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Sweltering Summer Heat Wave To Take Aim at Midwest into Sunday – HOLLY NOTE: Something has turned up the blast furnace as it will be 107º (42ºC) today. This is totally out of character even in the peak of summer. Make sure kids, the elderly and pets are outside for a minimum amount of time.
It’s Almost July and Snow Is Falling in Newfoundland, Canada
Dangerous Heat Wave To Broil Northeastern US This Weekend Through July 4th Holiday
"Direct Hit": Twister Destroys Homes And Buildings in Kansas as Lightning Flashes – video
North-central US to Be Focal Point For Damaging Storms Into The Weekend
July 4th Outlook: Blistering Heat in Offing for Much of US; Unrelenting Storms to Drench Southern US
California's Next Big Earthquake Could Be Near Salton Sea
Dr. Tim Ball and the Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science - The Inconvenient Truth – video of day
A Giant Blob of Hot Rock Is Building Under America’s Northeast
NO SIGNS of Eruption Slowing USGS Warns In Dire Kilauea News – video
Lava Spewing From Kilauea at RAPID PACE, Traveling at 15MPH
At Least 12,000 Earthquakes on Hawaii's Big Island in the Last 30 Days – HOLLY NOTE: Have seen no more current news article on the huge seismic activity at Kilauea, but we received hundreds and hundreds of EQ notices from USGS just over the weekend. Kilauea's eruptive activities are far from over. This HVO map records over 13,000 temblors.
Lone Woman Digs For Family Lost Under Guatemalan Volcanic Rubble
Guatemalan Town Becomes a Cemetery After Volcano Eruption
Fresh Fears Yellowstone Supervolcano To Erupt After Dormant Geyser Spews Boiling Water
In the Southwest, 'Drought' Doesn't Tell The Whole Story
'Electrifying' Volcano Eruption Off Galapagos Islands
A Possible Cause of Earthquakes in the U.S. Interior
A Megaquake Is Coming to the Northwest and It’s Not a Matter of If But When – HOLLY NOTE: We reported on this nearly every year for over 2 decades. Unfortunately people are bordering on megaquake fatigue, probably right when they most need to pay attention.
Delingpole: 30 Years On — How Dirty Tricks in Congress Launched the Global Warming Scare
Ominous UFO-Like Cloud Identified as Rare "Roll Cloud"
Pawnee California Wildfire Update: 'Out of Control' Lake County Blaze Threatening Hundreds of Structures
'Catastrophic Collapse' of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Could Be Delayed Due to Rapidly Rising Bedrock Below The Continent
Next Atlantis Mapped: World Cities Most In Danger Of Sinking Into The Sea Revealed
UK to Be Hotter Than SAHARA DESERT as 10-Day Heatwave Brings Killer Temperatures
Hawaii Volcano Summit Collapse – video
Houghton, Michigan, Begins Clean-Up After Devastating Flooding
How Can 3.4% x 3.62% x 2% Equal Global Warming?
Child and 2 Men Dead and Hundreds Injured in 6.1 Japan Earthquake
El Niño Watch Issued a Signs Point to Return of the Climate Cycle
New Wildfire Burns In West Colorado
Mesmerizing River of Lava Gushes Rapidly From Kilauea Toward The Ocean as Volcano Leaves More Than 467 Homes Destroyed
25 Firefighters Injured Battling Massive 5-Alarm Blaze That Destroyed 5 Homes, Including The House of a FDNY Marshal
What Does El Niño Watch Mean For Atlantic Hurricane Season, US Winter?
Watch Violent Winds Whip Porta-Potties Into Air, Causes ‘Poopnado’ – video
Tennis Ball Sized Hail Damages Homes Near Colorado Springs
…Worst Morning Hail Storm In 23 Years
416 Fire Becomes 5th-Largest Wildfire in Colorado History as Blaze Expands to Over 27,000 Acres
Fire Danger Map - US 48 States
Storm Ravages Area Near Wilkes-Barre, PA; Officials to Determine If Tornado Touched Down
Campers Attempting to Burn Poop Start Forest Fire
2 Cat 4 Eastern Pacific Hurricanes In 4 Days, Should We Be Worried About the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season?
Hot Streak: U.S. Sets Records For Warmest 3, 4, And 5-Year Periods
Incredible Aerial Pictures Show Magnitude Of Kilauea Lava Flows
In Surreal Twist, Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Starts Raining Green Gems
Guatemala Volcano Consumes Entire Village: ‘No Survivors Left’
Major Hurricane Bud to Target Mexico With Heavy Rainfall, Dangerous Seas This Week
Flooding Rain to Eye Central America to Texas Regardless of Tropical Storm Potential in Gulf, Caribbean
Wildfires Continue to Burn as West Hit With Near-Record Heat
Over 2,000 Evacuated in Colorado as 416 Fire Doubles in Size Amid Strong Winds
Closes San Juan National Forest…
Boater Dies After Sinkhole Creates Whirlpool on Arkansas River
Steam Explosion Spreads Ash Fallout at Kiluaea Summit Nearly 40 Days After Initial Eruption
Micro Homes Being Built For Families Displaced By Kilauea
'Shocking' Die-Off of Africa's Oldest Baobabs: Study
416 Fire North of Durango, Colo. Grows to Nearly 17,000 Acres, Almost Doubling in 24 Hours, New Evacuations Ordered
1,600+ Homes Are Evacuated as Colorado Wildfires Continue to Spread… – HOLLY NOTE: Even though this Colorado wildfire is roughly 250 miles to the southwest, this morning we could smell its unmistakable odor and see its smoke moving northward.
Hell on Earth! Hawaii Volcano Eruptions Set the Sky on Fire As It's Revealed the Impact of the DIsaster Will Affect Marine and Wildlife for Decades
Lava from Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Has Created a MILE of New Land
New Eruption From Guatemala's Volcano of Fire
Hawaii & Guatemala "Are An Opening Act" - The Volcanic Swarm Cycle Is Back
Alaska Volcano Observatory Issues YELLOW ALERT as Sitkin Volcano Suddenly Vents Steam and Gas! Mexico Also Issues YELLOW Alert for Popocatépetl
Hawaii Volcano's Toll Nears 600 Homes; No End In Sight
5.6 Earthquake Shakes Kilauea Summit
Concern Grows After Yellowstone's Largest Geyser Erupts For 8
th Time Since March
99 Dead Following Fuego Eruption
Guatemalan Authorities 'were Warned to Evacuate People Seven Hours Before It Erupted' But 'Did Not Act'
Guatemala Struck By Eruption From SECOND Volcano: Pacaya Spews Lava Just Miles From Fuego
Extreme Events Across Planet Spark Fears Catastrophic Disaster Is on the Way
Long Running MONSTER Tornado Captured in Laramie, WY
Impressive Tornado Touches Down North of Laramie
Large Hail Causes Damage In Parts of North Texas
This Unusual Cloud Formation Is Being Called "The Hand of God" – video
Hurricanes Are Slowing, Which Could Mean Big Problems
Central US to Sizzle Amid Unseasonably Hot Weather Into the Weekend
Hot, Dry Weather Poses Challenges as Ute Park Fire Remains Twice the Size of Manhattan
Experts Warn Worst Could Be Yet to Come From Hawaii Volcano, as Mayor Vows to Rebuild With FEMA Help
Tourists Using Boats to Get Dangerously Close to Lava From Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Flowing Into the Sea, While 176 Homes Have Been Destroyed and Ash Is Rising
Guatemala Volcano Leaves Almost 200 Missing And 75 Dead
Death Toll From Guatemala Volcano Rises to 69
Entire Families Buried…
Lava From Hawaii Volcano Destroys 117 Big Island Homes
Lava Flow From Fissure 8 Enters Kapoho Bay, June 4, 2018 – video
Lava Nears More Coastal Houses; Earthquake Launches Ash Plume 8,000 Feet
Mexican Heatwave Kills 13, Melts Traffic Lights – Temperatures Up to 120ºF Through June 5
Experts Warn of Super Storms and Call For New Category 6 For Oncoming Hurricane Season 2018
Ute Park Fire Burns Over 36,660 Acres in New Mexico; Rain Gives Boost to Containment Efforts
Toxic Algal Blooms Threaten Lakes, Waterways Across America With Alarming Rise From 3 Blooms in 2010 to 169 Blooms in 2017
Severe Weather Damages American Airlines Plane, Forces Emergency Landing
Guatemala Fueglo Volcano Erupts for 2
nd Time This Year: Leaves at Least 25 Dead, Hundreds Injured, Many Missing – "Not Everybody Could Leave; I’d Say They Were Left Buried."
Affected 1.7M People in 4 Regions…
Residents Stranded With No Power And Water in Area Cut Off By Kilauea’s Lava
Lava 'River' Engulfs Home in Minutes – video
Evaporates an Entire Lake…
Scientists ALARMED as Drone Reveals Mysterious CRACKS in Kilauea
500 Earthquakes In 24 Hrs, Most Ever Recorded At Kilauea Summit (Jun. 3, 2018) – video
Kilauea’s Magnetic Field Goes Opposite Direction – Sending Compasses Crazy
The Big One could leave 250,000 to 400,000 Quake Refugees in California. Where Will They Go? – HOLLY NOTE: As we saw 2 weeks ago – Arizona. The Grand Canyon State is already drilling for this event. Nevada could also see a massive influx. It all depends on where the temblor struck and what roads are impacted.
Thousands of Acres Ablaze in Colorado, New Mexico and Calif.
UK Weather Forecast: Scorching Summer - Will June Be the Hottest Month on Record?
Southwest Drought Worsens As Hot June Weather Arrives – Drought and HEAT Take Hold of U.S. South, Southwest
Record-Challenging Heat Wave to Scorch Central US This Week
Hawaii Volcano Eruption Horror: Residents in Leilani Estates given 24 Hours to Evacuate
Derecho May Roar Across Northern Plains Late Friday to Early Saturday
2 Remain Missing Following Deadly Virginia Flash Flooding; Landslide Kills 2 in North Carolina
Large Wildfire in New Mexico Prompts Park Closures, Evacuations
…Smoke Visible in Colorado – video
India’s Crazy Weather And Storms Killed Over 200 People in May
Incredible Dust Storm With Near Hurricane Force Winds Batters Eastern Iran
High Heat to Persist in the Southern U.S. For The First Week of June
Eight Million Bottles’ Worth of Champagne Grapes Wiped Out By Freak Hailstorms
Hurricane Maria May Have Killed More Than 4,600 in Puerto Rico, Study Says
MAY 31
Evidence Grows that Hawaii Volcanic Eruption Caused by Puna Geothermal Venture
20 More: Mystery Booms Continue in Pennsylvania
Huge Dust Devil Follows Driver in Arizona – video
MAY 29
Lava Flow Reaches Hawaii Geothermal Plant, Covers Plugged Well
Kilauea Is Pumping Out Toxic Vog
Last Live Feed of Shane's Shop, Exploding Barrell – video
'It's Worse Than 2016': Residents of Maryland City Devastated By Second '1,000-Year Flood' in 2 Years Begin Recovery – Search Continues For Guardsman Who Went Back Into the Floods to Save a Cat
MAY 28
Florida, Mississippi and Alabama Declare Emergencies Ahead of Storm Alberto
Lava Reaches Puna Geothermal Plant; No Gas Release Detected
Lava From Kilauea Volcano Eruption Now Covers Nearly 4 Square Miles of a Residential Area
Kilauea Stunning Video – video
Catastrophic Flooding Strikes Elliott City, Maryland; State of Emergency Declared: Roads Turned into Raging Rivers
MAY 25
Tropical Storm Alberto May Form in Gulf of Mexico Memorial Day Holiday Weekend
2018 Atlantic Hurricane Outlook
Massive Wedge Tornado Touches Down in New Mexico – video
Powerful Cyclone Mekunu Bears Down on Oman, Yemen; State of Emergency Declared in Socotra
Drought Conditions In The Southwest Are So Bad That They Are Already Being Compared to The Dust Bowl of the 1930s
…On Tap to Intensify Over US Southwest
Mysterious Booms Across Pennsylvania Triggers FBI Investigation
MAY 24
Natural Disasters Cost $306 Billion Last Year — Congress Can No Longer Ignore Flood Insurance
MAY 23
Lava from Kilauea Enters Power Plant Area – Threatens to Decimate Power
Residents Refuse to Leave Despite Toxic Gas and Lava Flows
Hawaii Losing Millions in Tourism – video
Weekend Tropical Threat to Heighten Flood Risk Across Southeastern US
Bill Nye: Taxing Cow Farts a 'Fantastic Thing'
Sinkhole Expanding on White House Lawn – HOLLY NOTE: Is this from Trump draining the swamp? Naaaw, the hole would be MUCH larger.
MAY 21
WE CAN'T Ignore This Any Longer – video of day
Related: Arizona Exercise Based on Post-Quake Exodus From California – HOLLY NOTE: Even though various articles on this topic state this exercise has been planned for a year, consider 2 things: 1) The recent uptick (again) of new warnings about a mega-quake striking the West Coast. 2) The next article.
GOVERNMENT GPS SENSORS Indicate 2/3 of ENTIRE Southern Flank of Hawaii BREAKING OFF! Pacific-wide Mega-Tsunami Possible – HOLLY NOTE: We can find no secondary source that corroborates this scenario. However, this area does match USGS' current map of East Rift Zone & Fissures. A tsunami generated due to a massive landslide into the ocean can and does happen. Think Lituya Bay, Alaska 1958. The possible Kilauea slide presents the same catastrophic scenario as for the East Coast of the U.S. should the Cumbre Vieja volcano slough off a similar chunk of ground on La Palma in the Canaries.
Related: Kilauea Lower East Rift Zone Fissures and Flows
How Many Fissures Have Reactivated? Map of Kilauea Fissures
New Eruptions from Kilauea – video
Hawaii Residents Trapped As Volcanic Eruption Intensifies, First Major Injury Reported After "Lava Bomb"
Man Has His Leg Shattered By Spitting Lava From Kilauea
MAY 18
Relentless Rain to Raise Flood Risk in Eastern US Into This Weekend
It Will Be Months Before Lava From Hawaii Volcano Can Be Removed From Neighborhoods
Tornado Alley May Be on the Move; See Where It's Headed
Rare Tornado Leaves Trail of Destruction in Western Germany
Rare Gulf of Aden Tropical Cyclone to Bring Flood Risk to Yemen, Somalia
MAY 17
Kilauea Erupts, Spews Ash 6 Miles Into The Sky
At Summit, Quakes, Emissions Are Ominous Signs as Eruption Feared
Earthquakes Damage Roads as Ash Spews From Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano
April Was World's Third-Warmest Such Month on Record
MAY 16
Red Alert Declared on Hawaii’s Big Island; Major Kilauea Eruption ‘Imminent’
Seismic Symphony of Mayhem Happening Now Is Wake Up Call as We Enter a Tumultuous, Perilous and Ominous Future
5 Confirmed Dead as Severe Thunderstorms Batter Northeast
MAY 15
Gas Released By Kilauea Eruption Poses Immediate Danger, Officials Warn
Kilauea's Flowing Lava Threatens Final Escape Routes
Damaging Storms Leave Over 140,000 Without Power in Mid-Atlantic
After a Record Hurricane Season in 2017, Forecasters Warn U.S. to Brace for More This Year
Delingpole: Junk Scientists Try to Weaponize Hurricane Harvey. Again.
Storms Kill at Least 80 Across India on Sunday; Dangerous Heat to Build This Week
Plastic Bag Found at the Bottom of World's Deepest Ocean Trench
MAY 14
3 New Cracks Spew Lava From Kilauea, Sparking Fears of Yet More Explosions – Safety Concerns for Thousands, Incredible Aerial Footage Shows Huge Crater
Dire Warnings Issued About 'Ring of Fire' West Coast Threat Amid Hawaii's Volcano Chaos
Residents Ordered to Evacuate
Islanders Braced for 20,000-Ft Ash Cloud…
Cracks Roaring Amid Warnings of More
Hawaii Civil Defense Warns of Explosive Eruption of Kilauea Volcano Within 48 Hours
Vog to Create Health Hazards Across Hawaii’s Big Island Through This Week
Communities Around Kilauea Are Running Out of Respirators – video
Earthquake Swarm Hits Seismically Active Region Along California Border
Severe Flooding Forces Evacuation of Thousands From Their Homes in British Columbia: 23 Local States of Emergency Declared
Tropical Weather Disturbance in Gulf of Mexico Precedes Start of 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season
MAY 11
Kilauea Is Terrifying Already and It’s About to Get Even Worse
Second Volcano on Same Hawaii Island: Earthquake and Now "Hot Spots" Detectable
Sinkholes Leave Florida Neighborhood Looking Like Cratered Wasteland
Trump Dismantles NASA Climate Change Program – HOLLY NOTE: Wouldn't that be nice to see the end of chemtrails! And speaking of… I missed the next news item last month:
MAY 10
First Lava, Now Ballistic Projectiles. Explosive Eruptions Added to List of Fears for Hawaii Residents
Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Could Be Ready to Blow, Scientists
Series of Quakes Shake Area Near Geothermal Field in No. Calif
Massive Wave 78-Foot Wave South of NZ Believed to Be Southern Hemisphere Record
Red Tide Causes Surf to Glow in an Amazing Neon Blue Color in Southern California
740+ Earthquakes in 4 Days Hit El Salvador Triggering Evacuation of 2,000+ People
The UN Is Trying To Force Americans Into a ‘Legally Binding’ Climate Pact. Nikki Haley Says That’s Not Gonna Happen
Hawaii Governor Appeals for Federal Help as NEW Lava Fissures Open up and Residents Are Told to 'Go Now' 5 Days After Kilauea Volcano First Erupted
Kilauea destroys 35 at Least Homes and Buildings
What Happened to Spring? Searing Temperatures Sweep Southwest as Arizona, California, and Nevada Have Already Hit Triple Digits, Breaking 70-Year-Old Record
Nearly 200 Horses Found Dead Amid Southwest Drought in Arizona
Volcano Eruption Fears as Almost 300 Earthquakes Rock Spanish Holiday Hotspot
Shaking Felt Across Southern California as 4.5 Earthquake Strikes Near Cabazon
Worst River Flooding Since 1975 to Threaten Lives, Property in Montana
Risk for Wildfire Development, Spread to Increase Again This Week in Southwestern US
Lava Fountains Shoot 300 Feet in the Air as Kilauea Eruptions Continue – HOLLY NOTE: Kilauea has drastically departed from its normal behavior. For years, this volcano spewed lava nearly non-stop, but it usually gurgled out 'peacefully', never threateningly. People could see from far off where the lava path traveled. It was so quietly exuded molten rock that people could and did walk along the flows. After the series of 5-mag quakes last week and then that 6.9 Friday, Kilauea became a different volcano.
1000+ Earthquakes in a Week…
10 Active Lava Fissures as of Sunday
At Least 30 Homes Destroyed…
Magma Forces Thousands to Flee – RESIDENT JOHN BENNETT: "This is as bad as it gets. We can't go back in yet. I feel lost. I don't know what to think. I've never been in this situation before."
4.9 Earthquake Strikes 160 Miles from New Orleans
Hawaii's Famed Kilauea Volcano Erupts, Spewing Lava And Forcing Evacuations
‘It Was a Nightmare’: Killer Dust Storm Blasts India, Leaving at Least 125 Dead
2018 US Summer Forecast: Early Tropical Threat May Eye South; Severe Heat, Drought to Bake Southern Plains
Earthquakes Increase After Pu'u O'o Collapse
250 Quakes in 24 Hours…
School Closure as Scientists Monitor Kilauea
San Diego's Downtown Earthquake Fault, Kept Quiet For Years, Now Surfaces
5.2 Temblor Injures 51 in Iran
Kansas Experiences Earthquake Increase In April
The US Town Prepping For 'Devastating' Disaster – video
Portland – 1 of 4 Only Places in the World – Has 49 Earthquake Supply Chests Hidden Across the City
Large Earthquakes Linked To Newly-Imaged Fault in Italy
'They Just Keep Coming, It's Really Scary': 12 Sinkholes Appear in Florida City Forcing 8 Homes to Be Evacuated
Australia's SE Coast Braces for Wild Weather as Forecasters Predict Hail, Lightning and SNOW to Fall
“Climate Change” Hoax Starting to Crumble as Scientists Admit Doom Projections Were Totally Wrong – HOLLY NOTE: While many TV shows today like Madame Secretary, Designated Survivor, the Criminal Minds franchise, Homeland, Homeland yank plots from today's headlines, the one thing they all have in common is sinking ratings. Monday night on Madame Secretary, the constant drumbeat pounded climate change and how dire things are. There wasn't a single common sense voice among them. We're all gonna die because of us terrible humans. Not once did anyone bring up the reality of the Sun's role in Earth's warming as well as that seen on other planets in our solar system.
Climate Change Fraudsters Raising Money to Carve Trump's Face Into Arctic Ice
APR 30
Biggest Severe Storm Outbreak of Year So Far Likely This Week For Parts of Central US
World’s Biggest Active Geyser Erupts at Yellowstone National Park for 3rd Time in 6 Weeks
Fears for East Coast Earthquake as Faults Spew Heavy CO Gas; "Being Squeezed"
Arizona Wildfire Forces Evacuations of 7 Small Communities
Lava Pours From Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano in Mesmerizing Timelapse – video
Pelosi Laments ‘Rising Temperatures, Surging Seas and Record Floods, Fires and Storms’ – HOLLY NOTE: Maybe she should quit blowing endless hot air.
APR 26
How Bad Will a Hayward Fault Earthquake Actually Be, and What You Can Do to Protect Yourself
39 People Injured in Turkey Earthquake
APR 25
Weird 'Ice Circles' Appear in Arctic, Puzzling Scientists
Severe Weather Outbreak, Tornado Risk Poised to Strike Central US Next Week
APR 23
The Supervolcano Under Yellowstone Should Make You Worried – HOLLY NOTE: Over the last several months, there's been a huge uptick in news items from mainstream sources on the dangers of Yellowstone. You have to wonder if they're leaking info from people in the know to let the rest of America become informed.
California Fault Line Could Bring Huge Quake, Killing Hundreds: Experts
3 Passengers Injured, Window Broken After Air India Plane Hits Severe Turbulence
APR 20
One of Colorado's Largest Fires Now Fully 100% Contained, After at Least 23 Homes Were Destroyed – HOLLY NOTE: Last month, just stepping into spring, Colorado firefighters revealed that resources were already stretched thin. It's shaping up to be a brutal year for The West.
Volcano in Southern Japan Erupts for 1
st Time in 250 Years
April on Track to Be The Coldest in 143 Years
5.5 Quake Strikes Near Iran's Nuclear Power Plant
Fear as Giant Crack Cuts Across Farms in Kenya
APR 19
Drought Returns to Huge Swaths of USA, Fueling Fears of Thirsty Future ET Deuteronomy 28:24
Tumbleweeds Bury Homes in High Desert Communities
At Least 2 Dead in Oklahoma Wildfires
Oklahoma Rhea Fire: Pictures Show 253,000-Acre Wildfire Near Seiling
Forecast Could "Scare the Hell" Out of Oklahoma Firefighters
California Has 8 of 10 Most Polluted American Cities
APR 18
California Earthquake Situation More 'Dire' Than We Realize
The Big One Is Coming to California, Seismologist Lucy Jones Says
Ring of Fire ‘on the EDGE’ of Unleashing Most Dangerous Earthquakes World Has Ever Seen
Only 17% of Americans Have Earthquake Insurance
Another Wintry, Windy Storm to Pummel the Midwestern US at Midweek
Oklahoma Wildfires Kill 1, Force Evacuations
10 Structures Lost in 117 Fire Burning East of Hanover, New Evacuations Possible
High Winds Wreaking Havoc on Semi Trucks Across Colorado – HOLLY NOTE: Colorado has been blasted with 5 straight days of hellish wind. Yesterday Stan's anemometer clocked a 50mph gust at noon. Many others at 40. If trees were fully leafed out it would have caused state-wide damage. Colorado's normally brilliant blue skies were filled with dirt and pollen totally obscuring the Rocky Mountains. Today – a reprieve, then one more windy day tomorrow.
Incredible 4-Day Period Snowfall Totals in the US
Sinkhole Swallows SUV in El Cajon, California
Boulder Joins San Francisco, New York in Seeking Millions From Oil Industry For Climate Change
APR 17
Unprecedented Rainfall, Landslides Force Water Rescues and Strand Entire Towns in Kauai
Wildfires in NW America in 2017 Were the Biggest Ever Recorded and Had Same Effect as a Volcanic Eruption
Gusty Winds to Raise Wildfire Danger to Extreme Levels Again in Southwestern US
Cold Shots of Air to Create Snow Chances in Northeastern US This Week
No Way Out – HOLLY NOTE: This is one of the most engrossing, yet terrifying videos of California's epic wildfires last year and the devastating mud- and rockslides that followed in their wake. It is also a tale of one heroic female firefighter and heartwarming stories of neighbor helping neighbor. – video of day
Floodwaters Inundate New York Subways, Streets as Heavy Rain Soaks the Northeast
Gay NY Attorney BBQ's Himself, Dies in a Climate Change Suicide
Weatherman Rants About Michigan Forecast on Live TV – video
APR 13
Severe Storm Damages 150 Homes, Leaves 4 Injured in Northern Arkansas
Multi-Day Severe Outbreak, Isolated Tornadoes Loom Across Central, Southern US
Major Snowstorm to Evolve Into Blizzard, Halt Travel in North-Central US
Weekend Ice Storm to Threaten Power Outages in Ontario, Great Lakes and New England
Slow-Motion Ocean: Atlantic’s Circulation Is Weakest in 1,600 Years
2 Tornadoes Drop in on Fort Lauderdale in Just 1 Day
New Earthquake Swarm at Yellowstone More Than 89 Earthquakes Hit Near Old Faithful Geyser Within 24 hours and Their Number Increases Every Hour
California’s Snow Drought Is Recipe for Danger
4 Earthquakes Shake Nebraska in 2 Days
Report: Drought Expands; Oklahoma Sees Worst Conditions
Amazon Fixes Embarrassing 'Error' That Saw Its Voice Assistant Telling Users the Government Is Secretly Behind CHEMTRAILS
APR 11
Is a Massive Tremor on the Way? Ring of Fire Activity Returns as Series of Earthquakes Shake California and Alaska
Yellowstone Volcano Eruption Update: How Volcano Is 40,000 Years OVERDUE for Eruption
Nevados de Chillan on AMBER Alert as Activity Heightens
Early-Morning Activity at El Popo
Mystery 'Trumpet Sounds From Sky' in Hawaii
5.3 Earthquake Hits Off Channel Islands, Felt in Los Angeles Area
2018 Atlantic Hurricane Outlook: 4 US Impacts Predicted Amid Another Active Season
Pollen Storm So Intense It Activates Security Cameras and Looks Like Hail – HOLLY NOTE: Because it's been so warm and dry this winter and spring, we've already hit 11.6 out of 12 on the pollen count scale. However, North Carolina has us beat. – video
60mph Wind Gusts Collapse Hangar at Hobby Airport in Houston
Oroville Dam and Its Partially Rebuilt Spillway Set to Be Tested to Its Limit as Storm Closes in One Year After It Nearly Collapsed
Yellowstone Volcano Eruption: 'Life or Death' Prep For Supervolcano Emergency Underway
New Snowstorm to Kick Off April From Montana to Michigan
Tropical Cyclone Josie Claims 4 Lives, 1 Missing in Fiji
Is the Africa Splitting in TWO?
23 Injured In Iran's 5.3 Earthquake
6.8 Earthquake Strikes Bolivia – Too Deep to Cause Damage or Injuries
China Is Building a Rain-Making System 3x as Large as Spain