We must guard against the overreaching hand of big government
trying to take away our freedom
—Steve Forbes

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Iraqi Militia Head Threatens to Expel U.S. Forces After Trump Visit
AMAZING MOMENT! US Soldier in Iraq Tells President Trump: “I Came Back into the Military Because of You”
Who Will Win the Shutdown? If Democrats and Republicans Can’t Compromise, Both Sides Will Lose.
Leftists Mock First Lady Melania For Wearing ‘Timberland Boots’ – But They Loved Michelle Obama’s Streetwalker Thigh-High Glittery Boots
Tammy Bruce: Melania Trump, First Lady and Role Model, Rises Above Democratic Pettiness
Corsi Says He Has Proof of the FBI, Mueller 'Harassing' His Family
Ohio Lawmakers Fail to Override John Kasich Veto of Abortion 'Heartbeat Bill'
Bromance Over? Joe Biden Feels Stung as Obama Plays 'Footsie' With Other Democrats Eyeing 2020 Bid: Report
Hillary No Longer Most-Admired Woman in America
Brit Hume Delivers Devastating Slap-Down to Trump-Hating Lefty Soledad O’Brien
Boston Marathon Bomber's Lawyers Want Death Sentence Tossed
Related: Biblical Defense of Capital Punishment & Armed Self Defense – video of day
Colorado Woman Chases Down Porch Pirate And Gets Package Back
Trump Makes Surprise Trip to Iraq to Visit Troops – A Closely Guarded Secret Until After Air Force One Landed
ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE: CNN Claims, “Troops Bringing Trump Hats to Sign May Violate Military Rule”
1 Million Gun Owners Refuse to Obey Ban – Sources: No Newly Illegal Pieces Turned Over To Authorities
Al Sharpton Approved: LeBron James Says NFL Team Owners Have Slave Mentality
Are the Investigations the Cover-Up?
To “Celebrate” Christmas, Police Forcibly Remove City’s Entire Homeless Population
Related: Colorado Springs Mayor Said Something Shocking on Local Talk Show Radio – HOLLY NOTE: During a guest appearance on the Richard Randall Show, Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers said, paraphrased, it was 'unfortunate' Colorado Springs could no longer round up their homeless, put them on a bus and dump them in Pueblo. He lamented it was no longer P.C. to do so. Many camp along the Arkansas River, but there's just one small problem.

Colorado Springs was sued by the EPA and LOST to Pueblo County and the Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District, for letting raw sewage into the Arkansas River. This has been on-going since at least 2002 because Colorado Springs refused to upgrade EPA-prescribed requirements to their water system for controlling runoff.

In times of heavy rain, sewage has literally flowed into this river, which runs through Pueblo County and into 3 other states. Since the homeless camp right next to it, they are likely exposed to all sorts of nasties. So Suthers has a huge boulder on his shoulder because it'll cost Colorado Springs many millions to fix it properly and, he can't move their homeless here.

It was seriously disappointing that Randall didn't even question Suthers on his disturbing statement about bussing their homeless here. It just slid right over his head. Randall's on the right side of illegal immigration, other conservative issues, but on this other topic, he hugely dropped the ball. Unfortunately, pot has indeed attracted a lot of homeless to Colorado, something that's often not considered when states look to legalize it and the situation is worsening.

Jesus said, in Matthew 26:11, Luke 7:37–39 and Deuteronomy 15:11 that the poor will always be with you. Currently the U.S. has about 554,000 homeless people so why are we taking in more poverty people – aka caravaners? We can't even care for our own, many who are Veterans.
Social Security Hits Kids With $100,000 Bill After ‘Dead’ Father Turns Up Alive 47 Years Later
Democrat Ocasio-Cortez Says Jesus Was 'Refugee' in Christmas Tweet
U.S. Taxpayers Billed $115M to Study Quails on Cocaine, Donkey Hunting – This is juxtaposed to Congress decrying the cost of President Trump’s proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall while $115 million in American taxpayer money funded the Somali National Army, tourism in Egypt, quails on cocaine, and more.
Poll: Trump Beats O'Rourke, Nearly Ties Sanders and Loses to Biden in Hypothetical 2020 Matchups
California's Line-Jump Creates Primary Chaos: 'Changing The Rules Changes The Game'
Disgraced Anti-Trump Journalist May Have Embezzled Donations Meant For Syrian Orphans
Federal Judge Orders North Korea to Pay $500M In Damages to Family of Otto Warmbier
Mattis’ Exit Offers Chance for ‘Trump Do-Over’ at Pentagon, Insiders Say
Obama Expressway Suggestion Stirs Resentment: ‘You Don’t Change Something Just To Change It’
Florida Cops Shut Down, But Then Join Flash Mob at Shopping Mall – video
Government Headed For Partial Shutdown at Midnight, as Lawmakers Leave Capitol Without Deal
What Would Close in a Shutdown And Who Would Still Work
Here's Everything Trump Just Said in His Tweetstorm About the Looming Government Shutdown
Trump Thinks Americans Will Engage in Armed Revolt If Deep State Tries to Remove Him From Office
James Mattis Quitting As Defense Secretary, Cites Differences With Trump
Trump to Order Withdrawal of 7,000 U.S. Troops From Afghanistan: Reports – HOLLY NOTE: Media have blown this up into a big drama as Gen. Mattis was due to step down after the beginning of the year. Mattis is P.O.ed that Trump is withdrawing troops. Remember President Dwight D. Eisenhower's warning years ago: "Beware of the Military Industrial Complex"
Trickery and Deceit As Legal Tools – Why The Special Counsel Investigation Must End Immediately
Duke U. Hires Therapy Horses for Stressed Students During Finals
Outgoing RINO Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) And Chris Coons Introduce Bipartisan Carbon Tax Bill
Americans Shocked by Lawless Federal Govt. & Bankers – Failed CIA/FBI Investigations?
Former Senate Intel Staffer and Serial Leaker James Wolfe Sentenced to Only 2 MONTHS in Prison After Clapper Begs Judge for Leniency
San Francisco Mayor Begs Gov. Brown for Brother Convicted of Manslaughter Be Released 20 Years Early
Last Laugh: Though Cancelled, “Roseanne” Was Most-Watched TV Series of 2018 Says Nielsen
Millennial Job Interview – video humor
Bombshell Court Docs Reveal GOP Power Players Had Early Eyes, hands on Trump Dossier
Senate Passes Bill to Keep Government Open Until February, Stripping Out Trump’s Drive For Border Wall Funding
A Great Day for the Swamp: Dems Get Everything, Trump Gets Less Than Nothing
Washington D.C. Is on Path to Legalize Stealing. That's Right, Stealing
Package Thieves Get Rude 'Glitter Stink Bomb' Surprise – video
Pittsburgh Mayor Declares Intent to Ban Guns in Violation of State Law
Baltimore Announces Gun Buyback Program — One Woman Completely Flips The Script
Financial Times Names George Soros ‘Person of the Year’
Livid Coulter Unloads: 'A Joke Presidency' That 'Scammed The American People' With Promises of a Wall
Revealed: Antifa Leader Relied on Anonymity To Push Radical, Violent Communist Agenda
Comey: Trump Only Briefed on Dossier’S Most Salacious Parts at James Clapper’s Direction
Judge ‘Inclined’ to Let Latest Cake Case Against Christian Baker Proceed
Embezzling Nuns Connected to Barack Obama
They Are Changing Our World - Do You Even Care? – video
Trump Stabbed in the Back: Mitch McConnell to Introduce Stop-Gap Spending Bill Through to February WITHOUT New Border Wall Funding
Donald Trump Signals Troop Withdrawals from Syria
Senate Passes Criminal Justice Overhaul, Handing Trump a Win
Victor Davis Hanson: We Are Witnessing a Soft Coup of the Trump Administration – video
Despite Media Spin USA is NOT 1
st in Mass Shootings – We’re 63rd
If a Green Beret Is a War Criminal, then So Is Obama
The Gospel According to Nancy: No Borders, Kill Babies
Ocasio-Cortez Garners Media Rebuke – Her Education Continues to Be Source of Amusement
Trump Looking For Legal Ways to Fund the Wall Is a Nice Change of Pace – Remember How Obama Illegally Funded ObamaCare and Paid Off Mullahs in Iran? – HOLLY NOTE: One thing that becomes increasingly clear: Americans want a border wall, politicians on both sides of the aisle do not.
Hall of Shame: Advertisers Sign Up For Boycott of Tucker Carlson for Telling The Truth on Illegal Immigration
Incoming House Democrats Ready Bill to Criminalize Private Gun Sales
Comey Attacks Trump, Republicans. Sarah Sanders Shreds Him.
The 6 Most Corrupt Congressmen of 2018, According to a Watchdog Group
'Real' Witches Say They're Offended That President Trump Keeps Calling the Mueller Investigation a 'Witch Hunt'
Voters Don’t Buy Dems’ Impeachment Push, Poll Shows
Trump to Sign US Space Command Order This Week, Reports Say
Biden and Beto Against Trump in 2020? Dem Advisers Want to Blunt ‘Concerns About Age’
The Awakening
Attorney Sidney Powell: Mueller Has Destroyed Evidence and Obstructed Justice in Flynn Case – Mueller’s Time Is Up
It Appears Strzok Was Kept on Special Counsel to Replace ‘Missing’ January Flynn 302 Report
Washington’s Growing Product Line: Confected Felonies
Embattled ex-FBI Boss Back To Hill For New Questions After Admitting He Sent Agents To Grill Flynn
Top Republican Predicts Flynn Guilty Plea Will Be Thrown Out, Citing FBI 'Misconduct'
Mueller's ‘Enterprise’ Witch Hunt – Guidelines That Govern FBI Investigations Are Key to Understanding Deep State's Assault on the Trump Administration
Mueller's Special Counsel Investigation Has Cost Taxpayers $25.2 Million
Empty Seats Galore: Thousands of Empty Seats Plague NFL in Week 15 of Season
A Justice Department Coup?
Gun Confiscation Begins in New Jersey
The Mechanics of Gun Confiscation and Forced Deportation to a FEMA Camp
‘What Is Wrong With You?’ Fans Beg Liberal Country Star Tim McGraw to Rethink Propaganda Trip to Cuba
Trump Heads Out In The Cold Rain To Honor The Fallen In Surprise Visit At Arlington National Cemetery
Ocasio-Cortez Goes After Lindsey Graham On Impeachment, Misses One Crucial Detail
Life as a Trump-Supporting Female in Manhattan
Trump Picks Mick Mulvaney As Acting Chief Of Staff
Strzok, Page Messages From Mueller Probe Lost After Phone Resets: IG – HOLLY NOTE: Not a sweat. They can get them from the NSA troll monster in Utah. Isn't it amazing that lawyers/government/officials worry about 'lost' emails, when the NSA has every breath every and step you take recorded. Literally. Even Google is doing it to you. Check this: Investigating Google's Tracking Capabilities
FBI Misses Deadline To Provide Docs To Judiciary Committee Probing Whistleblower Raid
Anti-Trump Dossier Author Was Hired To Help Hillary Challenge 2016 Election Results
News Poll: Pelosi, McConnell Face Ratings In The Tank Heading Into New Term
Maxine Waters' Campaign Debt to Daughter Jumps $90,000 to $183,000
Liberal Mag Pushes Constitution Change for 'President' Ocasio-Cortez
John Solomon: DIA Holds Document to Exonerate Gen. Flynn - Refuse to Release It
Boy Scouts of America Looks to Bankruptcy As Membership Falls, Lawsuits Mount
Farmer Slams Obama Overreach That Led to Huge Fine: 'It Cost Us 5 Million Bucks'
Richard Shelby: Congress Approaching Government Shutdown
Trump Urges Democrats to Avoid…
Obama Considered 850,000 of the 2 Million Gov't. Employees 'Non-Essential' – flashback 
Related: What Exactly is a Non-Essential Employee? "The so called ‘Shutdown’ is an anomaly because about 83% of the government is still running including Social Security, Medicare, airport security, the post office and the military."
Term Limit Fight Highlights Growing Pains For Pelosi’s Majority
Senate Votes Unanimously To Blame Saudi Crown Prince For Khashoggi Murder
In the Image of Joseph Stalin — Incoming NY AG Promises to Target and Destroy Trump and Family — Will Find a Crime Later!
Gloves Come Off as Trump Tangles With Schumer, Pelosi Over Elections, Border Wall, Looming Shutdown – HOLLY NOTE: In this discussion Pelosi is quoted as saying, "We want a Congress of transparency," yet when Trump calls her out on funds for the border wall, she says that is a discussion not to be had in public. Lyin' Nancy, you can't have it both ways. She also lied saying that people would not receive social security checks, etc. A government shutdown only affects non-essential personnel.
LAURA INGRAHAM: Immigration Truth Bombs Blow Up in Dems' Faces
Schumer: Trump Will Hold Part of Government ‘Hostage’ ‘For a Petty Campaign Pledge’
WATCH THE FULL DISPUTE: Trump, Schumer, Pelosi Have Heated Exchange Over Border Wall, Shutdown – video of day
President Trump Cancels Annual White House Holiday Bash For Press
Despite 92% Negative Press… President Trump Approval Tops Obama by 5 Points At Same Point in His Presidency
McCotter: China Is ‘Building Communism’ in America with Technology, Finance – Huawei Is a ‘Front Group’ for the ‘Chinese Communist Govt.’
President Trump Cancels Annual White House Holiday Bash For Press
THE REAL COLLUSION: Obama’s FBI Paid More on Russian Dirt and Fake News in 2016 Election Than Russia Did
This Democratic Congressman Just Said He Would Love To Regulate Content Of Speech
Judge Overseeing General Flynn Sentencing Dismissed Similar Case in 2009 Due to Fraudulent 302 Documents and DOJ “Misconduct”
Spill in Mexico seNding Millions of Gallons of Sewage Into Coastal Waters Off California
OUTRAGE! Obama, Comey, Brennan Deep State Spied on Trump Daughter and Businesswoman Ivanka Trump
Missing Marine Crew Declared Dead
Fired FBI Director James Comey Calls on Americans to “Use Every Breath We Have” to Oust President Trump
Prepare For President Trump To Call Upon American Citizens To Defend The Republic Against The Lawless Deep State
TUCKER CARLSON: Dems' Case Against Trump Is a 'Screw You' to America
Corsi Sues Mueller for Hundreds of Millions
Bush Funeral: An Orwellian Space Opera
Hating Your Own Country: Teaching U.S. Kids to Loathe America
Supreme Court Gives Victory To Planned Parenthood In Medicaid Case
Trump Says Stormy Payments Weren't Campaign-Related; Finance Expert Agrees
VICTORIA TOENSING: Why Has Mueller Ignored Obama Administration Crimes?
Comey Says Trump Wasn't Among 'Four Americans' Targeted in FBI Probe – HOLLY NOTE: Though Comey didn't name those targeted, news pundits believe those targeted were Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos, and Carter Page. 
Comey Claims He Saw No 'Indication of Bias' From Strzok, Testimony Reveals
Comey – a Disgrace to the FBI, Won't Answer Key Questions on Clinton Email Scandal
Comey Lied
Full Transcript of James Comey's Testimony on Capitol Hill – HOLLY NOTE: For a guy who could 'remember' enough bad stuff about President Trump to write a best selling book and enrich himself, suddenly can't remember all kinds of things about Hillary Clinton's emails, the Steele dossier and other things on the other side of the ledger. Comey experienced incredible memory loss during Friday's closed-door hearing responding:
"I don't know" – 156 times
"I can't recall" – 8 times
"I can't remember" – 72 times
Lindsey Graham Vows Investigation of Alleged FISA Abuse as Senate Judiciary Chairman
Ocasio-Cortez Threatens to Run For President By Misquoting the Constitution
Army-Navy Game’s Stunning National Anthem Rendition Puts Every Kneeling NFL Player to Shame
Every American Should Listen to the Military Chaplain's Prayer Before the Army-Navy Game
Another Kavanaugh Accuser Admits to Fabricating Rape Story
Congress Passes Short-Term Funding Bill, Puts Shutdown Showdown Off Until Dec. 21
McCabe, Rosenstein Opened Secret Obstruction Probe Into Trump After He Told Comey to Drop Flynn Investigation: Report
Comey to Testify on Russia, Clinton Emails Before House Committees Behind Closed Doors
Clinton Foundation on the Hot Seat for Potential Misappropriation of Funds
President Trump Confirms He'll Pick Barr to Return As Attorney General, Nauert to Follow Haley at UN
John Kelly Expected To Resign In Coming Days: CNN
Jeb Bush: 'Gracious' Trump 'Couldn't Have Been Nicer' After My Father's Death
Trump Hosts Holocaust Survivors At White House Hanukkah Reception
77 Years Ago, a Date That Still Lives in Infamy December 7, 2018 – What Would The Snowflakes of Today Do if Pearl Harbor Happened This Morning?
Time for Some Good News
The Democratic Establishment Is Trying Very Hard To Make Beto 2020 Happen, But First You Should Read…
The Real Beto O’Rourke
Warren's Home-Town Paper, Boston Globe, to Warren: Lie-A-Watha...Don't Run in 2020
DNC Chair Laments Influence of Church on Voters
Nebraska Principal Reportedly Bans Candy Canes, Says 'J shape' Stands for Jesus
California Teacher Who Sang National Anthem While Forcibly Cutting Student's Hair Is Arrested
Minnesota State University Professor Asserts That Mary ‘Didn’t Give Consent,’ Accuses God of Being Predatory
Trump Is Still Taking Heat from Liberals for the Way He Prayed at Bush’s Funeral
Homeless Man Arrested for Randomly Pushing Man Under Wheels of Oncoming Truck
Solomon: FBI email chain may show evidence of FISA abuses – video
California Democrat Accepts Top Aide's Resignation After His $400G Harassment Settlement Is Revealed
It's a Lie — Except When Obama Says It – HOLLY NOTE: Yesterday I watched all of the Bush funeral service as Stan was still out of town. It's surprising that no one has yet remarked on Obama's attitude. While all of the remaining and current Presidents and their spouses sat together, respectfully composed and in postures of humility, there was Obama for a great majority of the time with his snoot in the air. It's not camera angle as most of the shots were shown straight on and Obama's nose was equally in the air.
Two of the Best George HW Bush Eulogies – videos
George W. Bush: To Us, Dad Was Close To Perfect – video
Al Simpson: You Would Have Wanted H.W. Bush on Your Side – video
Republicans Hacked After Hiring The Democrats' Cyber-Security Firm, Crowdstrike
Flynn Sentencing Memo Reveals The Sham That Is The Mueller Investigation
Growing List of Top Republicans Who Say Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Ordered Jamal Khashoggi’s Killing
A Handshake From Donald and a Kiss From Melania: The Trumps Visit With the Bushes to Honor the 41st President - Burying Years of Tension Between The Families
George H.W. Bush's Service Dog Sully Visits His Casket in the Capitol Rotunda - Joining Veterans, Son Neil, the Emir of Kuwait, CIA Leaders, Peyton Manning And Others Gathered to Pay Their Respects
Trump Legal Team Makes Case to Prosecute Comey, Others For Lying After Cohen Guilty Plea
John Dingell, Longest-Serving Congressman, Wants to ‘Abolish the Senate’ and Electoral College – HOLLY NOTE: Dirty Dingell wants to abolish them precisely for the reason they were created – so big states can't ride rough-shod over smaller ones. Funny he never brought this up during his 50+ years in Congress.
Meghan McCain Snaps After Joy Behar Bashes Trump in Segment Honoring Bush: 'I Don't Care!'
Joy Behar Threatened to Leave 'The View' After Fight With 'Entitled Bitch' Meghan McCain
Daily Beast’s Woodruff: Dems ‘Lining Up’ to Get on Nadler’s Committee Anticipating Impeachment
U.S. Asserts Authority at NATO in Stinging Criticism Over European Capitulation to Iran, China, Russia
Trump Admin Vows Penalties for European Countries Doing Business With Iran
Avenatti: My Family Won’t Let Me Run for President
Here Are All Of Joe Biden's Gaffes In One Convenient Clip – video
Liz Peek: Trump Scores Big Wins at the G-20
6 'Deep Staters' Tried to Infiltrate Trump Camp in 2016 – 'The Question Now Is, Who Sent Them And Why?'
Tucker Carlson: The Mueller Probe Continues to Hurt People Who Have No Connection to Russian Spying
Jason Chaffetz: Why Is Michael Cohen Prosecuted When Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and Lois Lerner Were Not?
President Trump – and Our Veterans – Are Winning Against An Entrenched VA Bureaucracy
Bush Family Wants Trump Welcome At Funeral, No Replay of McCain Service
Here We Go: Gun Control Advocates In California Now Want to Tax Semi-Automatic Firearms
SAFE SPACE: University In Michigan Arms Its Students With Hockey Pucks As Protection Against Possible Active Shooter Attack
Supreme Court Turns Down Challenge To The Border Wall
Machine Gaffe Biden: ‘I Think I’m The Most Qualified To Be President’ – HOLLY NOTE: We still remember Biden grinning during the health care signing ceremony and him caught on a hot mic saying to Obama, "This is a big f*cking deal!" Yes, the American public getting hustled was and is a big deal. How the public was so blind to not question Pelosi's statement, "We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it," is still a mystery. Mass hypnosis?
Boy, 9, Gets Colorado Town To Legalize Snowball Fights
James Comey to Comply With Subpoena, Sit Down With Lawmakers Behind Closed Doors
3 Charged, Including Exec With Past Ties To Clintons, In Alleged Scheme To Defraud Pentagon
Elizabeth Warren: Trump Is Face of White Nationalism, Domestic Terror
Broward Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes Rescinds Resignation, Vows Fight ‘to the Very End’
FBI Training Rattles Neighbors Near Vacant Shoreline Apartments
NYC Mayor de Blasio Booed At Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony
Trump Expects Next Meeting With Kim Jong Un In January Or February, Has Talked About 3 Sites
Exposing the Swamp Currently Occupying the White House – video
Week 13 Proves Unlucky As NFL Continues to Struggle with Attendance
Fox, National Geographic investigating sexual misconduct accusations against Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Sarah Palin Tells (Lack of) Joy Behar ‘Suck It Up, Cupcake’ After Kid Rock Jab
NSF Has Spent $62.5 Million on ‘Intersectionality’ and STEM Under Current Director – 'Workshops on allies, inclusive classrooms, and microaggressions'
George H.W. Bush’s Last Words Were To Son George W. Bush
Read My Lips: Media's Love For George H.W. Bush More About Hatred of Donald Trump
Jesse Ventura: Donald Trump 'Will Not Have a Chance' If I Run for President – HOLLY NOTE: Wouldn't we love this guy representing the United States of America on the world stage. He must have suffered too many head blows during his WrestleMania career. Since Ventura divides his home life between the U.S. and Baja, Mexico, maybe he just toked too much loco weed.
Sen. Tim Scott Reportedly To Oppose Trump Judicial Pick Thomas Farr, Dooming Nomination
Trump to Snub Putin at G-20 Summit
The Obamas Just Got $232 Million Richer - Here's How They Did It Without You Noticing
ONCE AGAIN… Deep State Crooks Drop MAJOR BOMB on President Trump Before Critical Meetings with Foreign Leaders
Obama Takes Credit for U.S. Oil-And-Gas Boom: ‘That Was Me, People’ – HOLLY NOTE: Sure it was… This from the guy who shut down the coal industry, put enormous funds into 'green' projects that failed spectacularly and slapped on staggering regulations that killed some businesses entirely while hogtying others to the point of slow strangulation. Yeah, Obama, this oil-and-gas boom is all you.
Trump Threatens To 'Hit [Dems] So Hard' By Declassifying 'Devastating' Documents Relating To Special Counsel
Dan Bongino - Obama, Mueller and the Biggest Scam in American History – video of day
Here's What To Make Of The Jerome Corsi-Roger Stone Saga
Mueller Protection Bill Falls Short in Senate
It Returns: Hillary Is Back To Coughing All Over The Place Again
Sick Puppy: Illinois Democrat Wishes Death Upon GOP Colleague's Family...Because She Disagrees With Him
Will Patriotism Become a Hate Crime?
86th Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting
White Liberals 'Patronize' Minorities By Downplaying Competence -- Conservatives Don't: Study
Hillary Clinton Aide Went On Fox With No Pants On, Yelled Bizarre Rant At Trump Campaign Surrogate
Hannity: Russia Probe Bombshell Falls Flat – video of day
Clintons’ Speaking Tour Event In Toronto Had 83% of the Seats Empty
Melania Trump Unveils Christmas at the White House 2018
Anybody Looking At What’s Happening To Europe?
It’s Time to Rethink The Department of Homeland Security – Why Is DHS Ramping Up in Afghanistan and Syria When Our Own Borders Are Unprotected
Border Wall Battle Boosts Chances Of Government Shutdown – HOLLY NOTE: There is no explanation of where this section of border wall is located, but looking at its meager height shows it to be wholly inadequate. Additionally, people can turn their feet sideways for easy foot "steps" all the up the metal. Like many areas where there even is a wall, it's more of a 'thought and a hope'p that an actual effective wall.
Here’s The List: The Top 10 Crimes Committed by the Corrupt and Conflicted Mueller Investigative and Legal Team!
Author Dr. Jerome Corsi Speaks Out on Mueller Witch Hunt – Plans to File Suit Against Special Counsel
Unhinged John Brennan Threatens Trump, Says He Could Be Deposed
Another Hate-Trump Show Cancelled: Murphy Brown
Wow! Teacher Evacuates Classroom Because Student Is Wearing MAGA Hat — Calls Kid an “Assh*le” in Front of Class
Thanks to Incoming Muslim Rep, Congress Expected to Allow Hijabs on House Floor
Even Independents Don’t Want Illegal Migrant Caravan Invaders
Europeans Bet on Trump in 2020
He’s Running: Bernie Sanders Says He Will Run in 2020 If He’s ‘the Best Candidate to Beat Trump’
Some Things Never Change – Unhinged Democrats Hang Nooses at MS State Capitol Day Before Election
Obama’s Mao Balls Get Pitched into Trash Heap of History – Patriotism Is Back In the White House
Is Justice Roberts an 'Obama Judge'?
PSA Encourages Kids to Steal Parents' Guns, Hand Over to TeachersE
Jeff Flake to Harass GOP One More Time on Judicial Nominees
Monica Lewinsky Says Bill Clinton Hinted She Should Perjure Herself, Arranged a Farewell Christmas Tryst Before Dumping Her
Highlight of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2018 Featured Lesbians Kissing From Broadway Hit Show ‘The Prom’
Trump Submits Responses To Special Counsel’s Questions in Russia Probe
Thanksgiving: More Than a Day of Gratitude, a Day of Prayer
Medal of Honor Recipient: Thanksgiving -- Let's Remember We Are Home Thanks to Those Who Answered The Call
Almost a Year After The Congressional ‘Creep List’ Became Public Knowledge, We Might Finally See Some Reforms
Trump Pardons 2 Turkeys: Peas and Carrots – (Not Crooked Hillary and Lyin' Leaking Comey)
Brutal and Pragmatic Honesty – President Trump Releases Statement on Kashoggi and Saudi Arabia
AAA Warns of Record-Breaking Traffic This Thanksgiving - And Predicts the WORST Times to Hit The Road In Every City
Trump’s Approval Rating On Economy Ticks Up To New High of 53% – Every President's Best Rating From Ronald Reagan Through Barack Obama Only Hit 45%
Barack Obama could be STRIPPED of Nobel Peace Prize – and Given To Trump Instead
Orange County’s Booming Foreign-Born Population Coincides with Democrat Electoral Sweep
Democrats to Investigate Why Trump Wants U.S. Citizens Counted on 2020 Census
Why Has The Democratic Party Gone Mad?
6 Arrested During 'Civil Disturbance' in Portland – Chants of "Women-Hating Sexist Trolls, Go Crawl Back Into Your Holes!" – HOLLY NOTE: This slugging, purple-haired spitter is pretty hard to like.
A ‘Cinderella Story’: How This Year’S White House Christmas Tree Came to Washington
Trump Says He Will Submit Answers to Mueller Next Week
Trump Considering Changes at 3 to 5 Cabinet Positions
Broward County 'Misplaces' 2,040 Votes
Democrat Bill Nelson Concedes Defeat to GOP's Rick Scott After Recount, Bitter Florida Race
GONE! Brenda Snipes Submits Resignation
Brenda Snipes Blames Racism for Widespread Backlash Against Her — Not Her Incompetence
Ocasio Cortez Launches Far Left “Justice Democrats” – Calls for Overthrow of Incumbent Democrats – HOLLY NOTE: Democrats of even 2 decades ago that most Conservatives didn't agree with then, would now be a welcome sight. Progressives are going over the cliff and way beyond plain ole socialism. One can't fault Ocasio Cortez for enthusiasm, but her ideas belong in a Communist country and she's determined to remake the Democrat party. – video
Stacey Abrams Accuses GOP Governor-Elect Kemp of “Compromising Our System” and Rigging Election After She Loses by 54,000 Votes – HOLLY NOTE: There was a day not long ago when people lost a competition, they gave a graceful congratulatory speech to the other side and let it go. Now, it's another fight where there can be no losers, just a hissy fit. The tie between 'grown-ups' acting this way and the Politically Correct not allowing anyone to fail in school, (everyone has to receive a trophy just for showing up) is apparent. People are missing the life lesson that sometimes we lose.
Trump Tweets 'Little Adam Schitt' – HOLLY NOTE: Thank heavens for humor or we'd all be hanging out in rubber rooms. Trump will cetainly receive a boatload of backlash for this tweet.
The Obamas are 'Becoming' a Billion-Dollar Brand
Marines to Arrest 60K US Leaders – HOLLY NOTE: Listen with discretion and discernment. – video of week
Rise of Big Cities Push Texas to Swing-State Territory — Maybe By 2020
‘Nothing on This Page Is Real… The More Extreme We Become, The More People Believe It': How Lies Become Truth in Online America
Florida Orders First Ever Statewide Hand-Recounts As Legal Fights Continue
Florida Recount: Andrew Gillum Won't Concede, Gains Just 1 Vote on Ron DeSantis
Hillary Clinton Must Answer Key Email Questions, Federal Judge Orders
Civil War in the US
The UN Wants to be Our World Government By 2030
Bette Midler Slammed For Vulgar Caption Of Old Melania Trump Modeling Photo
Judge Rules Jim Acosta Can Have His Press Pass Back
Thanks, NeverTrumpers. Are You Happy Now?
Rod Rosenstein’s Wife Lisa Barsoomian Exposed As Long term Clinton Attorney – video
Lisa Barsoomian, Rod Rosenstein’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
Piers Morgan on Hollywood's Hatred of Trump – video
Kevin McCarthy Beats Jim Jordan for House Leadership
Top Pence Aide Resurfaces As Leading Candidate To Replace Kelly
SINCE ELECTION DAY: Democrats Pick Off Over a Dozen GOP House Seats and 2 Senate Seats… And They’re Going for More
Gingrich Slams Democrats for ‘Long Tradition of Stealing Elections’
Macron Is Wrong, There's Nothing Wrong With Populist Nationalism, American-Style
Creepy Porn Lawyer Avenatti Arrested For Domestic Violence
Judge to Rule Thursday at 3 PM on Jim Acosta’s White House Hard Press Pass
20,000 Drunk-Driving Convictions Could Be Tossed After N.J. State Trooper Charged With Tampering
Minnesota's Newly Elected Somali Muslim Congresswoman Now Says She Supports BDS - After Elections – HOLLY NOTE: BDS is Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel.
THE STILL REPORT: Justice Ginsburg Will Retire In January 2019
Nationalism and Patriotism Don't Have to Be Opposites
Retired Marine Makes It His Mission to Get Former Homeless Veterans On Track
Gun Control Lobby Sees Midterm Elections As Turning Point In Battle Against NRA
Florida Election Fraud's Hidden Gun-control Agenda
Democrats Did Not Take the House
A Glimpse Into a World Without Men
Clueless Ocasio-Cortez Doesn’t Understand Dem Corporatist Strategy, Attacks Amazon HQ Deal
Privacy Concerns as Google Absorbs DeepMind’s Health Division
FBI Says Hate Crimes Against Jews in the US Rose By 37% Last Year
Extreme Code Pink Sinema Wins AZ Senate
The Math: It's Almost Certain That Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis Have Won in Florida
Exclusive Poll: Most Democrats See Republicans as Racist, Sexist
Children to Become “Critical Agents of Change” With Agenda 2030
Thousands of Veterans Fail to Receive GI Bill Benefits Due to IT Glitches
The $5 Billion Election: How The 2018 Midterms Became The Most Expensive in History
Hundreds of Volunteers Carry, Hang a 400-Pound Flag Across Utah Canyon in Tribute to Maj. Brent Taylor on Veterans Day
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– video
Pelosi and the WRAP UP SMEAR Tactic – Short video reveals how dishonest Dems are and how they do it – straight out of Pelosi's mouth. – video of day
Will Trump be the Last Republican President?
Top Facebook Exec Fired 'for Supporting Trump' – Leftist Company Accused of Purging Office Based on Politics
American Flag Survives Wildfire That Destroyed Entire Neighborhood
Washington Post Publishes Op-Ed by Iranian Terror Group That Calls for "Death to America"
Two Dem Heavyweights Claim Hillary Is a Lock to Win The 2020 Dem Nomination
Black Panthers’ “Constitution” – Brace Yourselves
Pelosi’s Struggles to Reach 218 Votes for House Speaker – Democrat Schrader: ‘Anybody But Her’
Pelosi-led Dems Aim 'Subpoena Cannon' at Trump, GOP as They Prepare To Take Charge
Ending Tense Weekend in France, Trump Honors Friendship ‘Sealed in Battle’
Veterans Fought For Our Right To Vote – Don’t Let Florida Election Officials Take It Away
Modern Warriors: A Veteran's Day Special – Remarkable story of 4 American heroes: 2 SEALS, a soldier and a Marine. Each share their history, what they experienced and what it's like to be a civilian again. – video
Invasion by Mob: The Democrat Plan to Win the 2020 Election
Third Time's the charm: Hillary Clinton Giving Serious Consideration To Losing Another White House bid in 2020
Stolen Valor: 'Better Call Saul' Actor Admits Severing Arm to Land War Veteran TV Roles
Hilton: Macron Is Completely Wrong On Nationalism – video
Church Loses Polling License Over Sign Rebuking Christians Who Vote for Democrats
Tucker Carlson Accuses Michael Avenatti Client of Calling His Daughter 'Whore' – and Worse
Former SEAL Jocko Willink: My Veterans Day Message
Mysteriously 'Found' Ballots in Dem Strongholds in Florida, Arizona Threaten Election Day Results
Florida Official Overseeing Vote Count Destroyed Ballots, Accused of Not Removing Dead Voters from Rolls
Districts with Large Foreign-Born Populations Sent Far-Left Democrats to Congress
California Has 4.5 Million Ballots Left to Count. That Could Spell Trouble for GOP
Newt Gingrich The One Big Thing Liberal Media Never Told You About Trump and the Midterms
Antifa Expands Its Hit List As Political Violence Escalates
Larry King SHOCKER: ‘CNN Stopped Doing News a Long Time Ago’
Video: Poll Worker Caught Advising 'Vote Democrat': 'America Is at a Dark Age Right Now'
Trump Asks Pence to Be His Running Mate Again
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Fractures 3 Ribs in Fall at Court, Admitted To Hospital
12 Dead, Including Sheriff’s Sergeant, After Gunman, Also Deceased, Opens Fire at 'College Night' Bar Event in California
Bar Patron Thankful to Be Alive After California Shooting – video
Hero Saves as Many as 30 People During Thousand Oaks Shooting
'You Can't Do It Quietly': Top Democrat Overheard Discussing Kavanaugh Impeachment Plans
Trump Opens Door To Declassifying Russia Docs, And His New Acting Attorney General Could Be On Board
Newly Emboldened Democrats Want Healthcare Protected – and Trump Impeached
Jeff Sessions Resigns from Attorney General Post at Trump's Request – HOLLY NOTE: As President Trump commented (paraphrased), If Jeff Sessions were going to recuse himself from the Russian collusion investigation at the get-go, he should never have accepted the position of Attorney General. Sessions has been as effective, productive and supportive of Trump as a piece of 1-ply Kleenex. This resignation wasn't a surprise. For months we've posted news about Sessions' reticence to do his job and Trump's unhappiness about same. Then just Tuesday, news came out that Trump was going to be replacing people after midtems. He did. Far from this being unexpected, according to Tom Dupree, Former Deputy Asst. Attorney General, Sessions' departure was "the least surprising personnel change in the history of the Republic."
Nancy Pelosi Damns Dark Money After Dark Money Groups Help Make Her Speaker
Trump Accuses Black PBS Reporter: 'That’s Such a Racist Question' – HOLLY NOTE: We watched this 90-minute presser and she was deliberately race-baiting – as persistent as cancer. The 'real fun' didn't start until CNN's Fake News reporter Jim Acosta thoroughly disgraced himself – even by the assessment of Fox News very lefty Chris Wallace. Even in this day of reporters knowing no bounds, Acosta went over the wall and off the planet. It was like the devil prodded Acosta with a pitchfork and he just couldn't shut his face.
Trump Calls CNN's Jim Acosta 'a Rude, Terrible Person'
Acosta Embarrasses Himself and Refuses to Relinquish the Mic 
Acosta's Press Pass Suspended By White House
Probably Trump's Best-ever, Most Interesting Presser – video
'It's Personal': Ingraham Says the Left Is 'Putting Blinders' on Trump's Success
Left-Wingers Mob Tucker Carlson's Home: 'We Know Where You Sleep at Night!' 
Pro-Life Win in West Virginia
Could Papadopoulos Blow the Russia Hoax Wide Open?
Colorado Elects First Openly Gay Governor 
Related: After Documented Violent Assault on Female Employee Jared Polis Shutz Changes His Name to Jared Polis
Related: Jared Polis: To Know Him Is To Loathe Him – flashback 
Dred Scott Continues to Cause Difficulties for the United States
Robert Mueller’s Amoral Abuse Of Power For The Elite
MSNBC Called Florida Governor Race for Gillum – a Day Early and Was Wrong – Again
Hateful Dems and the Longer Term Future
Non-Citizens Voting In Texas? "We Got Tons Of Them" Admits Polling Official On Undercover Veritas Video
82-year-old First-Time Voter Cast All-GOP Ballot to Help 'Drain the Swamp' Before Dying
The 2018 Midterm Elections Aren't Just About Candidates, They're Also About Respect, Sovereignty, Rule of Law
Media Collusion Leading to Collision?
The Fourth Turning & War Of The Worlds
CIA's ‘Surveillance State’ Is Operating Against Us All
Finally, the FCC Is Cracking Down on Caller ID Spoofing
American Jews Are Up In Arms And Getting Armed
Female Panthers Fan Uses Men’s Urinal During Game
Racism on the Rise
Last Stop Before Vote: Trump Holds Missouri Rally with Rush
Limbaugh – ‘Deplorables the Greatest People on Earth,’ ‘Loyal and Faithful to You’

Trump Implores Voters to Protect GOP Gains: ‘Stop the Radical Resistance in Its Tracks’
AMAZING PHOTOS: Trump Brings A-Team to Missouri: Limbaugh, Hannity, Lee Greenwood, Ivanka, Judge Jeanine, Kellyanne, Sarah Sanders, GOP Leader Ronna McDaniel
In the Most Important Election in American History Here Are 25 Reasons to NEVER Vote for a Democrat
Trump Pauses Missouri Campaign Rally After Woman Collapses, and Urged the Crowd to "Say a Little Prayer," – They Do, and Then Break Out in 'Amazing Grace' – video
Obama Closes Out Campaign By Talking About Himself 89 Times – HOLLY NOTE: Trump, especially in the last 6 weeks, hit many more rallies and speaking engagements than Obama, held 11 rallies in 6 days, is 15 years older, but has 5 times the strength and stamina. He first proved that on the campaign trail in 2016. It continues today and the President is putting all that energy into helping America and Americans.
It's Election Day: Here Are the Biggest Issues for Voters
Key Races To Watch In The 2018 Midterm Elections
President Trump Warns Illegal Voters "You Will Be Prosecuted"
Thousands of Seats Remain Empty as NFL Season Enters Second Half
With Nothing Less Than the Future of Our Country in the Balance, Mid-Term Elections Could Bring More Crazy to Congress or Martial Law and Civil War to America - Democratic Pollster Of Potential Nightmare: 'Democrats Now In Bed Wetting Phase' 
Donald Trump Vows Cabinet Changes Coming After Midterms
Dobson: Christians Must Vote or 'God Help Us All' – 'We Have It Within Our Power to Protect Our Constitution'
CALEXIT: California Lost More Residents To Other States Than It Got Last Year
Ted Malloch: A Prayer for This Nation in its Hour of Need
Under Obama, the CIA Suffered a 'Catastrophic' Disaster – Why Are We Just Hearing About This Now?
Alec Baldwin’s Nosedive: Actor Sinks Into Ratings Gutter for Sunday Prime-Time Shows
Massive Crowd Comes for Trump’s Late-Election Push in Georgia
WOW! LINES OF PEOPLE FOR AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE!… Massive Crowd Turns Out for Trump MAGA Rally in Macon, Georgia – HOLLY NOTE: President Trump asked the media 4 times to turn their cameras around so the audience could see the thousands of people in attendance, but they refused and got booed by the crowd.
AMAZING! People Started Lining Up Saturday Afternoon For Sunday's Trump Rally in Chattanooga, Tennessee (After Georgia Event)
Lawsuit: 100,000 Noncitizens Registered to Vote in Pennsylvania
Democrat Top Dog Notorious Antisemite Farrakhan Leads ‘Death to America’ Chant in Iran
Armed Black Panthers Lobby for Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Stacey Abrams
Brian Kemp’s Office Opens ‘Cyber Crimes’ Investigation into Georgia Democrats
Frightening: Maxine Waters, Schiff Among High-Profile Dems Poised to Control Committees If House Flips
Woman Who Claimed Brett Kavanaugh Raped Her Now Admits She Never Met Him – “Her Actions Were Part of a Ploy to Take Down Kavanaugh’s Nomination” and "As a Way to Grab Attention"
Trump Challenges Dems After Kavanaugh Accuser Admits Making False Rape Claims
What’s The Point Of Citizenship Anymore? – HOLLY NOTE: Signage in Spanish?
Man Forces His Way into Her House — She Grabbed a Gun
Why Bill Clinton May Be Banned from the Democrat Campaign Trail – NYT Carries Story That 'No One Wants' Former President on the Stump — His Absence Is Noted, as Are Hillary's Ambitions
By Threatening Domestic Peace, Liberals Cement The Comparison
Herschel Walker Calls for CNN to Take Don Lemon Off Air
The Real Meaning of American Citizenship
'SNL' Mocks GOP Candidate Who Lost An Eye In Afghanistan
"God Bless America" Flash Mob with The Denver Brass – video
Mark Levin UNLEASHED Puts the Media Attacks on Trump in Perspective – video
RED WAVE RISING: Voting to Date and Trump Rallies Indicate MASSIVE REPUBLICAN TURNOUT for Mid-Terms
Missouri UPDATE: 27,000 Turn Out to See President Trump in 50° and Drizzle – Some Walking Up to 3 Miles from Car
3-Minute Dose of Schadenfreude: Hilarious Compilation of Media Announcing Trump’s Imminent Political Demise
The Next 3 Days Hold the Key to America’s Survival
Andrew Gillum Dismisses Scandals as 'Distractions,' 'Sideshows' in Florida Governor Race
O’Keefe Gets Results–> Gillum Responds to Undercover Video of Campaign Staffer Calling Florida a ‘F*cked Up Cracker State’
Florida Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Gillum Must Be Defeated
3 Things Democrats Will Do If They Win the House
KA-CHING! Kavanaugh Accuser Who Had ‘Nothing To Gain’ Raises Nearly $1 Million, Fields Book Offers
Trump Administration Announces Drop in Veterans' Homelessness
Democrats Work to Dilute the Strength of Legitimate Ballots: Wrecking the Vote – HOLLY NOTE: Which is why it's critical that every single American vote.
Democrats Reel in 'Dark Money,' Swamp GOP Incumbents With Online Fundraising
Hillary Clinton’s Most Loyal Aide Now Wants Creepy Porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti in 2020
Plurality of Florida, Indiana, Arizona Voters: Migrant Caravan a Threat to the Nation
Americans Say Media Divide Us More Than Trump, New Poll Finds
Battleground Voters: Trump’s Nationalist GOP ‘America First,’ Democrats Prefer Foreigners
Better Off Now? Trump's Unreported List of Accomplishments – Voters Have Hundreds of Promises Kept to Evaluate BEFORE Next Tuesday
Democrat Harry Reid: Migrants – Not Americans – Are the ‘Lifeblood’ of America
Democrats Promise American Horror Story if They Win in November
Veritas Bombshell: Gillum Staffer Admits Candidate Far-Left, Says Florida A ‘F***ed Up’ ‘Cracker State’ – video
Gillum Used City Funds For Private Travel, Docs Show, in Latest Finance Snafu For Insurgent Florida Dem
'We Didn't Once Blame Obama': Haley Urges Americans to 'Stop the Blame' in Pittsburgh Massacre
Trouble for Tester? Libertarian Drops Out In Montana, Endorses Republican
The Secret Meeting Planned Coup Against President Trump To Takeover
Trump Gives The All-Clear For Iran Oil Sanctions To Kick in Sunday Night
Federal Grand Jury Slaps Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Suspect With 44-Count Indictment
You Won’t Be Able to #Resist These New Ben & Jerry’s Woke Ice Cream Flavors
NBC Reporter Tries, Fails to Explain Why She Sat On Exculpatory Kavanaugh Evidence
Amid Legal Debate Over Executive Action, Lindsey Graham Talks Up Legislation to End Birthright Citizenship
President Trump and First Lady Melania Visit Pittsburgh Synagogoe to Honor Tree of Hope Victims
Porn-Watching USGS Employee Infected Government Networks With Russian Malware, IG Says
CNN Slammed as ‘Disgraceful’ After Jake Tapper Silent When Guest Says Trump Radicalized More People Than ISIS
Actor James Cromwell Warns of ‘Revolution’: ‘There Will Be Blood in the Streets’ If Democrats Lose
Streisand 'Thinking' About Moving To Canada – Again – If Dems Don’t Prevail
Trick Or Trump
Why Does the Media Let Obama Get Away With Such Bald Faced Lying on the Stump?
What’s The Best Reason To Vote Republican In November Midterms? Hillary Clinton Said ‘I’d Like To Be President’ If Democrats Win Big
Democrats Icy on Hillary Clinton's 2020 Wish: 'It Is Time For a Change'
Hillary Clinton Says of African-Americans, ‘They All Look Alike’
Kunstler: Midterms Will Mark A Shift From "Total Culture War" To "All-Out Civil War"
Now Hiring Citizen Militia... – video of day
Mail-Bombing Suspect Created Detailed List Of 100 Potential Targets, Prosecutors Say
White House: Trump to Travel Today to Pittsburgh After Synagogue Massacre
Sarah Sanders Blasts Reporters Blaming Trump For Violent Acts: 'Outrageous'
Bipartisan Senate Group Meets Weekly 'in a Spirit of Humility and Prayer,' Sen. Chris Coons Says
Tom Steyer Just Took His Attacks On Trump To A Whole New Level
'Big Bang Theory' Asks For God's Help With Election Against 'A Fascist, Hate-Filled, Fear-Mongering' Ruler
Bullets Fired Into Republican Headquarters in Florida
‘I Moved The Embassy – and I’m anti-Semitic?’
San Francisco Spent $310K to Register 49 Illegals to Vote
Texas Early Voters Say Voting Machines Are Flipping Votes – video
Newt Gingrich Examines What's at Stake This Election – video of week
#WalkAway Movement Urges Disgruntled Democrats to Leave The Party
Mainstream Media Ignore Over 5,000 WalkAways…
‘Blexit’: Kanye West Calls For Blacks to Abandon Democrats
Trump Interviews Minority Woman to Replace Brett Kavanaugh on DC Circuit
UN-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE: Protesters Heckle Marsha Blackburn During Moment of Silence for Tree of Life Victims
After Synagogue Massacre, Democrats Must Denounce Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan and Apologize for Associating With Him and Nation of Islam
America Under Siege From Within
Retired Green Beret Warns Mainstream Media Is a Tool For Destroying America
Arrest Made in Florida in Connection to Package Bombs
Grassley Refers Avenatti, Swetnick to DOJ for Criminal Investigation
NYT Publishes New Fictional Story of Trump’s Assassination… Where’s the Outrage?
Flashback: Pelosi Furiously Denied Liberal Rhetoric Played Role in Mass Assassination Attempt Against GOP Congressmen
Trump Critics Adam Schiff, Brad Sherman Face Angry Crowd at Debate in Burbank
Trump Blames Media For American Anger: 'Mainstream Media Must Clean Up Its Act, FAST!'
Sarah Sanders: Media Has 'Role to Play' in Ending Division
Why No One Trusts The Media to Get The Bombing Story Right
The 'Voter ID Is Racist' Con
Mega Millions is Safer than Our Election System
YOU'RE FIRED! Megyn Kelly Out at 'Today,' Will Still Collect $69 Million
Couple Falls 7,500 Feet to Their Deaths in Yosemite, Just Days After Photographer's Proposal Snap of Same Overlook Went Viral
Pelosi, Schumer Slam Trump as He Calls For Unity Over Explosive Devices Sent to Dems, CNN – HOLLY NOTE: They will never give the President the an inch, never stop their vitriol even when he reaches out. So who's being divisive?
"Huge Clue" - Several Bombs Sent Out Today with ZERO Detonations - Very Suspicious – HOLLY NOTE: Evidence they were just a distraction taking voters' eyes off the illegal immigrant issue, a blistering hot economy and Kavanaugh. Others concur - see next item.
False Flag, Inoperable, Made for TV 'Mail Bomb' This Is Not a Bomb....IT IS a MEDIA PROP - Look!
Deep State Rolls Out Staged “Bomb” Attack on CNN Headquarters, Just as Mike Adams and Alex Jones Publicly Predicted on Multiple Video Broadcasts
More Than Half A Million People: America’s Homelessness Crisis Is Rapidly Exploding On Both Coasts – HOLLY NOTE: Why aren't we taking care of our 554,000 homeless Americans before illegal aliens?
Take a Look at Some of Their Faces…
Colorado Baker At Center of Gay Wedding Cake Case Appears in Campaign Ad
West Virginia Democratic Candidate Was Pagan Witchcraft Cult Leader
HR 1111-The Democrats and the UN Plan to Seize Control of the Government 
Dave Janda - Deep State Lashing Out Because it is Losing – video
'Potential Explosive Devices' Sent to Clintons, Obama Day After Bomb Found in Soros' Mailbox
Time Warner Center Evacuated…
GOP Surges In Key Battleground States, Blunting Dem Hopes For 'Blue Wave'
Trump Turns Tables, Scores Wins Over Russia
Trump Treaty Threat Revives Cold War-Style Nuclear Arms Race – HOLLY NOTE: When did it ever really stop? Russia has certainly never abided by it as they kept their biological and chemical weapons despite Moscow signing the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC). As of 2011, they still had over 17,000 tons of Lewisite, mustard, Lewisite-mustard-mix (HL), Sarin, Soman and VX. For more, see A Brief History of Attempted Russian Assassinations by Poison
Related: Russia Is Expanding Its Nuclear Arsenal to 8000 Warheads and Modernizing Its Underground Bunkers in Preparation For War – HOLLY NOTE: Russia had this planned nearly a year ago.
And This From 2015: Putin: Russia to Boost Nuclear Arsenal With 40 Missiles
Related: Russia’s Nuclear Arsenal Includes 4,350 Warheads That Can Be Delivered Via Long-Range Strategic Launchers in Addition to Shorter-Range Tactical Nuclear Forces
Trump Promises Nuclear Buildup, Warns Russia Not to ‘Play Games’
Trump, Khashoggi, Soros & The Deep State – video
George Soros and His 'Rented Evangelicals' Outed By Christian Leaders
Stacey Abrams Admits She Burned Georgia State Flag In College
Texas to Investigate Democrats' Mailers Asking Non-Citizens to Register to Vote
QAnon. The QAnon Movement, Why?
From Russian Bolsheviks to American Socialists
Now Drinking Milk a Symbol of ‘White Supremacy’
Texas Smashes Early Voting Record
Brothers Fined $450G for Chopping Down Trees On Their Own Land
Divided Democrats Appear To Avoid Sparring With Trump Over Migrant March As Midterm Nears
Trump Holds Texas Rally as Economy, Immigration Loom Large Among Voters – 18,000 Attendees Alone, Packed Outside with Jumbotrons
'Blue Wave' Warning: Democrats Poised to Slash Defense Spending
'I GOT A LOT TO SAY': Self-Absorbed Obama Refers to Himself 92 Times During 38-Minute NV Speech
Ben Stein: Mitch McConnell Restaurant Hecklers ‘Exactly How the Nazis Started Out’
Creepy Porn Lawyer Avenatti's Bad Day: Evicted From Office, Ordered to Pay $4.85M to Former Employee
Old Joe Biden Thinks He's in Miami During Tampa Campaign Rally
Navy SEAL Charged With War Crimes Considers Suing His Investigators
Elizabeth Warren's Ex-Husband Founded DNA Testing Company
N.Y. Times 'Apoplectic' Over Bold Trump Move
Paid Protest Firm "Crowds On Demand" Sued In $23 Million Extortion Plot
Pelosi: Oh, We'll Use Subpoena Power To Get What We Want From Trump
AMAZING! Over 100,000 RSVPs for Houston Trump Rally with Ted Cruze – Tailgater Set Up Outside to Accommodate Massive Crowd
HUGE! Blocks Long Line of Supporters Camp Out Overnight for Trump Houston #MAGA Rally With Ted Cruz; Outdoor Tailgate Party Started at 9 AM!
POLL: Trump Approval Up, Republicans Leading On Most ‘Important’ Issue
Trump's Approval Now Better Than Obama's Was At First Mid Term Election
The Caravan and Its Organizers Are a Test Case for President Trump, With a Defiant Message That They'll Cross the U.S. Border Any Time They Like, Immigration Laws Be Damned
Man Steps Forward with Sexual Assault Allegations against Sen. Cory Booker — With Lawyer’s Response to Gateway Pundit
Owing Millions to IRS, Creepy Porn Lawyer Avenatti Lived Like a King, Report
Beto O’Rourke Supporters Can’t Name Any Of His Accomplishments – video
Texas Dems Ask Noncitizens to Register to Vote, Send Applications With Citizenship Box Pre-Checked – HOLLY NOTE: This really reveals Dems' character – that they would lie, cheat and break the law in an effort to turn patriotic Texas blue.
Patriotic Americans Must Unite to Defend Our Country’s Foundational Principles
Here's the Bottom Line If Progressives Win in the Midterm Elections – video
Limbaugh on Khashoggi: 'Where Was This Concern for Our Ambassador and 3 Other Men Brutally Murdered in Benghazi?'
Witches Sell Out Event to Publicly Curse Brett Kavanaugh, Still Working to #BindTrump
Tech Giants Pull Off Epic “Bait-And-Switch” In Turning Against Free Speech
Nearly Half Of American Children Don’t Have Married Parents. Here’s Why It Matters.
U.S. Anti-Missile Cyber Defense Could Be Less Effective Than Claimed
Pelosi Warns: Will Be ‘Collateral Damage’ to Those Who Disagree with Us
‘Mansize’ Tissues Rebrand ‘Large’ after Feminist Twitter Complaints
Election Integrity Expert Urges Against Federal Takeover – video
Trump State Department Among Most Diverse in History
Union Members Have Traditionally Supported Democrats, But This Poll Shows a Dramatic Shift
Trump’s List: 289 Accomplishments in Just 20 Months, ‘Relentless’ Promise-Keeping
Treasury Employee Charged With Leaking Financial Info on Trump Team Was Arrested With Flash Drive in Hand, Prosecutors Say
State Department Was Deliberately Misled in Hillary Email Server, Benghazi Lawsuits: 'Shocked' Fed Judge
Rod Rosenstein 'Hiding' From Congress, Mark Meadows Says
Collins Husband: Ricin Threat Specified Kavanaugh Vote
Q - We Are The Plan – video of day
Puerto Rico City Offices Raided For Corruption, and Why Is San Juan's Mouthy Mayor Sounding So Bland? – HOLLY NOTE: Remember all the water and food delivered to Puerto Rico that sat rotting on the tarmac and in warehouses?
The Circus of Confusion and Chaos That Hangs Around Rosenstein Is Deliberate
Mueller Ready To Deliver Core Findings On Trump Probe After Midterms
Fusion GPS Co-Founder Glenn Simpson Pleads the 5th on Capitol Hill – GOP Lawmakers May Hold Him in Contempt
Trump Eviscerates Glenn Simpson as anti-Trump Dossier Director Stonewalls Congress
Trevor Noah Schools Hillary Clinton: 'You're Not in a Position To Be Throwing Stones'
st Century Civil War in America
If Iran Never Leaves Syria, Will America Stay Forever?
Trump Haters Real Goal For All the Riots Is the Elimination of the Electoral College
Liberals Who Say Truck’s Tailgate Is Racist Will Flip When They See Where It Came From
Amazon Gets Patriotic While Google Embraces Censorship
Flipping Congress By The Power Of Beelzebulb
Democrat Suggests 'Guillotines' for Republicans
Common Core 2.0: New Project Activate Program For Mental Health Interventions Begins In Public Schools
Democrat Senator Apologizes For Outing Sexual Assault Victims Without Permission
Bre Payton: Hillary Being in Denial 20 Years Later About Monica Shows Why She Lost
GOP Candidate Blames Restaurant Attack on ‘the Likes of Maxine Waters, Hillary and Eric Holder’
Top GOP Rep. Says FBI Kept Evidence That Could Torpedo Trump Investigation
Antifa Group Puts Severed Pig Heads at Campaign Offices in Texas, Call for "Revolutionary Violence"
Here's How to Fight a Mob
President Trump-60 Minutes Interview: Climate Change, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Christine Blasey Ford, and More – video
U.S. Has 3.5 Million More Registered Voters Than Live Adults — A Red Flag For Electoral Fraud
4 Indicted in Texas ‘Voter Fraud Ring’
“People Just Can’t Know That.” MO Sen. McCaskill Hides Agenda Including “Semi-Automatic Rifle Ban” From Moderate Voters, Staffers Reveal in Undercover Video. It “Could Hurt Her Ability to Get Elected. – video
Letter Threatens Rape, Murder of Republican Female Candidate: 'My Comrades Will Kill You and the Constitution…Socialism Is Here.'
Another Store Boycotts Anthem Protesters, Refuses to Sell NFL Logo Products
‘I Stand for the Flag, I Kneel at the Cross’: PA Dem Forced to Resign After Facebook Posts Deemed Offensive
Jim Brown Offers His 'Very Blunt' Opinion on National Anthem Controversy
Federal Judge Dismisses Stormy Daniels' Defamation Lawsuit Against Trump; President Awarded Legal Fees
Study: 80% of Americans Dislike Political Correctness
Elizabeth Warren May Be Even LESS Native American Than Average U.S. White Person – Warren Is *Possibly* 1/1024 (0.09%) Native American – HOLLY NOTE: Haven't seen too many blond, blue-eyed Indians…
‘Math Error’: Takes 4 Hours to Admit Fauxcahontas' Native DNA Report…
Cherokee Nation Blasts Elizabeth Warren’s DNA Test as ‘Mockery’ and ‘Inappropriate’
Inconvenient Truth: Warren Ancestor Rounded Up Cherokees For Trail of Tears – flashback
Cherokee Genealogist Says Elizabeth Warren’s Not a Cherokee
…Plagiarized “Indian” Recipes from a Famous French Chef for Her Cousin’s Cookbook Titled 'PowWow Chow’
Prominent Native American Activist to Elizabeth Warren: Stop. Just Stop. Please Stop!
Gun Control: 6 Ways Nancy Pelosi Aims to Take Away Firearm Freedoms
Believe All Women Crashes Into Wall: Woman Forced To Apologize After She Falsely Accused 9-Year-Old Of Sexual Assault
Kanye West Brings ‘4D Chess’ to the White House: ‘Kanye About Trump to the Press and Audience: "I Love This Guy Right Here"
More Winning: Trump Nominates Barrage of New Judges, Divided Dems Bow to McConnell
Could California's Decline Spread to the Rest of America? – video
Where’s the Outrage Over Hillary’s Call For a ‘Civil’ War? – HOLLY NOTE: Check the quiet fury and bitterness etched onto her face.
Doctors and Cops Among 277 Arrested in Human Trafficking, Online Prostitution Sting in Florida
Democrat Ammar Campa-Najjar Defends Donation to Radical ‘Islamist’ Group CAIR
Hoo Boy: Democrats' Arizona Senate Nominee Caught on Tape Bashing...Arizona, Mocks ‘Crazy’ Arizonans and ‘Leeching’ Moms
Perino: 'Preposterous' for Ocasio-Cortez to Claim Electoral College 'A Shadow of Slavery's Power'
Brooklyn Witches Host ‘Ritual to Hex Brett Kavanaugh’
Man, 19, Is Accused of Raping 9-Month-Old Girl While His 22-Year-Old Friend Filmed The Attack ET Matthew 24:12
Trump 'Pee On Me' Statuettes Spotted On Brooklyn Sidewalks – HOLLY NOTE: As one person on this page commented, "Keep this sh*t up. The left is showing America what lowlifes they are.' Would you ever have thought even 5 years ago to see such a thing?
John James Tweets A Masterpiece Of American Exceptionalism
Trump's Next Move If Saudis Killed Journalist
Bill's Sexcapades Come Back To Bite The Clintons — Investigation Looming
We Are At War For This Nation: Meet You At The Polls
FBI Raid Thwarts Election Day Bomb Plan
Trump Talks To Press Nearly Nonstop As Wins Pile Up: ‘We’ve Never Had That Kind Of Access’
FBI Refuses to Tell US Senate If Trump’s Phones Are Tapped: ‘Is NSA or FBI Listening In on Our President?’
Obama, GOP Had Secret Plan To Validate Clinton Victory If Trump Didn't Concede
Rod Rosenstein Refuses to Turn Over Subpoenaed Memos – Backs Out of Thursday’s Congressional Hearing
Despite Everyman Image, Beto O’Rourke Twice as Wealthy as Ted Cruz
Former Head of the Justice Dept Eric Holder Rejects Michelle Obama's Call For Civility: 'When They Go Low, We Kick 'Em' 
Red-state Democrat Blasts Clinton's 'cannot Be Civil' Statement as 'Ridiculous'
Court-ordered Pennsylvania Redistricting Gives Democrats Huge Boost In Bid To Flip House
Jimmy Kimmel Takes Cheap Shot at Outgoing U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley – Suggests the Title of Imaginary Tell-All Book Should Be 'Haley's Vomit'
Special Ed Teacher Who Tweeted About Killing Kavanaugh Has Resigned
Hillary Clinton: Allegations Against Bill Are Different Than Those Against Kavanaugh
Senate Orders Trump To Weigh Sanctioning Saudi Arabia
Vulgar “F**k Kavanaugh” Sign Welcomes Locals to South Charlotte Middle School
Rosenstein Was Serious About Taping Trump, Ex-FBI Official Says: Report  
President Trump: Nikki Haley Leaving UN Post at Year’s End, Says She will Campaign for Trump in 2020 – HOLLY NOTE: Shep Smith on Fox News tried to make a 'thing' out of Nikki Haley's 'sudden' decision to leave her position as Ambassador to the UN. It wasn't. According to Rush Limbaugh, Haley told Pres. Trump when she took the position, it would likely be for just 2 years as she'd already served as Governor of S. Carolina for 6 years and in public office for another 6 beyond this. MSM was 'shocked' by her 'surprise' announcement. They had no clue. Sad for them. Smith went on to say that even her staff didn't know. Considering she has a front row seat to witness how government leaks like Swiss cheese, she was wise not to share with them. However, the president knew about her impending department effective at the end of this year, 6 months ago. Shep and the rest of MSM are likely trying to make this into something it's not calling it a 'shockwave' and a 'mystery'. They must have their collective noses out of joint to be left in the dark
Rumor Mill Buzzes About These Possible Haley Replacements – HOLLY NOTE: Ivanka no matter how qualified, is a no-go due to nepotism laws.
A Bitter Michelle Obama Whines That America Had a GREAT President Before Trump
McConnell Warns of Kavanaugh Impeachment Push: 'Madness Hasn’t Stopped'
Antifa Arsonists Vandalize Pro-Trump Truck — THEN TORCH IT
Antifa Mob Takes Over Portland Streets, Directs Traffic, Harasses Drivers – video
McConnell Blasts Hillary Clinton For Preaching No Civility With GOP
The Left Is Promising to Abuse Power If They Win; Voters Should Take Them Seriously
Can America Be Successfully Invaded and Occupied?
Trump Faced 92% Negative Media Coverage, MRC Study Shows – MSM Almost Entirely Ignored The President's Success in Sparking The Booming Economy
Kavanaugh Sworn in: Trump Apologizes to Kavanaugh Family For 'Pain, Suffering'
"It Was All Made Up, It Was Fabricated": Trump Says Kavanaugh Victim of Democrat 'Hoax' – "It’s a Disgrace"
What to Expect When the Democrats Lose the Midterm Elections – HOLLY NOTE: It might be better with this article's headline reading, "IF the Democrats Lose the Midterm Elections". There are still 28 days till voting ends, which in the realm of politics, is a lifetime. Though both sides are fired up, Dems have signed up thousands of new voters. The race is all about turnout. If Conservatives think the midterms are in the bag, not only is this a misconception, it breeds dangerous complacency. In 2016, author David Faris released the Democrat's play book, "It's Time to Fight Dirty". To date, they've used every nasty trick in this book plus numerous others Faris never even considered. It is imperative every Conservative VOTE or we will see Trump's amazing MAGA progress fade in the rear view mirror.
False Sex Assault Reports Not As Rare As Reported, Studies Say
Midterm Alert: What Happens If Republicans Actually Keep Congress?
Conservatives Must Realize Kavanaugh Victory Is Not The End…It Is The Beginning
Room Full of Police Officers Erupts in Applause at Mention of Kavanaugh
CNN Poll: Trump's Approval Rating Spikes At Conclusion Of Kavanaugh Confirmation Fight
Susan Collins Unbowed: Under Guard, She Stands By Her Kavanaugh Vote
MN Special Ed Teacher Put on Leave After 'Kill Kavanaugh' Tweet
Kunstler: Civil War Two Looms As Deep State Circles The Wagons
Hillary With Bubba in Tow Gear Up for Pricey Speaking Tour Weeks After Midterms
Outrage: Marching Band Pretended to Hold ‘Police’ Hostage at Halftime Performance
Maxine Waters Attracts Scrutiny For Potential Federal Election Law Violation
Steve Hilton: After the Kavanaugh Confirmation, Look for the Next Democratic President to ‘Pack the Court’
Texas Man Stands Up to Liberal Media Lies – Sets Record Straight on Russia Collusion Hoax
Official Trump @War: Full Movie – video of week – language warning
‘Accusers Sometimes Lie,’ Said Professor — Now Students Want Him Fired
Michael Bloomberg’s Super PAC Spends Over $2 Million on 7 Democratic Women in House Races
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: We Must 'Eliminate the Electoral College'
Greg Gutfeld on Brett Kavanaugh's Confirmation – HOLLY NOTE: Wait till Trump nominates Ginsburg's replacement.
Trump Supporters Camp Out in Cold Rain Over Night for Topeka Rally – THOUSANDS Line Up in Rain to See Trump – Over 20,000 Tickets Requested And Given Out
Eric Holder Questions Legitimacy of Supreme Court; Issues Menacing Call to 'Use Rage to Vote to Be Rid of Republicans'
Google Lead Designer: “You Are Finished, GOP… F*CK. YOU. ALL. TO. HELL…”
Melania Trump and Ghana Teach SJWs a Lesson
Seedpods From the Garden of Stupid
Women's March Leader Sarsour Launches Racial Attack Against 'White Woman' Susan Collins
President Donald Trump's Winning Streak
Warren Champions Indian Gaming Bill Tied to Special Interests
Democrats' Advantage in Recent Polls May Not Bring The 'Blue Wave' They're Hoping For
Hollywood Unhinged After Brett Kavanuagh Confirmation: ‘F*ck Kavanaugh F*ck Trump’ ‘Electoral Rampage Is Underway’
Kimberly Guilfoyle: If Democrats Win, 'You Won't Recognize' America
Topless (Mostly) Female Communist With a Mustache Rushes Supreme Court Steps – video
Countdown to Kavanaugh Vote Begins as Manchin, Collins, Flake Help Senate Narrowly Pass Cloture Vote, Murkowski Voted "No"
US Defense-Industry Report Finds 300 Security Risks Needing 'Immediate Action'
WOW! Christine Ford’s Friend and Former FBI Agent Pressured Alleged Witness Leland Keyser to Lie About Kavanaugh — AND THERE’S PROOF!
Witness Told FBI That Ford's 'Allies' Pressured Her To Change Story, Report Says
302 Arrested In Anti-Kavanaugh Protests At Senate Buildings – HOLLY NOTE: The person in blue egging on the protesters is none other than Pocahontas Warren
I Am an Independent, Impartial Judge
Lindsey Graham Goes Off On Kavanaugh Protester: 'You've Humiliated This Guy Enough'
My Husband, Rand Paul, And Our Family Have Suffered Intimidation And Threats
Sen. Rand Paul's Wife: 'I Now Keep a Loaded Gun By My Bed' - We Are Not Heading Toward Civil War, We Are Already Fighting It - Prepare Now Because it Is Going to Get Far Worse
Chinese Spy Chips Found in Hardware Used By Apple, Amazon, Bloomberg Says; Apple, AWS Say No Way
Trump Wants Chinese Parts Out of American Weapons
Investigate the Senate Democrat Wrecking Machine – "This Grand Unearth-And-Destroy Spectacle Was Planned"
Media Terrorizing America: Inciting Liberal Rage Over Kavanaugh Confirmation is a Perfect Example of Why Millions Consider the MSM To Be the 'Enemy of the People'
Man Says Ghost Planted Meth On Him After He Was Attacked With Axe
Senate Gets Kavanaugh File Ahead Of Showdown Vote; No Evidence Found To Corroborate Claims
Even 40% of Democrats Now Say Kavanaugh Confirmation Process a ‘National Disgrace’: Poll 
Kavanaugh Friend: Can't Believe Words Can Ruin a Life – video
7 GOP Congressmen Call For House and Senate Ethics Investigations Into Leaking of Ford Letter
Voters Want IDs at the Polls, Don’t See Them as Discriminatory 
Trump Admin Ends Visas for Unmarried Same-Sex Partners of United Nations Employees, Diplomats
Man Suspected Of Mailing Ricin To Pres. Trump, Pentagon Arrested in Logan, UT
Keith Ellison Considering Stepping Down From DNC Chair Amid Abuse Allegations
Capitol Police Arrest 27-Year-Old Democrat Staffer Jackson Cosko For Doxxing 3 GOP Senators
It's All Gone: The Democrats' Dead Ideals
Americans Agree ‘Made in America’ Is More Than a Slogan
Lindsey Graham Booed For Saying ‘Kavanaugh Was Treated Like Crap’
College Professors Allegedly Sold Drugs, ‘Pimped’ Out Students
Related: Professors Under Investigation For Sex-Fueled Campus Drug Ring
Republicans Fight to Save California Seats as Democrats Dump Money on Races
Michael Bloomberg Suggests Disarming Minorities to 'Keep Them Alive': Report
'FEMA test of Presidential Alert' to Go Out Today at 2:18 p.m. ET to 225 Million Electronic Devices
Sen. Grassley Wants Answers After Ford Ex Contradicts Herself, Says She Once Helped Pal Prep for Polygraph
SHOCK VIDEO: Suspect in GOP Office Vandalism Praises Vile Handiwork on TV
Suspected Ricin Detected In Mail Sent to Trump, Defense Secy. James Mattis and Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson
REPORT: FBI Done With Kavanaugh Probe by Today – Chuck Schumer Attempts to Delay Confirmation Vote AGAIN
Ex-boyfriend of Kavanaugh Accuser Julie Swetnick Said She Wanted to 'Have Sex With More Than One Guy at a Time' and 'First Tried It in High School' But NEVER Said She Was Raped
Leland Keyser Meets With FBI, Doesn’t Back Blasey Ford’s Story About Kavanaugh
Julie (Sweaty Knickers) Swetnick Backs Off Kavanaugh Allegations; Former Friend Contacts Judiciary Committee
Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters Accosting Senators Are Linked To Liberal Billionaire Soros
Juanita Broaddrick Demands FBI Probe On Clinton Rape Claim, Amid Kavanaugh Furor
The Unhinged Left Is Planning Violence Against Conservative Members of Congress, Supreme Court Justices And Their Families
Pro-Trump Pac Releases New Ad “POWER” – Hits Democrats on Their War-on-Women Hypocrisy, Rapes and Beatings
Ellison Referred For Further Domestic Abuse Investigation
Democrats Face Skepticism After Party-Led Probe Finds Keith Ellison Abuse Claims ‘Unsubstantiated’
Two More Prosecutors Depart Mueller Investigation Indicating Wind-Down
Deep State Leaks Trump Tax Returns and Financial Statements to NY Times – Liberal Hacks Outraged That Trump’s Father Left Him Money
Rape Charges Dropped in Las Vegas Against 4 California Dentists After Cellphone Video Showed Woman's Accusations Were 'Completely Fabricated'
Friends Don’t Let Friends Watch the New Magnum, P.I. – HOLLY NOTE: In the world of trivial news, this probably ranks right up there. Whether this reboot, more aptly named Magnum P.C., was worth the effort is something Stan and I discussed after the pilot and agreed in a resounding, NO! The second episode didn't get any better. Some re-do's do well like Lethal Weapon and Hawaii 5-0. But we echo this writer's comments. Jay Hernandez just doesn't work as Magnum whose name implies something big. At 5'9" Hernandez can't begin to compete with Tom Selleck's impressive 6'4" presence nor does he have Selleck's comic timing. A lot of the new show's comedy sinks to camp levels. Selleck easily pulled off Hawaii's casual duds, but no matter how 'pretty' Hernandez is (he's a model), the fit isn't right. For that matter, the entire cast regardless of how we might like them in another setting, feels miscast. There is no natural chemistry among any of them except the two canines, Apollo and Zeus. Maybe this show should be renamed Magnum P.U. Tom Selleck may have given his 'blessing' for the reboot; we'd give it 'last rites'.
Why Leftists Feel Entitled to Block Highways, Shut Down Speakers, and Harass Public Officials
Photos Show Confrontation Between USS Decatur and a Chinese Navy Warship in South China Sea
EXCLUSIVE: Kavanaugh Accuser's Ex-Boyfriend Says She Once Threatened to Kill His Unborn Child
Key Witnesses Remain Firm as FBI Digs Into Kavanaugh Case – Knew Nothing About Any Misconduct
Trump Mocks 'Da Nang Blumenthal,' Top Dems in Fiery Tennessee Rally Supporting Kavanaugh, Blackburn – HOLLY NOTE: In 2015 NBC news anchor, Brian Williams, was suspended, then fired for claiming to have been a helicopter in Iraq in 2003 that "got shot down, and that an injured crew member had received a medal." He later resurfaced on MSNBC. For 15 YEARS, Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal lied about serving in Vietnam. In reality, Blumenthal obtained "at least five military deferments from 1965 to 1970 and took repeated steps that enabled him to avoid going to war." No repercussions for Blumenthal's shameful 'stolen valor' actions.
Trump Rally Last Night for Marsha Blackburn – 20,000 People Stood Outside, 8,000 Inside 
LEAKED EMAILS: Senior Google Search Engineer Advocates for Censorship of ‘Terrorist’ Marsha Blackburn
Voters of Faith Will Not Allow Democrats’ Smear Campaign Against Judge Kavanaugh to Go Unchecked
Lefty HuffPo Poll: Only 25% of Women Think Accusations Against Kavanaugh Are Credible
House Democrats Are Ready To Investigate Brett Kavanaugh If They Win the House – HOLLY NOTE: The left-wing's intentions reveal they have lost ALL sense of reason, parted company with sanity and fairness, and will employ any means, go to any extreme, even defy the findings of a seventh FBI investigation into Judge Kavanaugh – to achieve their goal of seeing himm off the bench. They will never be satisfied no matter the findings since they keep moving the goalposts. As Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and others have stated recently, the Kavanaugh hoopla is all about abortion and preserving the right to murder babies. Whoever said it last week was right – Liberals suffer from mental disorder. In case you're wondering, read the next 3 articles and these charts.
Georgetown Professor Says White Republicans Should Be Castrated, Fed to Swine
More From This Professor But It Requires a Language Warning
Actress Ellen Barkin: Trump Should Be ‘Removed… Not Just from Office’
Ralph Blasey Jr. Vice President of Agency That Is In Charge Of Security for Comey, Brennan, McCabe, Rice & Lynch — NO COINCIDENCES!
James Comey's Forked Tongue Goes Into Overdrive
Elizabeth Warren Ignites Democratic Border War With Rhode Island Over Tribal Casino
Parkland Victim's Dad: No Alyssa Milano, the NRA Did Not Kill My Daughter
This Doesn’t Look Good: Business Was Listed Operating Out of Christine Ford’s Home – Would Explain Second Door
Antifa’s New Blend-in-and-Attack Strategy
DISGUSTING: Senator Jeff (Flaky) Flake Attends Soros-Sponsored Globalist Festival With Democrats – video
Corker, Menendez Scuttle Rand Paul Effort to Block Billion$ for Afghan Forces Sexually Abusing Boys
Graham Rips Dems Over Kavanaugh Hearing, Plans His Own Probe Into Party's Motives
Cotton: Feinstein Will Be Investigated For Leak Of Ford Letter
Trump Skeptical of Feinstein Denial on Leak of Ford Letter, Cites 'Worst Body Language I've Ever Seen'
Kanye Full MAGA on SNL – Rips Democrat Welfare State in Pro-Trump Speech: ’90% of News Are Liberal’
Third Brett Kavanaugh Accuser, Julie (Sweaty Nickers) Swetnick, Sued in 2000 for False Allegations of Sexual Misconduct Against Co-Workers, and for Sexual Misconduct of Her Own
Grassley Files For Criminal Investigation Against Kavanaugh Accuser; Potential 10 Yrs In Prison
Trump Defends Kavanaugh, Derides Dems For Shameful Conduct: ‘Bad Things Will Happen’ If Voters Stay Home
USA Today Revises Column Which Argued Kavanaugh Should Stay Off Basketball Courts When Kids Are Around After Major Social Media Backlash
Report: Flake Wasn't Pressured, He Masterminded The Kavanaugh Delay
Poll Shows Senators Who Vote For Kavanaugh May Face Midterm Election Trouble
Jonathan Cahn: The Arch Of Baal In Washington D.C. – video of week
Mark Taylor: Deep State Kicking & Screaming – Christians Need to Walk in Faith – video of day
Rod Rosenstein’s Fate Hangs In Balance Amid Kavanaugh Chaos
Texas Voter Registration Rolls Climb to Nearly 16 Million for Mid-Term Election
Elizabeth Warren Says She’ll ‘Take a Hard Look’ At Running After November
From Liar to Just Plain Skanky: Potential 2020 Democratic Contenders Test Their Message
Steve Hilton: Kavanaugh Hearing Shows Divisive Democrats Must Be Defeated Before They Destroy America
Fla. Dem Gubernatorial Candidate Forced To Fire Staff Member For Vile Content, Including Calls To ‘Execute’ Trump
Chinese Day Care Worker in NY Who Slashed Three Babies In Nursery Claims She Confused Them With 'Wolves'