We must guard against the overreaching hand of big government
trying to take away our freedom
—Steve Forbes

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Kavanaugh Abandons Prepared Script To Deliver Blistering Opening Statement
Brett Kavanaugh Opening Statement: This is a ‘National Disgrace’ 9/27/18 – video of day
Kavanaugh Fights Back As Dems Question Supreme Court Pick On Assault Claims, Drinking Habits
Lindsey Graham Explodes On Senate Committee Over Kavanaugh Process
…Graham to Kavanaugh: 'This is Not a Job Interview, This is Hell'
Lindsey Graham Erupts: Kavanaugh Hearing An Unethical Sham – video
Ford Admits Extensive History of International Air Travel In Spite of 'Fear' of Flying
Man Who Claims He Grew Up Near Julie Swetnick’s Family Says She Is “Delusional Whack Job” Who Had “Substance Abuse” and “Mental Health” issues
Kavanaugh, Cold Anger and The Reckoning….
Dianne Feinstein Looks ‘Near Death’ as Angry Brett Kavanaugh Responds to Sex Assault Smears
White House Postpones Meeting Between Trump, Rosenstein
Goodlatte Subpoenas McCabe Materials In Response To Rosenstein 'Wire' Report
Ford: My Friend Doesn’t Recall Being at the Party Because She ‘Is Focusing on Her Health Issues’
Senate Showdown Rocked in 11th Hour; 2 Men Say Kavanaugh May Have Been Mistaken for Them
Limbaugh Revises Election Prediction Amid New Kavanaugh Info 'This Is A Tsunami, And It Is Out of the Twilight Zone'
If Kavanaugh's Nomination Can Be Derailed By Allegations Without Evidence Then No One Is Safe - Marc Thiessen
Trump's United Nations Speech Spotlighting “America First”
#TheResistance is Everyday, Everywhere
Newt Gingrich: Kavanaugh Controversy Is About 'Raw Power' – video
Tom Fitton: Rosenstein Needs to be Removed or Investigated
Now Voting To Be Allowed On Smartphones
Gaetz: We Will Vote to Impeach Rosenstein if We Don’t Get Answers Under Oath
President Trump Rebukes Globalism, Touts ‘Doctrine of Patriotism’ in U.N. Speech
Dianne Feinstein: ‘I Have No Way of Knowing’ if Ford Will Testify Thursday
Judge Jeanine: I Fear for Lady Justice – video of day
Kavanaugh Accuser Has Four People To Corroborate Claims, But There's a Problem
NBC’s Meltdown Continues: ‘Nightly News’ Falls to Lowest Yearly Ratings Ever
Resignations Begin After Google’s ‘Project Dragonfly’ Censorship Program Revealed
U.S. Pulling Some Missile-Defense Systems Out of Mideast
Facebook Bans User Who Posted Audio Of CNN Producer Cold-Calling Kavanaugh Classmate
Facebook Removes Pages Promoting "LifeZette" And Many More In Hyper-Partisan Crackdown
Flashback: Schumer Pledged to ‘Oppose Kavanaugh with Everything I Have’
Brett Kavanaugh Speaks Out: I Never Sexually Assaulted Anyone – video of day
Radical, anti-Kavanaugh Protesters Force Leading Republican, Wife From DC Restaurant
#LiberalLogic101: 'Every Woman Has The Right To Be Believed': Except Those Raped By Bill Clinton, Beaten By Keith Ellison, Groped By Cory Booker Or Killed By Ted Kennedy
Republican Party Favorability Highest in 7 Years
Texas Democrat Beto O'Rourke Denies He Tried to Flee the Scene of a Drunken Car Crash
Louisiana Attorney General Calls For Dismantling Google and Facebook to Protect America
Decency Dies in the Senate
In New York, Trump Will Expose UN Pretenses While Putting America First
The Burning of Brett Kavanaugh
EMERGENCY REPORT: Signed Executive Orders Reveal Trump Is Planning Mass Arrests, Military Tribunals for Deep State Traitors Like Comey, Clinton and Obama – UPDATE
Outcome Thursday When Trump Meets Rosenstein After Conflicting Reports About Deputy Attorney General's Departure
MICHAEL GOODWIN: Swamp Creature Rosenstein Leaves Trump Little Choice
Kavanaugh’s Young Daughters Now Facing Serious Death Threats and “They’re Getting Worse by the Day”
th Purported Witness Claims No Knowledge Of Alleged Kavanaugh Assault Against Ford
NYT: Ramirez Told Classmates She Wasn’t Sure Kavanaugh Exposed Himself
Grassley Accepts Kavanaugh Accuser’s Demand to Testify Thursday
8 Reasons to Doubt Kavanaugh's Second Accuser
21 Outraged Reactions to the Latest Brett Kavanaugh Accuser News
With the Kavanaugh Charade, Do Polls Now Replace the Constitution?
FINALLY: Mazie Hirono Breaks Dems’ Silence On Keith Ellison, Says Abuse Charges ‘Need To Be Investigated’
Nolte: Michael Moore’s ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’ Tanks at Box Office
James Woods Locked Out of Twitter for Posting ‘Election Meddling’ Meme
California Politicians Are Calling For The Assassination Of President Trump
George Soros’s Son Pours Nearly $3 Million Into Democratic Coffers for Midterms
Ellison Accuser Predicts His Denials ‘Will End Up Humiliating Him And His Family’
Mike Pompeo Blasts Russia: ‘They Have Not Proven Helpful’ Anywhere In The World
Qanon 9/23
Far Left Protest Plans for Kavanaugh Hearing Leaked Out: Block Hart Senate Building – Intimidate Senators – Wear White Shorts “Stained with Blood”
Dobson: If Christians Don't Vote, Socialism Will Take Over – 'God Help Us If You And I Fail to Fulfill Our Moral Responsibility'
Should Colorado Become 'California in the Rockies? – videos
Rosenstein Wanted to Wear Wire on Trump, NYT Says – HOLLY NOTE: With enemies in your own camp like Rosenstein, he has to go!
Former Scalia Law Clerk Drops Pictures and Evidence That Blows Christine Ford’s Case Wide Open
Trump on Kavanaugh Accusation: ‘Why Didn’t Somebody Call the FBI 36 Years Ago?’
The Alinsky-ization of Brett Kavanaugh
Trump's September Surprise is a Doozy – video of day
U.S. Marshals Probe Threats Against Kavanaugh Family: ‘F*** You And Your Rapist Husband’
Dear Juanita Broaddrick
Michael Moore Says He'll Move to Canada If New Film Leads To Trouble – HOLLY NOTE: Who would believe his empty promises? Look at all these people who promised to leave America if President Trump were elected, yet here they remain in the best country in the world living large.

Moore is just another mouth moving with no conviction behind lying lips. However, we like Canadians and wouldn't wish the plague of Michael Moore on them.
Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Exposed For Ties to Big Pharma Abortion Pill Maker… Effort to Derail Kavanaugh Is Plot to Protect Abortion Industry Profits
Fast Times At Holton-Arms High When Christine Blasey Ford Was a Student There
Comey Was Chief Anti-Trump Dossier Proponent Within U.S. Intelligence Community
FBI Agents Shut Down This New Mexico Observatory And People Suspected Aliens. It Was Child Perverts
Mike Pompeo on John Kerry: ‘Stop It. Let It Go. You Had Your Day’
Dem Leader Tells Crowd: “Vote Early And Often – Whatever You Can Get Away With. I Shouldn’t Say That, But I Really Don’t Care”
Chuck Grassley Tells Christine Blasey Ford, Democrats to Use Scheduled Hearing Or Lose Opportunity
Another Kavanaugh Classmate Denies He Was at the Party Referenced by Accuser
A Bill Clinton Accuser Cries Double Standard: ‘The Media Sat on My Story’
Texas Republicans Flip Long-Held Democratic State Senate Seat
Sessions Blames Obama-era DOJ for Chicago, Nationwide Crime Spikes
Ellison Accuser Releases 2017 Medical Document Saying She Feared ‘Retribution’
Trump: Exposing FBI Corruption Would be ‘a Crowning Achievement’
Are We On The Verge Of Civil War?
The Deep State Unmasked: Federal Employee Admits to Breaking Rules Every Day – video
Air Force Calls For 24% Increase In Squadrons To Prepare For War Against Major Power
Feinstein On Kavanaugh Accuser: 'I Can't Say That Everything Is Truthful'
Blowback: Feinstein Is Being Torched By Everyone For Sitting On Super Secret Kavanaugh Letter
Report: Kavanaugh's Mom Presided over Foreclosure Case Involving Accuser's Parents
Kavanaugh's Accuser And The Curious George Soros Links
Kavanaugh Protesters Given Soros Cash for Arrests; Planning 'Ugly, Ugly' Protests to 'Shut Down' Monday Hearing
FBI: Brett Kavanaugh ‘Allegation Does Not Involve Any Potential Federal Crime’ – Dems: Must Investigate! DOJ (Again): We Won’t
Mark Judge, the Other Man in Room According to Kavanaugh Accuser,: “I Have No Memory of This Alleged Incident.”
Deep State Unmasked: State Department on Hidden Cam, “Resist Everything,” “I Have Nothing to Lose”
Grassley: Hearing May Be Canceled if Accuser Doesn’t Testify
Karen Monahan, Who Accused Former Boyfriend Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) of Domestic Abuse, Said That She Has Been “Smeared, Threatened, [and] Isolated” By The Democratic Party
Laura Ingraham: I've Known Kavanaugh For 25 Years -- If This Can Happen To Him, I Tremble For Our Country
The Differences in Late Accusations Against Kavanaugh and Thomas
“INVALIDATED”: New Documentary Tells Story of Josh Malone and Corruption In US Patent System
Elizabeth Warren Slammed Over Editing of Kavanaugh Video – Compared to Kamala Harris for Tweeting Misleading Kavanaugh Video
FACT CHECK: Do Photos Show Anderson Cooper Exaggerating Flooding From Hurricane Florence?
Bitter Hillary Clinton Is STILL Complaining About Losing To Trump: ‘It’s Hard to Ignore Racial Subtext of Virtually Everything Trump Says.’
Donald Trump Orders Declassification of Russia Investigation Records
Andrew McCarthy: FISA Warrants Show Trump Was Criminal Target From The Beginning
Lisa Page: Possible ‘Literally Nothing’ to Russia Collusion Story Before Mueller Appointment
Who Will Investigate the FBI and DOJ Top Secret Leaks to the Media?
First Man – Continued Deconstruction Of America To Make Way For The New World Order
Kavanaugh, Accuser to Testify at Monday Hearing, Thursday Vote Is Off
Joe Biden: ‘Dregs of Society’ Support Donald Trump
FEMA Postpones Test of ‘Presidential Alert’ Broadcast to Nation’s Cellphone Users
Elizabeth Warren Fundraises Off Sexual Assault Allegation Against Kavanaugh
Emergency Declared at Brunswick Nuclear Power Plant in North Carolina… All Personnel Blocked From Entering The Facility as "Hot Shutdown" Under Way
Hot Shutdown In Progress at Brunswick Nuclear Reactor N. Carolina – HOLLY NOTE: This is an on-going update page, so search for the word 'shutdown'.
Kavanaugh Confirmation In Jeopardy As Sex Assault Accuser Steps Out Of Shadows
Professor Accusing Kavanaugh Is Radical SJW With Some Damning Student Reviews
Celebrities Rush to Convict Brett Kavanaugh: ‘Pretend You Give a Sh*t About Women’
Constitution Day -- the Most Important Commemoration of 2018
Beto O’Rourke Continues Attack on NRA, Pushes for Gun Control
Author Stephen King Threatens To Destroy Susan Collins If She Votes To Confirm Brett Kavanaugh
Let’s Blame Every Death on President – If We Employ The Same Logic Claiming Trump Was Responsible For 3,000 Deaths in Puerto Rico, Boy Does Obama Ever Have a Lot to Answer For! – HOLLY NOTE: Think about the tons (literal) of food and millions bottles of water found a year later rotting in warehouses and on the tarmac IN Puerto Rico. "…some donations [were] unused, and others spoiled, or soiled in animal feces."
Calls Mount For Regulation Of Sex Robots
Strzok Wanted to Use CNN's Report on the Infamous "Steele Dossier" to Justify Interviewing People in the Trump-Russia Investigation
REPORT: Texas Sheriff Arrests Border Patrol Agent as Alleged Serial Killer
Six Flags Holds "Great Muslim Adventure Day‚" Just Days After 9/11 Anniversary
Postal Worker Admits Stealing More Than 6,000 Greeting Cards Filled With Cash And Checks
Republican Operative Claims Former Obama Officials Are Advising Europe On How To Evade U.S. Sanctions On Iran
Ocasio-Cortez Can’t Answer on How She Will Pay for Her $40 Trillion Price Tag in Government Programs – video
Kamala Harris Is Rapidly Gaining a Reputation as THE Most Dishonest Senator – HOLLY NOTE: That's saying something considering Mad Maxine Waters, Cory Booker, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, Sherrod Brown, Elizabeth Warren, Jon Tester's reputations of being 'dishonest', a 'hypocrite', 'liar', 'fraud', and receivers of pinocchios.
Michael Flynn to Accept 'Service to America' Award
Secessionists Exploit 'Deep Hatred For California' in Bid To Exit Union
Multiple Injured After More Than 70 Properties EXPLODE in Flames in 3 Boston Suburbs With Firefighters Battling Up to 100 Fires in Gas Main Meltdown - as EVERYONE With Gas Is Told to Evacuate
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Blasts Brett Kavanaugh Hearings as ‘Highly Partisan Show’
Willie Nelson, Who Claimed on 2 Weeks Ago on Objectified He Doesn't Get Political, Promotes Left-Wing Texas Politician; Texans Give Him the Boot
Fact Check: Trump is Right About Puerto Rico – Critics Manipulating Hurricane Maria Death ‘Estimates’
Someone Screwed Up: FEMA Delivered Millions of Bottles to Puerto Rico, It's Been Rotting on a Runway For a Year
Nolte: From Terrorist to Hurricane Creator; WaPo Ramps Up Hate Campaign Against Trump
When Government Becomes Everything, Everything Becomes Crazy
On the Street: Real Americans Tell Us What’s Wrong With Washington – video
Professor Shoots Himself On Campus To Protest Trump
Guy Loses It at Tampa Airport, Takes His Pants Off To Show He Doesn’t Have a Bomb
US F-22 Raptors Intercept More Russian Bombers Flying Near Alaska
Even Liberal Media Rips Kamala Harris For Deceptive Edit Of Kavanaugh Comment
Democrats Send 1,278 Questions To Kavanaugh, More Than ALL Other Supreme Court Nominees Combined
Leaked Google Employee's Email Reveals Effort To Boost Latino Vote, Surprise That Some Voted for Trump
Michelle Obama, Back With Racially Charged Vengeance
LEAKED VIDEO: Google Leadership’s Dismayed Reaction to Trump Election
How Americans Really Feel About The Mainstream Media
Obama's Slimy Little Deep State Environmental Cabal Is At It Again
Education Secretary DeVos Signs On To Globalist UN Education Agenda For U.S.
Pedophile’s Decapitated Corpse Found On Judge’s Doorstep After Bail Hearing In Aurora, Illinois
Poll: Kavanaugh Isn't a Key Issue For Undecided Voters In Red States
Obama vs. the Nation
Obama, the Great Divider When In Office, Lacks The Credibility To Lecture America
Obama Overlooks Own Actions, Cherry-Picks Survey Results in Donald Trump Attacks: AP Fact Check
Powerful Must See 9-11 Tribute – video
Eagle Perches on Minnesota 9/11 Flag Display
James Corbett's On the Morning of 9/11 - The Truth In 5 Minutes – video
Kenneth Starr ‘Not Comfortable’ with Robert Mueller’s Partisan Team
Gold Star Family Furious at Nike for Its Kaepernick Ads
Tucker Carlson Busts Open Google Conspiracy To Swing Election to Hillary
Can Obama Please, Please Shut Up Already? – HOLLY NOTE: If wishes for this were pennies, we'd all be millionaires.
The Travesty of Obama's Award For 'ethics in Government'
A Comparison of Two Presidents: President Trump versus President Obama – Their First 600 Days
HE’S BACK! Obama Refers To Himself 102 Times During 64-Minute Speech
…Refuses to Call Donald Trump “President” in Speech (Video and Transcript)
Obama Causes an Uproar For Yet Again Taking Credit For The Booming Economy That Is CLEARLY Linked to Trump’s Policies
Judge Jeanine: You're the Reason Trump Is President, Barack – video of day
President Trump's List of Accomplishments – HOLLY NOTE: So these aren't forgotten, we were going to list his accomplishments on our website, but there are too many! In each of the 14 categories: Economy and Jobs, Immigration, Foreign Policy, National Security and Defense, Regulation, Land and Agriculture, Law and Justice, Energy and Environment, Government Accountability, Health Care, Infrastructure and Technology, Social Programs, Education and Veterans, President Trump has made massive strides in just 18 months. And he's nowhere near done. Before voting this November, read through these and see if this is the course you want to see continue. MAGA => KAG!
Someone Remind Obama that Trump Kicked the Nazi Out of NYC – The Same Nazi Obama Ignored for 8 Years
Miami Dolphins Players 1st Kneeler During National Anthem in New Season
17 Years After 9/11, Former NYPD Commissioner Remembers – video
Don't Call The Alamo's Defenders 'Heroic,' Texas School Curriculum Panel Urges – HOLLY NOTE: Here we go again having to rewrite history to be politically correct. For those that need a quick refresher: "The Battle of the Alamo (February 23 - March 6, 1836) was a pivotal event in the Texas Revolution. Following a 13-day siege, Mexican troops under President General Antonio López de Santa Anna launched an assault on the Alamo Mission near San Antonio de Béxar (modern-day San Antonio, Texas), killing the Texian defenders [during the 3
rd siege. The Texians held off the Mexican army in the first two.]

Santa Anna's cruelty during the battle inspired many Texians – both Texas settlers and adventurers from the United States – to join the Texian Army. Buoyed by a desire for revenge, the Texians defeated the Mexican Army at the Battle of San Jacinto, on April 21, 1836, ending the revolution." The Alamo is where the famous Jim Bowie gave his life for the cause dying 'in his bed after emptying his pistols into several Mexican soldiers.' (More on Wikipedia.) Davy Crockett likewise forfeited his life there.

Who wouldn't call the Texians heroes when there were just 186 of them battling the 4,000-strong Mexican army with shocking odds of 21-to-1? Oh yeah, those that want to rewrite history just to make it more 'comfortable' for Mexicans – legal and illegal – now living and being educated in the U.S. The History Channel Presents presents an excellent documentary simply called "The Alamo" starring Dennis Quaid. You might want to watch it before P.C. groups get together and twist the truth.
Private School, a Waterside Home, Luxury Boats, a Jet-Ski For 4 and a Maid - Democratic Socialist NY Candidate Julia Salazar's Brother Reveals Truth About The Childhood She Called 'Hardscrabble'
1998: 20 Years Since 'The Other 9/11'
10,000 People Pack Venue at Pres. Trump's Billings, Montana Rally
Fox's Pete Hegeseth Lands Exclusive Interview with Trump in Billings – video
Federal Grand Jury Probing Disgraced Ex-FBI Boss McCabe Over Alleged Leaks, Lies
Charlie Kirk Offers $50,000 Reward For NYT Op-Ed Author’s Identity
7 Points On The Anonymous New York Times 'Resistance' Op-Ed
The NYT's History of Exaggerating Seniority of Anonymous Officials
SARA CARTER: President Trump Expected to Declassify Russia Docs By End of Week: Sources
Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren Calls For Trump’s Removal From Office Under 25th Amendment: ‘It’s Time’ – HOLLY NOTE: It's apparent that Progressives continually harp on this one subject because they have NO platform to run.
Liberal Protesters Caught Being Paid “With a Literal Bag of Cash” Outside Kavanaugh Hearing
Twitter Bans Alex Jones Permanently for Ambush on Jack Dorsey
Jesse Watters Explains Why Kaepernick Started Kneeling
TRUMP Warns Deep State Hacks – “Maybe Descassification” of FISA DOJ Docs on Horizon
Senate Confirms Two Obama-Nominated Judges
Joe diGenova: Rod Rosenstein Has a Big Problem – He Is Under Investigation for Things Involving FISA Warrants
I Really Don’t Feel Like Submitting To Socialist Tyranny. Do You?
Anonymous Op-Ed: Senior White House Official – ‘He’ – Admits Sabotage. NYTimes Breaks Rules for Deep State – Irony Fail: Sez Trump ‘Anti-Democratic’
'RESIGN, COWARD': Trump, White House Respond To New York Times Anonymous Op-Ed
Kavanaugh-Some! Judge Perfect on Day 2…Hysterical Left Fails to Draw Blood
Dianne Feinstein Admits Coordinating with Anti-Trump Parkland Dad Before Kavanaugh Hearing
Dick Durbin Admits: Democrats Plotted to Disrupt Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Hearing
Congressman From Missouri Breaks Into Hilarious Auction Chant to Drown Out Protester at Facebook/Twitter Hearing – video
NANCY WHO? Dem Candidate Bans Social Media Posts During Event With Pelosi
Store in Colorado Springs Mall Mall Clearing Out Nike Merch In Protest Of Kaepernick Ad
McCain a Hero? POWs And Veterans Are Painting a Different Picture
REAL SACRIFICE: 'American Sniper' Widow Taya Kyle Rips Nike Over Kaepernick Ad
It Took 5 Seconds For The Kavanaugh Hearing To Turn Into A Raging Dumpster Fire
Almost Two Dozen Protesters Arrested At Kavanaugh Hearing, Women's March Vows To Disrupt 'Every Few Minutes' – HOLLY NOTE: If you didn't have the opportunity to view any of the hearing yesterday, check the twisted hate on this woman's face who was in the audience before she disgraced herself.
Kamala Harris, Democrats Move To Shut Down Contentious Kavanaugh Hearing
62 Interruptions…
Dems Claim They Haven't Enough of Kavanaugh's Papers BUT – Are There More Records On Kavanaugh Than The Last 5 SCOTUS Justices Combined? YES.
Cruz: Kavanaugh Confirmation Attempt to Re-Litigate 2016 Election…
Hollywood Melts Down: ‘Motherf***ing Soulless GOP Scum’… – language warning
Senator Graham Wrecks Democrats Who Oppose Kavanaugh – video
Look Who Just Got Arrested At The Kavanaugh Hearing – HOLLY NOTE: If you don't recognize her, Sarsour wants to replace U.S. law with sharia.
White House Calls Bob Woodward’s Book ‘Nothing More Than Fabricated Lies’: Chief of Staff John Kelly Says ‘The Idea I Ever Called The President An Idiot Is Not True’
Flashback: Bob Woodward Repeatedly Accused of Twisting Facts, Inventing Dialogue: The Famed Journalist's Credibility Has A Checkered History – language warning
Trump Pushes Libel Law Change Over Woodward Book: Why No 'Retribution'?
Donald Trump: The Media Is ‘Our Biggest Obstacle’
Trump: CNN’s Trump Tower Story Source ‘Doesn’t Exist,’ ‘Credibility Is Now Gone’
Dear Nike: Colin Kaepernick Didn't Sacrifice 'Everything,' And It Wasn't For A Good Cause
PIERS MORGAN: Kaepernick Won't Stand For The Flag But He'll Bow Down To The Nike Dollar? So Much For 'Sacrificing Everything' – HOLLY NOTE: If Kaepernick's kneeling is about equality for blacks, then he should favor of getting rid of Affirmative Actions and some other government, hiring and educational policies that give blacks unearned advantage.
Nike's Kaepernick Ad Has Cost The Company Over $4 Billion So Far
QAnon 9.4.18 Ancient Hope Explained [Bad News For Them] Listen Carefully – video
Finally One Graphic Shows How Facebook Has Eliminated Conservative Content Since November 2016 Election
Democrats Are Starting To Admit That The Nuclear Option Was A Mistake
'#ProudToBeAnAmerican' - Buzz Aldrin Takes Subtle Dig At New Moon Landing Movie That Omits US Flag
Gosling Leaves Fans Furious After Defending USA Flag Removal, Downplaying American Heroes
Bill Clinton Slammed For Sharing Stage With Louis Farrakhan At Aretha Franklin Funeral
Nike Shock: Kaepernick New Face of Brand – Kneeler Rewarded with ‘Just Do It’ Campaign
People are Setting Nike Shoes ON FIRE Over Their New Kaepernick Ad – video
Orson Bean: Sports ‘Should Be One Place Where You Forget About Politics’
In New NBC/WSJ Poll, Majority of Americans Say Kneeling During the National Anthem in Inappropriate
4 Gun Control Bills Heading to Gov. Brown’s Desk for Signature
Omarosa Taped ‘Nearly Every Conversation’ She Had in White House, Says Source
Amid Claims Trump Disrespected McCain, He Made a Move Off-Camera That Showed Incredible Respect That Has Gotten Far Too Little Media Attention
How Much Backlash Will There Be to the 8 Days of McCainapalooza?
Is It Over Yet? – HOLLY NOTE: While many of us would hate to endure what John McCain did in Vietnam, let it not be forgotten that he chose to stay a prisoner. Two years into his captivity, he was offered release, but stayed because he didn't want to be a political pawn. He could have achieved that back on U.S. soil through public speaking, book writing, setting the record straight and making known what had happened to him, just merely speaking out. It was stated that torture began only after he refused to leave.

Second, it should never be overlooked that McCain displayed mammoth ego as he planned every event, every detail, every song, every funerary stop and memorial, his entire burial – in short, every bit of this excruciating week-long tribute as some tried to elevate him to sainthood. Most people would be mortified to incorporate that much self-aggrandizement into personal tribute. In comparison, Pres. Reagan exhibited no such behavior. But then again, he and McCain were very different people. Reagan's humor was always self-deprecating and he was never mean spirited.

People will never forget McCain's arrogant and defiant tie-breaking thumbs-down vote that denied Americans relief from onerous ObamaCare. It is an uplift to switch on the news, any news, and see something other than eternal fawning over someone that spouted bitterness even in very his last words before going to wherever he was bound in death.
Email Logs Reveal Correspondence Between Clinton Associate, Fusion GPS, and Russians at Trump Tower Meeting
Trump Faces Nationwide Praise and Outrage After Fulfilling Major Campaign Promise to Lower Government Size
Not Fans: Most Voters Call NFL Anthem Protests ‘Inappropriate’ As Season Looms
Shock Study: U.S. Had Far Fewer Mass Shootings Than Previously Reported
Dershowitz Warns Federal Courts Tilt Toward Prosecutors
MSNBC: Voters ‘Selfishly’ Expect Second Amendment Rights to ‘Stay The Same’
Al 'An-Inconvenient-Truth' Gore Calls on Trump to Resign: ‘Everyone Knows To Discount What This Administration Is Doing’
Lawyer for Illegal Immigrant Abortions To Testify Against Brett Kavanaugh
Man Who Led Protests Against Cleveland's Chief Wahoo Jailed On Charges He Stole Money From Native Americans
What? Dem Running For Congress Vows To Impeach Clarence Thomas
A Last-Ditch Effort To Pull California Back From The Brink
Obama Gets ‘Ethics in Government’ Award
Arrest of Iranian Spies in U.S. Just ‘Tip of the Iceberg,’ Lawmaker Warns
The Coming Chinese Invasion of America-They Want Our Mineral Resources
Navy Reestablishes 2
nd Fleet to Face Russian Threat
Ohr Admits FBI Intentionally Deceived FISA Court – Justice Official Knew He Was Peddling 'Double Hearsay'
Obama Administration Was Corrupt, More and More Evidence Reveals Daily: His Loyalties Were To His Power And Authority
FEC Records Reveal Hillary Clinton Illegally Laundered a Tenth of a Billion Dollars for 2016 Campaign
Sarah Palin, Loyal Running Mate, Excluded from John McCain’s Funeral
Mattis: U.S. Will End Suspension of Military Drills on Korean Peninsula
Florida County Arrests 40 In Child Sex-Trafficking, Prostitution Bust
Donald Trump Jr. Tells Chelsea Handler to Stay Away From Politics: 'No Reason to Suck at Two Things'
How a 20-Year-Old Movie Foretold The Mueller Witch Hunt
Will America Be Murdered By Socialist Democrats In 2018?
Everyone’s Offended
Bruce Ohr: FBI Knew About Bias Before Getting a FISA On Carter Page
GOP Rep Touches Off Firestorm With Claim FBI Leaked Info, Used Stories To Get FISA Warrants – HOLLY NOTE: It's a sad sorry state when one of America's most esteemed agencies turns out to be full of liars, cheats and corruption. The lower rung 'every day' agents are likely good employees, trustworthy, but the top level people have created such a stench it will take years to remove the taint, let alone garner respect.
Whistleblower Exposes Key Player in FBI Russia Probe: “It was all a Set-up”
Fake News: CNN Refuses to Retract Debunked “Bombshell” Story
What Happened To The DNC Investigation Of Keith Ellison's Alleged Domestic Abuse?
Nolte: Someone Tell Carl Bernstein the Cover-Up Is Worse than the Crime
This Is CNN: Stands by Debunked Story – Greenwald: ‘Serious Ethical and Journalistic Questions’, a Lie Wrapped in Fake News
Lanny Davis Admits He Was Source For CNN’s Trump Tower Story, Lied About It On Air
Donors to Lanny Davis' 'Truth Fund' Want Refunds
U.S. to Resume Military Exercises In Korea, Mattis Says
Joe Biden's Got Some Dirty Laundry Stinking Up His Presidential Ambitions
Jim Brown: Black Community ‘Has a Responsibility’ To Look Inward, Not Blame Trump
Black College Football Star Says He Raped White Woman, Urinated on Her Face as Payback for ‘400 Years of Slavery’
Rachel Maddow Airs Another Supposed Trump Conspiracy, Steps On Rake Again
Trump ‘Taking a Look’ at Regulating Google, Kudlow Says
Lindsey Graham Says He Will Push to Keep US Troops in Afghanistan to Honor John McCain's Legacy – HOLLY NOTE: Is that the dumbest, most wasteful reason ever for keeping troops deployed?
Ronald Reagan Humor – video of day
Trump White House Hosts Huge Dinner for Evangelical Leaders
Chinese Government HACKED Hillary’s Email Server and Obtained Nearly All Her Emails
Leftists Hold Two Day Long Conference on How to Rip Down ‘Offensive’ Statues
Republicans Secretly Study Their Coming Hell – HOLLY NOTE: Should the
Progressives / Democrats regain control of the House, they will set in motion a nefarious goal to get rid of Trump. Their already-assembled plan is to 'retry' Mueller's investigation of the last 18 months. However, this time it will be completely partisan and all scruples set aside. Everything Trump, his family, his administration and everyone associated with him is fair game for all things done legally or in question in Democrats' minds. They will even go after issues already put to rest. They have been compiling this lengthy spreadsheet for some time. They are also going to investigate policies begun under Obama, not Trump, and were considered OK then, but not under Trump. Third, they aim tie up Trump in endless litigation – issues that judges have already ruled on like the travel ban to the point where the Presidency can't function.
Ohio Students Asked To Say Who They Would Save in an Apocalypse
The goal is to implement their 'resist and obstruct' movement fired by rocket fuel. Currently R & O is in turtle mode and is nothing compared to what's planned. This should be illegal – to obstruct the President to where he can't govern, but it isn't. It IS truly the clearest admission that Democrats care nothing for the welfare of America and everything about liberal politics and control. Truly shameful. This will be Conservative hell – a way to completely stagnate all the economic, homeland and foreign policy successes that have been accomplished over the past 18 months. It is CRITICAL for all Conservatives, love Trump or not, to vote in November. If we lose the House, it may be the beginning of losing our Country.
ESPN’s Kellerman Is ‘Angry’ Tiger Woods Defended Trump — ‘It Really Bothers Me’
NBC Shocked After Doing TWO Trump Approval Polls in 1 Week to See the (No) Effect of the Cohen/Manafort News – It Barely Budged
Judge Blocks Online Blueprints For Printing Untraceable 3D Guns
Americans Draw Red Line Against Deep State Coup Attempt Upon President Trump – 'That Line Is The Impeachment Of The One Man Who Has The Courage To Stand Up To The Greatest Political Criminals America Has Ever Seen'
Swamp Watch: The Biden Family – video of day
Trump Announces 17th Wave Of Judicial Nominees, Tabs Two Women For Circuit Courts
RNC Hits Senate Dems for Latest Kavanaugh Delay Tactic
WIN! Landmark 7
th Circuit Decision Says Fourth Amendment Applies to Smart Meter Data
The Deep State State vs. The American People
Jacksonville Gunman Had Been Hospitalized For Mental Illness, Prescribed Antipsychotic Medications
Dems Doing This While Conservatives Are Doing …
Antifa Calls For 'Sea Of Armed Masses, Militant Escalation' And 'Revolutionary Violence & Vengeance' Against Enemies
God Chose Trump
2 Killed In Shooting At Madden Video-Game Tournament In Jacksonville; Gunman Commits Suicide
Celebs Melt Down Against NRA, Trump After Jacksonville Shooting – ‘F*ck the Treasonous, Gun-Humping Death Fetishists’
Roger Stone Predicts Mueller Will Indict Don Jr.
Parents Fight Back After School Drops Pledge of Allegiance for Oath To 'Global Society'
Dem Candidates Embrace Gun Control in Campaign For House Takeover
Study Finds Growing Demand For Concealed Handgun Permits
'Disturbing' Order by U.S. Virgin Islands to Seize Guns From Citizens
David Hogg, Gun Control Advocates March on Smith & Wesson Headquarters, Demand $5 Million Donation
North Carolina Mom in 'Disbelief' After Son, 10, Punished For Calling Teacher 'Ma'am'
Ocasio-Cortez's Socialist Fairytale Could Destroy the American Dream
George W. Bush, Joe Biden to Deliver Eulogies At Funerals for John McCain
'No Hero to Conservatives'…
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of John McCain: Like Every Man, There Were a Lot Of Things To Love About The Arizona Senator And Some To Hate As Well
House Task Force Interviews FBI Official About Clinton Emails, Isn't Done Yet
FBI Failed to Review Hundreds of Thousands oF Emails on Anthony Weiner's Laptop: Report
University Cuts Cheerleaders Who Took Knee During Anthem
What's Up With The Polls? Mixed Numbers for GOP Amid Terrible Week
Sex Workers Go Door-To-Door For Democrat Running for N.Y. Senate
INFESTED: Rats Overrunning DC – 2 Legged or 4?
Man Who Taunted Bison In Yellowstone Park Sentenced To 130 Days in Jail
Trump Pushes Sessions To Control DOJ: Come on Jeff, You Can Do It'
Rush Limbaugh: Mueller’s Team Proving ‘Dual System Of Justice At The Highest Levels’
Mark Levin: ‘Donald Trump Is in the Clear’ — ‘Lanny Davis Blew It,’ ‘You Are a Dummy, Lanny’ – video of day
Trump Awards Posthumous Medal Of Honor to Airman John Chapman for Helping Save More Than 20 American Service Members
Trump: 80% of Media Is Fake News
Arlington National Cemetery Closes For Bomb Threat Investigation
Delaware State University Bans Snowflakes from Throwing Snowballs
Far Left Watch: Violent Antifa Group Plans “Red Army” To “Annihilate” Conservatives
All 3 Suspects Wanted In Ambush Shooting Of Police Arrested
Search Is On For Suspects After Officer Shot In Denver Suburb
Cohen Needs ‘Something Other Than His Own Word’ to Hurt Trump
Ignore the Noise, Mueller Still Has Nothing
Cohen Fingers Trump, Admits to Illegal Campaign Payment; Manafort Guilty on 8 Counts
Manafort Split Verdict Says Nothing on Trump, Russia, and the 2016 Election
Connecting Some Dots
Kneeling NFL Players Will Help Republicans in November
The Call Goes Out For President Trump To Help Chicago
Judge Tosses Lawsuit Against Christopher Steele, Trump Dossier Author
Iranians Charged With Spying on Jews in U.S. Raise Specter Of Assassination Plots Here
Rep. Duncan Hunter, Wife Indicted By Federal Grand Jury
Miami Herald Endorses House Candidate Who Claims Aliens Took Her Aboard a Spaceship
The DNC Promised Answers On Keith Ellison's Domestic Abuse Allegations -- They're Doing The Exact Opposite
The Search for Mollie Tibbits Ends in Tragedy
Mark Warner Files Amendment To Block Trump From Removing Critics' Security Clearances
Why John Brennan Should Lose Security Clearance: Kennedy
3 Pennsylvania Men Face Over 1,400 Counts Each of Sexually Abusing Farm Animals ET 2 Timothy 3:1-5 and Romans 1:28-29
The Chinese Have Infiltrated American Universities and Trump and Ted Cruz Are Moving to Counter
What to Expect if Democrats Win the Midterms
Okinawa-Based Marines’ ‘USA’ Dance Video Goes Viral in Japan
David Hogg Turns on ‘Older’ Dems; They ‘Won’t Move the F— Off the Plate And Let Us Take Control’
Christopher Watts, Charged With 5 Counts Of Murder, Accused Wife Of Killing Their Daughters, Police Say
Ellison's Political Future 'on The Ropes' After Ex-Girlfriend's Claims Of Abuse
Jerry Brown Sets Record of 1,018 Pardons in 8 Years
CA Legislative Committees Pass Seven Gun Control Bills
China Interferes in U.S. Election: Produces Anti-Tariff Film Aimed at Republican Districts in California
Feds Offering $20,000 Reward for Suspect Accused of Threatening Trump
The Trump Card: What if Mueller’s Intention Is Simply To Keep The Investigation Going?
Ex-CIA Analyst Falls Victim To Trump Derangement Syndrome, Goes Berserk on CNN – video
Antifa Protesters Yell 'go Home Nazis' At Pro-Gun Rally – video
Texas Man Gets 6 Years for Attempting to Bomb Confederate Statue
Trump Admin Rejects Turkey’s Offer to Release American Pastor IF Billions of Dollars in US Fines on Turkish Bank Are Cancelled
4 People Killed, Nearly 60 Shot This Weekend Across Chicago
Satanic Temple Rally at State Capitol Targets Arkansas Lawmaker
Elizabeth Man Sentenced To 148 Years In Prison For Forcing Motel Couples To Have Sex At Gunpoint
Shots Fired Outside US Embassy in Turkey
With a Quarter Million Comments in, EPA Set To Move On Contentious 'Secret Science' Rule
This Is Why We Need a 'Space Force'
Ellison Ex-Girlfriend Details Abuse Allegations
Qanon - You Are Witnessing The Largest Mass Treason Event In Living History – video of day
MasterCard Forces Funding Platform To Drop Anti-Jihad Activist Robert Spencer
Lt. Col. James Zumwalt: Is Nancy Pelosi: Power-Addicted And Mentally Ill?
Sacramento Bee: Democrats Can’t Win with Nancy Pelosi as Leader
Gutfeld on the Coordinated Press Attack on Trump – video
Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) Perjury Evidence Blacked Out by Minnesota Media, May Have Committed Immigration Fraud By Marrying Her Brother
2015 United Nations Paper Proposed Government Licensing To “Supervise Content” Online
Piers Morgan Claims Omarosa Was 'Abusive' & 'Vicious' After He Rejected Her Alleged Sexual Advances
Dead Investigative Journalist’s Final Interview Describing Alleged Clinton Sex Crimes
“No Vacancy” Sign Placed at the Colorado/Wyoming State Line
Brennan First To Fall As Trump Kicks Off Review Of Obama Officials’ Access
Mark Levin: Trump Should Pull More Security Clearances – video of day
Trump Campaign: Andrew Cuomo ‘Defamed America’ With ‘Never That Great’ Remark
Reality Winner Faces 'Longest Sentence' Ever For Federal Crime Involving Media Leaks
Noam Chomsky, Pro-Hezbollah, Anti-GOP, Takes Teaching Job at Arizona U… Make Way For The Next Wave Of Marxist-Minded College Grads
The World Mourns Over the Queen of Soul's Passing
Bernie Sanders: Socialism Isn’t ‘Tainted,’ it’s Mainstream
Hillary Clinton Praises Child Who Kneels During The Pledge: 'Keep Up the Good Work' – HOLLY NOTE: Colin Kaepernick's poison of disrespecting the flag and pledge is spreading to more children.
Fear And Loathing Of Jordan Peterson
Poll: Trump’s Black Approval Rating Almost Doubles Last Year’s, Despite Racism Charges
Portland Police Chief to Reporters: Why Isn’t Antifa Ever Held Accountable for Their Actions?
CNN's April Ryan Slams Omarosa: 'She Stabbed In The Back, The Neck, The Eyeballs'
Philly Mom Who Spent $25K on Black Panther-Themed Prom Party Accused of Disability Fraud
Trump Is a Better Leader For Blacks Than Obama, White House Says
Florida Police Unions Cancel Miami Dolphins Ticket Deal Over Anthem Kneeling
States Determine Qualifications For Voting And Procedures For Registration, And Only Citizens May Vote
POLL: Trump Approval 50%
Tucker: Radicalization of the Left And What They Believe – video of day
Mainstream Media Tries to ‘Rewrite History’ to Credit Obama For Trump Accomplishments
Democrat Running for U.S. House Ordered Jailed Through Election Day
The Violent Left Is A Serious Problem, Stop Parroting Their Propaganda
Most GOP Voters Say ‘No’ to Mueller Interview of Trump
CNN Contributors Ignore History, Reality, Say Trump Is Racist For Calling Omarosa Something He Calls All His Enemies
Abuse Allegations Against Top Dem Keith Ellison Rock Minnesota As Voters Head To Polls In Key Races
Trump Campaign Files Arbitration Against Omarosa Manigault-Newman for Breaking NDA
Peter Strzok Cheated on His Wife, Got Fired, And Liberals Gave Him $250,000 $290,000 Anyway
Devin Nunes: Clinton Campaign Colluded With 'Nearly Every' Top Official at the DOJ and FBI
Ailing Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin Visited By Famous Friends Stevie Wonder, Jesse Jackson
Who's Laughing Now? Report: FBI Fires Peter Strzok
Secret Service ‘Aware’ Of Antifa Threats To Murder Trump
Donald Trump: There Is No Tape, N-Word Not in My Vocabulary
Boston Globe Editor Proving Trump's Point
Fusion GPS Founder Shared 'False Story' About GOP Lawyer In Meeting With DOJ's Bruce Ohr
Antifa Shouts Down USA Today Reporter: ‘You Don’t Even Know Who the F*ck We Are!'
Vimeo Removes Infowars Content as CNN Continues Blacklist Crusade
Over 100 Newspapers Collude To Decry Trump's "Dirty War On The Free Press"
Fight Collusion: Pass Up a Newspaper on August 16th
Omarosa Releases Purported Secret Recording of Chief of Staff John Kelly 'Threatening' Her in the Situation Room
Kellyanne Conway Rejects Omarosa’S Claims Of Trump Racial Slurs
Man, 35, Accused Of Killing, Eating Ex-Girlfriend Declared Fit To Stand Trial
'Unite the Right' March Triggers Tension, Antifa Clashes, Hundreds of Counterprotesters, Several Arrested
How Tell The Difference Between a Racist and a Social Justice Warrior
Donations for Puerto Rico Hurricane Victims Found Rotting In Parking Lot
New Bill Insures America First
NFL Preseason Sees Kneeling, Raised Fists, During National Anthem – HOLLY NOTE: Here we go again. Won't be watching football this season either.
Bay Area Professor Who Assaulted 7 Conservatives with Bike Lock Gets Probation
Giuliani: This Case Isn't Going To Fizzle, It's Going To Blow Up On Mueller
Alex Jones Claims 5.6 Million New Infowars Subscribers Since Big Tech Blacklisting
Ingraham on Tech ‘Corporate Censorship’: ‘This Isn’t About Alex Jones — It’s About Freedom and Access to Information’
The Real Climate Change
Russia Fatigue: 52% Want Mueller Probe To End
Top Dallas Democrat Resigns in Disgrace, Admits Taking More Than $450G in Lavish Bribes
NAACP's Own Poll Reveals Surge in Black Support For Trump – And They React Badly
Michael Moore: ‘F--k Hope, Seriously, F--k Hope;’ Trump Will Be ‘Last President of the U.S.’
Shocking Moment Girl, 16, Is Pushed Off a 60-Foot Bridge in Washington
Native Americans May Have Arrived in the Americas Via Several Routes
The Pitiful Roots of Anti-Americanism
What News Sources Are Left-Leaning, Centrist, Or Right-Leaning?
U.S. Sanctions Russia Over Nerve-Agent Attack in Britain
Trump’s Legal Team Responds to Mueller Interview Request
Christopher Steele Text To DOJ Official Bruce Ohr: 'We're Very Concerned By The Grassley Letter'
Cory Booker Backtracks After Being Photographed Holding Pro-Palestinian, Anti-Israeli-Wall Sign
Americans! Read This Urgent Warning From Dr. James Dobson
Michigan Set to Send First Muslim Woman to Congress
‘Trump Is the Antidote to Republican Complacency,’ RNC Chief Says
Yet Another Good Guy With a Gun Saves the Day – video of day
Man Who Destroyed Trump’s Walk of Fame Star Is Slapped with Felony Vandalism Charges
Among Democrats, the Clinton Name Is Starting To Stink – HOLLY NOTE: Are they just now waking up?
Democratic Party’s Liberal Insurgency Hits Wall in Midwest Primaries – Socialist Ocasio-Cortez 'Bright Star' Already Fading
Trump-Backed Balderson Claims Dramatic Victory in Crucial Ohio House Race
Devin Nunes Rips FBI For Treating Trump Campaign Probe 'Drastically' Different From Alleged Feinstein Spy Situation
Outrageous: Media Shrug Off Feinstein Spy Scandal Story
'We Have to Regulate Every Aspect of People's Lives' – Lawmaker Slips, Confirms Objective of Progressivism
90% of You Will Not Be Here In Less Than 7 Years
Hacker Group Anonymous Promises to Expose 'QAnon' Conspiracy Theorists
Obama Gets New Peace Prize Despite Hundreds Of Civilian Casualties In Drone Strikes
Andrew Cuomo, Vain Poster Boy For Government Waste
Senator Warren Under Fire For Calling Justice System 'Racist...front To Back'
Emails Reveal Teachers Plotting to Hide Political Bias – Anti-Trump Educators Rebel When Principal Requires 'Objectivity' in Class
Hillary Clinton State Dept Employee Charged With Producing Over 1,000 Pornographic Images Of Children, Possible Child Trafficking Ring
‘Survival of Our Democracy Depends on’ Banning Sites – Dems Work Plan To Take Control of Web
Conservatives Candace Owens, Charlie Kirk Targeted By Protesters – video of day
Black Lives Matter Protesters Crash Police Officer’s Wedding: ‘You’re a Murderer!’
How We Got Here
Today's Crucial Primary Races Put President's MAGA Plan Front And Center As November Vote Looms
Midterm Meddling: Facebook Blocks GOP Candidate’s Ad – Another Vague Standard: Won’t Allow ‘Shocking, Disrespectful, or Sensational’ Campaign Ads
Alex Jones Banned from YouTube, Facebook, Spotify and Apple
MSNBC Anchor Wonders if Twitter Will ‘Shut Down’ Trump
Tragic Update: At Least 74 Shot, 12 Fatally, Across Chicago in Violent Weekend
Progressives Betting The Farm On Identity Politics For Midterms
But Kamala Harris Says You Can’t Use the Term ‘Identity Politics’
August Update on the Second American Civil War
NYT Erases 52 Million White People
A ‘Rainbow Wave?’ 2018 Has More L.G.B.T. Candidates Than Ever
Gov. Jerry Brown’s Gay Porn Push In Schools
Dangers of Socialism – video
Ben Shapiro: Socialism Violates Three of the Ten Commandments
‘Big Government Doesn’t Work,’ Says Rick Harrison of ‘Pawn Stars’
Donald Trump Jr. Calls Out New York Times Racist Sarah Jeong
Trump Inches Closer to Mueller Interview. Here's What He Could Be Asked
Greg Gutfeld Gutfeld: Be Nicer. It Will Drive Your Enemies Nuts – video
FAILED CITY: 63 Shot, 10 Dead In Chicago Since Friday – HOLLY NOTE: January 2017 when Chicago's murder rate wasn't this severe, Pres. Trump offered to send help, but Mayor Rahm Emanuel refused the National Guard. He should have listened. Now even black people want Emanuel gone as he's 'failed the city'. One man nailed it saying Emanuel is a 'con man' and Chicagoans see him prioritizing illegal immigrants over citizens. Finally Americans are waking up to the stupidity of sanctuary cities.
Related: This Is Not a 'Trump-Free Zone': Chicago Protesters March Over Violence, Demand Ouster of Rahm Emanuel
Emanuel: FederaL Help Welcome, But National Guard Out of the Question – flashback
Related: Black Chicagoans Blast "Con Man" Mayor Emanuel Amid Record
Congolese Statue of Liberty Climber Chants Vulgar Anti-American Phrases Outside Court – video
Reports: Dianne Feinstein’s Longtime Driver Was a Chinese Spy
Trump: 'Better Numbers Than Obama At This Point' Means No 'Blue Wave' in 2018
‘Q,’ Followers Gain Prominence at Trump Rallies: ‘All of Us Are Looking For Truth’
What is QAnon, the Conspiracy Theory Group Showing Up To Trump Rallies?
NRA Mocks David Hogg For Employing ‘Armed Security’ During Protest At Its Headquarters
Poll: Overwhelming Number Of Orthodox Jews Support Trump
As The Press Turns: Democracy Dies In Dimwittedness Acosta
3 Reasons 'Obama Day' Is a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Idea
Portland: One of the Gravest Alerts I Have Ever Posted: Read This To Get a Real World View of the Communist-Pervert Beginnings of a Civil War
Donald Trump Is Dragging Us Kicking and Screaming Into Peace and Prosperity
Colorado Springs Named Most ‘Desirable' City in US, Denver Ranked 10
Hannity and Watters Mock Fox News Contributor For Saying Obama Was a Better President – video
Judge Blocks The Release Of Blueprints For 3D-Printed Guns
'Calexit' Supporters Revamp Campaign With Plan To Convert Eastern Half of California into 'Autonomous Native American Nation'
Democrats Have A New Millennial Problem: Young Socialist Candidates
Socialism Would Take The Culture War to 11
Deranged Democrats Now Promising Their Internal Organs to Justice Ginsberg
The War Against Alex Jones—Think Bigger
Haddam Selectwoman Angers Residents By Kneeling for Pledge of Allegiance – Locals Want Her to Resign
Jim Acosta Drenched In Heckles At Trump Rally: ‘CNN Sucks!’
Chicago's Gun Violence Is So Bad That Parents Resort To "Hiding" Their Children
Kavanaugh Meets With Swing-Vote Sen. Manchin, Clearing Way For Possible Left-Wing Support
7 States Sue Trump Administration Over 3D-Printed Guns
$100 Million Lawsuit Filed Over Deadly Missouri Duck Boat Sinking
Rand Paul Voices Support For Kavanaugh Nomination
10 Signs That America Is In Much Worse Trouble Than We All Thought…
Robert Mueller’s Modus Operandi: Intimidation And Destruction
Mike Rowe Recounts Charity Event Story To Explain Why Donald Trump Defeated Hillary Clinton
Dobbs: So Many Sellouts in GOP, No Room For American Voters – video of day
Anne Hathaway Goes on a Rant About ‘White Privilege’ After Tragedy
Poll: More Republicans Want Candidates like Trump than Dubya
Massive ‘Trump 2020’ Banner Unfurled in Yankee Stadium
Nunes: Americans Will Be ‘Shocked’ By Other Carter Page FISA Info
Nunes Urging Trump to Declassify…
FBI, DOJ Stalling, Hoping GOP Loses House In Midterms, Rep. Nunes Says
Welcome to the Quiet Skies: TSA Is Tracking Regular Travelers Like Terrorists In Secret
The 10 Most Destructive Americans of My 8 Decades
Media Continue Attacking Trump Despite His Week Of Accomplishments And Strong Economic Growth
Midterms: Billionaire Koch Brothers Threaten to Support Democrats Pushing Open Borders, Free Trade
Colorado Billboard Replaces Letter in 'GOP' With Communist Symbols
Soros Just Quadrupled Lobbying Expenditures
GOP Lawmaker Wants Answers on FBI's Alleged Southern Poverty Law Center Ties
Judges Rule Trump Supporters Can Proceed With Lawsuit Against San Jose Police When They Did Nothing for 90 Minutes to Protect Them
Jim Thome's Daughter, Lila, Sings The National Anthem at the 2018 National Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
Remains Of Americans Who Died In Korean War Returned To U.S.
Pelosi's Weird Word Choice Seems To Downplay 9/11 Attacks, As She Insists Dems Toughest On Borders
Mueller to Consider Trump Tweets In Obstruction Probe
Giuliani: Cohen’s Trump Jr. Story ‘Didn’t Happen’ – He’s ‘Been Lying for Years’
Daily Caller News Foundation and Judicial Watch Seek to Preserve Comey's Private Emails
Donald Trump Vows Investigation of Twitter ‘Shadow Banning’ Republicans
Jordan Wants To Replace Ryan as House Speaker
College Kids Asked: Who Will Pay For Socialism? – video
James Clapper: ‘It Is My Duty’ to Attack Trump as TV Pundit
White House: US Plane Leaves North Korea With US War Remains
Trump Administration To Freeze Obama-Era Fuel Standards For Cars, Light Trucks
Tucker: Americans No Longer Dems' Priority – video
Taming Swamp Critters with Security Clearances
Professor Who Attacked Barbara Bush Now Targeting 'White Editors'
Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones: 'Our Policy is You Stand During the Anthem, Toe On the Line'
Thank You, Jerry Jones
Ocasio-Cortez Makes Most Idiotic Statement Ever On Twitter
Republicans Begin Impeachment Proceedings Against Rosenstein: "We Have Had Enough"
Trump: ‘Sad’ that Michael Cohen Taped His Clients – HOLLY NOTE: Cohen typifies when lawyers are thoroughly disliked – until you need one, but Cohen digs to new lows. Maybe he's a closet Democrat.
35 Criminal And Destructive Acts By The Democrat Party, Deep State, Media And Never Trumpers To Gut America
Trump Email: "We Don't Apologize For America Anymore. We Stand UP for America." Best. President. EVER.
Trump Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame Destroyed
Breastfeeding in Public Now Legal In All 50 US States
Federal Workers Rally Against President Trump’s Executive Orders – HOLLY NOTE: It's exceptionally difficult to fire government workers even when they perform poorly and that under-performance is well-documented. Revocation of this EO encourages people to strive for more than mediocrity without poor performance as the accepted standard. When Stan worked in Australia, an Irishman strolled over to his desk and said, "Hey, mate, slow down, you're makin' us look bad!" Stan, always a hard worker, wasn't doing anything out of the norm, but it struck him how socialism encourages people NOT to strive for excellence.
Maxine Waters Calls for Street 'Screaming' Over Trump, Says Few Democrats 'to the Left of the Left'
Democrats Start To Scare Mainstream Americans
Navy SEALs and Trainees Confronted, Shot At By California Man With Pellet Gun
10 Times Melania Trump Made Us All Proud
Gutfeld on the Plastic Straw Ban in California – video of day
A Poisonous String of Thoughts: Is Anti-White Racism the New Anti-Semitism?
Americans Have Constitutional Right To Openly Carry Firearms, Most Liberal Court Rules
Trump Makes Clear: Era of Appeasement Is Over
Judicial Watch Asks Court For Carter Page FISA Warrant Hearing Transcripts
Trump Approval Tough To Pin Down As President Continues To Confound Pollsters
Carter Page: Clinton Spread Rumors Of 'Russian Collusion' Months Before Dossier
Killing US For Our Own Good
Joyful: 94-Year-Old Veteran Steals The Show During President Trump VFW Convention Speech…
Haddam Selectwoman Takes a Knee During Pledge To Protest Trump and an Outcry Ensues
One of Obama’s Top Officials Wants to Run Against Trump in 2020 (Get Ready to Laugh)
Democratic Socialism Isn't Just Stupid, It Conflicts With the Constitution
GOP Bill Would Ban Gay Pride Flags Over U.S. Embassies – HOLLY NOTE: Why do gays feel compelled to announce their lifestyle? The rest of us don't need straight pride days, nor do we feel obliged to verbalize our sexual preference in every room we enter and for heaven's sake we're not campaigning to hang a 'straight' flag anywhere. Gays have annoyed many people with tiresome persistence pushing acceptance. As a side note, a caller to local conservative radio the other day remarked that 'gay pride' would get a rebuke from God as pride is a sin, never mind what it's prideful about. 
Rand Paul Will Ask Trump to Revoke John Brennan’s Security Clearance
Sanders: White House Looking At Stripping Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Hayden, Rice, McCabe Of Security Clearances
It's Not Socialism. It's Free Stuff
The Battle Lines Are Drawn: Limited Vs. Unlimited Government
All The President’s Hacks: Media Fake News Fueled Obama’s Watergate
Denver Post Runs Letter to Editor Suggesting Trump Should Be Executed
NRA, Second Amendment Foundation File Suit Against Seattle Gun-Storage Ordinance
Stormy Daniels’ Husband Files For Divorce, Cites Adultery
Iran's Rouhani Warns Trump About 'Mother of All Wars'
Trump Issues Fiery Response – HOLLY NOTE: Frequent tweeter Pres. Trump, to our knowledge, has never issued a message in ALL CAPS – just a phrase here and there. You can hear the fury and determination in Trump's voice at Rouhani threatening America.
10 Problems With the Release of the Heavily Redacted FISA Warrants on Carter Page
Democratic Socialism Surging – HOLLY NOTE: For those promoting this form of government, go visit Venezuela.
USA Today Reporter Calls for Trump Supporter Children to be Raped by Pedophiles
'Hang Trump' T-shirts Peddled on Facebook
Trump's Approval Rating Reaches Record High Even in Mainstream Poll, Powered By Republican Support
Who Will Stand For America?
Trump Seen As More Faithful to the U.S. Constitution Than Obama
This Marks The End of Gun Control
Kimberley Strassel: John Brennan, Obama's CIA Director, Admits Egging on the FBI's probe of Trump and Russia
Trump Calls Cohen's Taping of Phone Call 'inconceivable,' Possibly Illegal
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Equates Ending Of Slavery To Electing Democrats
Thanks Rahm: Chicago Named 'Rat Capital' of the Country Amid Rodent Complaint Spike
Trump Invites Putin to Washington in the Fall
…Vows To Be Putin’s ‘Worst Enemy’ if Relationship Sours
FBI Director Warns China is America’s Most Significant Intelligence Threat – "China Is Trying to Position Itself as the Sole Dominant Superpower, Sole Dominant Economic Power"
Group Alleges Steyer-led Petition in AZ Submitted Invalid Signatures
Masked Protesters Hurl Feces At New LA Kosher Coffee Shop During Grand Opening Event — Because Owner Supports Trump
Adam Schiff Disrupts Hearing on China in Botched Attempt to Subpoena Trump-Putin Interpreter
Dramatic Rise in Anti-Trump Idolatry Setting Stage for End-of-Days Showdown Between Good and Evil
Whoopi Goldberg SPIT On Jeanine Pirro, Screamed 'Get The F**k Out Of This Building,' Pirro Claims
Limbaugh Mocks Liberals Sending ‘Pee-Proof’ Underwear to Dem Senators So They Can Filibuster Without Potty Breaks
Sen. Tom Cotton Introduces Legislation Sanctioning Iranians Who Hold American Hostages
EXPOSED: Peter Strzok Grew Up In Iran and Saudi Arabia, Worked As Obama and Brennan’s Envoy To Iranian Regime
Muslim Brotherhood Congressmen and DNC Chair Hakim Muhammad (Keith Ellison) Demands Amazon Stop Selling Books From SPLC-Designated “Hate Groups”
The 9th Circuit Protects Gun Rights and Stops Confiscation
San Francisco’s Mayor Won’t Crack Down on People Using City as an Outdoor Toilet
Obama is ‘Responsible’ for Mueller Investigation, Clapper Admits
Do U.S. Intelligence Agencies Have a Political Agenda?
FBI Director: Chinese Espionage 'Most Significant' Spy Threat Facing US
Poll: Huge GOP majority backs Trump's Putin Performance
Trump 'Grudgingly Convinced' of Kremlin Meddling at High-Level Meeting Prior to Inauguration: Report
Slamming the Script: Why the Press Is Dismissing the President's Clarification
Rand Slams Brennan: ‘Most Biased, Bigoted … Hyperbolic, Unhinged Director of the CIA’ Ever – ‘John Brennan Started Out His Adulthood By Voting for the Communist Party Presidential Candidate’
Intel Chair: FBI, DOJ Obstructing Trump Probe in Hope of Dem Takeover in Congress
Tennessee Titans' Jurrell Casey Says He Plans To Keep Protesting and Take Fine
George Soros Funded Corporation Behind Russian Hacking Claims
The Latest: Hawaii Police on “High Alert” After Officer Shot
Two Police Officers Shot in Missouri
48 Officers Killed in the Line of Duty in 2018
California Supreme Court Blocks Ballot Measure to Divide State Into Three
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Irks Dems By Undermining Incumbents, Pushing Extreme Left-Wing Agenda
Mom Let Men Rape Her Daughter, 2, While She Watched, Police Say
Mark Zuckerberg Says Infowars Can Remain on Facebook But It’s Content Will Be Censored
Ann Coulter on The Mark Simone Show – video
Distinguishing Civil War from Social Anarchy
QAnon: "Dark To Light." – video of day
Trump Clarifies Russia Comments, Slams Ex-Cia Director Brennan; Inside Tax Cuts 2.0
Hannity: Worst 24 Hours In History of Mainstream Media – video of day
Soros Calls Obama His 'Greatest Disappointment,' Says He Doesn't 'Particularly' Want to Be a Dem – HOLLY NOTE: On Monday we heard one news pundit comment that when people get over their love-fest with Obama and look clearly at his 'accomplishments', he will go down as the biggest DO NOTHING president in history.
Former CIA Director John Brennan Warns Intelligence Community May Start Withholding info From Trump
Anonymous Vows to Expose Hillary Clinton's Plan to 'Cull the Population'
US Nuclear Materials Stolen in Texas Last Year Are Still Missing
Deep State is in a Panic Fearing Putin Shared with Trump Devastating Information Not Yet Reported
What Critics Missed About the Trump-Putin Summit
Brazile, Rice, Obama Gave Russian Hackers Free Rein
Ex-Senator Urges New York Dems to Ditch Socialist Darling Ocasio-Cortez
Socialists Working From Within to Push Democratic Party Even Further Left
An Idea That Still Captivates Human Hearts Like Nothing Else – video of day
Puerto Rico Mayor Facing Charges Over $3M Federal Disaster Relief Fraud
San Francisco Begins Paying Homeless to Clean Up Feces from the Streets – HOLLY NOTE: With SF so well off – one of the wealthiest cities in the U.S. – wouldn't you think they'd spring for porta potties to line the streets? How can they be any more of an eyesore than human waste piling up in the streets. For the life of me, it's hard to imagine people dropping their pants in public and 'letting it rip'. And no TP. Ugh.
Top Voting Machine Vendor Admits It Installed Remote-Access Software on Systems Sold to States
Mueller to Grant Immunity to 5 Witnesses Ahead of Manafort Trial
In Newly Obtained Memo, Congress’s Top Cop Said House Democratic Caucus Server VANISHED
Colorado's First Rural Complex for the Homeless Opens at Full Capacity
How Entertainment Shows Have Become Vehicles for Gun Control Propaganda – HOLLY NOTE: And that's not all. It's interesting how TV shows have become rocket launchers for liberal political bombs. Salvation premiered July 2017 and centered on the discovery of an asteroid that would impact Earth in 6 months. It highlighted attempts to prevent the collision and worldwide ramifications should they fail. The program ran 13 episodes before cancellation. June 2018 CBS mysteriously resurrected the show, which bears no resemblance to the original sci-fi program. Instead, Salvation has morphed into one of the most thinly-veiled anti-Trump program on TV. Last week's episode included flash mobs attacking the White House and Supreme Court and a decision to control protesters and free speech by shutting down the Internet. That episode concluded with the president preparing for a second Civil War as she approved mobilization of the National Guard. Prelude to reality?
Number of People Shot in Chicago This Year Surpasses 1,400
Mandalay Bay Owners Sue Victims of Las Vegas Mass Shooting
Upstart Socialist Dem Darling Stumbles to Explain Israeli 'Occupation of Palestine'
15 Flashpoints Which Could Produce a “Perfect Storm” During the 2
nd Half of 2018 – HOLLY NOTE: It's hard to argue against any of these scenarios as the author is not in any way speaking hyperbole. If past predicts future, calamity often strikes when people least expect it. If Progressives would be honest, Pres. Trump has made their 401(k)s and stock portfolios full and fat. More people feel comfortable with their immediate financial future than they have in the last 3 decades. However, in the 15 scenarios Snyder outlines, any one thing could derail happy times and – they don't have to be mutually exclusive. If several of these flashpoints occur close together, it could present a bomb-like effect and blow up what remains of civility. Should Congress decide to call for Trump's head in a surge of mob violence after the Helsinki Summit, all bets are off and the America we knew will become nonexistent. Something to think about… If you're interested in End Times events, please download our FREE Tribulation Timeline. It's a good study piece and you can see how current events are aligning with Biblical prophecy.
8 Times Obama Sold Out America to Russia
Russian President Reveals $400 Million Sent to Hillary Campaign
Deep State Rises from the Swamp in Collective Fury:
Furious John McCain Blasts Pres. Trump in Statement on Putin Meeting: ‘No President Has Ever Abased Himself More Abjectly Before a Tyrant’
Comey Lashes Out at Trump After Putin Drops Bombshell Claiming ‘US Intel Helped Move $400,000,000 to Hillary Campaign’
John Brennan Urges Republican ‘Patriots’ to Help Impeach Donald Trump After Putin Meeting
John Kerry: Trump 'Surrendered Lock, Stock and Barrel to President Putin’s Deceptions'
CNN Analyst Philip Mudd: When Will ‘Shadow Government’ Rise Against Trump?
Sally Yates: Trump Chose 'a Tyrant' Over US Intelligence, American Interests
Hollywood Piles On: ‘Arrest Trump. I Want to See Him in Chains’ — Hollywood Melts Down Over Monday’s Press Conference
Kentucky Senator Is One of Few on Right or Left Defending Trump From Critics After Helsinki Summit
Attorney Gregg Jarrett CRUSHES Ex-CIA Chief John Brennan for Claiming Trump’s Press Conference “Nothing Short of Treasonous”
Donald Trump Defends Summit with Vladimir Putin as…‘Bold American Diplomacy’
Want To Know What Is Really Going On? – video of day
Anti-Trumper Rob Reiner's New Movie a Colossal Flop – Made $41K in Weekend Opening
Brett Kavanaugh: The End of Leftists' World
Plutonium Stolen From SUV at Texas Marriott
Trump Greets Putin in Helsinki, Predicts 'Extraordinary Relationship' Despite Growing Tensions
…Predicts Media Criticism No Matter How the Meeting With Russia Goes
5 Sticking Points That Could Spell Trouble for Trump, Putin in Major Summit
Bombshell Bourdain Interview: Unloads on 'Rapey, Gropey, Disgusting' Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton Who 'Destroyed' Women
Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile: DNC Allowed Russian Hackers to Steal Data
Gowdy Rules Out Rosenstein Impeachment
Nunes: Mueller Indictment Looks 'Ridiculous' Because It Omitted Republicans Targeted By Russia
Trump 2020, Outside Groups Raise $32.7 Million in Just 3 Months, Small Donors Rule
Rep. Darrell Issa Talks Explosive Peter Strzok Hearing – video of day
Former CIA Officer: Hillary Clinton "Involved In Biggest Treason In History"
Hillary: 'I'm So Tired, I Can Barely Stand': Starts Speech to Teachers Union in Strange Way – HOLLY NOTE: Besides Hillary's repeated falling and health failings during the 2016 campaigning continuing through her book tour, there is no way she could have manage the breakneck pace Trump maintains. Revealing she's 'so tired' to the public setting is hardly a confidence builder that she has the stamina required to carry out duties of the President.
As Pelosi Is Increasingly Incoherent in Public, Dems Face a Battle Over Leadership Succession
Russian Professor Predicted Breakup of US in 2010 – HOLLY NOTE: While this former KGB analyst may have gotten the timing wrong, America is more fractured that any time in history, the 1860s Civil War notwithstanding. Igor Panarin cites 3 causes and we've nailed 2 of them are already in play. – flashback
MICHAEL GOODWIN: Peter Strzok's Arrogance Is The Product of a Corrupt FBI
CNN Host Asks DNC Chairman Tom Perez Why FBI Didn’t Take Possession of the Hacked DNC Server… How He Responds
FBI Veterans Blast Strzok ‘How is He Under Office of Professional Responsibility Investigation and Protected by FBI Counsel at the Same Time?’
Calif. Dem Party Swaps Dianne Feinstein for Extremist Who Admits Half His Family Are in US Fake IDs
SHOCK: California Democrat Sensation de León Supports Sanctuary State Laws, Has “No Human Being Is Illegal” Photo on Website
Dem Senator Says Schumer Can Kiss His ‘You Know What’ Regarding Kavanaugh Vote
Beheadings Are Now Occurring: UN Sponsored Mexican Cartel Justice Comes to America
Strzok Claims He Doesn't Remember Sending 'We'll Stop' Donald Trump Text – HOLLY NOTE: While painting our house, I listening to every word of these riveting hearings. In short, Republicans used the time to skewer Strzok and the Dems used theirs to stall, ask soft ball questions, but mostly pontificate, especially on issues that had absolutely nothing to do with the hearings. Most often they spewed lengthy commentaries supporting illegal immigration, in addition to mini-speeches on tariffs, gun violence, cost of drugs, student loans, and NATO. Quite a lot to cram in their allotted 5 minutes of questioning time. Surprising no one, this hearing was astonishingly partisan and vitriolic.

One ignorant Democrat woman, Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ), kept calling him Stro-zak rhyming with Prozac. This is even after she'd heard everyone else in the hearing pronounce his name correctly like 'struck'. If she's on this committee, you'd think she'd at least be passingly familiar with the 'star's' name. She opened her 5 minutes with a Trump tirade saying most of Puerto Rico was still without power. Wrong. As of July 3rd, 99.9% of the country electrcity had been restored. This is yet another example of Trump Derangement Syndrome. When they open their faces, fiction flies out.

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) went so far as to say he wanted to give Strzok the Purple Heart, which should be an affront to every soldier awarded this medal. Then, in this formal hearing, Democrats broke out in applause at some of Strzok's testimony.

On the other side, Fox News host said Republicans' behavior resembled 'a public lynching.' Lots of grand-standing on all sides complete with verbal jiu-jitsu. That aside, after a few hours, we were desperately sick of Strzok's condescending smirk and arrogance.
Democrats at the Agent Strzok Hearing: What You Need to Know
Trey Gowdy Opening Statement at FBI's Strzok Hearing July 12, 2018 – video of day
…Complete Exchange Between Rep. Trey Gowdy and FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok – video
Gowdy to Strzok: ‘I Don’t Give a Damn What You Appreciate’
Goodlatte Says FBI's Peter Strzok Will Be Recalled For Contempt
Democratic Lawmakers Thought They Were Privately Bashing DHS Officials. They Were Still on Mic.
Gowdy to Strzok: Please Explain Why You Texted “F Trump” Before Interviewing a Single Witness
Flat Wrong: CNN Torches FBI Agent's Strzok's Claim That His Texts Aren't Indicative Of Bias
Righteous – Louie Gohmert Tells FBI Agent Peter Strzok He’s a Liar – “Did You Use That Smirk When You Lied To Your Wife”?…
Issa Humiliates Strzok In Incredible Moment – Forces Him Read Aloud His Own Anti-Trump Texts
'Control Yourself... This Isn't Benghazi': NJ Dem Rips Gowdy, Says GOP Should 'Kiss Strzok' for Allowing 'Illegitimate Pres. Trump'
Catherine Herridge Breaks Down Peter Strzok Hearing – video
Donald Trump Interview 1980 With Rona Barrett – video of day
Immigrants Find Noncitizen Voter Registration Easy – Some Admit To Casting Ballots
Rudy Giuliani: I'm Sorry Hillary, But You're a Criminal – video
Could Democrats Nominate Maxine Waters For President? (Answer: Yes)
Why Progressives Hate America And Want Literally Nothing To Do With Her
New MuellerGate Developments Prove ‘Deep State’ Conspiracy Against Trump
Gun Restrictions Prompt Use of Boar Spear to Stop Mountain Lion Attack
Left-Wing Hate ‘Rap Sheet’ Reaches 300 Incidents of Violence, Harassment
In Unprecedented Move, Rosenstein Asks 100s Of Prosecutors To Review SCOTUS Pick's Records
NFLPA Is Going to Lose Its National Anthem Lawsuit And Hurt the NFL in the Process
Lawmakers Blast University of Kansas for Flying ‘Defaced’ U.S. Flag: ‘Beyond Disrespectful’
TSA Screeners Win Immunity From Flier Abuse Claims: U.S. Appeals Court
‘Unmasking Antifa Act' Includes 15-Year Prison Term Proposal
You're Fired: Accountability Returns to the White House Under President Trump
Survival of the Richest
Millennials Say 'Democratic Socialism,' But What They Want Is Free Stuff
TRENDSETTER: Cynthia Nixon Announces She's a 'Democratic Socialist,' Too
Questions About Kennedy Connections Abound After President Trump Picks Brett Kavanaugh To Fill Supreme Court Vacancy
Woman, 48, Found Dead in Garbage Chute at Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin's Former Address
Man Challenges City on Use of Surveillance Cameras and Wins
John Birch Society Member and Allies in Alabama Kill Local Agenda 21 Scheme
Lisa Page Will NOT Appear for Capitol Hill Interview Despite Subpoena
Trump Pardons Ranchers Whose Arrests Led to Armed Occupation of Wildlife Refuge
Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Major Issues – HOLLY NOTE: With regard to pre-existing conditions, the Trump Administration's official position is this as stated May 2, 2017: "Liberals are inflating the pre-existing conditions panic with images of patients pushed out to sea on ice floes, but the GOP plan will ensure everyone can get the care they need." Dems Will Unleash ‘a Lot of Scare Tactics’ Against Kavanaugh – HOLLY NOTE: And it started the night Trump announced the nominee.
Ted Cruz and Mark Levin Weigh In on Judge Kavanaugh
DNC Boss Won't Rule Out Impeaching Kavanaugh
Democrats Wants Kavanaugh to Recuse Himself on Mueller Matters
27 Republicans Vote Against Trump Pick for 9th Circuit, Cite His Views on Gun Rights, Free Speech
Recycling? California’s Separated Trash Going in Landfills as China Cuts Demand
Judge Throws Green Party Off Montana Ballot in Boost for Democratic Sen. Jon Tester
CNN Anchor: Trump Picking Kavanaugh Only Makes Things Harder For Red State Democrats
All Conservative American Politicians Are In Danger – A New Age of Terrorism Has Arrived
Explaining American Leftists: Part I
Trump Taps Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court – HOLLY NOTE: If you have any doubt Liberals have lost all perspective, scan the next 9 headlines.
Dems Slam Pick as 'Ideologue,' Touching Off Bruising Confirmation Battle
Women’s March Mocked for Pre-Written Press Release Opposing Supreme Court Nominee ‘XX’
Cory Booker: Trump Nominated Brett Kavanaugh for ‘Get out of Jail Free Card’
Sen. Cory Booker Calls of Trump's SCOTUS Pick a 'Constitutional Crisis' – video
Bernie Riles Up Crowd Following Trump's SCOTUS Pick: 'Are You Ready For a Fight?!' – video
'Hell NO on Kavanaugh': Left-Wing Protesters Blast Trump Supreme Court Pick
Nancy Pelosi Vows to ‘Avenge President Obama If It’s The Last Thing I Do’ in Supreme Court Fight – HOLLY NOTE: This might be a tad difficult since it's the Senate that confirms nominees and she's in the House.
Students Hate Trump’s SCOTUS Pick… Before He Made It – video
Schumer Whines Because Trump Did Not Consult Him On Supreme Court Pick
Democrats Endorse Judicial Tyranny
6 Senators to Watch in the Battle Over Trump's Supreme Court Pick
Gun Control Group Admits They Won’t Stop With ‘Assault Weapons’
Poll: Black, Asian, Hispanic Support Enough to Help Trump Win Re-Election
Ex-Navy Sailor Pardoned By Trump Files Suit Against Obama, Comey for Failure to Prosecute Hillary Clinton
Report: Witness Prepared to Identify Two Killers of Seth Rich
Pelosi: Dems Must Win Midterms To Preserve ‘Civilization’
Pelosi Forgets McConnell's Name, Aide Forced to Prompt
Trump Could Get Third Supreme Court Pick. But He Wouldn't Be The First.
Man Harasses Kellyanne Conway At Grocery Store – She Roasts Him Like a Rotisserie Chicken
University of Wyoming Profs Protest ‘Cowboys’ Slogan
"D" (Decision) Day: Trump's Top 4 SCOTUS Candidates
MICHAEL GOODWIN: Messages Suggest Hillary Clinton May Be Planning 2020 Run
Protesters Shut Down Part of Chicago Highway in Anti-Gun Violence March After City Sees 1,100 Shootings in First 6 Months of 2018
Legally Armed Teachers Explain Why They Carry Guns in Their Schools
Related: States That Allow Teachers and School Staff to Carry Guns
Restaurant Employee Pulls Gun on Thug Who Punched a Woman, Ends Situation 
Obama Political Appointee Who Tried to Seize Power of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to Resign, Drop Lawsuit
Americans Will Be Forced To Comply By 2020—No Compliance, No Entry and The Bill Already Passed
How to Survive Independence Day with Your Lazy-Assed, Freedom-Hating Millennial Nephew – HOLLY NOTE: This tongue-in-cheek perspective is served with a slice of humor. Its comments apply well beyond Independence Day.
Dershowitz: I’m Treated Worse for Defending Trump Than I Was for O.J. Simpson
EPA Scandals Under the Obama
Panicking Warren Issues Embarrassingly Bad Response to Trump’s $1 Million Dare
Mandalay Bay Housekeeper Found Haul of Semi-Automatic Weapons in Guest's Room - Including One That Was Pointed Out of the Window, Towards Vegas Strip - 3 Years Before Mass Shooting
Readin', Writin', and Jihadin'
U.S. Army Not Recommending SGT Ed Eaton for the Medal of Honor – video
Trump Narrows Field of Possible Supreme Court Nominees to 3
…Indicated Privately That He Has Settled on a Nominee
Rod Rosenstein Blackmailing Members of Congress
Here’s the Trump Cabinet Member Democrats Are Targeting After Pruitt Resignation
Robert Mueller Guilty of Cover Up of Mafia Murders and Committed Treason While FBI Director
Mueller Hires More Prosecutors as Russia Probe Moves Forward: Report – HOLLY NOTE: As of the end of March, Mueller's investigation had cost taxpayers ~$17 Million. Wonder how many more zeroes he's going to add to this bill. Apparently others are questioning this as well since the House passes bill seeking audit of Mueller investigation spending.
Cities Americans Abandoning
US Cities Americans Are Flocking To
Massachusetts Governor Signs Gun Seizure Bill
IG Report Follow Up: DOJ and FBI Investigation of Clinton Highlights Two Systems of Justice – video
Northrop Grumman ‘Taking Immediate Action’ After Employee Allegedly Took Part in Violent White Supremacist Rallies
Embattled EPA Head Pruitt Resigns
'Their Party Has No Future': Former Democrat Urges Liberals to 'Walk Away' From Democratic Party
Results Matter: PRESIDENT TRUMP Tops Obama in Approval Numbers at Same Point in His Presidency
California Governor Jerry Brown Releases 10,000 Pedophiles, Rapists From Prison
Walmart's 'Impeach 45' Apparel Draws Swift Outrage
Conservative Actor Dropped By 'liberal' Talent Agent on Fourth of July
Facebook Removes Declaration of Independence Excerpt for 'Hate Speech'
More Jihadists and Muslim Extremists Are Popping Up in Parts of the U.S.
Rare Copy of US Declaration of Independence Found in a British Archive Among Papers of Aristocrat
FBI's Peter Strzok May Ignore House Subpoena, Says His Lawyer
Constitutional Amendment to Display God's Law on Alabama's November Ballot
Soros Caught Hiring Crisis Actors To Stage ANTIFA Attacks
If America Is So Bad, Why Do They Keeping Coming Here?
Michael Moore And Bill Maher Realize They Are Trying To Start A Civil War With No Guns – video
Independence Forever: The Eternal Principles Behind the Declaration
California Separatists to Declare Independence on July 4th: ‘Stand Up Against American Occupation’
If We’re Nazis, Expect More Violence
Why Do We Celebrate the Fourth of July? With Will Witt – video
Backfire: Trump Soars 5 Points in IBD-TIPP Poll After Democrats Go Rabid
The Most Important Factor of All: Trump’s True Grit
#BoycottWalmart Trends Online After Superstore Sells ‘Impeach 45’ Products
Reuters Poll: Young White Americans Flee Democrat Party in Droves
Chuck Schumer Fail: 62% of Americans Want New Supreme Court Justice Before Midterms
Irving Texas - 40,000 Flags Going Up For 4th of July
Melania Trump Meets With Wounded Service Members on Unannounced Visit to Walter Reed
Lee Greenwood "God Bless the USA" – video of day
California Man Accused of Murder for Beheading Girlfriend with Samurai Sword
'I Just Love America': Man Transforms Front Lawn Into American Flag for July 4th – video
Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ‘Represents The Future of Our Party,’ DNC Chairman Tom Perez Says
Las Vegas Massacre: Body Cam Shows ‘Terrified’ Officer Avoid Confrontation with Stephen Paddock
Facebook Slammed For 'Censorship' of Country Group's Patriotic Song
Trump Interviews 4 Supreme Court Candidates as Leading Contenders Emerge
These Are Trump’s Two Top Picks For The Supreme Court
How Trump’s Supreme Court Pick Could Undo Kennedy’s Legacy – HOLLY NOTE: This is a terrific example of how progressives have gone unhinged, off-the-rails hyperbolic over the coming SCOTUS pick. Jeffrey Toobin put pen to paper in the New Yorker to stir up fear that the next (currently unselected) Justice would:
  • Make abortion illegal / Doctors and nurses prosecuted
  • Bar gay people from restaurants, hotels and stores
  • Guarantee fewer African American and Hispanics attend elite schools
  • Sanction execution by grotesque means
  • Prohibit states from engaging in gun control
  • Approve laws to hinder voting rights
  • Undermine the regulatory state

No wonder America is a divided country with Democrats using this issue as an irrational jumping off point. This is even before they see who the SCOTUS nominee is and automatically assume he or she can't be an impartial Constitutional judge. They are truly suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.
New York Times: Conservatives Have ‘Weaponized’ First Amendment
Trump is Winning Over Blacks, Hispanics, Millennials, and Even Gays
Obama Granted Citizenship to 2,500 Iranians Before Nuclear Deal
John McCain to Resign Senate Seat on the 4th of July, Says Aide. Cindy McCain Offered His Seat
Tucker: Rage Has Finally Consumed Progressives – HOLLY NOTE: This should set your hair on fire for where America could be headed. – video of day
Democratic Congressional Hopeful Picked The Wrong Campaign Website To Plagiarize
Fake News Man Brian Ross Out at ABC
It’s Not Socialism That Won, It’s Racism
Democratic Socialists Openly Calling For Communism After Ocasio-Cortez Win
Unsealed Documents Detail Tactics in Clinton Email Probe
Carrier USS Truman Deployed To Atlantic As Russian Submarine Activity Surges
Tammy Bruce: Maxine Waters Advances a Liberal Strategy With Her Call For Mob Action
Pirro on Protests vs. ICE, Trump: 'We are Witnessing the Evolution of a Socialist Coup' – video of day
Seattle Becomes First Major U.S. City to Ban Plastic Straws And Utensils
Waters 'Surprised' By Dem Leaders’ Snubs, Says Trump Won't Intimidate Her
Waters on Criticism from Pelosi and Schumer: Democratic Leadership ‘Will Do Anything’ to Protect Themselves
Steve Hilton: I Didn’t Get the True Genius of America’s Founders Till I Moved Here. Here’s What Worries Me Now.
Socialism Is Back, And It's Taking Over the Democratic Party
As the Left Goes Extreme, Millennials Find Themselves Agreeing With the Right – HOLLY NOTE: If you haven't lived in a socialist country as Stan and I both have, beware of those who romanticize it. Chances are the have zero firsthand experience. Keep in mind that truism that "Socialism is great until you run out of someone else's money."
Judge: Rosenstein’s ‘Any Links’ Mandate Empowers Mueller to Look at Virtually Any Russian Contact
America Really Did Have a Manchurian Candidate in the White House
As July Begins, At Least 10 Shot in Chicago Saturday to Sunday