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7.5 Earthquake Rocks Indonesia, Kills at Least 1, More Victims Expected, Widespread Damage Seen
Popocatépetl Eruption Sends Smoke Above Mexican City - Residents Told STAY AWAY
Powerful Typhoon Trami to Slam Japan With Life-Threatening Impacts
Flooding Envelops South Carolina Homes As Florence Death Toll Rises
Tropical Storm Kirk Reemerges, Strengthens In Atlantic, Forecasters Say
Cold Blast May Deliver First Snowflakes Of Season To North-Central US Late This Week
Severe Storms To Threaten Millions In Northeastern US at Midweek
Atlantic Hurricane Season Ramps Up Again With Development of Leslie, Kirk
Historic River Flooding To Keep Coastal Communities in South Carolina Underwater into October
6 Tornadoes Hit Ottawa-Gatineau Region, Environment Canada Says
Sea Level Rise Has SLOWED Since 2002, Totally Contradicting The Climate Change “Science” Narrative
Yellowstone's Steamboat Geyser Erupts For 20th Time This Year
San Andreas Fault: The Big One Is 'Inevitable' — But What Will Happen When It Hits?
Roar of the ‘Evil Sorceress': Colossal Icelandic Volcano Threatens to Wreak Havoc on Northern Europe in Explosion Which Would Dwarf Ash Cloud That Grounded 100,000 Flights in 2010
‘Looks Like a War Zone,’ Ottowa's Mayor Compares Tornado With ’17 Flood, Ice Storm ’98, in Update From City
Parts of Alberta Record Their Snowiest September Ever – More on the Way
Scientists Said That The US Expects The Largest Earthquake In The History
Deadly 'Child of Krakatau' Volcano Erupts 56 Times in One Day in Indonesia
'The Whole Beach Is Gone!' Huge 57-Foot Deep Sinkhole Suddenly Appears at Same Location in Queensland, Australia as One in 2015
LA Times: Climate Change Is ‘Uprooting Millions of People
Yellowstone Thermal Spring Erupts For 4th Time in 60 Years
Flooding on the Horizon For South Carolina, a Week After Florence
Philippines Landslide Victims ‘Sent Texts From Underneath Rubble’
Philippines Typhoon Mangkhut Death Toll 81 With Dozens More Feared Dead In Itogon Landslide That Hit Miners’ Shelter
Warm Winter Still Favored, Drought Conditions Expand
Ancient Megadrought Causes Present-Day Drama
Volcanic Eruptions Get New Early Warning Systems
Australian Drought Spreads North as Indonesia Feels Bite of the Big Dry
1000-Foot Spider Web Appears Overnight on Greece Beach
Blackhawk Ride Along Reveals Stunning Extent of Florence Flooding – video of day
Pig Excrement Spills Into North Carolina Floodwater
By the Numbers: Florence's Devastating Blow To the Carolinas
Hurricane Florence Economic Toll Predicted at $50-60 Billion
Hurricane Florence Death Toll Rises To 37, Evacuees Urged Not To Return
Most Died In Vehicles, On The Road During The Storm
Flooding Far From Over in Carolinas: Communities to Be Submerged Through September’s End
Geoscientists Find Unexpected ‘Deep Creep’ Near San Andreas, San Jacinto Faults
Trump Declares Disaster in South Carolina
Florence Blamed For 18 Deaths, Including 3-Month-Old; 6 Killed in SC
Flood Disaster to Last 1-2 Weeks In Carolinas After Florence’s Historic Rain Ends
Mangkhut Kills At Least 69 After Lashing Philippines, China
Al Gore’s Claim About Hurricane Florence Doused By Scientists
The Weather Channel Cries Wolf... Again
May the Farce be With You: Han Solo Preaches Climate Doom
First Harrowing Stories, Dramatic Photos Emerge From Hurricane Florence’s Zone Of Destruction
Nearly 500,000 Without Power in North Carolina
'Catastrophic' Storm Surge From Florence Prompts Hundreds of Water Rescues in New Bern, NC
Hurricane Florence’s Uncertain Track Sows Fear; 10 Million In Crosshairs
Up to 40 inches of Rain From Florence to Trigger Catastrophic Flooding
Over 10 Trillion Gallons of Rain in NC Would Have Unprecedented Results, Experts Say
Touching Photo Shows Elderly Couple Holding Hands As They're Evacuated From Florence In The Back Of Ambulance, While Officials Warn That It's Now 'too Late' To Get Out Of 'Monster' Storm's Path
Terrifying Simulation Video Shows What The Life-Threatening Hurricane Florence Storm Surge Will Look Like If It Reaches 9 Feet – video
Iceland’s Second Deadliest Volcano Stirs: A Sharp Earthquake Swarm Detected in Öræfajökull
Typhoon Mangkhut: Millions in Path of ‘Monster’ Storm
Hurricane Florence Threatens To Unleash Catastrophic Inland Flooding in Carolinas
Timing For Landfall: Feet of Rain, Feet of Storm Surge, 100+ MPH Winds Expected
Florence's Probable Path
Outer Rain Bands Of Florence Are Approaching The Coast Of North Carolina
Hurricane Florence Is Headed Straight for North Carolina's Nuclear Reactors – HOLLY NOTE: Now instead of 16 reactors at risk, there are just 12. Not good, but better.
Super Typhoon Mangkhut Plows Toward The Philippines, Taiwan With Damaging Winds And Flooding Rain
The Ring Of Thunder: Satellite Image Shows 9 Potentially Deadly Storms Currently Girdling The Globe
Dangerous Cat 4 Hurricane Florence Likely To Stall And Pound Carolinas, Virginia For Days
Florence Could Rival North Carolina’S 1954 ‘Benchmark Storm’: Biblical Flooding
Probable Storm Path 1.7 Million People Told to 'Get Out Now' As Florence Takes Aim
Some Ignore Evacuation Order
Shelves Emptied… – video
Long-Term Power Outages Possible
Fears of Nuke Plant Meltdowns and Explosions from Hurricane Florence Flooding
16 Nuclear Power Plants Prepare – HOLLY NOTE: Since Florence's expected path changed overnight, Georgia may need to batten down its 4 reactors, and possibly Tennessee's and Alabama's as well.
Toxic Sludge, Lagoons of Pig Manure...
What Happens To Wild Horses?
Alabama Disaster Teams and Power Crews on Standby to Assist Following Hurricane Florence
Isaac to Batter Lesser Antilles With Torrential Rain; Puerto Rico, Hispaniola On Alert
New Tropical Threat Poses Late-Week Flooding Risk to Texas
Jerry Brown Taps Al Gore For Climate Summit to Save Paris Deal
Hurricane Florence Driving 'Life Threatening' Conditions Toward East Coast
Florence Rapidly Intensifying – video
Why Florence's Intensity Is So Rare – video
Probable Storm Path
Tropical Storm Watch Issued As Hurricane Olivia Heads Toward Hawaii
Crews Fight To Outflank Raging Northern California Wildfire
Hurricane Florence Could Wallop East Coast In Days Ahead, Forecasters Say
6.5 Earthquake Hits Ecuador, Knocking Down Power And Injuring One
No Tsunami Threat After 7.8 Earthquake Off Fiji
After The Typhoon, Powerful 6.7 Earthquake Rocks Hokkaido, Causing Massive Landslides; 9 Dead And 31 Reported Missing
California Wildfire Closes Major Highway, Prompts New
“Critical Rate Of Spread”…
Pilot Shortage Grounds Firefighting Tankers
Over Half The U.S. Has Now Been Hit By Drought As Lake Powell And Lake Mead Drop To “Dangerous” Low Levels ET Deuteronomy 28:24
Global Cooling: Colorado Gets Snow In Early September
Snowing for the 3rd Day in the Past 5, Atop Pikes Peak, Colorado
Floods Leave 76 Dead And 75 Missing in North Korea
Typhoon “Jebi” Slams Japan, Leaves 1.6 Million Without Power, 9 Dead, Hundreds Injured, Thousands Stranded
Tropical Storm Gordon, Never A Hurricane, Killed A Child Blowing Down Tree
Kilauea Earthquakes and Eruptions Video: Amazing Animation Shows 100 Days Of Activity at Kilauea
Where is Tropical Storm Florence headed in the Atlantic?
Gordon Brings Hurricane Warning For Parts of Gulf Coast
Norman to Batter Hawaii With Dangerous Seas Later This Week
The LA Times Inadvertently Admits Trump Is Right About What’s Causing California’s Massive Wildfires
The Common Sense Gap: Why We Do Not Prepare For Earthquakes
Superquakes – video of week
Typhoon JebI Smashes Japan: Giant Waves and 135MPH Winds Rock The Country As Train Station Roof COLLAPSES During Worst Storm In 25 Years – a MILLION Told To Evacuate ET Luke 21:25
California Is Sinking: Drought Is Causing the San Joaquin Valley to Shift By Up to a 1-1/2 Feet Annually
Wildfire Season 2018 Now The Worst In History of British Columbia, Canada
Global Warming: More Insects, Eating More Crops
Will This Winter Be 'Teeth-Chattering' Cold?
Australia Cities, Including Sydney, Melbourne, Suffer Through Frigid Late-Winter Mornings; Rough Surf Leads to Rescues Along Coast
State of Emergency Issued Following Water Rescues, Evacuations, Water Rescues in Wisconsin as Flash Flooding Continues
4.4 Earthquake Hits Just East of Los Angeles
Indonesia Hit By 2 Huge Earthquakes In Five Minutes With Tremors In Bali And Australia
2 to 3 Tropical Threats May Form In Atlantic During 1st Part of September
US Labor Day Weekend Outlook: Storms May Threaten Plans in Midwest, South
2018 Canada Autumn Forecast: Extended Wildfire Season In Store For British Columbia; Warmth To Grip Ontario, Quebec
El Niño lIkely Setting Up For A Winter Comeback
Massive Fish Die-Off Creates Smelly Mess in Malibu
Surprisingly Strong G3-Class Geomagnetic Storm Creates Strong Current Of Electricity Moving Underground
'Almost Biblical Proportions': Life-Threatening Flooding Still An Issue After One Of America's Rainiest Tropical Cyclones On Record
Big Island, Maui and Oahu UNDER WATER After Hurricane Lane
Iran Earthquake Injures Hundreds, At Least 2 Fatalities Reported
Millions of Fish Die in Lake Toba Situated In Indonesia's Supervolcano Caldera
30+ Inches of Rain Possible – Storm May Pass Dangerously Close to Maui, Oahu
Hurricane Lane Downgraded to a Category 3 Storm
Long Lines Form In Stores As Hawaiians Stock Up On Supplies Before Hurricane Lane – video
Hawaii Bracing For Damaging Winds, Catastrophic Flooding – video
Slow-Moving Storm Could Cause Major Problems, Mayor Says
7.1 Earthquake on Border of Peru, Brazil
World on Fire: Shocking NASA Images Reveals The Fires Ravaging The Globe As Temperature Records Around The World Fall
'When You See Me, Cry:' European Droughts Reveal Hidden 15th Century 'hunger Stone' Messages Carved Into River Rocks
‘Dangerous’ Hurricane Lane to Move ‘Very Close To Or Over’ State Starting Thursday
Hawaii Battens the Hatches for Hurricane Lane
State of Emergency Declared… – video
Flash Flood Warning Issued For Parts of Big Island
'We Do Not Have Enough Shelters for Everyone,' Say Hawaii Officials – video
Can Hurricane Lane Impact Kilauea Eruptions? – video
Verizon Throttled Firefighters' Internet Speed During California Blaze
Pronounced Weather Pattern Change Could Bring Snow – video
Summer Snowfall in Saudi Arabia
Hurricane Lane Heading For Hawaii Strengthens Into Category 5 Storm – HOLLY NOTE: This will be the strongest 'cane to ever come so close to Hawaii.
Oregon Earthquake – Massive 6.3 Magnitude Tremor Rocks US West Coast Sparking Fears ‘the Big One’ WILL Hit America
69 Major Earthquakes Hit the Ring of Fire in Just 48 Hours Driving Fears That the 'Big One' Is About To Hit California, AND…
Over The Last 7 Days Our Planet Has Been Violently Shaken By 144 Major Earthquakes – HOLLY NOTE: On July 6, we warned: "Seismic pressure is building worldwide. In the last 30 days there has been only ONE Richter 6 temblor. If you set the USGS map parameters to "30 Days, Significant Worldwide", only 4 come up, which includes that 6.1 in Vanuatu that regularly gets larger shakers, a couple of 5's in Guatemala and Japan, and a 4.4 in Oklahoma. This isn't to say other EQs haven't taken place, but nothing of importance. There is zero happening, which could mean something big is coming."
Powerful 7.3 Earthquake Rocks Venezuela
The REAL Threat at Yellowstone: Experts Say a Magnitude 7 Earthquake 'can And Will' Hit The Area Already at Risk From a Supervolcano Eruption
Parts of the Arctic Are NOT Freezing Over in Winter For The First Time in History Raising Fears Earth's Permafrost Will Melt And Release Huge Amounts Of Greenhouse Gas
Amazing Animation Reveals How Much Earth's Continents Have Shifted Over 540 Million Years
Hurricane Lane Could Come Dangerously Close to the Hawaiian Islands Late This Week
Evacuations Ordered, Person Swept Away in Wisconsin Floods
800,000 Displaced In Flooding In Southern India’s Kerala State
53 Major Earthquakes Just Hit The Ring of Fire in a 24 Hour Period
India Flood Death Toll Jumps To 357 Amid Fears Of Disease In Camps
Next Ban Contact Lenses? Millions Are Ending Up In The Water
Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Eruption Appears To Be Officially Over... Or On Pause
Father, Son Speed Through 'Hell' to Escape Montana Wildfire – video
Kerala Floods: Relief Teams Rescue 22,000 As Rains Ease
Climate Change Activists Claim ‘Environmental Racism’
Drought Takes Toll On Missouri Farmers' Crops, Cattle
Powerful Typhoon On Course To Hit Korea This Week
Strange Lakes Are Speeding Up Arctic Permafrost Melt, And That’s Really Bad News
Fresh Earthquakes Killed at Least 13 People on Indonesian Islands
USGS Warns Of Poisonous Gas Emissions in Yellowstone National Park: Toxic Gases Can Kill Animals… When Humans?
Hurricane Hector Sets Records in Northeastern Pacific Ocean While 3 Consecutive Atlantic Named Storms Form North of 30°N for First Time Since 2012
Powerful Storm 'Plume' That Created Hailstones The Size of BASEBALLS Is Captured In Mesmerizing NASA Footage Shot From Space
Scientists Warn That Millions Of Sea Creatures Are “In Real Peril” As Pacific Ocean Temperatures Rise To Dangerous New Records
Supervolcanoes MAPPED: Where the World’s Biggest Volcanoes Are Which Could End All Life
Two French Rivers Disappear Underground In Large Cracks And Sinkholes
Colorado Springs Hailstorm Last Week a Near Record-Breaker for Damage
Worst May Be Yet To Come Amid An Extreme California Wildfire Season
UK Weather Warning: World to Experience EXTREME Heat For Next 4 Years
Pennsylvania Experiencing One of the Most Dramatic Outbreaks Of Rain in a Non-Tropical Storm Setting
Northeast Under Water As Floods Rage On – video
Red-Tide Algae: Florida Gov. Rick Scott Declares State Of Emergency
Lombok Lifted 10 Inches By Quake That Killed Nearly 400
Ryan Zinke Takes Ax to Climate Change Narrative In Push To Save Forests From Wildfires
At Least 24 Injured After 5.0 Earthquake Jolted Yuxi, China
Severe Tropical Storm Leepi to Slam Southern Japan, South Korea Into Wednesday Night
th Firefighter Killed Battling California Wildfires
California Wildfires 2018 - California's Unsustainable Legacy – video of day
Farmer Shares Confronting Photo of a Kangaroo Skeleton Standing Upright To Highlight The Grave Reality of the Drought Gripping Australia
Strongest-Ever Earthquakes Hit Alaska’S North Slope Region as M6.4 and M6.0 Quakes And An Unprecedented Swarm Of More Than 200 Tremors Strike Near Kaktovik
Analysis of Alaska Earthquake Swarm
Alaska’s North Slope Hit By High Magnitude Earthquakes
More Than 100 Large Wildfires in U.S. as New Blazes Erupt
California’s Already Severe Wildfire Season Likely To Worsen As No Relief Is In Sight
Flash Floods Send Cars Floating Down River, Piling Up Against Bridge
Heavy Storms To Inundate Central US Through Wednesday
And in the Northeast Through Early This Week…
Worst Types of Litter: Plastic Straws Not Even in the Top 5
California's Holy Fire Threatens Lake Elsinore, Bringing Evacuations; New Fire Near Ramona
Man Charged in California Wildfire Refuses to Go to Court
Dwindling Beer Supplies, Stalled Businesses And Missed County Fair Deadlines: California’s Largest Ever Wildfire Throws Lives in Limbo
How Big Are California Wildfires? One’s Large Enough to Swallow Sacramento — Twice
Donald Trump Thanks Firefighters for Battling California Wildfires
How Inmates Who Fight Wildfires Are Later Denied Firefighting Jobs
Revised Puerto Rico Death Toll Has Been Revealed – 1,427; Requesting $139 Billion from U.S. Govt.
Hundreds of Cattle Swarm Water Truck in Midst of Australia's Worst Drought in 400 Years
Road Damage From Earthquakes Is Latest Hawaii Volcano Peril
Hawaii Volcano Fissure Map: Kilauea Lava Flow Diminishing - Has Volcano Stopped Erupting?
Alien Grass Is Making California Wildfires Three Times As Frequent
Earth Changes Accelerate: What Is Causing These Record Heatwaves, Massive “Firenadoes”, Giant Dust Storms And Large Earthquakes?
Carr Fire Survivor 'Still In Shock' After Losing Family Home In The Blaze
UPDATE: Pastor's Observations on the Carr Fire in Redding, Calif.
A Look At California's Largest Wildfires, By The Numbers
California’s Wildfires Are Hardly “Natural” — Humans Made Them Worse At Every Step
Drought Now Affects Entire State of New South Wales
Indonesia Earthquake: Aid Begins to Arrive As Death Toll Rises to at Least 131
Failed Prognostications of Climate Alarm
Colorado Springs Hailstorm Leaves 2 Animals Dead at the Zoo and Injures 14 People – HOLLY NOTE: Around the bottom of the TV last night a a banner warned for all people and animals to get inside – that the hail would cause major damage and was life-threatening. This has been a tough week for the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo as last week they lost Penny, a 2-month little giraffe. She had multiple health issues and though they took her to CSU, one of the nation's best veterinary schools in Ft. Collins, she was beyond help. When one of the CMZ staffers updated local news stations that Penny had to be euthanized, she broke down as caretakers had invested much time and love into her. Tough to watch.
Ongoing California Wildfire Is Now The State's Largest Ever
Threatens 9,000 Buildings…
Trump, Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown Clash Over True Causes Of Destructive Wildfires
PG&E Apprentice Lineman Killed in Carr Fire; 7th Wildfire Death
Mendocino Complex Fire Explodes to 5
th Largest Blaze In California History; 68 Homes Lost And More Evacuations Ordered
California Gov. Jerry Brown Asks President Trump For Wildfire Aid As State Battles 17 Blazes – HOLLY NOTE: Isn't it amazing the Gov. Jerry Brown can continually tell Pres. Trump to take a long walk off a short dock on a myriad of issues – primarily illegal immigration. Yet when his state is burning out of control he changes his tune and now wants the President's help.
Cat 4 Hurricane Hector Closing in on Hawaii, Volcano
Trump Declares California Wildfires as 'Major Emergency', Orders Federal Funding For Recovery: White House
Community Evacuated As Virginia Dam Faces "Imminent Failure" – video
Toxic Red Tide Is Making Floridians Sick – and Angry
Massive Flotillas of Putrid Seaweed Wash Up in Caribbean and Florida, Threatening Beaches
Indonesia Earthquake: At Least 92 Dead, Hundreds Await Rescue As Quake Hits Resort islands Bali and Lombo
Huge Waterspout Swirls Off Italian Island – video
Large Wildfires Currently Burning in the U.S. West
PM Says: Australia Now a Land of Drought — Farmer: "I Find Droughts a Little Bit Like Cancer — It Sort of Eats Away At You"
Snapshot of the Drought Across Australia – One of the Worst in the Past Century
New Fires Erupt In Northern California, With More Homes Threatened
Devastating Flash Floods Put US Towns In Peril, Forcing Real Estate Developers To Change Strategy
2018 US Fall Forecast: Unseasonable Warmth To Grip Northeast; Extreme Fire Season Predicted in West
National Geographic Photog Admits Viral ‘Climate Change’ Image Of Starving Polar Bear Was Misleading
No End In Sight For Australia’s Destructive Drought
Mexico’s Popocatépetl Volcano Spews Ash High Into The Sky
Worst Red Tide In More Than a Decade Leaves Droves of Animals Dead on Southwest Florida Beaches
Pastor's Observations on the Carr Fire in Redding, Calif.
Photo Compilation of the Carr Fire – video
'My Kids Are Deceased': US Wildfire Kills 2 Children, 4 Others
Flames From The California Wildfires Are So High They Are Creating Their Own Weather - Including FIRENADOS With Winds So Strong They Can 'flip Cars Like Toys'
Indonesia Earthquake Leaves 14 Dead, 162 Injured In Tourist Island Near Bali
100+ Large Wildfires Currently Burning in the U.S. West
Typhoon Jongdari Cuts Power To Thousands in Japan
Toxic Blue-Green Algae Blooms Have Mixed Effects On Florida, Treasure Coast Tourism
Dog Owners Warned Over 'Dangerous' Algae Which Can Kill Their Pet Within Days
Indonesia's Krakatau Volcano Spits Lava Bombs and Boulders in Spectacular Eruption
Unusual Hailstorm Hits Jalisco, Killing One, Injuring 40
Disabled People Decry The Plastic Straw Ban – HOLLY NOTE: Nanny state will be the death of us yet. Straws account for only 0.03 percent of total plastic waste. The vast majority of this rubbish comes from China and Asia. Of the top 10 offending countries, the U.S.rates dead last. Since other countries account for 97% of plastic waste and are doing absolutely nothing to curtail it, it seems nanny state has struck again. What it really is, is another way to such dollars out of the U.S.

The solution for replacing plastic straws? Use paper ones that fall apart in 10 seconds. Shouldn't environmentalists be lamenting cutting down more trees to make paper straws? Plastic straws cost $.03; paper straws $.11. Already some New York restaurants are returning to plastic after an abundance of customer complaints.

Plus, news items circulating for nearly a decade about this alleged giant plastic patch in the Pacific were the real rubbish. See next article.
Related: 'Great Pacific Garbage Patch' Is A Myth, Warn Experts, As Survey Shows There Is No 'rubbish Island'
The Countries Most Polluting The Oceans
Ben Shapiro: The Plastic Straw Ban Sucks
California Declares State Of Emergency As Thousands Flee Wildfire
Tribe Near Grand Canyon Issues Disaster Declaration After Extensive Flooding
'Big One' Coming? Earthquakes Off The West Coast Could Eventually Trigger a Global Event
Birmingham Heatwave Sparking Plagues Of Rats And Swarms Of Wasps – How To Protect Yourself
Millions Under Flash Flood Watches, Warnings As Rain Pounds East Coast
40 Million Face West Heat, 30 Million Under East Flood Watch…
Severe Tropical Storm Jongdari to Batter Japan, End Deadly Heat Wave This Weekend
Extremely Hot Days on the Rise Across U.S.
Japan’s Deadly Heat Wave Declared A Natural Disaster As Death Toll Continues To Rise
This May Be the Most Dangerous U.S. Volcano
Myanmar Flooding Displaces 16,000+ People
Man Accused Of Starting Fast-Growing California Wildfire That Forced The Evacuation of Idyllwild
Earthquake Swarm Hits Cascadia Subduction Zone off Oregon/California Border
Series of Morning Quakes Off Southern Oregon Coast Includes a 5.6
Parts of Yosemite National Park Close Due to Ferguson Fire…Shasta Fire Growing
Yosemite National Park CLOSED: Fires RAVAGE Ferguson –'GET OUT' WARNING as El Capitan SHUT
With Yosemite Closing, Here's What's Open, What's Closed and How to Get a Refund
Vehicle Failure Sparked 3,000-Acre Carr Fire Burning in Shasta County, Cal Fire Says
'Armageddon' Fire In Greece Kills At Least 80, Many Missing
Tremors Nudge Washington State Westward Offering Clues Into The Next Big Earthquake
Scorched Sweden Faces Continued "Extreme" Fire Risk In Coming Days
"Perfect Storm": UK Farming Crisis As Areas Suffer Worst Drought For 225 Years
G-D’s WRATH: Earthquakes Are Wreaking Havoc on Iran, as the Islamic Republic Is Enduring Hell on Earth
Wealthy Elitists Plan To Survive The Apocalypse And Leave Us Behind
Hawaii's Kilauea Eruption Could Last For Years, Geologists Warn
Californians Asked To Turn Off Lights
Southwest Sizzles As Temps Near 120°!
Live Heat Map
The Big Heatwave: From Algeria to the Arctic
Greece Wildfires Leave At Least 6 Dead in Holiday Area
Charred Bodies Of Children Found Huddled Together…
Heavy Rain Causes Flooding And Mudslides Along Colorado's Front Range
Laos Dam Collapse Leaves Several Dead, Hundreds Missing After Flood Hits Villages
Heat Wave Hits Israel
Japan Heatwave: Over 40 People Dead as Entire Country Is Hit With Record Breaking 41C Temperatures
Heat Wave to Have Firm Grip On Northwestern US into End of July
Limited Relief To Come To Sweltering South-Central US Early This Week
21 Dead in Vietnam and 190,000 Evacuated from Shanghai as Extreme Weather His Asia
Deadly Heat Wave To Grip Japan Early This Week
Rounds of Rainfall To Escalate Flood Concerns In Eastern US This Week
UK’s Most Parched Summer In 100 Years As Temperatures Set to Keep Soaring to 35C
Amazing Earthquake Video Shows All The Quakes That Hit Kilauea Volcano Between April 1 and June 30, 2018
Volcanic Updates: Eruptions of Kilauea (Hawaii), Ambae (Vanuatu), multiple Indonesian volcanoes, Villarica (Chile), and Wai-O-Tapu (New Zealand)
GALLUP Poll: Americans Don't Mention 'Global Warming' as Problem
17 Dead After Power Thunderstorm Capsizes Duck Boat Near Branson, Mo.
1 Killed, Evacuations Ordered as 50,000-acre Substation Fire Burns in The Dalles, Oregon
Extreme Heat Adds Fuel To Deadly Western Wildfires – video
Twin Tornadoes Cause Damage in Iowa Towns
State of Emergency Declared…
At Least 17 Injures…
Drought Deepens In Missouri and Plains States; Ranchers Trim Herds
Scandinavia Unprepared For Worst Drought in 74 Years as Wildfires Rage And Stockholm Asks For International Assistance
5 Foot Tsunami Strikes Spanish Resorts in Majorca and Menorca Deluging Roads and Flooding Beach Bars and Terraces
Newly Opened 100-Foot Fissure Near Yellowstone Supervolcano Causes Teton National Park Closure
Texas Power Demand Breaking Records During Heat Wave
41% of Americans Say They're Not Prepared for a Natural Disaster
Number of Hot Car Deaths Nearly Double The Amount of Lightning Fatalities So Far in 2018
New Pattern Strange for July Incoming
Hottest Weather of Season to Bake Southern Plains – Heat to Stress Crops, Raise Wildfire Danger
23 Injured: 'Basketball-Sized' Lava Bomb Explodes Onto Boat
Current US Drought Map – HOLLY NOTE: As Stan discussed on the Hagmann Report last Tuesday, this is a tough year for gardening. Our tomato plants are about 15 inches shorter than normal. When there are tomatoes, they're green and not ripening. So far we've gotten only 4 when there should be LOTS by now. Even the Early Girls are super slow. After Tuesday's show a number of people wrote saying they're experiencing the same thing. A few articles down you'll see two heart-breaking emails from people in northern Europe ravaged by drought. ET Deuteronomy 28:24
Drought Creates Perfect Storm For Wildfires in US West
Building Heat in PCNW to Aggravate Drought, Enhance Fire Danger Through The Weekend
This Patch of Water Can Predict Southwest Drought
Sweden Seeks European Commission’s Help For Farmers Facing Historic Drought
Norway's Drought Forcing Owners to Put Down Their Animals
Severe Drought in The Netherlands
Puerto Rico’s Deadly Record Blackout Is Almost Over
Yes, Steamboat Geyser Keeps Erupting. No, No One Knows Why
Hurricane Chris Forms, Rapidly Intensifies Off East Coast
Rescuers Race Against Time as Death Toll in Western Japan Floods Rises to at Least 176
Residents Shocked By Scale of Destruction Say Recovery Could Take Years
Monsoon Storms, Haboobs Fire Up Across Arizona – video
As Blazes Rage On, Worst Fire Weather of Season Is Ahead for California and Much of Western US
Toxic Algae, Seaweed And Red Tide Threatening Florida Waters And Beaches
Rescuers Race to Find Survivors After Japan Floods Kill At Least 112, Several Million People Forced From Their Homes
Scenes of Chaos…
Beryl to Raise Risk of Flooding in Puerto Rico, Caribbean Despite Weakening
Chris to Become Hurricane Off Coast: Path, Impact
Heat to Once Again Surge Across Northeastern US Early This Week
All-Time Heat Records Are Being Broken as Worldwide As Heatwave Continues
Super Typhoon Maria Could Pose a Danger to Japan, Taiwan and China
Turkey Train Derailment Kills at Least 10, Injures More Than 70 After Heavy Rain Sunday
Israel to Hold Emergency Meeting on Earthquake Preparedness, Know the Big One Is Coming ET Rev. 6:12-15, Rev. 8:5, Rev. 11:11-13, Rev 16:17-21
Only 4 "Significant" Earthquakes in the Last 30 Days – HOLLY NOTE: Seismic pressure is building worldwide. In the last 30 days there has been only ONE Richter 6 temblor. If you set the USGS map parameters to "30 Days, Significant Worldwide", only 4 come up, which includes that 6.1 in Vanuatu that regularly gets larger shakers, a couple of 5's in Guatemala and Japan, and a 4.4 in Oklahoma. This isn't to say other EQs haven't taken place, but nothing of importance. There is zero happening, which could mean something big is coming.
Related: Lori Dengler: Terra Not So Firma: A 2018 Midterm Report – HOLLY NOTE: A few hours after jotting the above note, this confirming news item came in.
Colorado's 3
rd Largest Ever Wildfire Fire Burns Over 100,000 Acres: For Hundreds of Spring Creek Fire Evacuees, “There’s Been a lot of Heartache”
Tropical Storm Beryl Forms, Expected to Weaken Before Hitting Caribbean
Heat, Humidity to Return to Northeastern US Next Week
Rare Double Waterspout Formation Seen From Florida Beach – video
Road Liquifies, Strands Drivers: It Was So Bad People Abandoned Their Cars – video
Record-Breaking Heat Isn't Just Uncomfortable – It's Killing People in Canada and the U.S.
Apocalyptic Sight: Red Rain Strikes Parking Lot – video
California’s Climate Extremism
Houston Floods Again – HOLLY NOTE: And this is one of the top 2 U.S. cities Americans are moving to.
Calif. Wildfire in Yolo County Grows to 86,000 Acres With Containment at 27%
Dozens of Major Western Wildfires Burning Now
Heatwave 2018: Think It’s Hot Here? Record Highs Leave World Baking
Wildfire Destroys Over 100 Colorado Homes Ahead of Holiday
Network Coverage of Wildfire Ceases Once Suspect Is Revealed as Illegal Alien – HOLLY NOTE: While media are still reporting on Colorado's Spring Park fire, they now omit that an illegal started it.
Spring Fire Burns 104 Homes, Grows to Over 84,000 Acres
Record-Breaking Heat Wave Turns Deadly in Southern Canada, Eastern US
US Wildfires Burning Now
Evacuations Ordered in California – 'It Looks Like a Movie': Skies turn an Eerie Hue
2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Now Expected to Be Less Active, According to CSU's Updated July Outlook
Bridge-Breaking Heat: Chicago Fire Department Hoses Down Bridges as Sweltering Temperatures Expand Metal and Block River Access on Day 4 of Suffocating Heat Dome - With No End in Sight
July 2018 Weather: 4 Things to Watch
'Relentless' Heat Wave to Grip Northeastern US into July 4
Heatwave Melted Roads in Ireland and the U.K.
Increased Fire Danger to Plague Southwestern US into July 4 as Destructive Blazes Burn
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