Border in Texas – HOLLY NOTE: This isn't just Texas' problem because once these thugs get across the border they fan throughout the U.S. and become everyone's problem. Look at all the teens they murdered on Long Island, NY.
Man Wanted For Murder in Mexico Arrested in South Carolina, in US Illegally: Officials
Criminal Alien Accused of Sexually Assaulting 8-Year-Old
Border Patrol Agents Arrest Group of 163 Migrants in Arizona Desert
BUILD THE WALL! Arizona Rancher Films Illegal Invaders in Military Garb Streaming Across US Border in 25 Minute Video
Deportations up 9% in 2018; Still Below Obama Peak Years
Illegal Immigrant Fled to Mexico After Murdering Pregnant Wife, Say Arizona Police
Alleged Beto O’Rourke Campaign Text Message Asks for “Undocumented Immigrant” Vote
US Sheriffs Cheer Trump – Announce Crowdsourcing Page to Fund Trump Border Wall – video
25 MS-13 Members Busted for Murder, Drug Trafficking in California
US Plans To Sidestep Limits On Detaining Immigrant Children
Democrats Urge Mattis To Reject $450 Million Border Wall Project
Mollie Tibbetts' Suspected Killer Reportedly Used Alias 'John Budd' at Work
Illegal Immigrants Who Exploited Motor Voter To Register In North Carolina Still On Rolls
Illegal immigrant Used Pennsylvania Store Owner's Gun Against Him, Nearly Killing Him, Police Say
Mexican Mayor Seeks Asylum in U.S. After Cartel Threats
Tennessee Jail Refuses ICE Request On Detaining Immigrants
California Bill Could Make ICE Court Arrests Illegal – video
Illegal Immigrants Who Exploited Motor Voter To Register In North Carolina Still On Rolls
Illegal immigrant Used Pennsylvania Store Owner's Gun Against Him, Nearly Killing Him, Police Say
Tennessee Jail Refuses ICE Request On Detaining Immigrants
Murder, Kidnapping, and Assault With A Dangerous Weapon - Over 20 MS-13 Gang Members Arrested in California
Alleged MS-13 Member with Green Card Arrested for Rape of 11-Year-Old Girl
Request to End DACA From Multiple States Denied By Federal Judge
Tracking Dogs Strangled to Death by Illegal Aliens
Texas Won’t Use Taxpayer Funds To Educate Illegal Immigrants Held At The Border
Mattis Authorizes National Guard Troops To Stay On The Border For Another Year
4 Illegal Aliens Connected to Mexican Cartel Arrested With Nearly $6M in Drugs, Cash, Weapons
Driver Who Allegedly Killed Oregon Couple In DUI Crash Is Illegal Alien, ICE Says
Dem Rep Warns Immigration Officers Following 'Illegal' Trump Orders: 'You Will Not Be Safe'
House Democrat to ICE: 'If You Are a US Government Official And You Are Deporting Americans Be Warned'
State Department Pushes Back On Report About Hispanics Being Denied Passports
Waste Management to Pay $5.5 Million Over Illegal Immigrant Labor
Border Patrol Union That Endorsed Trump Now Backs Heitkamp Who's Leading The Charge For Stronger Border Security
Mexican Cartel Boss Offers $100K for Assassination of Breitbart Texas Writer—Arrested Within Days
Mexican Man Deported 4 Times Sentenced For Illegally Entering US Again
Georgia Deputies Arrested in Mexico for Bringing Weapons Across Border for Safety, Officials Say
Mexican Cartel Boss’s Son Sentenced to Prison for Impersonating a U.S. Marshal
160 Suspected Illegal Immigrants Arrested in Texas Plant Raid
California Gubernatorial Candidate Wants Illegal Immigrants To Get Free Health Care
Federal Agents Seize 99 Pounds Of Cocaine Hidden Inside Pineapple Shipment
'Abolish ICE' Sees Little Support Among Democrats Despite Left-Wing Push, Poll Finds
Study Details Thousands of Illegal Voters in ‘Sanctuaries’
New Study Explodes Myth of ‘Jobs Americans Won’t Do’
'This Is a Little Scary': Texas AG Says Dems' Call to Decriminalize Illegal Entry Could 'Cost Lives'
Stop Illegal Immigration To Keep Americans Safe
DACA Recipient Arrested for Alleged Human Smuggling in Texas
The Truth About Illegal Immigrants And Crime – video
FBI Hunt For Weapon Used in Mollie Tibbetts's Brutal Murder As Autopsy Reveals She Was Stabbed to Death With 'Multiple' Sharp Force Blows
We Will 'never Have A Sense Of Normalcy Again': Mollie Tibbetts' Heartbroken Family Speaks Out For The First Time Since Her Body Was Found – HOLLY NOTE: While not all illegal immigrants heinous commit crimes, building that wall and keeping out incoming illegals would have let Moliie, Kate Steinle, John Anderson, among many others lives. Countless more would not have been raped, assaulted, robbed or involved in DUI accidents. A wall will not fix 'overstays', but it will go a long way to shutting down border crossers.
5 Other Heinous Illegal Alien Crimes You Didn’t Hear About This Week
Illegal Alien Who’d Been Deported Earlier Is Accused of Killing Minnesota Woman – HOLLY NOTE: Check this thug's neck. It looks like someone tried to strangle him with a garrote.
Drug Tunnel Ran From old KFC in Arizona to Mexico Bedroom
Mexico Opened 2,599 Homicide Investigations in July — The Most Ever Recorded in a Month
The Latest Murder By An Illegal Alien -- Our Deadly Status Quo On Immigration Must Change
What Do Liberals Not Understand About the Word 'Illegal?' – video
Fox News Poll: Voters Continue To Prefer A Pathway To Citizenship
Illegal Immigrant Who Committed Multiple Rapes After 2012 ICE Detainer Not Enforced Gets 80 Years In Prison
Angel Families Demand Politicians Act After Illegal Alien Kills Mollie Tibbetts
Border Patrol Stops Caravan Of 128 Illegal Immigrants From Entering US
MS-13 Gang Member, in US Illegally, Pleads Guilty in Brutal Quadruple Killing
Mollie Tibbetts and Kate Steinle: Bonded in Tragedy – video
Trump Tainted Trial of Tibbetts Slaying Suspect, Lawyer Says
Border Patrol Catches 54 Illegal Aliens Traveling As A Group In Texas
Donald Trump Jr. Slams Elizabeth Warren for Mollie Tibbetts Response: 'You Can't Make This Crap Up'
New York Times Deletes Illegal Immigration Status Of Mollie Tibbetts's Killer From Headline – HOLLY NOTE: This is par for the course as even Fox News has done this on the odd occasion though their slip-ups are likely unintentional. It is an effort to muddy the distinct line between legal and ILLEGAL immigration. One Americans welcome, the other not.
Mollie Tibbetts Case Shows Cost of Not Enforcing Immigration Laws
The Sad Case of Mollie Tibbetts – HOLLY NOTE: To find this short commentary, scroll about halfway down the page.
Report: Illegal Immigration Leads To 2,200 Deaths, 118,000 Rapes, 138,000 Assaults
Mollie Tibbetts’ Suspected Killer ID'd as 24-Year-Old Illegal Immigrant Cristhian Rivera
The Latest: Rivera Tells Investigators of Abduction, Killing 
Man Held In Tibbetts' Death Worked At Farm Of Leading Iowa GOP Family – HOLLY NOTE: This is how our left-slanted newspapers spin a critical, heartbreaking story. They leave out of the lead that the employer used E-Verify and this murdering illegal immigrant came up cleared to work.
Tom Cotton: Mollie Tibbetts Would Be Alive If Immigration Laws Were ‘Seriously’ Enforced
Angel Mom: How Many More American Murders Will It Take?…
Graphic Photos Show Brutal Consequences of Open Border on Rural Texas County
U.S., Canadian Businessmen Murdered by Mexican Cartel Gunmen in Mall
Trump Predicts Immigration Issue Will Power GOP in Midterms
CBP Commissioner Slams ‘Abolish ICE’ Movement: ‘Threats Are Being Removed’
Judge Says Colorado Sheriffs Can Hold Immigration Suspects For ICE
Following Orders From Pres. Trump, ICE Deports Former Nazi Labor Camp Guard Who Lied About His Past
“Shameful” – Trump Rips Portland Mayor For Not Protecting ICE Agents During Month-Long Protest
Previously Deported Illegal Immigrant Accused Of Sexual Battery Against 16-Year-Old Florida Girl
In White House Tribute, Trump Hails ICE, Border Agents As Patriots And Heroes
2 Days, 2 Pursuits, 8 Illegal Migrants and 2 Smugglers in Custody
4 Key Facts About ICE, and What Could Happen If It’s Abolished
Trump: ‘Open-Border Extremists’ Oppose ICE, Border Patrol
California Demands Trump, Congress Apologize to Illegal Aliens
California Governor Pardons Prisoners Set For Deportation
Illegal Alien Arrested by ICE, Wanted for Murder in Mexico, Has 5 Anchor Babies with Illegal Alien Wife
Here's the Terrible Secret About Why Democrats did a Complete 180 On Illegal Immigration And Border Security
ICE Says Detained Immigrant Faces Homicide Charges In Mexico; Wife Disputes Claim
Media Take on ICE for Detaining Murder Suspect – video
50 Tons of Methamphetamine Seized in Drug Lab Raid in Mexico
Border Wall Construction Progresses in New Mexico – video
Jeff Sessions Issues Order To Speed Up Deportations
Judge Says Government Does Not Have To Accept New DACA Requests
GOP Bill Would Let Asylum Seekers Apply In Mexico, In Bid To Ease Immigration Court Backlog
Illegal Immigrant Children Skip Deportation Hearings, Disappear Each Day
Suspect From 'Extremist Muslim' Compound Lived in US Illegally For Over 20 Years: Officials
Feds Say Restarting DACA Will Delay Benefits For Legal Immigrants
ISIS Member Who Applied For Refugee Status Has Been Arrested On Murder Charges In California
Law Has Long Said Deadbeats Not Welcome, Citizenship Chief Claims
Illegal Border Crossings In Canada Rise From June to July
Tijuana: 100 Murdered in August’s First 12 Days
ICE Arrests 45 Illegal Immigrants In Houston Area
Kirsanow: GOP Rep. Yoder Will Invite Mass Migration With Catch-and-Release Giveaway
Arizona Steps Up Scrutiny Of Shelters For Migrant Kids After Workers Accused Of Sex Crimes
20 Bangladeshi Nationals Arrested After Crossing Mexican Border into Texas
DHS: Dramatic Drop in Illegal Border Crossings Since May – video
Border Patrol Arrests Previously Deported Sex Offenders over the Weekend
Lancaster, PA: Church World Service and New Mayor Want City to Continue as “Refugee Capital of the USA”
Chain Migration Gone Wild in Third Circuit
Rio Grande Valley Sector Continues to Lead the Nation in Illegal Alien Apprehensions
CBP Officers at the Laredo Port of Entry Seize More Than $1.3 Million in Crystal Meth
More Than HALF of Foreign Refugees Are On Taxpayer-Funded Food Stamps
Allegations of Abuse of Illegal Immigrant Children in Virginia 'UNfounded'
REPORT: Smuggling Of Aliens From Terrorism-Prone Nations Across The Southern Border Should Be Part Of The Immigration Debate
Salvadorian Man Facing 4th Deportation After DUI Arrest in Tennessee
Illegal Alien MS-13 Gang Member Sentenced to Life for Brutal Murder
Attorney Asks Court To Muzzle ICE Officials From Using Terms Like 'Slave Labor'
Iranians Posing As Anti-Immigrant Americans Online
Mexican Citizen Previously Deported With Long Rap Sheet Arrested in US for 10
th Time
India Nationals Illegally Crossing the US-Mexico border in Record Numbers, Pay Smugglers Up to $25G
30th Illegal Alien Sex Offender Arrested by CBP El Centro
Woman, 81, Busted Smuggling $870G of Heroin Across US-Mexico Border, Cops Say
Google Maps Capture Nearly 2 Dozen Illegal Immigrants Entering Texas from Mexico
Fleeing Human Smuggler Attempts to Run Over Border Patrol Agent
Massachusetts Man Solicited Killing ICE Agents For $500, Tweeted Desire To Slit Throat of McCain, Feds Say
Get Ready For The Media Outcry Over Immigrants And Their Right to Welfare
DOJ Slams 'Sanctuary' Philadelphia For Giving 'Free Pass' to Child Rapist
Border Patrol's First Female Chief, Carla Provost, on Border-Crossers, a Wall And Women In Law Enforcement
ICE Nets 133 Illegal Immigrants In Alleged Worker Exploitation Scam
Laura Ingraham Under Fire For Lamenting America’s ‘Massive Demographic Changes
Previously Deported Illegal Immigrant Who Raped Child After Philadelphia Release, Pleads Guilty To Reentry
Border Patrol Arrests Sex Offender and Attempted Murder Suspect over the Weekend
Pelosi: Voting For Democrats Gives ‘Leverage’ to Illegals – HOLLY NOTE: What is wrong with these people that they want to just give away America to illegals and socialism? Most of us have dads, uncles, brothers, mothers, sisters, children, grandpas and relatives back to this Nation's foundation who fought and died for America, our rights and freedom. She is 'mature' enough to know better and should appreciate what her fellow Americans have sacrificed their lives for her – RSS – the Right to Speak Stupidly. She and Ocasio-Cortez are the poster children for Ron White's non-PC comedy routine 'You Can't Fix Stupid". At least Pelosi admits the reason why Dems want fully open borders – what Conservatives always suspected.
Joe Manchin Backs Funding Trump’s Border Wall in Fall Spending Bill
I'm a Legal Immigrant — and Trump Is Right On Immigration
Trump Admin May Ban Foreign Nationals Who Need Welfare from Moving to U.S. – HOLLY NOTE: How does this not make sense since we taxpayers pay for their 'everything in life'? When moving to Australia, I had to provide financial proof that I wouldn't burden their dole system, in fact, support myself and contribute to that country's welfare. We are a collective bunch of idiots to keep doing this in America. Legal immigrants welcome! Come and be a positive force in our country, not a drain.
Border Patrol Aids Illegal Alien after Severe Fall
Texas Leads Multi-State Lawsuit Asking Judge to End DACA
Immigration Judges Accuse DOJ of Undermining Independence
Illegal Border Crossings Drop for Second Month Following ‘Zero Tolerance’
July Arrests of Migrant Families at Border Up 173% over 2017
Trump's Proposed Border Wall Sees New Courtroom Scrutiny – HOLLY NOTE: Of course this is run through another liberal California court. It's where Progressives go when they want legislation from the bench, not the President. However, it looks like they lost this round to the President.
Prosecutors: Bangladeshi Immigrant in Subway Bombing Said: 'More Is Coming' – HOLLY NOTE: Bangladeshis are being intercepted more frequently sneaking through our Southern border. In the first 5 months of this year, the Border Patrol has arrested 274 Bangladeshis at the U.S.-Mexico Border. This bomber, Akayed Ullah, is a legal immigrant resident. BUT, he got in via chain migration tagging along on his uncle's coattails and the uncle got into the U.S. on our visa lottery. Pres. Trump is so right; this crazy immigration method has got to go.
DHS: Illegal Poses With 'Daughter' He Was Raping
Alleged MS-13 Kingpin Pleads With Judge To Improve Jail Conditions
ICE Employee Ousted For Using Job To Campaign for Hillary Clinton
Despite Crackdown, Immigrants Flood Through Arizona Border – HOLLY NOTE: This is some of the more than 2,000 tons of trash is discarded annually in Arizona's borderlands that illegals leave in their wake. A variety of federal and state government entities, Native American tribes and private landowners are all affected by the problem. Keep in mind this is just for one border state.
Call to Tax Mexico $2,000 Per Illegal Immigrant To Pay For Border Wall
600,000 Foreigners Overstayed U.S. Visas Last Year
Pakistani National Caught Sneaking Across Border into Texas
Antonio Sabato Jr: I’m a Legal Immigrant and I Support Trump’s Wall – video
President Trump Can Solve The Immigration Crisis With Legislation That Died in 2013
Sessions Rips Federal Judge For 'Improperly' Reinstating DACA, 'Eviscerating' Executive Power
19 Arrested at Protest Blocking Private Prison Headquarters
Court Ruling Freed Refugee Who’S Now Charged With Attempted Murder Of Cop
Someone Find The World's Smallest Violin: MS-13 Leader Complains About His Prison Conditions
Migrant Death Toll Continues to Rise Under Open Border Policies
Yuma Sector Busts Child Rapist for Illegal Re-Entry – 2nd Time Since March
Immigrant With Criminal Record Accused in Colorado Officer Shooting
Most 'Refugees' Actually Come From 'Normal' Circumstances – Facing No 'Medical, Social, or Security Concerns', Report
DACA Should Be Fully Restarted, Federal Judge Rules
Illegal Immigrant Shoots Gun, Claims He’s Protected By The Second Amendment
Names of Non-US Citizens Increasingly Found on Voter Rolls
'I'm Confused' — ICE Official Takes Democratic Senator To School
Justice: Mexican Accused of Murdering Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry Extradited to Face Justice in U.S.
Mexico's Murder Rate Hits Highest Level In Decades – video
Police: 7 Illegal Aliens in Custody After Attempted Robbery at La Plaza Mall in McAllen, Texas
Former ICE Acting Director: Rhetoric Is 'Crazier Than Ever' – video
Gang Just as Vicious as MS-13 But Without the Notoriety: Savage Trinitarios Return to the Spotlight After Years in the Shadows
CBP Officers Find Over 5 Tons of Narcotics Hidden in Cargo Shipment
Smugglers Pack Unaccompanied Minor, MS-13 Member in Tractor-Trailer
CBP Officers at Laredo Port of Entry Seize Over $1.5 Million in Hard Narcotics
Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Disrupts Two Stash Houses And Four Alien Smuggling Attempts
Trump Doubles Down on ‘Build the Wall’ Shutdown Threat: 'It's Time We Had Proper Border Security' Because 'We’re the Laughingstock of the World,' the President Said During Presser With Italian PM Conte
UN Wants 600 Million Immigrants to Flood America – video of day
Trump Steels For Possible Government Shutdown Amid Border Wall Impasse
Bill Funding Trump's Border Wall Includes Common-Sense Immigration Reforms
White America Reacts To Surging Minority Numbers
Massive Court Filing Says Illegal Immigrant Families Suffered From U.S. Food, Chill, Disease – HOLLY NOTE: Be sure to read the last half of this article. It sounds like their is much fabrication in the lawsuit. Illegals, most of which can't speak English wouldn't know the first thing about how of judicial system works, so one has to wonder if the ACLU arrived on scene and did a lot of coaching.
Trump Tweets He'd 'Shut Down' Government If Democrats Don't Fund US-Mexico Wall
'They Want Open Borders And More Crime': Trump Lays Into Democrats For Not Backing the 'Brave And Heroic Men And Women of ICE'
Border Patrol Agent Assaulted By Illegal Alien From Mexico at Border
Sanctuary Cities Ruling A Setback for Justice Department
Former ICE Director Tom Homan Fires Back At The Left's Attacks Against ICE
Trump: People Crossing Border Use Children For ‘Sinister Purposes’
Rep. Crowley Suggests Illegals Should Be Compensated By U.S. Taxpayers
Asylum Rules Would Allow Migrants to Fill Half of Midwest
Feds Bust Illegal Immigrants on ID Fraud
Hispanic Democrats Grill DHS Secretary Over Illegal Immigrant Family Separations
Mexico’s 2018 Murder Count Already Surpasses 2017 Total
Ex-Trump Adviser: U.S. Citizenship Not a Birthright – video
Hundreds of Kids Still Separated From Parents As Clock Ticks Down; Officials Expect To Meet Deadline
Liberal Enclaves Embrace Noncitizen Voting: ‘I Think This Is Another Good Step Forward’
Student Who Got Suspended For Wearing Pro-Border Wall Shirt To School Awarded $25K
Here's What U.S. Voters Really Think of Illegals Voting – Hint: Not Much
ICE Escapee May Walk Free – video
CBP: Illegal Entries Into US Still Significant – 1,000 a Day – video
Man Who Shot Florida Policeman in the Head Likely an Illegal Alien – ICE Files Detainer
22% of US Population Does Not Speak English At Home – HOLLY NOTE: "When 350 languages are spoken within a nation, it fractures a country, not unifies it."
Prophetic Perils: End Time Events Revealed, p. 245. We ARE the modern day Babylon.
Feds on Track To Reunite More Than 1,600 Families Separated At Border By Deadline
The Attack on Western Civilization—Invent Multiculturalism
Some 600 Detained Migrants Are Pregnant, Will Bear Citizen Children
Gov. Cuomo Pardons 7 Ex-Criminal Immigrants To Prevent Their Deportation
Deported Migrants Choose to Leave at Least 142 Children in U.S.
Cal Thomas: San Francisco Makes It Clear What Immigration Debate Is All About -- Votes for Democrats
Administration Reports Nearly 1,200 Family Reunifications
How to Turn Immigrants Into Full-Blooded Americans
After Delays, Former Iraqi Translator Will Be US Citizen
Illegal Immigration and Poor Americans
Human Smuggling Getting Sophisticated On Northern Border
What the Media Won't Tell You About Illegal Immigrant Crimes – HOLLY NOTE: This will shock you into a new reality.
Related: Laws Broken By Illegals From 2017 On:
80,000 DUIs
48,000 assaults
11,000 weapons violations
15,000 sexual assaults
2,000 kidnappings
1,800 homicides
4,818 arrests for gang activity
8,067 pounds of heroin
98,000 narcotics violations
Gallup Survey: 36 Issues Mentioned, Not One of Them Is Climate Change — Immigration Is #1
24 Sentenced In Massive India-Based Call Center Scam, Several Face Deportation Orders
Former ICE Acting Director Shreds Michelle Wolf For ‘Repulsive’ ICE-ISIS Video
Tucker: Left Doesn't Believe In Borders, Citizenship – video of day
Migrant Deaths, Rescues Mount near Border as Texas Heat Rises
Former ICE Director Tom Homan: ICE Doesn't Need an Overhaul – video of day
Cartel Violence Forces U.S. Gov’t to Prohibit Employee Travel to Downtown Juárez
The Left's Embarrassing Plea For Open Borders
House Bill Funds $5 Billion for Wall, Adds ICE and Border Patrol Agents
Oregon's Sanctuary State Policies Could Be Repealed in November
Weaponized Drone With Grenades Targets Home of Baja California Security Chief
GOP Thinks “Abolish ICE” Is Going to Hurt Democrats
Two Honduran Congressmen Worked with Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel and MS-13, Says DEA
New US State Dept Travel Warning Highlights 5 Mexican States
ICE Uses 'Ride-Share Rapist' Case to Slam San Francisco Over Sanctuary Policy: Report
San Francisco Begins Registering Illegal Aliens to Vote
ICE Arrests 37 in Mass New Jersey Sweep – All Previously Arrested or Convicted of Crimes, Slams Local Officials for Aspiring to be a 'Sanctuary County'
Blame Congress For Immigration Inaction That Jeopardizes American Agriculture
Nebraska Town Might Bar Illegal Immigrants From Jobs, Renting Houses
As US Population Rises, Environmental Leaders Ignore the Obvious
Mexico's Next Govt Weighs Legalizing Drugs
40% Vacancy: Feds Release Illegal Immigrant Families Instead of Filling Detention Centers
Kevin Yoder: Trump Will Be Happy With Border Wall Funding Included in Next Homeland Security Spending
Tijuana Resident Impersonated U.S. Citizen to Steal $361,000 in Benefits
National Guard Deployment Led to More Than 10,000 Arrests of Illegal Immigrants, Says CBP
Illegal Immigrant Father Who Attacked His Wife With a Chainsaw in Front of Their 3 Children Has Been Deported 11 TIMES
Illegal Immigrant and Cartel Member Beheads 13-Year-Old Girl in Alabama
ICE Agents Arrest 18 Human Smugglers, 117 Illegal Immigrants in Texas, New Mexico
Press Decries Welfare Fraudsters With Green Cards Getting Deported
Unhinged California Dems Rebuke Feinstein, Endorse Kevin De Léon for Senate on ‘Abolish ICE’ Platform
Twenty-First-Century Immigration Policy for the USA
CBS News Surprised to Realize Border is Open and Unsafe – HOLLY NOTE: CBS isn't living under a rock, they're under a rock on Neptune.
Trump Admin Says All Eligible Immigrant Children Reunited With Families, But Some Still Held For Safety Concerns
Heightened Concern Over Fake Families – Border Patrol Agents Say They Are Alarmed By The Growing Number of Migrants Illegally Crossing the Border With Children, Who Are Not Their Own
Is Skipping DNA Tests For Families at Border a Good Idea? – video
DNA Tests Make Strong Case for Child Trafficking Claims at Border
Border Patrol Stopping Migrants Before They Reach Ports of Entry – HOLLY NOTE: Maybe that's the best option because once they get even one foot on US soil, we're stuck with letting every one of them in. As to the question posed by Fernando Garcia in the last line of the image below, ask any migrant who came here legally and they will likely have a whole litany of reasons. Ask U.S. citizens and we'll share we're tired of paying $135 BILLION a year for illegal aliens.
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Migrant Minors Escaping Texas Holding Center, Say Neighbors
Bill Would Make Illegal Border Crossings a Felony
Illegal Immigration Foes Move to Bypass Liberal Legislatures, Take Anti-Sanctuary Measures to Voters
SYRIAN REFUGEE FAMILIES Sue Feds For Their 'Right' to Better Taxpayer Funded Housing in New Jersey
STILL WANT TO ABOLISH ICE? Border Patrol Arrests Mother Smuggling 41 Packages of Meth With Her 2-Year-Old in the Car
364 Pounds of Meth Seized at Arizona Border
Public Middle School Terrorized by MS-13 is a "Ticking Time Bomb"
Mexico’s President-Elect Praises Trump For ‘Respectful Treatment’
Border Patrol Agents Attacked With Rocks While Rescuing Pregnant Woman, Officials Say
Pressure Grows on Feds to Reunite Separated Families After Missed Deadline
‘Family Separation:’ ‘DREAMER’ Mom Sold Her 7-Year-Old Son, Tried Selling Toddler Daughters
Asylum-Seeking Central American Discovered to Be MS-13 Gang Member
Mexican Cartel Assassin Caught after Sneaking Across U.S. Border
Families Split at US Border Return to Guatemala – Reunited
Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Agents Arrest 4 Criminal Gang Members and 2 Sex Offenders in 1 Day
Most Americans Don’t Want ICE Abolished, Survey Finds
Border Patrol Agents Arrest 32 Illegal Aliens, 2 Smugglers
Study: Illegal Aliens Commit Crimes at Twice The Rate of Americans
Rep. Ted Poe: Tax Money That Immigrants Send to Foreign Countries
Border Protection Says De Blasio Crossed US-Mexico Border Illegally
What’s Missing in the Immigration Debate?
Judicial Watch: New HHS Documents Reveal That ‘Unaccompanied Alien Children’ Processed During Obama Years Included Violent Criminals, Drug Smugglers, and Human Traffickers
Smuggler Abandons 3-Year-Old Illegal Immigrant Girl in Rio Grande, Border Patrol Says
US Suspends Visas From Myanmar, Laos Following Refusal to Take Back Deported Citizens
Feds on Track to Reunite 54 of 102 Illegal Immigrant Families
Trump's Answer to Family Separation: 'Don't Come to Our Country Illegally'
Invaders Are Not Immigrants
Boston Weighs Giving Legal, Non-US Citizens Voting Rights
Despite Criticizing Trump's Immigration Policies, Mexico Reportedly Will Create Its Own Border Force to Central America
Illegal Alien Released Gets $280 Fine for Killing 2 Law Enforcement Officers
Zero-Tolerance Policy Fails To Stop Surge Of Illegal Immigrant Families
Reagan's Shining City on a Hill Didn't Have 'Open Borders'
Who Killed the Center-Left? The Politicians Supportive of Illegal Immigration – HOLLY NOTE: If you read nothing else, the last paragraph explains it clearly.
Wait–How Many Immigrants Are on Welfare Again? – HOLLY NOTE: Australia only lets people immigrate that are completely self-supporting. Shouldn't we take a lesson?
Feds Ask US-Mexico Border Property Owners To Survey Their Land, But Many Remain Skeptical
ICE Funding Showdown Expected Amid Calls By Dems To Abolish Agency
400 Bangladeshi Migrants Apprehended This Year in Single Texas County
U.S Citizen Gunned Down in Mexico City Taco Restaurant
Border Patrol Rescues 64 Illegal Immigrants Inside Tractor Trailers; 9 US Citizens Arrested
When Democrats Cry 'Abolish ICE,' They Really Mean 'Abolish Borders'
Trump: Get illegal Immigrants 'OUT' of America's 'Front Lawn'
Immigration Top Issue for U.S. Voters, Economy a Close Second: Reuters/Ipsos Poll
Judge Gives Green Light to California’s Sanctuary Laws
HHS Using DNA Testing in Order to Reunite Migrant Families 'Faster'
Federal Authorities Arrest Three Dozen Darknet Vendors, Seize Millions in Cash and Drugs
Tucson Border Patrol Agents Rescue 13-Year-Old Guatemalan Girl From Human Smugglers
Selfish Woman Spoils Vacationers' Visits By to Statue of Liberty By Scaling It and Forcing Evacuations
Therese Patricia Okoumou
Supreme Court Says Foreign Nationals Have NO Due Process Rights Here: Contrary to What Liberal Media and Open-Borders Advocates Say, Illegal Immigrants Are Not Owed Same Constitutional Protections as Americans
20,000 New DACA Applications Approved Since Trump's Order: Both the 'Hopefuls' and the 'Renewals' Continue to Be Processed Under Court Rulings Preventing End of Program Obama Created
ICE Joins Nationwide Dragnet On For Three Accused Of Kidnapping, Raping Teen Sisters
More Than 500 Children Already Reunited With Families After Trump Ends Family Separation
Mexico Reduces Legal Age Of Sexual Consent to 12
Philadelphia ICE Protests Turn Violent As Police Clear Out Demonstrators
Voters See Illegal Immigrants as a Strain on U.S. Budget
Feds Chide Congress For Holding Up Family Unifications at Border
Who's Really to Blame for the Crisis at the Border? – video
Salvadoran Couple Attacked Border Patrol Agent near Rio Grande, Says FBI
National Guard Rescues Border Patrol Dog Overcome By Heat Exhaustion
Border Patrol Agents Rescue Deported Migrant as Armed Group Tries to Drown Him
Tammy Bruce: ‘Abolish ICE’ Narrative a Recipe For Disaster for Democrats
Church ‘Detains’ Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus To Protest Trump’s Immigration Policy
Anti-ICE Vandals Throw Bricks Through Nebraska GOP Office in Lincoln, Neb
Mexico's New President Told Citizens to “Leave Their Towns and Find a Life in the United States” – HOLLY NOTE: AMLO just made the BEST argument for getting that border wall built – now.
Illegal Immigration Dropped as Trump’s Zero Tolerance Policy Kicked In
Ex-Border Patrol Boss Vitiello Takes Over Immigration Agency Battered By Protests and ‘Abolish ICE’ Rage Ronald Vitiello
We Went to Families Belong Together Protest. Here Are 6 Things We Saw.
Report: James Comey Ignored Possible Murders by Mexican Cartel Informant
Democrats Calling for ICE to Be Abolished Include Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren and Others
Nassim Taleb Slams "These Virtue-Signaling Open-Borders Imbeciles" In 3 Short Tweets
A U.S. District Court Judge Nullifies Provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act
Hundreds of Mexicans Living in SoCal Drove for Hours on Sunday to Vote in Mexico, Against Trump... So Why Were They Allowed to Re-Enter the US?
Good News: There's Never Been a Better Time to Go Back to Mexico!
Illegal Immigrant Is Arrested for Starting Dozens of Wildfires in Colorado, Destroying 38,000 (Now Over 50,000) Acres
After Trump Yields on Family Separation, Immigration Activists Demand End to Detentions, ICE
Trump: Without ICE, You'd Be “Afraid To Walk Out Of Your House” – HOLLY NOTE: One news commentator observed on Sunday that many of the same people that participated in the "pink pussy cat hat" and Antifa protests were those that showed up over the weekend in ICE protests. He further stated these people were more about politics and using the immigration as their latest excuse to sound off. It's all about resist an they have promised to obstruct Trump's SCOTUS nominee to be announced on July 9 without even knowing who it is.
ICE Arrested More Than 4,800 Gang Members Including MS-13 Members in 2017 – flashback
Border Arrests Between Ports of Entry Reportedly Dropped By 6,000 in June
Trump-critic Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Wins Country's Historic Presidential Election – HOLLY NOTE: This is the same man who said in June, "It is a human right for the Mexican people and people around the world to be able to resettle in the United states of America." So don't look for any help from Mexico in stemming to the flood of illegal aliens. Instead, he'll likely be waving them through.
Mexico Elections Center on Disgust With Corruption, Violence