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Thousands Killed as Indonesia Devastated By Nearly 2,000 Natural Disasters in 2018
Natural Disasters Set Records Around The World in 2018
Cold, Snowy Weather To Plunge Into Southwestern US by Friday
Indonesia Raises Volcano Alert, Reroutes All Flights Around Erupting Anak Krakatau
Will Winter Be Nasty or Nice? Depends Which Farmers’ Almanac You Read
Grim Search for Survivors Continues As Death Toll Reaches 429, More Than 1,400 People Injured, Thousands Homeless After Krakatoa Erupts
Another Indonesian Tsunami May Be Imminent, As Experts Fear Extreme Weather Could Collapse Anak Krakatoa Volcano
Indonesia Issues 'Extreme Weather' Warning After Tsunami
4.8 Quake Hits Area Near Sicily's Mount Etna
Etna Erupts, Authorities Close Airport
Did Meteor Strike Russia Again And No One Noticed? Locals Inspect The Area
70 Homes Damaged After Tornadoes, Straight Line Winds Blow Across Florida
Magnitude 7.4 Earthquake Strikes Off Eastern Coast of Russia
California’s Next Calamity: Storms Compounded By High Tides
Seismic Unrest in Iceland: Intense Series of Earthquakes Hits Extinct Volcano While M3.4 Strikes The Central Caldera of the Baroarbunga System
Unusual Washington State Twister Caps Year Of Tornado Oddities
Record-Setting Rain This Year Across the United States
Hockey-Ball-Size Hailstones Smash Sydney, Australia
'Polar Vortex' May Unleash Brutal Chill on East Coast in Coming Weeks, Scientists Warn
Early Week Storm May Be Strongest Yet This Season In Northwestern US
East Coast Storm To Strike During Peak of Christmas Travel; Northwest To Stay Stormy
Waves Could Reach 50 Feet As Storms Slam California Through Washington – video
One of Mexico's Most Active Volcanoes Has Unleashed Two Enormous Eruptions
Sakurajima Volcano Blows Off Plumes Of Steam
Volcano WARNING: Naples Supervolcano Showing 'Signs' of Possible 'Vesuvian-Style Eruption'
Indonesian Volcano Eruption Sends Ash 25,000 Feet Into Sky
Could America’s “Deep Underground Seismic Scar” Be Re-Awakening?
All These Things Prompt the Question: Is the Pacific Ring of Fire Getting Ready for the End-of-Days?
Volcanic Lightning Can Help Warn Of Dangerous Eruptions
Florence-Ravaged Areas Face More River Flooding As Wilmington, North Carolina, Hits 100-Inch Yearly Rain Total
Christmas Outlook: Storm May Bring White Christmas, Travel Hazards To Millions in Europe
Owen Unleashes Wettest December Day On Record in Australia
10 Years Ago Today – Al Gore Predicted North Pole Would Be COMPLETELY ICE FREE in 5 Years
Bible Plagues Back? Hail With Fire, Ice Covers Desert – Simultaneous Freak Storms Around World Even Kill Cattle
Thousands Still Without Power After Deadly Snowstorm Blankets the South
Steamboat Geyser Breaks Historical Yearly Eruption Record
7.5 Earthquake Hits South Pacific on "Ring of Fire"
French Retreat On Fuel Tax Increase Worries Delegates To Climate Change Conference
How Volcanoes REALLY Erupt: Study Suggests They Are Fed By 'Mush' Reservoirs and NOT Magma Chambers
Chemtrail Power: New Study Calls for Global ‘Stratospheric Aerosol Injection’ by 2030s
New Research Shows Methane Emissions From Livestock Have NO Detectable Effect on the Climate
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Declares Climate Change ‘The Civil Rights Movement of Our Generation’
World Bank: $200 Billion To Fight Climate Change
UN Climate Chief Has Solution to ‘Urgent’ Climate Threat: ‘We Require Deep Transformations of Our Economies And Societies’
RARE Tornado This Time of Year, Let Alone 22, Tears Through Illinois, Stomps Naval Base, Kills 1, Injures Dozens, Flattens 100 Homes
Nearly 1,400 Aftershocks Measured Since Friday’s 7.0 Earthquake in Alaska
November 30, 2018 Alaskan Earthquake Assessment Updates
Brazil’s Populist Minister Slams Climate Alarmism as ‘Marxist Ideology’
Cosmic Airburst May Have Wiped Out Part of the Middle East 3,700 Years Ago
Alaska Earthquake: 7.0-Magnitude Quake Rocks Buildings In Anchorage, Tsunami Warning Issued
Manor Damage from This Shallow Quake…
Strange Waves Rippled Around The World, And Nobody Knows Why
One of the Biggest Swell On Record Leads to Dozens of Rescues Off Oahu’s North, West Shores in Hawaii – video
nd Blizzard of Season To Eye North-Central US During 1st Weekend of December
Lava Spews Out of Mount Etna as Volcano Erupts Over Snowy Slopes
December 2018 to Feature Temperature Swings, More Large Storms In Eastern US
Andrew Light, Obama Official, Helped Prepare Dire National Climate Assessment
Queensland Bushfires: Thousands Told to Flee ‘Catastrophic’ Threat
190 Sea Turtles FREEZE to Death in Cape Cod After a 'Once in a Lifetime Weather System' Takes Hold
Climate Report Warns of Grim Economic Consequences, Worsening Weather Disasters in US
California Fires: Heavy Rains Could Wash Away Human Remains in Paradise, Searchers Fear
On the California Wildfire Missing List, Name After Name After Name
In Photos: Before and After The Fury of a California Wildfire
Disaster After Disaster, California Keeps Falling Short on Evacuating People From Harm’s Way
Thanksgiving Day May Be Among Coldest on Record in Northeastern US
Northeast Coldest Thanksgiving on Record?
Temps 25° Below Average!
Parade of Storms to Heighten Mudslide Danger, Douse Wildfires in California This Week
Macy's Parade In Jeopardy; High Winds May Ground Balloons
Live: Chill Map
The Earth Has Been Warmer Than Average For 406 Months in a Row
Cold Sun Warning! 350-Year Ice Age Starting in Months – HOLLY NOTE: Global heating proponents are having a cow over this! – video
Flamingo Freezes On Flight South, Crashes Onto Road
Could Nearly 1,000 People Really Have Died in the Blaze? Staggering Number of Missing Haunts Paradise
• 1,200+ missing in Paradise, at least 77 dead, 3 dead in Ventura
• Structures destroyed soars to 1,452 in L.A. and Ventura counties
What Started as a Tiny Brush Fire Became The State's Deadliest Wildfire. Here's How
It Will Take '10 to 20 Years' Before Santa Monica Mountains Look Like They Did Before Woolsey Fire
Relentless California Wildfires Leave 79 Dead, Nearly 1,300 Others Still Missing
CA-SCARY ISLANDS: Holidaymakers Evacuated From Tenerife Apartments After Giant 40Ft Waves Destroy Balconies During Fierce Storms
Evacuations Urged Near Guatemala’s Erupting Volcano of Fire
Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Real Reason Winter Avery Formed So Early - Our Sun Is Changing – video
California Wildfires Have Already Claimed 66 Lives, With Another 631 Still Missing
Paradise: 9,800 Homes Destroyed, Tens of Thousands Displaced — Northern Cal. Nearly 550 Homes and Other Buildings Obliterated
Camp Fire: Paradise Residents Say They Received No Mass Cellphone Alerts to Evacuate, or to Warn of Fires
DC Area Hit With Biggest November Snowfall In 29 Years
Freak Snowstorm Shuts Down Port Authority Bus Terminal During New York Evening Commute – Some Journeys Home Taking 9 Hours
Winter Storm Avery Leaves at Least 8 Dead as Snow Blankets Northeast
Climate Scientists Admit To Critical Errors In Study Of How Fast Oceans Are Warming
Snow-vember! The Earliest Houston Snowfall Ever Just Happened!
Cold San Antonio Weather Shatters 102-Year-Old Record
Italian Supervolcano Campi Flegrei Could Be Rumbling Towards Colossal Eruption
Deadly Winter Storm Roaring From Deep South to New England; 80 Million Brace For Snow, Ice, Sleet
Death Toll Hits 56 in California's Camp Fire, 59 Statewide, as Officials Release List of Unaccounted
Woods 'Exploded': California Pastor Tells Of Surviving Deadly Camp Fire By Sheltering In Church
Before and After Photos Show How Wildfire Reduced Paradise, California, to Ashes
Evacuees Fear The Worst For Family And Friends Left Behind in Paradise
Death Toll Rises to 50
Track Key Details Of All The Fires Burning Across The State
New Blaze Rips Through 20 Acres In Rialto, Burning At Least Two Yards
Activists Fear Woolsey Fire May Have Released Toxic Materials at Santa Susana Field Lab
Lack of Sunspots to Bring Record Cold, Warns NASA Scientist
Death Toll From The Paradise Fire Jumps To 42, Making It The Worst In California History
Trump Approves Major Disaster Declaration For California Wildfires
Woolsey Fire Structure Damage Doubles; 2 Who Died Likely Got Lost While Trying To Escape
California Fire Disaster May Worsen as Strong Winds Howl for Multiple Days
Dozens of Animals Rescued…
Gov. Moonbeam Jerry Brown Blames Climate Deniers
Why Trump Is Right on California Wildfires
NASA Find New Iceberg 3 Times The Size of Manhattan in Antarctica
Wildfire Which Razed Paradise Is Now Tied as the Deadliest in State History Leaving 29 Dead, 228 Missing — 8,000 Firefighters Battle the Raging California Infernos Which Have Killed 31 in Total
Gerard Butler, Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke and RHOBH's Camille Grammer lose their homes in the California Wildfires as Dozens of Celebrities Are Forced to Flee – HOLLY NOTE: LA Marzulli and his wife Peggy also lost their Malibu home and studio. I had emailed with Peggy on Friday after reading how severe the fires had become. Since LA was speaking at a conference in Dallas, they didn't know if they still had a home standing. By Sunday, they got the terrible news. While they lost nearly everything in the Woolsey fire, at least their dogs were saved.
Here's What I Saw as I Fled the Wildfire in Malibu
LA Marzulli's Home Burnt Down And He Needs Your Help – video
You Can Help theMarzullis Via GoFundMe or By PayPal
New Storm Brewing in Atlantic Has 50% Chance of Turning Into Cyclone By Middle of Next Week
The Last Volcano To Have Exploded in Canada, Mount Meager, Is Cracking, Collapsing and Potentially Threatening People's Safety – video
Related: Over the Volcano: Warning Signs Emerge From the Shrinking Glacier Atop B.C.'s Mount Meager
Floods Kill 12 In Jordan And Force Tourists To Flee Petra
Relics of 'Lost Continents' Hidden Under Antarctica Are Revealed Bysatellite Images
3 Southern Provinces Of Thailand Hit By Flooding - Over 600 Villages Submerged
California Wildfires Claim 9 Lives
‘A Wall of Fire’ in California: 3 Wind-Powered Wildfires Gain Momentum
‘The Whole Town’s on Fire’: Butte Wildfire Grows to 20,000 Acres as Residents Flee on Foot
Most of Paradise, CA Destroyed
360 Video…
…101 Freeway Closed, More Than 1,000 Homes Evacuated
Insane! Nearly 2,000% Increase in Major Quakes Since 1900! What Is Going On? – HOLLY NOTE: Before this headline excites you too much, keep in mind that literally tens of thousands more seismic monitors exist now compared to 120 years ago. However…
Worldwide Surge in 'Great' Earthquakes Seen in Past 10 Years – flashback
A Solar Storm Detonated Dozens of US Sea Mines, Declassified Navy Documents Reveal
Fatalities Rise in Italy’s Worst Storms in Decades
Earthquake Swarm Hits Tenerife, Canary Islands: 17 Quakes Within 1 Hour
3 More Colorado Ski Areas Opening Early for Season - Up to 20 Inches of New Snow in Last 3 Days
Prolonged Cold to Freeze Northern Plains, Midwest into the Weekend
Severe Storms Leave Trail of Damage Across Southeastern US, Kill 1 in Tennessee
Huge Cracks in Indian Road Causes Panic – Analysis Reveals "Clear-Cut Case of Land or Ground Subsidence"
40,000 Homes Lose Power After Flash Floods Hit Melbourne, AU
…Veggies Double in Price
California Hit By 39 Quakes In 24 Hours As Scientists Warn Of "Movement Along The San Andreas Fault"
The Start of the San Andreas Fault Is Hit By The 'Slow One': Bubbling Mud Is Moving Across Salton Sea Destroying Everything in Its Path
Why Australia Needs to Prepare for the Worst: Expert's Chilling 'perfect Storm' Tsunami Warning With Fears a Monster Earthquake Could Trigger Waves Big Enough to Level Entire Cities
Deadly Krakatoa Stirs Again: Erupting Volcano Puts on Awesome Display of Volcanic LIGHTNING in Incredible Footage
Deadly Summer Heatwaves Are Going To Get Worse Over The Next Three Decades, Warns New Research
Heavy Snow to Follow Above-Normal Warmth in the Colorado Rockies
Wild Weather Across Europe Leaves 11 Dead in Italy
70% of Venice, Italy, Underwater As Floodwaters Rise
6.2 Earthquake Strikes New Zealand - Felt Widely in Wellington, North Island, South Island
Rare Waterspout Filmed Off United Arab Emirates Coast
Rare Floods Hit Iran's Qeshm Island in Persian Gulf
Sinkhole Swallows TTC Vehicle on Commissioners St. in Toronto's Port Lands
Unseasonal Snowstorms Sweep Across Central France, Cause Road Chaos
More Snow for France as Thousands Remain Without Power
18 US Volcanoes Considered a ‘Very High Threat;’ Hawaii's Kilauea Is The Most Dangerous
Super Typhoon Devastates U.S. Territory of Northern Mariana Islands, Kills 1
Massive 2017 Mexican Earthquake Split a Tectonic Plate in Two, And Geologists Are Shaken
6.8 Earthquake Strikes Between Greece and Italy, Shaking Felt 500 Miles Away
18 Children and Teachers Dead, 22 More Injured in Flash Flooding in Jordan
Torrential Rain Brings Flash Floods to Russia's Black Sea Coast Destroying Crucial Bridge In Sochi
14 Years in, Oil Spill Off Louisiana Coast Poised to Become Largest in History
Hurricane Willa on Track to Become Nor’Easter This Weekend, Threaten East Coast After Slamming Mexico
Super Typhoon Yutu, the Most Powerful Tropical Cyclone on Earth in 2018, Strikes Northern Mariana Islands
Hawaiian Island Disappears Beneath The Pacific Ocean
Newly Discovered Active Fault Lines on Mount Hood Could Trigger a 7.2 Earthquake, Devastating Everything as Far as Portland
Jet Streams Shift Across Europe Bringing Climate Chaos - North America Is Next – video  
Massive Sinkhole in China Has Led to The Discovery of a 'World Class' Geological Wonder
Why Some Scientists Say Global Warming Is Out and Global Cooling Is In
3 Earthquakes Measuring Between 6.5 and 6.8 Hit Off Vancouver Island
Hurricane Willa Now Category 4 Storm, Nearing 5, Off Mexico's Pacific Coast
Earth's Magnetic Field Impacts Climate: Danish Study
Tropical Storm Yutu May Become Next West Pacific Typhoon Near Guam
Fast-Moving Floodwaters in Texas Destroy a Bridge and Leave At Least 4 Dead - as Officials Warn More Flooding Is Likely In The Coming Days Due To Record Rainfall
Tornado Alley Is Shifting East: Baffled Researchers Reveal Twisters Are Moving Across The Us - And They Don't Know Why
More Than 1,100 People Are Still Missing A Week After Hurricane Michael
France Hit By Worst Flash Floods In 100 Years
EPA Cheers Decline in U.S. Greenhouse-Gas Emissions Under Trump
Hurricane Michael Death Toll Rises to 26 After More Bodies Found in Florida
10% of Air Force’s $339 Million F-22 Fighter Jets Damaged…
Zombie Storm Leslie Slammed Portugal, France and Spain With Unusual Strength
UN Wants $240/Gallon Gas Tax To Combat Global Warming
2 Dead, 700,000 Without Power As Damages From "Nightmare" Michael Top $20 Billion
Hurricane Michael Makes Landfall As Strongest Storm to Hit the US in 50 Years – 2 More MPH and It Would Have Been a Cat 5
Looks Like a Skull In Satellite Imagery
Tropical Depression Could Form Soon in Caribbean; Tropical Storm Nadine, Hurricane Leslie Brewing in Atlantic
Deaths Reported After New Earthquake in Indonesia
Papua New Guinea Rocked By Massive Magnitude 7 Earthquake
Mount Vesuvius Caused Victims' Heads To Explode, Blood To Boil: Study
Floods Prompt Search For Missing People in Europe
Italy’s Mount Etna Could be Collapsing into the Sea
Severe Cyclonic Storm Titli To Unload Flooding Rainfall, Strong Winds In Eastern India, Bangladesh
'Extremely Dangerous' Hurricane Michael Set to Crash Into Florida as Cat 4 Storm
Unprecedented, Life-Threatening 140Mph+ Category 4 Landfall Nears
31-foot Waves From Most Powerful Hurricane in 100 Years
Coastal Impact, Damage From Michael May Be Much Worse Than Opal in 1995 and Eloise in 1975
Mandatory Evacs Issued… – video
Widespread Power Outages from Florida to Carolinas Expected
Gulf To Rush Onshore, Wash Away Buildings – video
'Potentially Catastrophic' Hurricane Michael Charges Toward Florida Panhandle
Hurricane Michael’s Winds Are Still At 90 Mph As It Continues To Take Aim at Florida
Storm Surge Possibility
Weather Warning Map
Al Gore Warns ‘Time Is Running Out’ After U.N. Gives World 12 Years to Fight Climate Change – HOLLY NOTE: How is it that scientists could have gotten it so wrong now saying that instead of decades to effect change, there are just 12 years? Could it be that it's so dire right-this-minute since President Trump is in office and he pulled the U.S. out of the crippling Paris Accord? They provide no course of action, but acknowledge it "would require trillions of dollars" to achieve “net zero emissions” by 2050. And what do you bet that many of these trillions of dollars would be lifted straight out of American's wallets – all in a continuing effort to level our country – financially flat. In order to implement the global New World Order, you have to have a defeated, broke, disabled and (don't forget) disarmed America. Contrary to their desires, Trump is effecting just the opposite. Like Pres. Reagan, Trump it infusing Americans with hope, a throbbing economy, and keeping promises to MAGA. Out of sheer desperation, the UN is lobbing dire climate grenades, hoping to blow up common sense.
Hurricane Michael Rapidly Intensifies, Heads Toward Florida Possibly Coming Ashore Near Panama City on Wednesday as Major Cat 3 or 4 Storm
Tropical Disturbance Is Now Tropical Storm Michael — and a Florida Hurricane May Be Next
…May Hit as a Cat 2
Florida Gov. Declares State Of Emergency …
Projected Wind Speed
Death Toll From Indonesian Earthquake And Tsunami Revised to 1,948, Over 5,000 Missing
Death Toll Rises After Magnitude 5.9 Earthquake Rocks Haiti
For Some Reason, Giant Slabs of Rock Are Getting Stuck on The Descent Into Earth's Core
A Foot Rain Causes Floods, Kills 5 In Northern Iran; 11,000 Now Have No Access to Clean Water
U.N. Warns World Must Take ‘Unprecedented’ Steps to Avert Worst Effects of Global Warming
Climate Change Audit: Global Warming Figures Based on ‘Careless, Amateur’ Data
Florida Confirms Toxic Red Tide Spreading Along Atlantic Coast
AccuWeather's US Winter Forecast For 2018-2019 Season
Incredible Fall Foliage Shows Vibrant Colors – video
Calgary Just Had Its Snowiest Day in More Than Three Decades and Breaks October Record
Canada: Sea Ice Prevents Crucial Supply Deliveries To Isolated Communities
Beach Goers Pelted With Golf Ball-Sized Hail At Italian Resort – video
King Tides Expected to Cause Flooding Along Parts of U.S. East Coast This Weekend
Drought May Cost China Us$47 Billion a Year As Temperatures Rise, Study Finds
Worldwide Volcanic Eruption Updates: Krakatau (Indonesia), Manam (PNG), Piton de la Fournaise (Reunion Island) Fuego and Pacaya (Guatemala), Karymsky (Russia)
Coldest September Night In The Netherlands In 47 Years
Official: Indonesian Earthquake Tsunami Was 20 Feet High
…Death Toll Pegs 1,234
The BBC Formally Bans Climate Skeptics – HOLLY NOTE: While Earth is likely warming, it's the source of the heating that's under fire.
Hunger Stones and Tree Ring Evidence Suggests Solar Cycle Influence On Climate
September was a Month Of Hydrothermal Activity at Yellowstone
Research Could Change Way Scientists Forecast Earthquakes
Death Toll From Massive Earthquake And Tsunami in Indonesia Jumps to 1,203 – Rescuers Battle To Save Scores Of People Screaming From Within The Rubble
Chilling Video Shows The Moment That Tsunami Tore Through the Indonesia Island – video
Hurricane Rosa's Remnants To Soak Southwest
Typhoon Tram Hits Japan, Killing 2, Injuring Dozens
Michael Bloomberg To Lead Multi-Billion Dollar Climate Initiative