We must guard against the overreaching hand of big government
trying to take away our freedom
—Steve Forbes

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Annapolis Newspaper Shooting Suspect ID'd as Jarrod W. Ramos
Capital Gazette Publishes Friday Edition One Day After Gunman Kills 5 in Newsroom
House Passes Measure To Force DOJ Documents While Rosenstein Grilled In Heated Testimony
‘Even a Blind Person’ Can See Mueller Using Manafort to ‘Target’ Trump: Judge
Trump Approval Rating Rises as Congress Approval Numbers Remain Steady: Poll
Democrats Go Full Venezuela – HOLLY NOTE: Venezuela's policies haven't worked out too well since they're broke with hyperinflation hitting the million mark and its people bolting to Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Panama, Argentina, Peru, the U.S., Spain, Mexico and Costa Rica. In fact, 800 Venezuelans a day flee to Brazil alone to escape insecurity and hunger. And Democrats want to turn the U.S. into a socialism disaster?
How About A Red, White, And Blue Wave?
Door To Door Gun Confiscation: No Longer Law Enforcement, Now Agents Of The State
GOP Senator: Longstanding U.S. Alliance With Turkey ‘Slipping Away’ – Turkish President Erdogan Pivoting to Russia – HOLLY NOTE: It's more than Turkey turning to Russia. Turkey is fervently embracing Islam and it's causing irreparable rifts with Christian nations fomented by Muslim extremists. They are now so very far from the days of Constantine. More importantly, Erdogan is an ardent Muslim with little patience for 'People of the Book'. This is another cog in the wheel of End Times. The world is spinning toward Psalm 83.
While Many on the Right Are Sleeping, Many on the Left Are Promising to Bring War to the Streets of America
Have You Heard About the #WalkAway Campaign?
DeSantis Dismantles Obstruction Claims While Grilling Rosenstein: ‘You Should Be Recused’
5 Fatalities Confirmed at the Capital Gazette
Sean Hannity Ties Annapolis Newspaper Shooting to Maxine Waters
Trey Gowdy Loses it Over Russia Probe During Rosenstein, Wray Hearing – "Finish It the Hell Up Because This Country Is Being Torn Apart" – video
Rosenstein Vows to Clean Up DOJ After IG Report, Defends Response to Russia Probe Requests
Trump Ticked After Disgraced FBI Texter Clams Up Under Questioning on Hill
Trump-Putin Meeting Set for July 16 in Helsinki, Finland
Trump Will Demand of Putin a Total Iranian Exit From Syria — Report
Hurt: New Crop of Dem Candidates Are 'Communists' – video
Judge to Hear Alleged Islamic Takeover of U.S. Schools
Florida School Drops Common Core – Soars to Number One
In Colorado, First Openly Gay (And Jewish) Man on Track to Become a U.S. Governor
Activist Mommy Warns of 'God's Wrath' as Ashley Madison Releases Top 20 US Cities for Adultery
Poll: 59% Believes The Left Will Resort To Violence
You Know Things Are Bad For the Lefties When They Start Calling Each Other Racists
28-Year-Old Socialist's Primary Upset of Key Dem House Leader Exposes Major Rift – HOLLY NOTE: That a self-proclaimed socialist won in the NY primaries should be a huge heads up. You won't believe her pie-in-the-sky platform of undeliverable promises:
  • Medicare for all (nearly broke now)
  • Universal jobs guaranteed (who pays for this? – A clue: YOU!)
  • Abolish ICE (see yesterday's note)
  • Free public universities & schools (who pays for this? – A clue: YOU!)

Maxine Waters, Al Green, Bernie Sanders, Keith Ellison, Elizabeth Warren, and Kirsten Gillibrand show that the fringe and unhinged of the Democrat party are their new center. Clearly values, morals and goals of the Left have radically changed and not for the better.
Sarah Sanders to Receive Secret Service Protection After Being Kicked Out of Local Restaurant: Report
'Sarah Sanders Welcome Any Time,' NY Restaurant's Sign Says
Red Hen Owner Stephanie Wilkinson Resigns From Main Street Lexington Board in Wake of Sarah Sanders Controversy
Maxine Waters: ‘I Stand By My Speech’ Calling Public to ‘Harass’ Trump Staffers
GOP Lawmakers Introduce Censure Measure, Call on Maxine Waters to Resign
“This Is Just the Beginning” – Liberal Website Warns Republicans of 70’s Style Bombings
‘Crisis of Democracy’: N.Y. Times Op-Ed Supports Abusing Republicans in Public, Ignores Liberals Shooting, Beating Conservatives
James Comey Personally Killed Immunity Deal With Julian Assange — Who Could Have Revealed Source of Leaked Emails
DOJ Won't Release Top Secret Loretta Lynch Intercepts Suggesting Secret Deal To Rig Clinton Probe
Soros-Linked Protesters Ambush Mitch McConnell And Wife In Driveway
Q - The Plan to Save The World – video
Before Awarding The Medal of Honor, Trump Pauses to Pray
Mad Max and Nancy Pelosi: The Twin Faces of the Democratic Party
What Don't People Get About Trump Being Anti-Establishment? Globalists in Both Parties and Elitists Throughout the World Have Been Beaten Down By Common Sense, Logic, and Basic Math.
When Do We Get to the Last Straw?
Majority of ‘Likely Voters’ Have No Regrets For Kicking Hillary to the Curb in 2016 Election, Poll Finds
Trump Country, It Turns Out, Is More Tolerant Than The Left
Seinfeld: Roseanne Should Not Have Been Fired
GETTING NASTY: Homeland Security Official Warned With Decapitated Animal on His Porch
Trump to Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters: 'Be Careful What You Wish for Max'
Even Pelosi Rebukes That Wretched Creature…
Trump Derangement Syndrome Crosses Criminal Line
Sarah Sanders and Kirstjen Nielsen Incidents a Sign of New US Civil War
GOP Congressman Warns Nation Headed to Civil War – HOLLY NOTE: Over 2 decades ago, when we were invited to Hopiland, a Hopi prophecykeeper shared with Stan a prophecy that civil war is coming to America. He stated that it would be between ethnicities. Maybe this is what they 'saw' as it's getting increasingly difficult to see reconciliation and healing without some major event drawing up together. That happened after the shocking 9/11 terrorist attacks, but it lasted fleetingly to the point where we are more divided now than ever. In
Prophetic Perils: End Time Events Revealed, Chapter 15 discusses America's vulnerabilities and national division is one of the signs. If these were evident in 2015, they are lit in screaming neon now.
New York Times Op-Ed: All Trump Policies Trace Back to 'White Extinction Anxiety'
US Moves 100 Coffins to North Korean Border to Receive Missing Americans War Remains
Bombshell Accusation: Hillary Never Had a State Department Email Address; All Emails Were Sent to Her At Her Private Unsecured Email
Democrats Don't Care About Children – Illegal or American
Woman, 20, Trashes Chinese Restaurant and Shouts Ethnic Slurs After Being Given The Wrong Food
Planet Fitness: Woman Attacks Worker, Throws Computer
Donald Trump's Poll Numbers Are Higher Than Ever in an Increasingly Polarized America
Majority of Americans Approve of Trump's Handling of the Economy For The First Time: CNBC Survey
47% Give Trump Positive Marks on Foreign Policy
51% See Democrats as Party of 'Identity Politics and Victimology'
Is Violence Next? Some Democrats Encourage Aggressive Public Confrontations Against Trump, Aides
Red Hen Eateries Feel the Heat After Sarah Sanders Booted From Virginia Restaurant With Same Name
Virginia Lawmakers Issue Rebuke
Mark Meadows: Justice Dept. Turned Over Only ‘Small Percentage’ of Subpoenaed Russia Documents
DOJ-IG Report Says Reporters Bribed FBI Agents For Information
FBI Sends Classified Letter to House GOP on Use Of Informants In Trump Campaign
Maxine: Open Season on Trump Staff: ‘They Won’t Be Able to Go to a Restaurant, They Won’t Be Able to Stop at a Gas Station’… ’I Have No Sympathy For These People’
Waters: God Is On Our Side Of People Driving Trump Officials From Restaurants
Obama's Cybersecurity Coordinator Confirms Susan Rice Ordered Him to 'Stand Down' on Russian Meddling
Trump Scraps Congressional Picnic, Donates Food to Military Hospital
Crying Babies, Dying Babies and Media Deception – Michael Brown Covers Recent Press Manipulation Through Use of Images, Lies
Parkland Survivor And Anti-Gun Campaigner David Hogg Spotted With 'Armed Security Guards And Publicists' As He Promotes His Book
Judge Jeanine: Political Debate Has Become Political Abuse – video of week
Here’s How Trump Wants to Streamline Government
California Separatists Feud Over How Best To Carve Up State
Michael Moore Will Give ‘Hanoi Jane’ Fonda a Lifetime Achievement Award
Charles Krauthammer, Conservative Commentator And Pulitzer Prize Winner, Dead at 68
GQ Asks Donald Trump Jr. if He Wants to Have Sex with His Mother – HOLLY NOTE: One has to wonder if media and news publications have lost all sense of decency.
Billboard Encouraging ‘Liberals’ to ‘Keep Driving’ Out of Texas Removed
PA Democrat ‘Welcomes’ VP Mike Pence with Middle-Finger Salute
The Border (And Everything Else) Is An Outrage
FBI May Have Altered Witness Reports, Misled DOJ Watchdog With ‘False Information,’ GOP Rep Says
Trey Gowdy Lays Out The Facts of the IG Report And They Are DEVASTATING for the FBI! – video
FBI Agent Peter Strzok ‘Escorted’ From FBI Building, Lawyer Confirms
Guilfoyle: Strzok Should Get 'the Best Washington Defense Lawyer'
US Withdraws From UN Human Rights Council as Haley Decries 'Cesspool Of Political Bias'
Elon Musk Dragged Hard After Saying He’s a ‘Socialist’ – and Marx Was a Capitalist
Dreamers: Obama Handed Over Children to Sex Traffickers, Intel Analyst Says 
What UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Just Did Will Destroy the UN International Security Council – video
Asserting Your Rights Produces a Masterpiece Of Liberty While Ignorance Brings Slavery
Message to The Swamp: I’m Gonna Say One Thing: Thank Trump
Southern Poverty Law Center Has More Than $90 Million In Offshore Funds
West Point Grad Who Wrote ‘Communism Will Win’ in His Cap Kicked Him Out of Army
GALLUP: Satisfaction With U.S. Direction Reaches 12-Year High
Comey Refuses to Testify to Congress, Grassley Says McCabe Pleads Fifth
Trump Vows to Make America ‘the World’s Greatest Spacefaring Nation,’ Establishes New Space Force
Kansas Voter ID Law Requiring Proof Of Citizenship Struck Down By Judge
The Southern Poverty Law Center Just Admitted One Mistake, But Its Whole Model Is to Hurl Careless Accusations
Miami-Based Group Presses Trump for More Cuba Restrictions
FBI Agent, Who Exposed Hillary Clinton's Cover-up, Found Dead
How Deep Is The Deep State, Part 1
Donald Trump: ‘Unfair’ for Paul Manafort to Go to Prison When Hillary Clinton Is Free
Burning Question in DC: Why Does Peter Strzok Still Have a Job at FBI?
Obama's $500 Million Presidential Center to Cost Illinois Taxpayers Nearly $200 Million
Michael Barone: Will We Get Tired of So Much Winning?
Trump Just Made Stealth Move Against Sharia Law In 18 States – This Is Huge
GOP Wants Trump In 2020, More Popular Than Obama, JFK, Reagan
Kathy Griffin Triggers Backlash Over Profanity-Laced Tirade at Melania Trump – HOLLY NOTE: The celeb left needs to broaden their vocabulary. They're wearing out the "F" word.
FATHER’S DAY: Bill Clinton ‘Son’ Calls For ‘Dad’ to Take Paternity Test
Imprisoned by the Deep State
Armed Shopper Thwarts Potential Mass Shooting By Killing Gunman After He Opened Fire at Busy Walmart And Injured 2
Giuliani Calls For End to the Mueller Investigation After Bombshell Watchdog Report
They Must Be Joking When They Claim Political Bias Was Not What Guided Obama's DoJ and FBI
DOJ IG Report: Humiliation for FBI: ‘Trump’s Supporters Are All Poor, Uneducated, Lazy POS’, ‘Crazies Won’, ‘We Have to Fight This Again’ in 4 Years, ‘Also Pence Is Stupid’
Gowdy Reaction to 'Bitterly Disappointing' IG Report: 'Just What a Dark Day It Is for the FBI and the DOJ’
Gowdy, Goodlatte React to Inspector General's Report on FBI – video of day
'We’ll Stop It': Justice Department Inspector General Says Texting FBI Lovers Talked About Keeping Trump From Becoming President – Yet Insists There Was No 'Political Bias' in Hillary Clinton Email Probe
The Most Significant Findings From the Comey FBI Report
Trump Haters Uncovered? IG Refers 5 FBI Workers Over Political, 'Hostile' Messages
Lawmakers From Both Parties Slam FBI, Comey After Release Of Bombshell Report
False Flags Are Coming Before the Midterm Elections-The Empire Will Strike Back
Gay, High Heel Wearing Veteran Elected Mayor in Texas
10 Positives from the Trump-Kim Summit
Norwegian Lawmakers Nominate Trump For Nobel Peace Prize
Conway: Obama 'Was Handed' Nobel Peace Prize for Doing Nothing, Trump 'is Actually Going to Earn It'
Despite MSM Reporting, Trump Says US Military Withdrawal in South Korea 'Not on the Table'
Hillary's Intent: What James Comey Missed
Court Sets Hearing On Motion To Compel Email Testimony From Hillary Clinton
Judicial Watch Founder: Tom Fitton: Comey Decided ‘Long Ahead of Time to Let Hillary Off’
Trump: America's Biggest Enemy Is 'Fake News'
Voters Think It's More Common That People Are Illegally Allowed to Vote Than Denied'
Gotta Go': Laura Ingraham Urges Trump to Fire Pruitt

POMPEO: US Hopes For ‘Major’ N. Korean Disarmament Within 2.5 Years
Poll: Support for Death Penalty on Rise in US
Related: What Does the Bible Say About the Death Penalty / Capital Punishment?
By the Numbers: The Death of Newspapers
Go Deeper: FBI Faces Judgment Day On Clinton Emails
Congress To Ban Child Sex Robots
Chilling NCMEC Report Shows 88% of Missing Sex Trafficked Kids Come from US Foster Care
Rush Limbaugh: 'What Was Really Going on Was They [Trump Opponents] Were Hoping It Was Gonna Blow Up' – They Were Caught 'Flat-Footed' By N. Korea Summit
Beach Condos and Hotels: Trump Showed Kim Video of 2 Futures
Kim Jong-un Accepts Trump’s Invite to Washington, North Korean Media Says
Leftists, Media Infuriated Over Trump-NoKo Peace Deal
Asian Media Reacts to Trump-Kim Summit
In HUGE Win for Trump, Xi Jinping Pulls Missiles from South China Sea Following Successful North Korea Summit
Rod Rosenstein Threatened to ‘Subpoena’ Lawmakers, House Intel Aides Over Records Dispute
Politicians Fear For Safety as Threats Skyrocket
Plan to Split California Into 3 on Ballot
Biden Confronted At Book-Signing About Groping Women
Related: Compilation of Joe Biden Being Creepy – video
Trump's Accomplishments Make Obama Look Even Worse
Grave-Robbing Witches, Prostitutes, And Drug Addicts Descend Upon Miami's Cemeteries
University of California Study 'Clear Evidence' of Lawmakers' Folly
OfficiaL Report Will 'Show Devastatingly' Wrongdoings By James Comey and Andrew McCabe, Republican Congressman Says
Anti-GOP Bias Exposed: Federal Judge Halts Secret Federal Election Commission Plot Targeting Conservative Groups
Surprise! Nancy Pelosi Trashes Trump over North Korea Summit – Called Iran Deal ‘Diplomatic Masterpiece’ – HOLLY NOTE: Democrats need to keep putting Pelosi front and center to make them irrelevant. This is but another illustration of how out of touch she truly is.
Would-be Democratic Governor of Florida Would Ban 'Assault Weapons' By Executive Order
Dinesh D’Souza: Left Had Romney ‘Hiding Under His Desk’ with Tactics that Didn’t Work Against Trump
Colorado Natives Now Slightly Less Outnumbered By Transplants – HOLLY NOTE: This is how a formerly moderate to conservative state moves left. Texas aside, the biggest influx of people have come from liberal states – mostly California. Living in the Centennial State part-time since 1977 and full-time since 1983, I've witnessed Colorado embrace some very sad, very disappointing ideas, morals and political agendas. Even Democrat former Gov. Dick Lamm was more conservative than some of our GOP leadership.
Democratic Governor Dick Lamm's Insightful Plan To Destroy America – HOLLY NOTE: You owe it to yourself to read this 2005 speech from Democrat former Colorado Gov. Lamm. We are well on the way to fulfilling the steps he outlined on how to destroy America. You wouldn't catch a Democrat today talking honestly like this!
Kim Jong-un Commits to Denuclearization: ‘We Have Left the Past Behind’ – Trump Hails ‘Special Bond’ Reached with North Korean Dictator – Signs Document After ‘Historic’ Summit – HOLLY NOTE: Trump isn't naive on this. He will hold NoKo's feet to the fire and verify every step of the way and NOT removing any in-place sanctions until ALL requirements have been met. Despite what lefty MSM puts out, this is THE 'accomplishment of the century'. So tragic that lefties can't acknowledge that this isn't monumental for the world. And Trump did it.
Dennis Rodman: WH Thanked Me for My Role in North Korea
‘Obama Didn’t Even Give Me the Time of Day’: Dennis Rodman Breaks Down Crying in CNN Victory Lap
President Trump: 'Otto Did Not Die In Vain'
Gutfeld on De Niro's Tirade  – HOLLY NOTE: Predictably lefty panel member Juan Williams took umbrage with Gutfeld's humorous look at De Niro's tantrum saying "Robert De Niro is one of THE greatest American actors of all time." Think about what actors do for a living: pretend, lie, exaggerate. Complete that to a physician who saves lives or a pastor that saves souls. Kinda puts veneration of Hollywood into perspective.
Steyn: Trump-Kim Summit 'Completely The Opposite' to How Previous Western Leaders Operated
California Man Has Home Raided, Guns Confiscated After Trying to Register Firearm
Federal Prosecutors Release Scathing Report on NYCHA, Citing Health, Safety Violations on De Blasio’s Watch
Trump Is Solving Problems He Inherited On North Korea, Yet Democrats Who Caused The Problems Can't Stop Complaining
Inside Obama’s Secret Meetings With 2020 Contenders
Trump Has a Political Advantage With North Korea That Obama Never Had With Iran – HOLLY NOTE: Also, Trump isn't desperate to make a nuke deal, ANY nuke deal – even a horrendous one – for sake of his 'legacy'.
Trump Commits $256 Million to Revive Long-Neglected National Parks, Gets No Thanks From Left
North Korea Summit: What's at Stake When President Trump Meets With Kim Jong Un? – video of week
TRUMP APPROVAL RATING Better Than Obama and Reagan at Same Point in Their Presidencies – HOLLY NOTE: Even after 91% NEGATIVE MSM news coverage: TV vs. Trump in 2018: Lots of Russia, and 91% Negative Coverage
Nunes Sets June 12 Deadline for DOJ to Provide Documents on Alleged FBI Informant, Claiming 'Obstruction'
Hollywood Icon Draws Cheers From Broadway Elites With Foul-Mouthed Anti-Trump Rant on Live TV
New Jersey Town Shows Serious LGBTQ Pride, And Residents Are Loving It
2018: 8 States That Will Determine Which Party Controls the House of Representatives
Sanders: Our Socialist Ideas Are Winning – HOLLY NOTE: Guess which station aired this nonsense. Here's a clue: Fake News Network.
TSA Agents Searched for 6 Minutes 96-Year-Old Woman in Wheelchair – Sparks Outrage – HOLLY NOTE: In the 8 flights Stan boarded to and from Africa last month, not once did he undergo this ridiculous treatment.
State-Level Dems Funneled $84M to Clinton's Corrupt Campaign, Lawsuit Alleges
Alleged Child Sex Trafficking Site Tucson, Final V4CR Report – video
Release of Long-Awaited Clinton Probe Review Set For Trump's Birthday – June 14
DOJ Reneges Commitment to Provide Trump Russia Docs to Congress
Deep State Tool Robert Mueller Has Long History of Targeting Innocent People, Which Explains Why He Was ked To Go After POTUS Trump
With Pardoned Alice Johnson Shouting, 'I Love You, President Trump!' – Leftists Stew At How Trump Outsmarted Them
Group Pushing For Illinois To Secede From Chicago
st Muslim in Congress Wants To Take On Trump In Court
FEMA Barges En Route To Hawaii 
Fenton, Missouri Man Pleads Guilty To Making False Claims Against VA Medical Center
Sources: Colin Kaepernick's Legal Team Expected to Subpoena President Trump in Case Against NFL
Levin: Iran Deal Was ‘So Corrupt’ We’re Still Learning About It
Newly-Elected Ga. Official Refuses Bible, Takes Oath Of Office on ‘Autobiography of Malcolm X’
Brooklyn City Councilman Announces Sex-Segregated Beach Days
Justice Dept. IG Finds Ex-FBI Chief Comey Defied Authority
Report: DOJ Watchdog Finds Comey Defied Authority – video
ANOTHER TRUMP CAMPAIGN PROMISE KEPT: Trump Signs $55 Billion Bill to Replace VA Choice Program
Poll: Majority of Democrats Now Accept Pornography ET Romans 1:28-29
Florida's 'City of the Future' Is First Solar-Powered Town in America
Saudi Government Gave Obama Aides "Suitcases-Full of Jewels", Says Ex-Official
Why Mueller is Getting Desperate – When You’ve Spent $16.7 Million And The Case Isn’t There
The REAL Robert Mueller: Docs Show He Let 4 Innocent Men Rot or Die in Prison to Protect a Mafia Source
Leaker McCabe "Outraged" by DOJ Leaks About His Criminal Referral to US Attorney's Office - Demands Investigation
Obama Administration Secretly Tried to Help Iran's Mullahs Get Access to $5.7 BILLION
Gold Star Father Honors Fallen Hero Son – video
Just 2 Eagles Players Were Set To Visit White House Before Trump Called It Off
Obama Administration Let Iran Tap Financial System, 'Misled The American People:' Report – HOLLY NOTE: Dig deep enough and you'll uncover a sewer.
'Demented' Media Jumps Shark With Wild Speculation President Beat Melania During Surgery Recovery
Work to Do: McConnell Cancels Senate’s August Recess
Senate Majority Leader Cancels August Break and Tells Lawmakers to Stay in Washington and Work on Trump's Judges and Government Spending
FEMA Is Beta Testing FEMA Camp Incarcerations In Hawaii – HOLLY NOTE: If you're watching The Crossing, a sci-fi TV program on ABC, you're witnessing the testing of this same scenario. When people that look just you and me, though are from the future, crash into the ocean, the first thing they did with these folks is round them up, house them in rude cabins secluded deep in the woods and fence them in with armed guards. Before their true story becomes known, they are treated with susion, viewed as some hair-brained cult and now in the last episode before season's end, the plan is to execute them.
FOIA Request Reveals FEMA’s Egregious Million Dollar Spending on a Floating Hotel … As Hurricane Victims Suffered
Al Gore Blamed Bill Clinton's Affair With Monica Lewinsky For Costing Him the Presidency – But Power-Mad Hillary Had Already Torn Apart The President and the VP
Andrew McCabe Has Reportedly Requested Immunity for Testimony in Hearing on Clinton Email Probe
On Cue – Mitch McConnell Welcomes Legislation to Block President Trump Trade Policy…
Sources: Wasserman Schultz Screamed At House Officials To Kill Hacking Probe, Intervened In Pakistani Criminal Matter
News 'Fatigue' Hits Americans, Mostly Republicans
Too Brown to Win? That's What Democrats Actually Told One of Their Own Candidates
Trump Takes a Stand on NFL Kneeling – Philly Mayor Rips Pres.
Intel Officials Warn of Russian Cyberattacks as 7 States Set to Hold Primaries
Trump Pressures IG For Report on Obama Election Meddling
Trump's War on the Washington Bureaucracy
Lives at Risk in Revelation That Obama Was Fully Aware of Spying on Trump Campaign
Supreme Court Likely to Rack Up More Reversals for West Coast’s 9
th Circuit
Erotic Manias and Disappearing Fathers
Navy Sailor Pardoned By Trump Says He's Suing Comey and Obama
WOKE? Maxine Waters Plays to Empty Seats As Only 10 Millennials Show Up to Campaign Event
DHS Plans to Compile List of All Bloggers, Journalists and “Social Media Influencers”
Pentagon Watchdog Opens Probe of White House Physician Ronny Jackson
DOUG SCHOEN: Dem Civil War Could Mean November Disaster
Trump Starts Bringing Washington Bureaucrats to Heel
Oklahoma Becomes the 9th State to Fall Under California Travel Ban
Kellyanne Conway on Trump's First 500 Days in Office – HOLLY NOTE: You won't hear about this on CNNNBCABCMSNBCCBS – video of day
Donald J. Trump's Accomplishments List
Rick Santorum Claims Obama 'Exacerbated Racism' Long Before Trump BUT…
Bill Clinton Says ‘Political Press’ Gave Obama Better Coverage in Part Because of His Race
Judge Jeanine: Gowdy's Statement on Trump 'Spy' Claims Is 'Ridiculous' – video
Texas Teen, 13, Is Charged in Stabbing Death of Friend; Victim's Mother Claims Adult Stood By And Watched ET 2Timothy 3:1-3
Man Forced Neighbors to Be His Chore ‘Slaves’ — And Wouldn't Let Them Leave, Wash. Cops Say
Tommy Robinson and Our Free Speech Rights: Think It Couldn't Happen Here? Think Again.
FBI Spying on Trump Started in London, Earlier Than Thought, New Texts Implicate Obama White House
James Clapper, Piece of Work
Government Can't Cure Our Education Problem. Only Parental Choice Can.
For $150 an Hour, Expert Tells How to Live Off-Grid in Event of Society's Collapse... Which These Men Believe Is Not Too Far Away
Sticker Shock: Spiraling Russia Probe Has Cost Taxpayers Nearly $17 Million Since Mueller's Appointment – Trump Blasts 'Hoax Investigation' – HOLLY NOTE: It's taken Fox News to dig this up. Periodically I look for accurate numbers, but news outlets have been regurgitating the same outdated figure of $6M for months now.
Comey Violated FBI's Own Rulebook By Using Trump Campaign 'Spy'
Gay Porn Kingpin: Double Standard for ‘Lying Homophobe’ Joy Reid: You Can Get Away With Bigotry — If You’re Liberal!
Ayatollah Khamenei Calls for Gun Control—in the U.S.
Trump Pardons Dinesh D'Souza — and Might Do The Same for Rod Blagojevich and Martha Stewart
Rage-istance: Samantha Bee Calls Ivanka ‘C*nt’ – HOLLY NOTE: It seems each day people succeed at digging a new low bar. ET 2Timothy 3:1-3
Update: Bee Sez Sorry – HOLLY NOTE: Sorry, not good enough.
White House Demands Response from Time Warner…
Angela Box: The Left’S Glaring Hypocrisy Continues Unabated
In Wasted Vote, Rino Globalist Mitt Romney Finally Admits He Cast His Ballot For His Wife
That 30-Year-Old Man Finally Moves Out of His Parent's House, Thanks to Alex Jones
MAY 31
Cryptic Emergency Alert Panics Oregon City's Residents
Spygate: More Vindication for Breitbart, Mark Levin, Donald Trump
FBI ‘Informant’ Targeted Papadopoulos, Former Sr. Trump Official Says
Donald Trump: ‘I Wish I Did’ k Someone Other than Jeff Sessions as Attorney General
CNN Contributor Dean Obeidallah Mistakes U.S. Military Uniform for ‘Nazi Outfit’
New York Times Corrects Report of Crowd Size at Trump Rally After President Calls Out Mistake
Tyranny: Calif. Farmer Thrown In Jail After Complying With Gun Registration Law
DoJ: 83% of Prisoners Arrested Again Within 9 Years
America 2018: Bifurcation
George Soros Spending Heavily to Defeat Law-and-Order District Attorney Candidates – HOLLY NOTE: What if presidential and gubernatorial candidates were allotted a set amount of campaign $$ and on-air time including ads to level the playing field. That way no one could 'buy' an election through exorbitant spending and the public wouldn't be burdened with 18-month long (seemingly endless) campaigning.
Sessions is Key Witness in Mueller Inquiry Into Trump Obstruction
Harvey Weinstein And The Clinton Protection Racket
Army Ranger Who Survived Benghazi Shreds David Hogg Over Gun Control Tweet
Tom Steyer Compares Trump Impeachment to Civil Rights Movement
Valerie Jarrett's & Establishment Media's Hypocrisy Exposed As Both Pass Judgement on Roseanne
ABC Could Be Out $60M in Lost Ad Revenue After Cancelling ‘Roseanne’: Report
Michaela Angela Davis: All Trump Voters Are Racist
The Invisible California – De Facto Apartheid World in the Golden State
Netflix Exec Who Brokered $50M Obama Deal Was Big Donor
MAY 29
Trump and Abe Speak Ahead of North Korea Summit
Company Creates Video Game That Lets People Be School Mass Shooters
Donald Trump’s Memorial Day Proclamation: ‘We Revere Those Who Have Died in Noble Service’
1 Million Bikers Ride into D.C. to Pay Homage to Fallen Heroes
Despite Diplomatic Boycott, Palestinian Intel Chief Held Rare Meeting With Pompeo
Adam Schiff, Democrats, Media Play Orwellian Word Games to Deny ‘Spygate’
Gun-control Activist David Hogg Calls For Perpetual Trolling of Trump
Obama Administration Was Corrupt, More and More Evidence Reveals Daily
MAY 28
Pastor Paul Begley: EMP or Nuclear Attack – video of week
Here's How The Government Will "Calm" The Public If a Nuclear Attack Occurs
Lombardo Lied: New Vegas Shooting Documents Reveal Three Women Found In Stephen Paddock’s Room
James Clapper on SpyGate: “Tactical Judgement”
Giuliani Slams Mueller Probe as ‘Illegitimate’
Former Navy SEAL Jocko Willink Shares Memorial Day Message – video of day
Victor Lundberg - An Open Letter To My Teenage Son – video of day
Trump Goes After Feds In Latest Executive Orders
Is This Beginning of the End of Free Press?
Remembering Our Fallen Heroes
Memorial Day Is Far More Than a Holiday
No Anthem? No Problem -- Ballgame Crowd Sings It Anyway
The Great Unmasking
21 Famous People You Didn't Know Were Buried in Arlington
MAY 25
What’s Next: 3 Possible Scenarios on North Korea After Cancellation of Trump-Kim Summit
Ben Shapiro: Does Trump Pulling Out of Summit with N. Korea ‘Increase Chances of Nuclear War’?
Justice Kennedy Retiring at Term's End 'Very Real Possibility
Andrew McCabe Spent $70,000 on a Table. The FBI Hid It From Congress – HOLLY NOTE: This extravagant table purchase was redacted for the reason of 'National Security'. This is very telling that many blacked out items have nothing to do with the nation's security, and everything to do with hiding bad conduct.
Rep. Al Green Pretty Sure He Can Impeach The President for a Racial Slur – HOLLY NOTE: It's pretty clear Green should familiarize himself what constitutes ground for impeachment. Even more shocking is that someone this vitriolic, this nasty, this left of LEFT represents Texas. If you've even heard him on a rant, you know he 'out-Maxines' Maxine Waters. This man virtually strangles on his hate.
Armed Citizen Kills Shooter at OKC Restaurant
FOR OUR KIDS – CLASS: Americans for Children's Lives and School Safety – Mission Is to Design, Implement and Support Programs That Foster Children’s Safety, Security and Well-Being – HOLLY NOTE: Andrew Pollack whose daughter, Meadow, was fatally shot at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School this year, he has spoken around the country organizing new measures for schools. Pollack's 8-point plan will help make schools the safe teaching environments that kids expect and deserve. He stresses that community level involvement is imparative and that everyone can pitch in to make schools truly safe places.
…Listen to Pollack's Short Message
Let's Have a Brave NFL
Mike Rowe's Take: Man-Babies, Starbucks 'Shelters' and 'Safe Spaces' – video of day
IT'S 'FOREVER HILLARY!' Still Bitter: Hillary Recalls ‘Good Old Days’ When She ‘Won’ 1st Debate Against Trump – Says ‘Democrats — We Believe In Facts, Real Ones, Not the Alternative Kind’
The Attorney General Thinks Police Having to Follow The Constitution Leads To Violent Crime Increases
Rachel Dolezal, White Woman Who Posed as Black, Accused of Welfare Fraud
She Voted for Obama Twice. Now Antonia Okafor Explains Why She’s a Conservative Who Advocates Gun Rights.
MAY 24
DOJ Declines to Prosecute FBI Agent Who Mishandled Classified Information, Gave Misleading Testimony, Provided False Information to IG
Jared Kushner Gets Permanent Security Clearance
SEKULOW: We Have Uncovered Thousands of Docs Showing Pay-to-Play Between Hillary State Department and Clinton Foundation
Giuliani Reverses: Trump Should Interview With Mueller
The 16 Year Plan to Destroy America
Elon Musk Wants to Create Website to Rate Media's Credibility
The Face of the Democrats in 2018: A Bitter, Petty, Vindictive Hillary Clinton
Big-Lie Brennan: Obama's CIA Boss Becomes a Whiny Clinton Clone and Twitter Troll
Fox News Competitor to Put Savage on TV?
Rush Limbaugh Coins Handy New Term: ‘The Deep Media’
Ex Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw Secures Landslide Victory in Texas GOP Runoff
14 States Have Requested Congress' Election Security Upgrades Funding
Trump: 'Follow the Money! The Spy Was There'; DOJ Document Reveal Set for Today
Dangerous Times for the Constitution and Freedom
MAY 23
Shock Poll: GOP Takes 6-Point Lead in Midterm Generic Tracking
Deep State James Clapper: Embedding Spy Inside Trump Campaign Is “Standard Investigative Practices – Goes On All the Time”
Dem Rep Al Green: ‘Good Likelihood’ Dems Will Impeach Trump If We Retake the House – HOLLY NOTE: If possible, Green is more abrasive and vitriolic than The Mouth That Roared, Maxine Waters. If this is all they've got, this isn't much a platform.
“FLOOD IS COMING” – New Emails Reveal FBI Was Working With CNN to Publish Story on Unverified Trump Dossier?
7 Oklahoma Firefighters Pose With Their Newborn Babies And It's Adorable
The Problem With CNN’s School Shooting Count: Nearly HALF of Incidents Identified This Year Are Unlikely to Be Recognized By Most as School Shootings
Roger Stone: Brennan ‘Going to Die in a Federal Penitentiary’
U.S. Moves to Shutter All Iranian Nuclear Enrichment Sites in Major Reversal of Obama Policy
Liberal Pundit Van Jones: To Not Work With Trump on Prison Reform Would Be ‘Definition of Insanity’
NFL Considers 15-Yard Penalty For Anthem Kneeling – HOLLY NOTE: This might spur team owners to 'encourage' players to get on their feet.
Wow – Former Trump Campaign Aide Michael Caputo Expands: U.S. Government Agency Attempted to Give Him Hillary Clinton Emails
Secret FBI Team That Coordinated Set-Up of Trump Was Pressured by CNN - Guess Who Was CNN DOJ Reporter at the Time?
Goodbye, Netflix
MAY 22
Republicans Want 2nd Special Counsel for Alleged DOJ, FBI Misconduct; Trump-South Korea Leader Meeting
Concealed FISA Docs May Hold Key to Trump Surveillance
Judicial Watch: 'Obama Can Still Be Impeached' – 'If Anyone Needs to Be on the Dock, It Would Be' Former President
Eric Holder: Move Along Nothing to See Here! – ‘No Basis’ for Trump to Investigate FBI Election Meddling – HOLLY NOTE: Looks like the cockroaches are scuttling for the baseboards. This could effectively end Holder's presidential run before it begins in earnest. As a reminder if anyone should not be President it is Slimebag Holder. As a reminder, check out his scandals…
Related: List of Attorney General Eric Holder Scandals – flashback
Mike Pompeo Threatens Iran With ‘Strongest Sanctions in History,’ Outlines New Nuclear Demands
Radical Leftism at Columbia College Chicago Has Gone Unnoticed. It's The Next UC Berkeley
Maxine Waters Pays Daughter $100,000 in Campaign Funds
7 Puerto Rico Cops Indicted For Selling Drugs, Guns
The Latest Whopper -- The FBI Was Actually Trying to ‘Protect Trump’
‘MUST FLEE TV’! Barack and Michelle Obama Won’T Rest Until They’ve DESTROYED Everything You Love
Spies Like Obama
Teen Who Started Devastating Wildfire Ordered By Judge to Pay More Than $36 Million in Restitution
John Brennan Fires Warning Shot to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell After Trump Orders DOJ to Investigate FBI's Campaign Infiltration
Hannity: The 'Deep State' Dam Is About to Burst – video of day
Related: “Collusion Against Trump” Timeline
HUGE! Email Shows FBI ‘Informant’ Stefan Halper Was Still Spying on Trump Well Into 2017
Devin Nunes Says Multiple FBI Informants in Trump Campaign Possible
Stopping Robert Mueller to Protect Us All – HOLLY NOTE: That a leftist liberal wrote this op-ed is quite stunning.
MAY 21
Trump Orders Justice Department to Investigate Obama Surveillance
Judge Jeanine: Sessions Is The Most Dangerous Man in America – video of day
Giuliani: Mueller Said He Could Wrap Up Probe By Sept. 1
st, IF He Can Interview Trump By Mid-July
Roger Stone Says Robert Mueller May ‘Conjure Up’ Crime Unrelated to 2016 Election
Declaration of Independence Not Your Personal Prop, Chief Acevedo
Governor Greg Abbott at NRA Convention: ‘The Problem is Not Guns, It’s Hearts Without God’
Incoming NRA President Oliver North Blames School Shootings on ‘Culture of Violence,’ Ritalin
Trump Administration to Provide Records On Obama-Era Gun-Smuggling Probe
Obama Education Secretary Tells Students to 'Boycott School' Until Congress Passes Gun Control
Terrific Interview of Devin Nunes With Maria Bartiromo – video
WSJ Asks "Was Trump's Campaign 'Set Up'?"
HURT: What Obama and His Political Choom Gang Did Is Far Worse Than Watergate
John Brennan'a Latest Cryptic Tweet Has People Asking 'Is This a Threat to Trump?'
Hillary Clinton Says She's Not Over the 2016 Election, Pulls Out Russian Hat During Yale Speech – HOLLY NOTE: More than anything, Hillary looks like a spoiled, whiny brat that can't get over herself. She's reinforcing the opinion that women are too emotional to be strong, logical, clear-headed leaders. We know that's not the case for women in general, but Clinton is projecting an unflattering strident 'loser' self-portrait.
Smug Seattle to Mom and Pop Landlords: Criminals Are Welcome! Your Rights Not So Much
Best States Overall Ranking
MAY 18
8 Dead, Possible Bomb Found in Texas High School as Student Gunman Goes on Twisted Rampage: 1 Suspect in Custody, 1 Detained
White House Communications Staff Told Heads Will Soon Roll Over Press Leaks
Mueller STILL Trying – Agrees to Narrow Scope of Questions in Bid to Interview Trump
Dems Did 'More Damage' to Democracy Than Russians 'Ever Contemplated'
Senate Confirms Gina Haspel to Lead CIA, First Woman to Hold Post
Senate to Take Up Sweeping VA Bill Ahead of Memorial Day
Trump: US Proceeding With North Korea Summit 'Like Nothing Happened'
Senators Who Voted Against Confirming Pompeo Beg For His Ear on Gaza
The Wait Is Over! (Not Really) DOJ Watchdog Completes Probe of Hillary Clinton: Still No Word on When the Results Will Be Released.
Report: Inspector General Will Declare FBI, DOJ Broke Law in Clinton Email Probe
President Trump Insults Animals
Pelosi Defends MS-13 'Animals': "We're All God's Children"
Sarah Sanders: White House: Liberals, Media Are Welcome to Defend ‘Disgusting’ MS-13 Gang – video
Pentagon Stands Firm: No Talk of Scaling Back U.S.-South Korean Military Drills
Trump: Obama FBI ‘Probably’ Had a Spy Inside Presidential Campaign – 'If So, This Is Bigger Than Watergate,' Trump Writes
Mass. City Rescinds Order to Remove Anti-Warren ‘Fake Indian’ Campaign Signs
MAY 17
Rudy Giuliani: Robert Mueller’s Team Has Concluded It Can’t Indict a Sitting President, Must Follow DoJ Guidelines – HOLLY NOTE: Maybe now this multi-million dollar witch hunt can end. Bottom line there was no there there.
'We Got It Right' When We Cleared Trump of Collusion, Says Lead House Republican
Democrats Can't Acknowledge Success If Trump Is The One Having It
"Operation Crossfire Hurricane": FBI Sent Strzok on Secret Mission to London Before Election
CONFIRMED=> FBI Spied on Trump’s Camp With Informant and Obtained Trump Campaign Phone Records Through Secret Subpoena
Feds Say 'No' to Request For Seth Rich Records
Senate Votes to Restore Obama-era Net Neutrality in Pre-Election Win for Democrats, But Likely to Fail in House
Let's Stop Calling It Liberalism
School Official Calls Top Cop 'Skinhead,' Demands Special Treatment – HOLLY NOTE: He's got the patience of Job! – video 
Bodycam Footage Documents NAACP State President Lied About Racial Profiling
MAY 16
Trump Is Right -- McConnell Should Shut Down Democratic Obstruction in the Senate
Democrats Come Through, Will Confirm Haspel as CIA Director
2 New Confirmations Bring Trump’s Circuit Judges to 21
Nunes Asks Why Justice Department Even Opened Investigation Into Trump Campaign
Chicago Played 'Short Con Shell Game' to Help Build Obama Museum: Lawsuit
CIA Has Suspect Behind Biggest Leak in Agency's History: Report
The US and Europe to Go Separate Ways Pursuing Divergent Goals
Meet Tesla’s New Bondholder: Billionaire George Soros
Sprawling Opium Poppy Field Found in Northern California
US Weapons Meant for Syrian Rebels Wind Up in Hands of Al Qaeda
Hillary Clinton and the Bitterness Tour – HOLY NOTE: As if another country is interested in the giant chip on her shoulder. Maybe that's what put her back out of whack last week forcing Hillary to wear a brace. She looks tired, pale and bloated with bloodshot eyes.
Trump Calls For Death Penalty For Cop Killers
MAY 15
Could North Korea's Nuclear Weapon Arsenal End Up in Tennessee?
Pence Calls Trump Greatest Defender Israel Ever Had in White House
For American Jews, Tears of Joy Vie With Protests as Jerusalem Embassy Opens
Treason: Obama Shut Down Efforts to Stop Iran’s Nuke and Bomb Smuggling Network
First Lady Melania Trump Undergoes Kidney Surgery in Washington – HOLLY NOTE: We wondered why Pres. Trump didn't go to Israel. Since she's going to be hospitalized for the rest of the week, this is likely the reason he chose to stay close by.
People Actually Found a Way to Use Melania’s Surgery to Attack Trump
Who Turned Off the Lights?
A GOP Surprise: House Midterm Hopes Rise in Blue California
Dismiss The 'Make-Believe' Charges -- Indicted Russian Firm Comes Straight After Mueller
MAY 14
Iran Says Western Officials Were Bribed to Approve Iran Nuke Deal; Threaten to Reveal Names and Amounts
Here's Bush Refusing to Criticize Obama, Here's Bush Criticizing Trump
Jimmy Kimmel: American People Have Had Enough Trump-Bashing
Harry Reid Sent Sensitive Trump Collusion Letter Over CIA Objections
Mad Maxine Waters Melts Down over Make America Great Again – video
California Bill Wants To Drop Washington/Lincoln's Birthday And Replace It With Communist Holiday
California Pro-Gun School Board Members Told To Resign
How Obama Loyalists Conspired To Undermine The Trump Transition
Did an FBI Spy Infiltrate The Trump 2016 Campaign? – video
Trump Officials on Why They Leak: This Is a Never-Ending 'Mexican Stand-Off'
Despite The Media, Trump Is Winning For We The People
Establishment Democrats and Republicans Are Terrified and Running Scared Over The 'Free Thinker' Movement: It Is Definitely 'A Thing' Now
MAY 11
The Nuclear Option: Trump Schools Diplomatic ‘Experts’ on How to Make a Deal
Trump Vows US 'Will Not Be Walked into an Iran Deal' at Next Month's North Korea Summit
President Donald Trump MASSIVE Rally in Elkhart, Indiana - May 10, 2018 – video
Kimberley Strassel: Did the FBI Place a Mole Inside The 2016 Trump Campaign?
Two Workers Killed When Truck Contacts Electrical Line And Burns
Mormon Church Breaks All Ties With Boy Scouts, Ending 100-Year Relationship
Issa: Material Nunes Is Seeking Will Embarrass DOJ, FBI – video
Nunes and Gowdy Meet With Justice Department Officials – video
Conservative Social Media Network Coming Soon – Freedom, Real News, Privacy
*Sigh* No, Being a Christian Does Not Require You Meekly Submit To Leftist Tyranny
Trump Signs Act Strengthening Holocaust Restitution Efforts
Trump-Lovin' Student Threatened For Exposing Leftist Attackers
Judicial Watch Uncovers Emails Showing FBI Officials Recommended Comey Consult With Mueller Prior to June 2017 Senate Testimony
Senate Democrats Blast Trump’s Judicial Confirmations, Cite Lack of Vetting and Diversity – HOLLY NOTE: If the Dems are angry, these must be GREAT choices!
Ex-congressman Says He's 'Given Up on America' After Sentenced for 3rd Conviction and Moving to Africa
Thousands of Facebook Ads Bought By Russians to Fool U.S. Voters Released By Congress
Heat on Daniels' Lawyer Over Past Business Dealings, Bank Record Disclosure
Starbucks Chairman Announces Free Bathrooms And Table Space For The Homeless
MAY 10
Trump Welcomes Back Americans Freed By North Korea 
President Trump: On Behalf of the American People, WELCOME HOME! – video
Freed Americans: ‘God Bless America, the Greatest Nation in the World’
Trump Not Wavering on North Korea Nukes After Captives Freed
U.S. Falls Behind Russia and China in Race to Develop Hypersonic Weapons
Oliver North readies NRA ‘Counterpunch’ Against Gun Control Activists’ ‘Civil Terrorism’
With 15 Circuit Judge Confirmations and a Dozen Pending, Trump Looks to Reshape the Courts
McCain Confirms Giving Dossier to Comey: 'Duty Demanded'
The 'Russian Collusion' Trial Is On -- It Might Be Bad For Mueller

Obama, Hillary And Kerry Rip Trump Over Iran. Sarah Sanders Flattens Them With One Statement
Boy Scouts Lose 425,000 Boys 1 Week After Announcing Name Change
3 Americans Detained in NKorea 'in Good Health' and on Way Back to US With Pompeo – Trump Will Be There at 2a.m. to Personally Greet Them
Trump Slaps Sanctions on Iran
Here’s What Trump’s Decision on Iran Means
Top 5 Reasons Trump Was Absolutely Right to Shred the Iran Nuke Deal
Even Democrats Thought Obama's (Now Dead) Iran Deal Was Total Garbage – flashback World Reacts…
European Nations Say They Are Staying in Iran Deal – HOLLY NOTE: They have billions of reasons:
112% Jump in Iran-France Trade – $3+ Billion
Iran-Germany Trade to Reach $6 Billion in 2017
Iran's Trade With UK Rises 29% to $308 Million
Iranian Lawmakers Burn U.S. Flag After Nuclear Deal Withdrawal – HOLLY NOTE: And this is worse than Iranians chanting "Death to America" all during the time of the signed nuclear deal and AFTER giving them $150 BILLLION?
BOO HOO: Obama Responds To Trump Killing His Iran Deal
Obama Posts Long Lecture About Trump Destroying His Iran Legacy
Here Are The Sanctions That Will Snap Back Into Place on Iran
If You Missed Trump's Short, But Powerful Iran Deal Withdrawal, Watch It Here – video
Confirmed: Election Interference ... By Obama!
2020: Don Lemon Reveals CNN Will Limit Airing Trump Rallies ‘in Real Time’
CBS News Poll: Majority of Americans Sees Russia Investigation as Politically Motivated – a Witch Hunt
STUDY: Trump TV Coverage 90% Negative
Overruled: CBS, NBC Spend a Combined 30 Seconds on Judge's Criticism of Mueller
White House: Nancy Pelosi Responsible For Waterboarding Policy, Not CIA k Gina Haspel
Trump Predicted Fall of Disgraced New York AG In 2013: ‘Wait And See’
Schneiderman Accuser Speaks: He Slapped Me, Spit on Me, Called Me His ‘Brown Slave’
The True Head of the Shadow Government
‘American Psycho’ Author Bret Easton Ellis Shreds Hollywood Hypocrisy: ‘A Backlash Is Brewing’
Now Mueller Reportedly Investigating Russian Oligarch Viktor Vekselberg’s Payments to Michael Cohen
Pompeo in Second Secret Trip to North Korea to Prepare Trump-Kim Summit
Trump to Make HUGE Announcement on Iran Nuclear Deal Today, 2 p.m. Eastern
'Jane Fonda of the Middle East’: 'Outnumbered' Rips John Kerry's 'Shadow Diplomacy' to Save Iran Deal
McCain 'Not Expected' Back In Senate
NRA Taps ‘Legendary Warrior’ Oliver North to Lead Fight Against Gun Control Movement
Purpose of Mueller Investigation Is Impeachment. Period.
Robert Mueller's Sordid History of Illicitly Targeting Innocent People
Disgraced Televangelist Jim Bakker Is Now Selling Real Estate and $150 Water Bottles
Chelsea Manning Vows to Close Prisons, Abolish ICE, and Eliminate U.S. Borders On Campaign Trail
INDOCTRINATION: Survey Finds 40% of Colleges Have ZERO GOP Professors
New York Woman, 26, Used Obituaries to Rob Families During Funerals, Police Say
Former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova and Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino Discuss Mueller's Russia Investigation with Mark Levin – video of day
She’s a ture of Health! Hillary Clinton Steps Out in Back Brace
New York AG Eric Schneiderman, Powerful Dem Who Took on Weinstein, Resigns Over Assault Allegations
Another Federal Judge Rejects Robert Mueller Move
Mueller Team Tells Judge They Have "SECRET POWERS" The Source of Which Cannot Be Disclosed
…Hands Mueller His First Courtroom Defeat — And It Has Major Implications
How Strong a Case Is Robert Mueller Building? – video
Mueller's Jurisdiction Must Be Limited
Illinois Counties Declare ‘Sanctuary’ Status For Gun Owners, Put Democrats on Notice
Joe Mantegna Says Second Amendment ‘Makes Perfect Sense Today’
John McCain Regrets Choosing Sarah Palin as 2008 Running Mate Over Dem. Joe Lieberman – HOLLY NOTE: Most people on the edge of death want to leave remembered as kind and for their good deeds, maybe important legislation. Unfortunately for McCain, other than being a brave Vietnam POW, he's leaving a legacy of bitterness, disloyalty, anger and vindictiveness.
Related: Obama Called McCain to Thank Him for Vote against ObamaCare Repeal
Related: Trump Banned from Attending His Funeral by McCain
Closet Democrat John McCain Encourages Joe Biden Not to Walk Away From Politics – video
Trump Derangement Syndrome: Pollster Disavows Own Poll as Support for President Spikes
Donald Trump: 'Fake News' Can't Hide That Americans Are Doing Better
Wikileaks Dumps Hillary Email Exposing Her Ordering US Diplomats to Steal DNA from UN Leadership
NSA Spying Explodes: Over 530 Million US Phone Records Collected In 2017
FBI Chaos: Comey Caught In Lie Over Flynn Investigation; Anti-Trump "Lovebird" Lisa Page Quits
If There Ever Was a Violation of the Logan Act, John Kerry Just Broke It

Rosie O’Donnell’s Campaign Donations to Dems Went Over Legal Limit – Donated Under 4 Different Names to Disguise Contributions
MORE BAD NEWS FOR ROSIE... O'Donnell Also Accused of Bribing GOP Senators in December
Hollywood Actress Attends Anti-Gun Protest - With Armed Guards
Neo-Nazi California Senate Candidate Booted From GOP Convention
Robert Mueller Requests 70 Blank Subpoenas in Manafort Case
RuFirst NBC Said "Tapped": Feds Tapped Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen's Phones, Then 30 Minutes Later Backtracked to "Monitored" – HoLLY NOTE: Few people analyzing this news item believe Mueller & co. didn't listen in.
Giuliani: Basis of Mueller Case ‘Dead’ — ‘Sessions Should Step in and Close It’
Rudy Giuliani: Nation Would Turn on Mueller if He Goes After Ivanka, Kushner ‘Disposable’
‘Tradecraft Failings’: CIA’s Conclusion That Putin Interfered in Election to Help Trump Was Flawed
Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom on Conspiracy, 5
th Column Activity Within Agency – video
Time to Declare Clinton Foundation the Biggest Charity Fraud Ever
Leaker in the Interior Department Has Been Found
ACLU Denies Alan Dershowitz's Charge They Are AWOL on Trump's Civil Liberties
Black Male Support For Trump Doubles After Kanye Tweets: Poll
ATF Agent Shot in fAce While Working Undercover With Chicago Police
Hornady Manufacturing Cuts Off Ammunition Sales to New York State Law Enforcement Agencies
Dems Float The Gun Control Measure We All Knew They Secretly Want
3 Arrested in Charlotte Flag-Burning at May Day Protest
Girls in Boy Scouts Is Bad For Everyone
G-D You to Hell!': Former Trump Campaign Consultant Explodes at Democratic Senate Aides After He Loses His House to Legal Fees in 'Witch Hunt' Congressional Russia Probe
Pentagon Formally Investigating White House Doctor to 3 Presidents After String of Allegations Torpedoed Rear Admiral's Nomination to Run Veterans Affairs
Descendant of Pocahontas: Elizabeth Warren Should ‘Take the DNA Test’
Nancy Pelosi Digs in and Vows to Never Leave – HOLLY NOTE: Heaven spare us from another 2-legged incurable STD – Savagely Treacherous Democrat
Museum Selling Off Work By White Artists to Make Room For Art By Minorities
Kanye Reveals Obama's History of Being a Selfish Jerk – HOLLY NOTE: As if this were a revelation! Remember when Obama said "I" and "me" 117 times in a single speech?
Trump Trap Set: The President Fumes Over Mueller’s Questions as Threat of Subpoena Looms
Russian Fighter Jet Intercepts US Navy Plane Over Baltic Sea
Obama Bros. Speechless After Netanyahu Exposes Iran Deal Lies 180502.Obama-Ben.Rhodes.
Mark Levin Audio Rewind – audio
Romney Praises Trump's First Year in Office: It's Similar to Things 'I'd Have Done' – HOLLY NOTE: This is the guy who castigated Trump beyond words during the election. Romney said of Trump on Foreign Policy: "Donald Trump tells us that he is very, very smart. I'm afraid that when it comes to foreign policy he is very, very not smart." After just 14 months in office,Trump's major foreign policy wins include:
1) making our allies pay their fair share into the UN
2) instrumental in bringing about peace between North and South Korea
3) increased (and real) support of Israel including moving the US embassy to Jerusalem next week inspiring other nations to follow suit
4) requiring competing nations to correct massive trade imbalances to be fairer to the U.S.
5) taking a stand in the Syrian conflict and launching limited strikes on a Syrian regime air base after another chemical attack on civilians
6) remaking or removing the U.S. from the hideously unfair Iran nuke deal
7) He's even brought China around to not being such jerks to us.
Many of these issues past presidents have tried, or partially tried to fix. All FAILED to find solutions. Now that Romney’s running and sees he was mistaken and that Trump is a foreign policy winner, could it be he’s angling for a Trump endorsement in his Senate run? Romney’s certainly changed his tune. Politics is truly the dirtiest business on the planet and no one emerges unscathed.
Bill Binney: It’s Next to Impossible Communicating Securely, NSA Know Our Weaknesses
TIMELINE: Merkel Helped Obama Unmask Trump Officials and Build the 'Russia' Case - Big League Politics
Clinton Foundation Revving Back Up Despite Ethical Cloud – HOLLY NOTE: I was wrong. Hillary's not like a rash that won't go away. She's more like the eternal hemorrhoid. These money-grubbers are asking $100K for a "package". 
DNC Officials Demand Refund From Hillary Clinton
Can Bernie Sanders Out-Woke Kamala, Liz, and Trump? – HOLLY NOTE: He’d have to be fitter than fit because going on the campaign trail at 79-80 is taxing enough for someone half his age. Though Trump will be 74, he's already proven to have remarkable genes and health.
Trump on Iran’s Lying About Its Nuclear Program: “Not an Acceptable Situation” – Obama’s Legacy Is Coming to a Head
EXPLAINED: Everything You Need to Know About The Iran Nuclear Deal
Related: More Obama Lies About The Iran Nuclear Deal Exposed
Related: Obama's Iran Nuclear Deal Is an Unforgivable Betrayal of Israel
Related: Obama's Iran Deal Is a Fraud Top to Bottom
New York Times Publishes Leaked List of Queries Mueller Hopes to Put to Trump in Russia Probe
VP Pence Physician Behind Ronny Jackson Attacks
What the United States Can Learn from Yugoslavia's Breakup
The Thrill Is Gone: Democratic Party Losing Support of Young Voters, Says Massive Poll
REVEALED: Mitch McConnell’s In-Laws Bought 10 Massive Ships from the Chinese Government Since His Wife Elaine Chao Became Transportation Secretary
Kanye West Freedom of Thought is Not Dead ... And I'm Making Sure of It
Kanye Tweets About Democrats Being the Party of Slavery and the Left EXPLODES
Crips Leader Tells Gang Members to 'F--k Kanye West Up' After Trump Remarks – language warning
Secret Service Destroys Lie Pushed By Media, Parkland Activists About NRA Gun Ban
APR 30
Trump Talks North Korea, Border Wall And More at Boisterous Michigan Rally
Trump Officials Heading Into North Korea Talks With 'Eyes Wide Open'
Crowd Chants 'Nobel' at Trump Rally Over North Korea Talks
Unfunny Comedian Doubles Down on Brutal Sarah Sanders Attacks, as People Rally Behind the Press Secretary
Cursing Comedian Bombs at WHCD – video
…Disgusts With Abortion Joke at White House Correspondents' Dinner
'Lost Their G--Damn Humanity': PBA President Furious Over Release of Cop Killer
Comey's Version of the Facts Conflicts With the Record
James Comey, the Smiling Weasel
Lawmakers Get Ready to Fight Over Mini-Nukes
Clinton Nonprofit Won't Let Donor Cancel $10.48 Monthly Contribution: Report – HOLLY NOTE: Are these people unbelievably cheap and greedy or what.
Mystery Group of "Wealthy Donors" and Soros Spends $50 Million For "Private Trump-Russia Investigation" – HOLLY NOTE: $50 Mill will buy a LOT of 'evidence'
Trump Calls on Democratic Senator to Resign After VA k Drops Out
Brooks Suggests Republicans Are Retiring Because of Assassination Fears
Off-Duty Arkansas Police Officer Killed Inside His Home
Former DNI Clapper Told Committee: ‘I Didn’t Have Any Evidence…of Collusion’
FBI Delays Release of Communications With Firm That Examined DNC Servers
Donald Trump to Pull Feds Out of K-12 Education
The Dramatic Rise of the Democratic Resistance – HOLLY NOTE: Imagine what kind of President Hillary would have made since she was the force behind the resist movement.
Hillary Clinton Officially Launches 'Resistance' Outside Group – flashback
Colorado Man Built 'Sex Chamber' For Intercourse With Pet Husky, Pressured Ex-Girlfriend to Join, Cops Say – HOLLY NOTE: In looking for today’s news, numerous articles popped up on bestiality and cruelty to animals, many too disgusting to post. Understand that this sharp increase in reprehensible, revolting and heartless behavior is another End Times sign. ET Romans 1:28-29
McGruff The Crime Dog Actor Sentenced to 16 Years For Pot, Grenade Launcher
APR 27
Wisconsin Dark Sky Exercise May 15-17 to Test Emergency Operations, National Guard, First Responders in Power Grid Down Scenario
Related: DARK SKY – Massive Long-Term Power Outage Drill, Troops Going Door to Door – video
Trump Gets Win as Senate Confirms Mike Pompeo for Secretary of State, BUT
Knives Out For Scott Pruitt as EPA Chief Appears Before Congress
Scott Pruitt’s Effort to Expose ‘Secret Science’ Has Environmentalists Scared Stiff
After a Year and Many Millions, Sessions Says Mueller’s Investigation of Trump ‘Needs to Conclude’
More Than 60 Women Said Bill Cosby Drugged and Molested Them Over a Span of 5 Decades
Otto Warmbier's Parents Sue North Korea For Wrongful Death
520 Secret JFK Files to Remain Fully Sealed
Occupy Evangelicalism
Bad News For Mueller and the Swamp: Voters Are On to You
Tell-All Book About Hillary's Campaign Is Packed With Sex Gossip
Certification for Certain Records Related to the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
Mueller Gets Protection From Congressional Committee, GOP Rattled
Surgeon, Who Exposed Clinton Foundation Corruption In Haiti, Found Dead
Time to End the Resistance of the Swamp
APR 26
GUILTY! Justice Finally for Cosby Survivors!
Comic Legend Lashes Out in Profane Rant After Being Found Guilty of Drugging, Raping Women
…Will Likely Die in Jail
Bill Cosby: A 50-year Chronicle of Accusations and Accomplishments
White House Doctor to 3 Presidents Ronny Jackson Withdraws From VA Nomination
Comey Memos Shared More Broadly Than Previously Thought
Judicial Watch Reveals ‘Collusion’ Between Clinton State Dept, Clinton Foundation
When It Comes to Sexual Misconduct, Hillary Clinton Takes Whatever Side Benefits Her Most
Pompeo Set to Be Confirmed on Thursday
Republicans Expect to Get Missing Strzok-Page Memos; Still Seeking Missing Clinton Emails
"Black People Don't Have to Be Democrats": Obama-Linked Rapper Backs Kanye as MSM Melts Down Over MAGA
Kanye West Goes on a Twitter Rant Loses 9 Million Followers
Democrats Try to Block Trump Court Nominee Who Opposed Boys Using Girls’ Bathrooms
Port Authority Commissioner Telling Cops: 'You May Shut the F--- Up!' – video
Former Police Officer ID'd as Suspected Golden State Killer, Who Terrorized California in the '70s and '80s
California School District Says Parents CAN'T OPT OUT of Curricula on Gender Identity, Expression, or Sexual Orientation
AP Suggests Criticizing Journalists is “Hate Speech
APR 25
STUNNING: Macron Blinks on Iran Nuclear Pact, Wants to Work With Trump on ‘New Deal’
Trump: Complete Denuclearization Means North Korea Gets Rid of Their ‘Nukes’
CALEXIT: Golden State Movement to Secede From US Cleared to Gather Signatures
'Is This a Parody Segment?': Tucker Debates 'Calexit' Supporter Who Calls CA 'Not the US' – video
‘Stupid Question’: Donald Trump Shuts Down ABC News Reporter Jon Karl During Macron Visit – HOLLY NOTE: We watched this live and saw Macron chuckle and nod acknowledgment at Trump's swift and complete smackdown of this journo.
Hobby Lobby Lawyer Who Beat ObamaCare Wins Seat on Federal Appeals Court
Trump Meets With Macron, Praises Strength of US-French Alliance – Relationship Never Closer – HOLLY NOTE: We've come a long way when in 2003 many Americans boycotted French products over their stance on Iraq. Back then French Fried became Freedom Fries.
“Very Pissed Off” Obama DOJ Made “Dramatic” Call to McCabe to Quash Clinton Probe
Trump on Pulling US Troops from Syria: ‘We’re Going to Be Coming Home Relatively Soon’
Judicial Watch: 'Yes,' Comey Broke the Law, He Was 'Stealing Govt Records' and Leaked Them
CNN's Jim Acosta Says Voters Too Stupid to Grasp Trump ‘Act’: ‘Their Elevator Might Not Hit All Floors’ – HOLLY NOTE: This is reminiscent of Jonathan Gruber, architect of ObamaCare, who thanked "the stupidity of the American voter" for leading to passage of Obama's signature piece of legislation. Wonder what Gruber thinks now that ObamaCare is stinking, sinking and nearly dead, with huge swaths already wiped clean. Acosta just can't stop committing verbal suicide.
Fresno State Professor Randa Jarrar Won't Be Reprimanded for Barbara Bush 'Racist' Tweets – HOLLY NOTE: If her comments had been aimed at a black or Hispanic person, she would have been tossed out quick-smart and her backside would still be skidding along the pavement.
Bush-Bashing Professor Has School Scrambling to Keep Donors
Former Miss America Marries in Same-Sex Wedding
APR 24
President Trump Calls the U.S.-France Relationship ‘Unbreakable.’ History Shows He’s Right.
Sanders: 'Great Friendship' Between Trump and Macron Will Help Negotiations
Melania Will Serve Rack of Lamb and Oregon Wines to Emmanuel Macron at State Dinner
Coons Earns Bipartisan Praise for 'Courtesy to a Friend' During Pompeo Meeting, Brings Colleague to Tears
Pompeo Set to Become Trump's Top Diplomat as Early as This Week
th Circuit Openings Give President Trump Chance to Reform America’s Most Liberal Federal Court
Demanding Equality of Justice
It’s Fun to Watch The Liberals’ and Never Trumpers’ Coup Dreams Die
Justice to Turn Over 1,000 Hillary Clinton Docs in Response to Goodlatte Subpoena
YouTube Removed 8.3 Million Videos in 3 Months
Elder George Bush Hospitalized With Blood Infection, Responding to Treatment
'Real Indian' Taking on Elizabeth Warren Sues for Right to Label Her as 'Fake'
Survey: 56% Believe That Comey Is Doing Interviews Just to Promote Himself and His Book
Leaked: New Purge Film Pushes White-on-Black Race War
Memo to President: Shell Game – Terrorist Financing and Michael Cohen Investigation – video of day
Petition to Fire Fresno State Professor Attracts 10,000 Over 20,000 Signatures
Sign the Petition
APR 23
James Shaw Jr. Identified as Hero Who Took Away Waffle House Attacker’s Rifle: He Was ‘Going to Have to Work’ to Kill Me
Suspect in Tennessee Waffle House shooting still at large and Possiby Armed, Police Say
Related: Waffle House Shooting Suspect Arrested Last Year Near White House
Unpublished CDC Study Confirms Over 2 Million Annual Defensive Gun Uses
Big Banks Target the Bill of Rights
"Unapologetically American" Green Beret Explains "Why We Need Guns"
Soros's Machiavellian Plan To Water Down American Electorate By 10 Million Votes
Nunes on Looking Into The Origin of the Russia Investigation – video
WikiLeaks to Countersue Democrats; “Discovery Is Going to Be Amazing Fun”
'Ethical' James Comey Is Under Investigation for Unethical Acts
Trump Accuses Comey of 'Breaking The Law' With Memos on Classified Information
Judge Pirro Unleashed,Rips Comey: ‘You’re a Liar and You’re a Leaker’ – video of day
Watters' Words: Comey and Clinton Are The Perfect Pair – video
Tom Steyer Bid to Impeach Donald Trump Falls Flat with Democrats
Mueller Team Said to Be Amused as Giuliani Pledges to End Russia Probe
Former FBI Assistant Director: Mueller Team Is "Amused", Danger Ahead
Mueller's Team Argues the Public Can't Enforce Justice Rules They Violate
Barbara Bush-Bashing Prof Rips 'F***Ing Stupid'
Great Hearts Monte Vista Charter School Teacher Asks Students to List Positive Aspects of Slavery – HOLLY NOTE: We posted this article just for the shear stupidity and insensitivity of the assignment.
APR 20
President Tweets That Comey Memos Show No Collusion or Obstruction, Dems Vow Fight
Judge Nap: Trump May Not Be 'Target' of Mueller Probe or Cohen Raid, But He Is a 'Subject'
Trump says Comey Threw McCabe 'Under the Bus' After Criminal Referral
Comey Has Leaked AND Lied
Memos Show Comey Was Dishonest with Trump – video
STEVE HILTON: Without a Comey Prosecution, There’s No Hope for Healing America
McCabe Threatened to Take Everyone Down With Him If Charged – flashback
Hannity: Good News for Trump, Crushing Blows for the Left – video
DOCUMENTS: Read James Comey's Redacted Memos About President Trump
James Comey and Andrew McCabe: You Read, You Decide
Alan Dershowitz, Gregg Jarrett on the Release of Comey Memos
2 Florida Deputies Shot Dead In Suspected Ambush
MS-13 Put Out Call to 'Take Out a Cop' on NY – Gang Retaliating After Uptick in Arrests on Long Island. MS-13 'Reaper' (tured) Faces Murder Charges.
New Emails Bolster GOP Claims of FBI, DOJ 'Coordination' on Clinton Case Response
Judge Nap Urges Sessions to Reopen Clinton Email Probe Due to 'Overwhelming Evidence'
You Have Been Warned: The Civil War Begins When Hillary Clinton Gets Indicted
Revealed: Dream Democrat Agenda Includes Reparations
‘Yes, I’m Running as a Socialist.’ Why Candidates Are Embracing the Label in 2018
Colorado's 'Barack Obama Highway' Bill Could Face Rocky Road to Passage
APR 19
GOP Lawmakers Demand Criminal Probe of Comey, McCabe, Clinton, Lynch
Andrew McCabe Swipes at James Comey: He's Not Telling the Truth
Duncan Hunter: President Trump Must Block The Sale of Delaware Port To Saddam’s Weapons Chief
Trump Says He’ll Walk Away From North Korea Summit If Kim Jong-Un Plays Games
Poll: White Evangelical Support for Trump at Record High
Meghan McCain skewers James Comey: 'I Don't Want to Know Your Politics'
Coulter: 1% Chance Comey Not a Self-Dramatizing Fruitcake
Pittsburgh Cops Prepare For Riots If Mueller Fired
Texas A&M Shuts Down 2 Chinese Learning Institutes Deemed National Security Threats
Situation Involving Fresno State Professor Gets Significantly Worse
Fresno State Professor Who Celebrated Barbara Bush’s Death on Leave from Spring Classes
Puerto Rico Suffers Island-Wide Power Outage
APR 18
640 Pounds of High Explosives Stolen in Pennsylvania; ATF Offers Reward
Judicial Watch Sues FBI Over James Comey Book
Americans Have Increasingly Unfavorable View of Robert Mueller: Poll
GOP Leaders Say House, Senate Won’t Take Up Robert Mueller Protection Bill
California’s Crazy One-Party Liberal Politics Is Why I Had to Finally Leave the State -- and I’m Not Alone
Turning California into 3 States Won’t Solve Its Problems
Federal Judge Kimba Wood: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know About Judge Presiding Over Michael Cohen Case
John Renison – Secret Mexican Citizen Running for US Congress in Border District
Keith Ellison: Women Dying Due to Dem Losses – HOLLY NOTE: Good example that Progressives lost sight of logic, perspective and truth. FACT: Women are doing better under Trump as are blacks and Hispanics. – video
McCain Accuses Stormy Daniels of Indulging in 'PUBLICITY STUNT' When Porn Star Comes on 'The View' – HOLLY NOTE: Yes, career porn star is infinitely preferable to being known for a one night stand – not an affair as liberal media portrays – with Donald Trump a dozen years ago. Daniels is reaping financial rewards as she makes the rounds of liberal TV. In addition to more gigs and publicity, Daniels has doubled her stripping fees to $75K per appearance and has booked a nationwide strip club tour. It boggles the mind how her 3rd husband is OK with her line of work and giving no thought to how the porn business will affect their daughter.
APR 17
Former First Lady, Republican Matriarch and 'Everyone's Grandma' Barbara Bush Passes at 92
'MONEY LAUNDERING SCHEME': Hillary, DNC Funneled $84 Million Through State Parties to Avoid Campaign Finance Laws, Lawsuit Claims
GOP Lawmaker Held Special Order on House Floor Last Night Detailing Case for Second Special Counsel to Investigate Obama’s FISA Abuse
Trump Scores Highest Approval Rating – in 'Lefty' Publications – Since First 100 Days
Comey's Interview Is a Media Flop
ABC News Slammed By Industry Insiders for "Aggressively Editing" James Comey's Sit-Down with George Stephanopoulos
McCabe, Hillary and the Steele Dossier: Excellent Questions ABC’s George Stephanopoulos Failed to Ask James Comey
Few Praise Comey’s Tenure at FBI; More Want Him Prosecuted
As Only a Brit Could Say… PIERS MORGAN: No Wonder Trump Fired James ‘Judas’ Comey - I Wouldn’t Trust Him as Far as I Could Throw the Egotistical, Money-Grabbing Worm...
TOM FITTON: Comey Says HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Hillary Emails Were Found on Weiner Laptop – Judicial Watch Was Told 'Only' 72,000
Lifelong Democrat Alan Dershowitz: James Comey Is a 'Man Without Courage'
Meghan McCain Warns James Comey Ahead of ‘The View’ Interview: ‘We’re All Gonna Filet You’
The Invisible Victims of Gun Control
Obama’s Justice Dept. Feuded with FBI, Agents Quit as Politics Played Larger Role
Cory Booker Reveals True Intolerance of Left
While Obama Pushed 'Restorative Justice' in Schools, The Parkland Shooter Got a Free Pass
Growing Extremism of Women’s March Bedevils Democratic Allies on Campaign Trail
California Trains Running Even Slower Due to Homeless on Tracks
Sean Hannity Responds After Deep State Alleges He Was Michael Cohen’s 3rd Client
SCOTUS Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Revealed 25 Years Ago as "Radical, Doctrinaire Feminist, Far Out of the Mainstream" with a "Chip-on-the-Shoulder"
APR 16
FBI’s McCabe Accuses Comey of Lying About Meeting on Media Leak
INSPECTOR GENERAL BOMBSHELL:: Why Obama AG Loretta Lynch May Be in Legal Jeopardy
Pelosi Falsely Implies Mueller Was ‘Fired’ in Bizarre Fundraising Email
Related: Nancy Pelosi Suffers Brain Freezes; Jaw Problems Mar Speech in 2018 – HOLLY NOTE: She, like Hillary Clinton, may be suffering from health issues, including dementia, because she's not playing with a full deck.
Related: Nancy Pelosi's Health Issues; Displays Signs on National TV in 2017 – video
Trump's Red Line
How Much of Our Liberty Will SCOTUS Take Away in the Microsoft Case?
No Place in a Civilized World
Some of Trump's Biggest Supporters Criticize Syria Decision
After Strike on Syria, Congress to Debate Presidential War Powers
White House Launched Preemptive Blows Against Comey
‘Morally Unfit to Be President’ — Comey Unleashes on Trump in First Sit-Down Interview
Teachers’ Union President Plots to Shut Puerto Rico Schools From Schools From First Class Car
10% of US Facebook Users Deleted Their Accounts Over Data-Privacy Scandal, Survey Shows
APR 13
US Strikes in Syria Are Twice the Size of Previous Trump-Ordered Assault
Syrian State TV Shows Destroyed Chemical Weapons Lab – Air Strikes Injure 3 Civilians
Syrian Neighbors React to US-Led Strikes With Excitement, Fear and Hope
Pioneering Talk Radio Legend, Art Bell, Dead at 72 – HOLLY NOTE: Art's passing holds special meaning for us as he interviewed Stan countless times beginning in Australia in '95. It was through Art that Stan and I met. Art had a unique way of drawing information from those he interviewed, held audiences captive with his stories and wit, and had a terrific sense of humor punctuated by his unmistakable laugh. The mic has gone silent.
After War Breaks Out In Syria, the Red Dawn Invasion of the Western United States Will Commence
Comey Attacks Trump's Integrity, Personal Appearance, Questions His Marriage in New Book
Obama Campaign Harvested Data from 100 Million More Facebook Users Than Cambridge Analytica
Bongino: Lynch, Comey Could Face Obstruction Charges for Handling of Clinton Email Probe – video
Visit 'Lying Comey'
Their World, Our World – One for the Rich, Leftists, and the Deep State Actors, and One for the Average American
Voters May Get Chance To Split California into 3
Comey Worried DOJ Would 'screw Around' With Deciding Whether to Prosecute Hillary Clinton
Larry Winget's Advice for Soon-to-Be College Graduates – video
California Bill Could Introduce Constitutionally Questionable 'Right To Be Forgotten' in the US
APR 12
Paul Ryan's Retirement Plans Spark Frenzy; Pompeo Talks Tough on Russia Before Confirmation Hearing
Nunes Threatens to Impeach Wray, Rosenstein Over FBI Documents
Trump Attorney Uncovers New Unmasking Docs Showing Samantha Power Actively Worked With Media to Undermine Trump During Transition
Senate Suddenly Moves on Bill to Protect Robert Mueller
Newt Gingrich: Mueller and FBI are Acting Like "Stalin" and "The Gestapo in Germany"
James Comey's First Interview After Being Fired Will 'Shock the President and His Team': Report
Former Federal Prosecutor: James Comey Is a ‘Dirty Cop’
Byron York: If Comey Talks to Sell Books, Why Not to Congress?
Trump Hears Echoes of Reagan as the Establishment Strikes Back
What the Secret Service Threat Assessment Ignores
McConnell Gets Tougher on Dem Obstruction of Trump’s Nominees
Judicial Watch Sues Justice And State Departments For Uranium One Records
Mulvaney: ‘We Are in the Process of Canceling’ Agreement With PR Firm Aligned with Obama, Clinton
Zuckerberg Admits Facebook Collects Data on Non-Users – HOLLY NOTE: Maybe 6 or 7 years ago I started a Facebook page. It laid 'fallow' for a couple of weeks while debating what to put up plus there was other work to do so the page wasn't looked at for days. In the interim, someone at Facebook began filling in my personal details. It was at that point the realization how intrusive they are and I immediately deleted everything.
Facebook Has Dozens of Former Obama And Hillary Staffers In Senior Positions
Zuckerberg Has Apologized — Again
Master Mark: ‘We Don’t Think What We Are Doing Is Censoring Speech’
Comprehensive List of Everything Mark Zuckerberg Will Follow Up On
Mark Levin Calls For Jeff Sessions to Step Down – 'The Entire Department's Out of Control Now'
Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Who Questioned Parkland Shooting’s Gun Control Agenda ‘Dies Unexpectedly’
When the Nazis Came for the Guns
Report: Gun Jobs Up Nearly 90% Since 2008, Gun Industry Economic Impact Up 169%
The 50 Best Places to Live in America for 2018
Poll: Large Majority of Voters Don't Give 2 Rips About Stormy Daniels Story
Obama Tops List of Most Admired People in US, Beating Trump – HOLLY NOTE: When media quit bashing Trump and the dust settles, bet Obama will not be viewed favorably for what he did – and didn't do.
APR 11
Trump Cancels South America Trip in Sign Syria Military Strike Imminent
Trump Parades His Generals as Destroyer Loaded With Cruise Missiles Arrives Off Syrian Coast - as Carrier Strike Group Sets Sail for the Mediterranean
Cohen Raid Puts Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein Back in President’s Crosshairs
Rand Paul Warns Gloating Trump Critics: Mueller’s ‘Great Overstep’ a Danger to All Americans
Sanders Shuts Down Reporter April Ryan for Asking If Trump Considered Resigning
Bolton’s First Test: Helping Trump Take a Longer View on Syria
Madeleine Albright Hits Obama for Not Acting on Syria 'Red Line' Threat
Space War Is Coming — and the U.S. Is Not Ready
Warren Calls for Equal Pay for Women, Fails to Mention Own History of Not Paying Staff Equally
Obama Aide Reveals How the 'Groupie' President Barack Fawned Over Celebs and Was Steamed When a High School Coach Called His Wife 'Fat-Butt Michelle'
Trump Orders Top-To-Bottom Review of Welfare Programs
After Site Seizure, Feds Accuse Backpage Founders of Facilitating Prostitution
Whatever the Left Touches It Ruins
Facebook Working With Mueller Probe – Zuckerberg Admits Helping Special Counsel
Ted Cruz Hammers Mark Zuckerberg on Censorship of Conservative Speech – video
Zuckerberg Can’t ID Pushback for lIberal Groups After Conservative Targeting Zuckerberg-Cruz
Senator John Kennedy to Zuckerberg: Facebook User Agreement ‘Sucks’
Mark Zuckerberg Tells Congress That Facebook Is Investigating Tens of Thousands of Apps for Passing on Private Data as Lawmakers Lecture Him About Foreign Actors Who 'Abuse' the Platform
Facebook Launches Tool to Reveal If Your Private Data Has Been Compromised in the Cambridge Analytica Scandal
Branch of Secretive Nxivm 'Sex Cult' Accused of Branding Women Has Been 'Recruiting New Members in Brooklyn' After Group's Leader Was Arrested For Sex Trafficking
Academics Warn College Students Going Off the Rails
APR 10
FBI Raids Office of Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen
Trump Blasts FBI Raid on Michael Cohen as "Disgraceful Situation"
…WH Source Calls Investigation 'Out of Control'
Mueller, FBI, DOJ Go Thermonuclear in Efforts to Bring Down Trump
Lifelong Democrat Dershowitz: on Cohen Raid: ‘This Is A Very Dangerous Day Today for Lawyer-Client Relations’'
We Are at War: Attacked Physically Offline and Virtually Online - Conservatives, Trump Supporters and Independent Media Under Siege
Media Pretending Democrats Don't Want to Impeach Trump
7 Crises John Bolton Faces on Day One as National Security Adviser
Loretta Lynch Sat Down With NBC And Lit James Comey's Pants on Fire 
…Says on FBI’s Clinton ‘Matter’ History: ‘Concerns Were Not Raised’ By Comey
Over 180K Sign Petition to Boycott Jimmy Kimmel Over Melania Attacks
Facebook’s Biggest Black Lives Matter Page Reportedly a ‘Scam’ Tied to Middle-Aged White Australian
Recall Effort Underway Against Mayor Who Mocked David Hogg
David Hogg Taking ‘Gap Year’ From College to Work on Midterm Elections, Push Gun Control
Concerned a Co-Worker Is Dangerous? Bill Would Let You Petition State to Take Their Guns
2 Men Sentenced Who Gang-Raped Girl, 13, Get Probation
Student Gov Impeaches Student for Conservative Views
Rep. Black Returns Her NFL Season Tickets, With Defiant Letter After QB Colin Kaepernick Kneels and Weara anti-Police Socks
Is It Time for California to Secede? – video
South Carolina Secession Bill Introduced Over Gun Rights
How Gun Control Laws For "Mentally Ill" Could Disarm Those Who Question Authority
Georgia Sheriff Posts ‘Welcome’ Sign Warning That Locals Are Armed
Masters of Universe Crack Down on Diamond and Silk ‘Unsafe to the Community’ – HOLLY NOTE: These ladies are sharp – and funny with a snowballing following. This is nothing but more conservative-speak censorship.
Hollywood Scraps Clinton Impeachment Shows but Moves Forward with Anti-Trump Docs
Facebook Users Should Expect to Pay for Privacy, Sandberg Says
Illinois Town Bypasses Constitution, US Citizens Given 60 Days to Turn In Guns or Become Criminals
Firearms Instructors Busier Than Ever After Parkland Shooting, Sense Feelings of Vulnerability
America Has Lost Her Constitution, Part 3
Beyoncé and Jay-Z 'Plan to Build a Compound Around Their $88Million Bel-Air Mansion' to Improve Security – HOLLY NOTE: This announcement came on the heels of Jay-Z's rant about 'white privilege' last week.
Related: Billionaire Rapper Rants About 'White Man's Privilege' in America
In Trial of Pulse Nightclub Shooter’s Widow Reveals an Embattled FBI
Loopholes in Child Trafficking Laws Put Victims—and American Citizens—At Risk
Gun Owner Mark Robinson SLAMS Leftists Over Gun Violence in an Impassioned Speech at City Council – video of day
Yes, I Said It; And I Stand By It
Tom Fitton: Mueller’s Russia Probe Is Out of Control
What Is Robert Mueller Really Looking For?
LIZ PEEK: To the Utter Horror of Liberals, President’s Popularity Is Growing
Catholic University Tells Students How to Recognize ‘Your Whiteness’
Going Vegan Can Help Fight Racism, Columbia Instructor Says
Black Parent Upset at Elementary School’s ‘White Privilege’ Handout
Poll: 77% Say Media Reports ‘Fake News’
Chicago Suburb Bans 'Assault Weapons,' Begins Confiscation, Fines For Gun Owners 
2018's 1st Quarter Ratings Are In -- CNN Is Getting DESTROYED By Other News Networks
Judicial Watch: Obama Admin Spent $9 Million Colluding With Soros Groups in Albania
F-16 Assigned to Nellis AFB Crashes at Testing Range Outside Las Vegas
th Incident Involving US Military Aircraft In Approximately 24 Hours
Still Rising: Rasmussen Poll Shows Donald Trump Approval Ratings Now at 51%
Zuck Admits "Huge Mistake" — Facebook's 87 Million Cambridge Analytica Revelation
Tucker Carlson Illustrates Absurdity of Gender-Neutral Pronouns; 'Sounds Like Henry Kissinger'
Byron York: Did Obama White House Coordinate With DOJ, FBI Against Trump?
Shocking: ‘Aren’t You Dead Yet?’ Kennewick Man Asks Severely Wounded Wife ET – HOLLY NOTE: This is just one stunning example of how people's hearts will grow cold – an End Times sign listed in 2Timothy 3:1-3
YouTube Shooting Witness: 'I Didn't Have a Gun, But Wish I Did – Man, It Didn't Stop. It Was No Mercy'
Shooter Hated YouTube: Iranian Animal Rights Protester, 39, Who Shot Three Staff Before Killing Herself, Had Vendetta Against 'dictatorial' Site for Censoring Her Videos and Not Paying Her
The Gun Industry Should Send Parkland Them a Gift Basket for Record Firearms Sales in March
Pat Buchanan: 'America's Elites Are Adamant That Our Country Should Vanish' – 3 Issues on Which Trump Presidency Will Be Judged
First Person Sentenced in Robert Mueller's Russia iNvestigation Gets 30 Days in Prison
Poll: 67% Back Appointing Second Special Counsel
Report: Mueller Investigating Trump for Possible Obstruction of Justice
Trump Gives Obama New Nickname in Fiery Tweet
Fitton: Andrew McCabe's Wife Is 'Noise' So He Can Challenge FBI Ouster
Trump Administration Sues California Over Federal Land Sales
O'Reilly: 'Shadowy' Groups Have Bull's-Eye on Top Fox Host: 'If You're a Conservative Commentator in America, Far Left Will Try to Harm You'
Death Penalty Prevents Future Acts of Violence: The Biblical Reason Why
Democratic Hellhole: Baltimore Experiences Mass Exodus Due to High Crime, Taxes, And Murder
Trump Hits 50% Approval Rating, Surpasses Obama At This Time In His Presidency
How Long Can MSM Ignore a DNC Official Admitting to Being An Ex-Black Panther, Calling For 'Revolution' in 2018 Elections?
Students Earn Credit For Attending White Privilege Conference – HOLLY NOTE: That this is offered in Colorado Springs, Colorado's 2
nd largest city and one that ranks in the state's top quarter for conservative views is particularly telling – and disturbing. One big clue is that this university's main campus is in Boulder, Colorado's 2nd most liberal / progressive city, right behind Denver.
Did PC Allow Abusive Lesbian Couple to Adopt (and Kill) 6 Black Children?
America's Largest Local TV Owner Turned Its News Anchors Into Soldiers In Trump's War on the Media – video
Trunews Permanently Banned From YouTube Today
Turf War: Court Says Missouri Couple Must Plant Grass, Even Though Wife Is Allergic
Retiring Gowdy Says Lawmakers ‘Leak Like the Gossip Girls’
GA Teacher Recorded In Rant Calling White Students 'European' Killers
Related: Student Records Teacher's 15 Minute Rant Ripping President Trump, Saying Slogan Could Restart Segregation
More Than 3 in 4 Believe Traditional Media Reports ‘Fake News’: Poll
Wounded Warrior' Responds To David Hogg: "It's Not A Gun Problem, It's a Culture Thing"
Prison Fellowship Lauds Trump for Helping Americans With Criminal Records Reach Their God-Given Potential
'Chappaquiddick' Is A Brutally Honest Movie Laying Bare The Kennedys For Who They Really Were
Black Magic, the Occult, and the CIA
Self-Hating Jew Bernie Sanders Mourns ‘Tragic’ Deaths of Gaza Protesters, Slams Israel for Defending Its Borders