We must guard against the overreaching hand of big government
trying to take away our freedom
—Steve Forbes

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MAR 30
Jordan and Meadows Say FBI Report Found McCabe Lied 4 Times
Jeff Sessions Rejects Call For Special Counsel into FBI
Steve Scalise Confirms Interest in Becoming House Speaker
The Real Collusion Story 
2020 Census: Counting Citizens Likely to Shift Power from Illegal Alien-Flooded Coasts to Middle America
The Firestarter: What Happens When the Government Lies About You in Court?
Navy SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden Drops Knowledge on Bratty Kids Pushing Gun Control
Bill Eliminating Many ‘Gun Free Zones' Moves Forward in Mo.
Alex Jones' Son Challenges David Hogg to a Gun Debate – video
Veterans Oppose Proposal to Hold Classes on Memorial Day
FBI: Suspicious Package Sent to Post Office in Quantico, Va. Linked to Thanh Cong Phan
LA Rams’ Male Cheerleaders Make NFL History
Woman Marries Landmark Tree to Save It From Being Chopped Down – video
MAR 29
DOJ Opens Investigation Into FISA Abuse, FBI and 'Confidential Source'
New Strzok-Page Texts Suggest Coordination Between Obama WH, CIA, FBI, DOJ AND DEMS Early in Trump-Russia Witch Hunt
Lt. Gen. Boykin: ‘God’s Imprint Was on’ Trump’s Election Win
'Drain the Swamp' Becomes 'Remove the Cancer'
Proof: They Do Want to Come For Your Guns Stevens
Democrats, 39%, Do Indeed Want to Repeal Second Amendment
Gun Store Owner Shrugs Off Criticism, Teaches Build-Your-Own AR-15 Class
Clintons Received Cash From 'Cult' Leaders Who Brainwashed Sex Slaves – Court Documents: Women 'Required to Be Naked,' 'Threatened With Being Put in Cages'
California Cops Caught Running Black Market Gun Trade—Using Badges to Sell Illegal Guns to Criminals
Utah Legislature Approves First-Of-Its-Kind 'Free Range Kids' Law
Drones Caught Smuggling Drugs, Contraband to Inmates Locked Up in California
NFL Owners Finalize $90M Social-Justice Deal Without Resolving Anthem Protests
MAR 28
As Predicted: Mayor Rahm Emanuel Wants to Give Drug Discounts to Chicago ID Card Holders
‘Throw All That Crap Out’: John Bolton to Declare War on White House Leakers Amid Talk of Obama Holdover Bloodbath
Trump: ‘The Second Amendment Will Never Be Repealed’
Link Between Mass Shooters, Absent Fathers Ignored By Anti-Gun Activists
DRAINING THE SWAMP: White House Purge About To Begin, Led By John Bolton
House Subpoena Rattles Justice Department; Sessions 'Angry' at Slow Response; FBI 'Called on the Carpet'
James Comey Gets His Own CNN Town Hall on April 25
MAR 27
Retired Supreme Court Justice Calls For Repeal of Second Amendment
Now Dems Demand Background Checks on Ammo Sales Wasserman
Protest Signs Admit Real Agenda Behind ‘March For Our Lives’
Kill Americans to Take Their Firearms, Jokes Dem Sheriff Candidate
California Readying Another Legal Challenge Against Trump
KERRY JACKSON: California Doomed By Ruling Class of Liberal Kooks
MAXINE WATERS: ‘Too Dangerous’ to Wait for 2020 to Get Trump Out of Office
What Happened to The West I Was Born In?!
Attorneys: Father of Pulse Nightclub Killer Omar Mateen Was FBI Informant
Stormy Who? Trump Approval Rating Surges to Highest Point in Nearly a Year
The Public Evisceration of Our President!
4 Months Ago, Bill Clinton Facing 4 Sexual Assault Lawsuits After Fresh Allegations Made Against Former President
Bill Clinton: A Reckoning
American Who Escaped Al Qaeda Captivity Says FBI, Under Mueller and Comey, Betrayed Him
FBI Investigating Suspicious Packages Sent to Military and Intelligence Locations
Students Call Thomas Jefferson 'Icon' of White Supremacists
University President's Apology Suggesting He Wouldn't Welcome Zionists Enrages One Professor
Free Speech Index – Grading the 50 States on Political Giving Freedom
School Defends Links to Muslim Brotherhood Front Group
Sociologist: Less Than 10% of March For Our Lives Participants Were Children
President Trump 'Loads For Bear': Latest Personnel Moves Indicate Hillary Clinton, Uranium One and the 'Muslim Brotherhood in The White House' Are in His Cross-hairs
How John Bolton Views US Allies and Adversaries
Poll: Americans Oppose Death Penalty Abolition 2 to 1
'Sex-Slave' Group Leader Arrested By FBI
MAR 26
Report: Governments Increasingly Use Counterterrorism Laws as Means to Curb Human Rights
‘Conflicts’ Keep Lawyers Off Trump Legal Team in Russia Probe; President Says ‘Many’ Want to Join
Majority of Voters Says Protecting Against Gun Violence Trumps Gun Rights, Fox News Poll Finds
Report: March Against Guns Attendance Less than Half Expected
Protesters Say Ban Assault Weapons…Whatever They Are – video of day
Here Are the Protesters the Mainstream Media Won't Ever Show You
Protesters Say Ban Assault Weapons…Whatever They Are – Article
Austin Bomber Called Himself a 'Psychopath,' Had No Remorse, Congressman Says
Rick Santorum Urges Parkland Students to Take CPR Classes Instead of Marching for Gun Control
Celebrities at Kids’ Choice Awards Praise Gun Control Marches
Hitler Also Used Children to Promote Gun Control
Rapper Killer Mike: ‘Progressive’ Gun Grabbers ‘Going to Progress Us into Slavery’
‘Confused And Distracted:’ Andrew McCabe’s Excuses For ‘Lack Of Candor’ (Washington-Speak for 'Lying') Finding
KURTZ: Stormy Daniels’ Claims on ‘60 Minutes’ of Hush Money and Alleged Trump Threat ‘Can’t Be Proven’
Stormy Daniels' 'Super' Dilated Pupils Spark Accusations She Was High on Meds For '60 Minutes' Interview
With Russia Probe Dying, Warner Warns Dems to Focus on Zuckerberg, Bannon
Will the Deep State Break Trump?
Former FBI Agent Says She Was Targeted By Andrew McCabe – video
Obama: I Would Like to Create 'a Million Young Barack Obamas' – HOLLY NOTE: America barely survived and is still recovering from the original! Sounds like he's more than a little in love with himself.
Professor Says It's Miserable to Work with 'Evil' Student Conservatives
MAR 23
FULL HOUSE: President Trump Stacks Pro-Israel Playing Field By Replacing H.R. McMaster With John Bolton – EDITOR’S NOTE: With each passing day, the ramp up of the Trump administration to a pro-Israel position is astounding. The pick of John Bolton to replace H.R. McMaster as National Security Advisor, in light of the upcoming May 14
th 70th anniversary of regathered Israel, is something right out of a Left Behind novel. You could not ask for someone who is more pro-Israel, and pro-Jerusalem for the Jews than John Bolton. The end times prophecy table is almost completely set now, nearly all the players have taken the stage, all we need is for the Lord to flip the switch and call us up and out of here. Flight #777 on Titus213 Airlines is now boarding…all eyes on May 14th. ET
Rand Paul: ‘Deep State Is Trying To Bring Trump Down’
DOJ: Inspector General Examining Whether McCabe Was Promised Promotion to FBI Director by Hillary Clinton
Oregon Initiative Would Outlaw Assault Weapons, Unless Guns Are Registered With Police
McCabe’s Bogus Witch Hunt Of Jeff Sessions Confirms Worst Fears About FBI/DOJ Politicization
For Many Americans, The Second Amendment Is a Defense Against Their Own Government – HOLLY NOTE: This author should check history for this IS the very reason for creation of the Second Amendment. He must have slept through Civics class.
Mitt Romney’s Senate Run Pegged as ‘Steppingstone’ to Challenge Trump in 2020
Obama's Sequester Decimated U.S. Military; Air Force Short 2,000 Pilots
MAR 22
White House National Security Team Fingered in Trump’s Putin Call Leak
Hillary Charges Trump Using Office to 'Enrich' Himself – HOLLY NOTE: Clinton has obviously lost ALL touch with reality. Trump is the president who refused to take any salary while in office. Trump entered the White House as a billionaire. Clinton is the one who confesses they were dead broke when they left the White House. Wrong! and she admits she lied. When they emerged 8 years later, the Clintons were 9-digit multi-millionaires.
John Brennan: Deep State Political Hack
Hannity Digs Up Dirt On Mueller’s Past And Finds He’s Not So Clean After All
Teacher Who Called Military 'Lowest of the Low' Fired
YouTube Bans Firearms-Demo Videos
Peter Schweizer Reveals Joe Biden's Son's Massive Deal with Chinese Company ‘Trying to Steal' America's Nuclear Secrets
Joe Biden: I would Have ‘Beat the Hell Out of’ Trump in High School; "Any Guy That Talked That Way (see article) Was Usually the Fattest, Ugliest S.O.B. in the Room.” – HOLLY NOTE: Well, Joe, take a look. This is Trump, age 18, with his parents at the New York Military Academy. You can see more photos here. Trump was very fit. Biden goes on to brag, “I’m a pretty damn good athlete." So was Trump who played on both the varsity soccer and varsity baseball team. Sad commentary Uncle Joe, seeing you living 60 years in the past. That's one big difference between Biden and Trump. Trump looks forward, plans for America's future; Biden's back in high school.
Gov't 'Fusion Centers' Spying on Patriots in all 50 States
Losing Trust, Facebook Now Plays the Victim
Facebook Advertisers Start Pulling Out
Lawsuits Pile Up As #DeleteFacebook Movement Spreads
Zuckerberg Breaks Silence: Facebook ‘Made Mistakes’
Poll: Hollywood Stars, Athletes Driving Away Viewers With Political Activism
Fired FBI Official McCabe Authorized Criminal Probe of AG Sessions
Robert Mueller Allegedly Pinpoints 4 Main Questions He Hopes to Ask Trump... And Trump Should Tell Him to Go Jump in a Lake
MAR 21
Austin Bomber ID'ed – HOLLY NOTE: Proves you can't judge a book by its cover. He looks 'normal' enough, not like a domestic terrorist.
Austin Bomber Blows Himself Up Inside His Own Car
Did He Leave More Explosives Behind?
Andrew McCabe Was Under Investigation Before Donald Trump Became President
Don Surber: The Bad News Is The Swamp Is Deeper Than We Knew
Rosenstein Is The Keystone to Removing Trump, and His Dismissal Would Destroy Impeachment Plans
Dershowitz: Mueller Performing 'Legal Colonoscopy'
Questions Still Surround Robert Mueller’s Boston Past
California’s Latest Affront to Liberty 
The Secret to Winning America’s New Civil War – David Kupelian on Defeating the Totalitarian Left and Maybe Even Changing Some Minds
What’s Genius For Obama Is Scandal When It Comes to Trump
Remember When Obama Called Putin to Congratulate Him on Phony Election Win & Promised Him “Flexibility”? – flashback
Movement Grows to Allow Sections of States to Break Away
The US is Facing a Constitutional Crisis and AG Sessions is No Where to be Found!
23 Celebrities Who Vowed to Leave U.S. if Trump Won
Illinois State Assembly Approves Gun Confiscation Bill
Student Assaulted for Pro-Second Amendment Views, Then Suspended for Defending Himself
Kroger Stops Selling Magazines Featuring Assault Rifles
Benghazi Hero Unloads on McCabe, Comey for What They ‘Tried to Pin on Him’ and His Team: ‘Worst Scum of Human’
Cool-hand Trump vs War-Hawk Dems
MAR 20
th Explosion at FedEx facility Linked to Austin 'Serial Bomber:' Officials
Police Investigating Yet Another Suspicious Package at FedEx facility in Austin
Shooting at Great Mills High School in Maryland, School Confirms on Lockdown
McCabe Gets Fired For Lying, And The Press Thinks The Problem Is Trump?
Judicial Watch Fights Uphill Battle for McCabe Texts – FBI Has Refused to Hand Over FOIA-Requested Documents
Much-vaunted Robert Mueller's Record Shows Bad Investigations
Fake News on the Mueller Investigation
74% of Americans Believe The “Deep State” Is Running The Country
Officer Who Fatally Shot Justine Damond Charged With Murder, Turns Himself In
So Where was the Outcry When Obama Mined Facebook?
How the Deep State Lost Control and How They Plan to Get It Back (Part 1)
CALEXIT’s Plan to Use the Kigali Principles to Break Apart the United States (Part 2)
Nolte: 9 Democrat Lawmakers with Ties to Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan
DC Lawmaker Blames Jews For Bad Weather
Open War Breaks Out at Fox News
As Threats Grow From Nuclear War, an EMP and Virus Attack, Official Washington Flocking to Doomsday Camps
MAR 19
Austin on Edge: 2 More People Injured in 4
th Blast to Rock Texas Town in Weeks
Senators Suspect Comey Lied and Plotted to Double-Cross Trump, Seek Second Special Counsel
Law Prof: Did McCabe Just Throw Comey Under The Bus For Perjury? 
In Angry Tweetstorm, Trump Accuses Comey of Perjury, Slams McCabe "Fake Memo", Assails Mueller Team
James Woods in Tweet War With ex-CIA Director Shuts Down Brennan's Shocking Attack on President Trump
A History of Alleged Intimidation and Tampering In House Hacking Case Marked By Witnesses’ Silence
Gowdy Says Terminated McCabe Was His Own Worst Enemy
POLL: Majority Troubled By 'Deep State' Manipulative Policy
Hillary Clinton's Latest Cover-up – Hides Broken Wrist Under a Shawl and Custom Kurta – HOLLY NOTE: After this fall in the shower in India that snapped her wrist, twice falling down steps in Mumbai, multiple falls during her presidential campaign, coughing attacks during speeches, eyes caught on camera going wonky and words slurrying, you really do have to wonder what's wrong with her.
Meet Hillary Clinton’s Other, Much More Powerful and Shadowy Oppo Research Firm That Thousands of Dollars to Her 2016 Presidential Campaign
Hillary Clinton Tries to Explain Her Latest Comments on Trump Voters After Backlash
In California's Rural, Conservative North, There Are Big Dreams for Cleaving the State
Erasing More History: College of the Holy Cross Removes 'Crusaders' Mascot, Submits to "Islamophobia" Accusations
Nolte: Disgraced Media Already Hit with Massive Layoffs in 2018
PC Run Amuck: Muslim Students Want Fellow Florida Student Expelled For Refusing to Try on a Hijab on Hijab Day
Nun Says She's Left With Nothing After Legal Fight with Katy Perry
McCabe Firing Background Information – video
MAR 16
BOMBSHELL: Obama's DOJ Forced Deletion of 500,000 Fugitives From Gun Background Check System
New Footage Shows Cowardly Cop Standing By During Parkland Shooting
Solutions for Killing Our Kids Across America: It Will Play Out Badly
Dr. Gorka Stunned By Biden-China Deal: ‘Potentially One of the Biggest Pay-For-Play Scandals Outside of Uranium One’
Gripping Account of Bloodied Boy 'Begging' for Help in Fatal Bridge Collapse
Two Companies in FIU Bridge Construction Accused of ‘Shoddy’ Work in Previous Collapses
Don’t Mess With the US: Aid Cuts Proposed For Countries Voting Against US
Here’s How the Democrats Plan to Impeach Trump
Donald Trump Jr.’s Wife Vanessa Just Filed for Divorce
Companion GOP Bills Would Expand School Choice for Military Families
College Lists ‘God Bless You’ as a ‘Microaggression’
MAR 15
U.S. Sanctions Russia for 2016 eleCtion Interference and Other Cyber Activity
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Takes Part in Anti-Gun Die-In Protest – Surrounded by Armed Guards
House Overwhelmingly Passes School Safety Bill, No Other Actions Are Expected On Gun Control
Here Are Some of the Dumbest Anti-Gun Signs From Walkout Wednesday
Second Amendment Foundation Reports 1,200% Surge In Youth Membership
Hillary’s Latest Gaffe Could Derail Democrats’ Midterm Hopes Just As They Were Building Momentum
Lawyer Suing Gateway Pundit, Alex Jones, Allen West Worked for Same Firm That Placed 4 Lawyers – Including Mueller – on Special Counsel
NeverTrumps: Please Rally Behind America
Pelosi in Peril
David Kriesel: Lies, Damned Lies and Scans – video
Why Won't Barack Obama Go Away?
Washington Area Coroner Posted ‘White Power’ Meme, Some Say His Apology Isn’t Enough
Andrew McCabe To Be Fired Days Ahead of Retirement: NYT
Leaked Photos Show Trump Insider, Who Was Arrested for Child Porn, Partying With Bill Clinton
72 Killed Resisting Gun Confiscation in Massachusetts – flashback
MAR 14
CIA Whistleblower Kevin Shipp: ‘Hillary Clinton Was And Is Running a Global Financial Criminal Syndicate’
Tillerson Fired Over Rogue Bid to Save Iran Nuke Deal – State Department Efforts to Undermine White House Agenda Sparked Firing
He Went ‘Rogue’! Real Reason Trump Fired Tillerson
Democrat Conor Lamb Clings to Lead in Too-Close-To-Call Pennsylvania House Race
Voters Not Overly Hopeful About Trump/North Korea Summit
Globalists & Nationalists: Who Owns the Future?
Seth Rich's Family Sues Fox News Over 'False and Fabricated' Story
The Vegas Massacre Exposé: What Really Happened?
Obama Used Fusion GPS Investigate Romney
Update: Hillary Has 43 Reasons Why She Lost the Election
Nobel Secretary Regrets Obama Peace Prize
Netflix Stock is Plummeting in Response to Obama Show
MAR 13
Trump Fires Rex Tillerson, Will Nominate Mike Pompeo to Replace Him
Who Is Gina Haspel, Trump's Pick for New CIA Director?
House Intel Committee Ending Russia Probe, Says No Collusion Found
Mueller Invokes Unusual ‘Conspiracy to Defraud Government’ Charge to Ensnare More Targets
Conservatives Press For Action on FBI Bias
Rosenstein Defends Mueller: No Reason to End Special Counsel – HOLLY NOTE: Of course they don't want this multi-million dollar flub to end because Comey, Mueller and Rosenstein might find their posteriors jabbed by that pointy spear. In just the first 5 months of the collusion boondoggle, they spent nearly $7 million taxpayer dollars. 14 months later, it will be interesting to see just how much time and money they wasted. In retrospect, the Dems must deeply regret pushing this investigation so hard because the only collusion found was on their part.
Mortified MSM Give Less Than Minute to House Committee's No Collusion Findings
Bitter Hillary Clinton Trashes America’s Heartland, Calls States That Didn't Vote for Her “Backwards” – video
Hillary Falls Down Stairs in India – Twice – HOLLY NOTE: During Clinton's 3-day trip to India this week, she still can't stay upright. Echoes health concerns that arose during her campaigning.
Police in Frantic Hunt For Porch Bomber After Deadly Packages Kill 2, Leave Latest Victim Critical
50 Former Failed Obama Administration Foreign Policy “Experts” Form Think-Tank to Unite Against President Trump
Trump White House Declares Support for California-Style Gun Confiscation Orders
Illinois House Passes Bill to Confiscate Legal Guns from All 18-20-Year-Olds
White House Unveils Plan to Prevent School Shootings – Gun Control Proposals Previously Backed By Trump Don't Make Cut
Clinton Blames Her Loss on White Women Listening to Their Husbands
Related: 16 Things Hillary Clinton Blames for Her Election Loss
A Member of Congress Explains Why The Corruption In Congress Is Much Worse Than You Think
Thinking the Unthinkable on a Second Civil War
Elizabeth Warren's Story of Racist Grandparents Disputed By Cherokee Genealogist – Found “No Evidence” of Native American Ancestry
MAR 12
Trump Lawyers Seek Deal With Mueller to Speed End of Russia Probe
Liberal Megadonor George Soros Bankrolling Fusion GPS, Russian Billionaire Claims
Guns Required in Every Household in Kennesaw, Georgia
Related: 5 American Cities That Require You To Own a Gun
Liberal Newspaper to Elizabeth Warren: Take 'Spit Test' to Settle Native American Dispute – Calls on her to “Screw Up Her Courage and Take the Spit Test”
Russia Applauds Nuking Florida and Hillary Clinton Paid for It!
California Coffee Shop, Hasta Merte, (Until Death) Doubles Down On Refusing Service To Cops – HOLLY NOTE: How is it that bakers can be run out of business for refusing to make cakes for gay weddings, but refusing to serve police is OK? And when Hasta Merte Coffee runs into trouble, who are they going to call?
Q: We Are Not Alone – video of day
President Trump in Moon Township, Pennsylvania – video
One Louisiana Chef’s 'Social Experiment': Charge Minorities $12, White People $30
Parents Up In Arms After NYPD Removes Cops From Schools
It’s Time for Juan Williams to Go
Related: Republican Jewish Coalition Calls on 7 Democrats to Resign Because of Their Links With Anti-Semitic Hate-Preacher Louis Farrakhan
Why Arizona doesn't observe Daylight Saving Time
Today Is National Napping Day
Report: Homeless Deaths Go Uncounted in Bay Area
New York Nursing Student Found Dead, Person of iNterest Fled The Country, Police Say
Trump’s Military Parade to Take Place in November
CIA Warns of Extensive Chinese Operation to Infiltrate American Institutions – HOLLY NOTE: This should be a non-shock since 'back doors' have been built into computer for over 40 years plus China makes many of the chips sitting in your very computers. This is just another step.
Russian Spy Ship Off Georgia Coast Viktor Leonev Currently Sailing Near Navy Nuclear Submarine Base
President Trump’s Stunningly Effective North Korea Policy Leaves Professional Diplomatic Corps Gobsmacked…
GOP Lawmakers: Trump's 'Strong Stand' on North Korea 'Starting to Work'
3 Reasons Why North Korea's Offer of Direct Talks Is a victory for Trump
U.S. Official: No "Reward" to North Korea for Agreeing to Talk
Media Step Back From Democrat 'Blue Wave' Predictions
George Soros Notches Another District Attorney Primary Victory
Google / YouTube Now Blatantly Trying to Steal the 2018 Elections
Farrakhan’s Latest Rant Against 'Jewish-Controlled FBI' Prompts Calls For His Dem Allies To Resign
Reward Rises in Mysterious Disappearance of CDC Worker
Pentagon Steps Up North Korea Military Planning
Hollywood Condemns NRA While Dramatically Increasing Gun Violence in Entertainment
Note to Joy Behar: Here’s How to Apologize the Right Way
Atheist Dem Seeks Key Seat In Deep-Red Tenn. Special Election
With Netflix, Obama Builds Another Monument To Himself
The Welcome Rebirth of Nationalism
Trey Gowdy Just Got Tools to Hold Obama & Holder to Account for Major Fast & Furious Scandal
'Collusion' With Chicago Officials and 13 Other Problems Locals Have with Obama Presidential Center
Farrakhan Speech: 'Jews Are My Enemy,' 'White Folks Are Going Down'
The Anti-Semite Who’s Haunting The Left
'Where Is Their Disavowal?': Guilfoyle Rips Group of House Dems for Farrakhan Connections
Paul Martin Redland California Door to Door Searches for Guns – video
NYPD Reportedly Ready to Arrest Weinstein
Sarsour Speech Obliterated By Nor'easter
O.J. Simpson 'Confession' to Air on TV
POLL: Do You Believe Daylight Saving Time Is Still Necessary?
Deep State Panics: America No Longer Believes Us! Americans Waking Up to Fake News, Propaganda, Lies and Incompetence Peddled By Intel Community
A Star Is Born! Speech On Guns By VA Lawmaker Causes Democrat Walk-Out, Goes Viral
San Francisco to Remove Statue of Saint Some Call Racist
New Bill Will Force Citizens to Pay and Register With Gov’t to View Porn Online
New Jersey Schools Pushing 9-Year-Old Kids to Join March 14th Anti-Gun Walkout Protests
Nation Looking to Destroy America Wants to Save It From Guns
TV vs. Trump in 2018: Lots of Russia, and 91% Negative Coverage
Gun Protests Planned For All 50 States Later This Month: Report
20-Year-Old Sues Dick's, Walmart Over New Gun Policies
After Concealed Carry Allowed on Campus, KU Hired More Safety Officers and Crime Fell
Senate Clears 2 More Judicial Nominees, 27 Total Judges Confirmed
Aussie Whose Outlandish Tip Reportedly Helped Launch Deep State Probe on Trump is a Clinton Associate
WOW! FBI Agent Peter Strzok Knew About Potential Breach Into Hillary Clinton’s Server — But Never Followed Up
NFL Team Against Signing Players Who Won’t Stand For Anthem: Report
Unrolled Thread From @1mjas #Qanon #FollowTheWhiteRabbit
Why YouTube’s Conflict With Infowars Should Concern Us All
Behind PragerU's Fight Against Alleged Google Censorship – video
'Stop Blaming White People' Sign Causes Stir at Flemmington, N.J. Post Office – HOLLY NOTE: The professor we quoted last week, (see articles MAR 1) Dr. Stephen F. Cohen, also commented about the state of America with its divisive and growing tribalism – where neither the right or left is willing to look at news or social media posts that reflect any view other than their own. As a result, instead of civil discourse, each side holds more tenaciously to its own stance. Sadly, Dr. Cohen sees no possibility of reunification. We've gone too far.
Paul Joseph Watson Video: The Truth About the Black Panther Movie
Americans Are Moving Westward, Flocking to the Mountain and Pacific West
NRA Memberships Surge After Gun Protests – Interest Jumps 4,900 Percent Since Florida High-School Attack
Democrats Stonewalled Civil Rights Nominee As Anti-Semitism in Schools Rises 94%
Steve Brill's Plan: How Not to Address The Fake News Problem
Here is Robert Mueller’s Hit List and What He’s Asking For
Anti-Trump Bureaucrats Accused Of Weaponizing Security Clearance Process
President Trump Slams Obama For Not Acting On Russia Meddling
Jeanine Pirro: Jeff Sessions 'Lost His Prosecutorial Balls'
Jeff Sessions -- Ninja or Nincompoop?
Millennials And Their Scary Support Of Socialism & Communism
This Commercial Would Have Changed the Game – video
Missouri Man, Who Once Threatened to 'Kill All White People,' Is Indicted in 2nd Set of 3 Killings
You'll Have Fewer Rights': Tucker Warns of 'Australian-Style' Gun Control If Dems Win Congress
InfoWars Blacklisted By Major Advertisers After CNN’s Guerrilla Activism
Devin Nunes: 'The Media Is Dead...90% Far Left Wing'
Eric Holder Predicts Robert Mueller Charges Trump With Obstruction of Justice
Maxine Waters Promises Reparations
'Trump Can Confidently Stack His Record Next to Reagan's First Year'
20 Everyday Americans Slam the Oscar Elites: 'They Should Be Ashamed'
Key Senator Demands Answers on Why FBI Sat on Weiner’s Clinton Emails as Election Approached
Chairman Nunes Sends Blistering Letter to AG Sessions: FBI May Have Violated Multiple Criminal Statutes in FISA Application
Trump: Confiscate Guns First, ‘Go Through Due Process Second’
Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein Can't Hide Her Glee When Trump Appears to Suggest He Will Support Her Assault Rifle Ban During Extraordinary Gun Control Meeting NRA Dismissed as 'Great TV But Bad Policy'
California Couple Arrested After 3 Kids Found Living in Box for Years
Deagel's Death Spiral Projections for America
California Woman Dodges The Death Penalty After Admitting Torturing and Murdering Her Niece, 3, and Nephew, 6 Timothy 3:3
Babysitters 'Savagely Beat 15-Month-Old Boy to Death After His Mom Left Him With Them for WEEKS So She Could Have a Break Timothy 3:3
YouTube’s New Moderators “Mistakenly” Pull Right-Wing Channels
Insider Ed Butowsky: Seth Rich's Father Confirmed His Son Was the Wikileaks Leaker
University of Texas Students Launch ‘No Whites Allowed’ Mag
California Dead Last in Quality of lIfe; Beset By Money Problems, Homelessness, Trash and Rudeness: Report
Soros Messes with Texas
Trump at Odds With Republican Lawmakers Over Gun Reforms
Hypocritical United Airlines Cuts Off NRA While Funding Planned Parenthood
NAACP Helped Craft Sheriff Israel’s No Arrest Policy
Donald Trump: ‘Respect 2nd Amendment’
16 Stupidest Comments About the Parkland Shooting Massacre (So Far)
Major Data Breach at Marine Forces Reserve Impacts Thousands
66 Probes of Criminal Misconduct Into Broward Sheriff’s Office Since 2012
The Cascading Failures of Government
Parent Backlash as Cross-Dressing Men Sent Into Primary Schools to ‘Promote Tolerance’
Delaware Proposal Would Let Kindergarteners ‘Choose’ Their Sex and Race
‘Frozen 2’ Director Open to the Possibility of Elsa Having a Female Love Interest
FEB 28
Dems Make Their Move, Intro Ban on 50% of New Gun Sales
Related: Assault Weapons Ban Is No Answer to Mass Shootings
Big Screen 'Chappaquiddick': Mary Jo Kopechne as First #MeToo and Murder Victim of Ted Kennedy, Family Money, Power and Corruption – HOLLY NOTE: 30-some years ago I watched on an exposé on Ted Kennedy leaving Mary Jo Kopechne to drown, not reporting an accident for 9 hours. They had left a party with Kennedy driving. He made a wrong turn and the car hurtled off a bridge into water below. Kennedy was married and had his eye on a future presidency, so he let her die. Kennedy could have saved her because she was alive when he swam ashore because the autopsy revealed she had water in her lungs. Also, her body was found with her hands clasping the backseat, her face turned upward to the footwell above her like she was holding herself up to get a last gasp of air. After that, disgust with the Kennedy clan came full circle. Then the continuous, scandalous actions of the Clintons… It just never stops.
From the 'Please Move on' Files:
Hillary Clinton Now Blaming Her Election Loss on the Trump Campaign's Facebook Ad Strategy – HOLLY NOTE: You'd think by now, she would have even bored herself.
Here Are the Liberals Still Hell-Bent on Trying to Prove the Anti-Trump Dossier Is True
Kelly Downgrades Jared’s Security Clearance – No More Top-Secret Intel
Caroline Glick: What America Can Learn from Israeli Gun Laws
Fla. AG Bondi Says She Knows ‘a Lot More’ on Shooting But Can’t Say: Sheriff’S Office Lied to Me and Governor
Confirmed: Broward County Deputies Were 'Ordered' to Stand Down… Then All Radio Communications Were Cut Off While the Shooting Continued
Father of Florida School Shooting Victim Rips Mainstream Media for Focus on Gun Control Instead of School Safety
The Alarmingly Common Thread Running Through Almost all the School Shootings Over the Past 13 Years
Colorado City's Schools Closed Wednesday Due to "Credible" Threat
What is Courage?
YouTube Backs Down After Putting InfoWars On Verge Of Deactivation
The You Tube Purge... & New #Q – video
Elizabeth Warren's Past Catches Up With Her (Again)
How Would Muslims Take Control of America?
We Need A National Discussion: Are You a Racist?
FEB 27
Drudge Exclusive –Trump: I'm IN for 2020! Brad Parscale Named Campaign Manager
'There's Enough to Arrest Hillary Now' – 'People Want Justice': Gov't Watchdog Says DOJ Officials Want to Prosecute Clinton
FBI Phone Call Transcript Re: Parkland Shooter Nikolas Cruz: “I Just Think About Getting into a School and Just Shooting the Place Up…”
The Truth About Broward County Policing
Related: Reversing Broward County's School-to-Prison Pipeline – flashback
Florida Broward Sheriff ‘Proud Member of Team Obama’
Ohio Sheriff Offers Free Gun Training to 50 Teachers; Forced to Cap at 300 After Huge Response
Media, Gun Control Groups Exaggerate NRA Donations to Republicans: Attacks on NRA Conflate Independent Expenditures, Donations
Monica Lewinsky Opens Up on Affair With Clinton Causing Twitter Meltdown
Related: Monica Lewinsky: Emerging from “the House of Gaslight” in the Age of #MeToo
Mindblowing Corruption at FBI - NSA Whistleblower Reveals – video
Why Is FBI Protecting Comey?
Naked Man on ATV Goes on Wild Ride in Kansas City
Trump's 50% Approval Trumps Obama's 45%
MSNBC Guest Predicts Trump Reelected in Landslide If He Isn't Removed From Office
Shepard Smith Not Fired By Fox News
FEB 26
Broward Sheriff Scott Israel Facing Calls For His Ouster After Florida School Shooting – HOLLY NOTE: After any tragedy or scandal, people look for someone to hang. Sunday we listened to several police captains who had 30 years under their belts. They said that every cop, post-Columbine, was trained and REQUIRED to enter a school during a shooting and follow the line of fire. No exceptions. These 17 sorrowful shooting deaths lie at the feet of that 19-year-old waste of space, the FBI who didn't follow through on numerous tip-off warning calls, and 4 cowardly cops that would rather suck down donuts than do their job. Where the fault lies is with these 3 entities, not law-abidibg gun owners or the NRA. Companies that have severed ties with the NRA are simply caving to what they think will garner sales, jump on the PC bandwagon.
FL House Speaker Richard Corcoran: Suspend Broward Co Sheriff Scott Israel for Incompetence, Dereliction of Duty
Sheriff Israel Passes the Buck: If Deputy ‘Didn’t Have the Heart to Go In, That’s Not My Responsibility’
Curiouser & Curiouser
Gun Control Dominates Conversation As Congress Returns
Florida Gun Show Witnesses Record Attendance amid Dem Gun Control Push
The Left's Objective in Its War on the NRA
America Has Two Gun Cultures: Don't Blame Law-Abiding Gun Owners For Murders
What Can’t Be Debated on Campus – HOLLY NOTE: Whoever thought such an op-ed would appear in the Wall Street Journal. This piece really resonated because this Penn. University law professor calls a spade a spade and sets PC aside. Political Correctness is killing this country and turning it into something so different from what the Founding Fathers envisioned. Read her bullet points summarized here: "Get married before you have children and strive to stay married for their sake. Get the education you need for gainful employment, work hard and avoid idleness. Go the extra mile for your employer or client. Be a patriot, ready to serve the country. Be neighborly, civic-minded and charitable. Avoid coarse language in public. Be respectful of authority. Eschew substance abuse and crime." For these comments, Wax was absolutely pilloried. These are the values Stan and I were raised with, which are Biblical and common sense. For this op-ed that speaks hard truths in an era of forever-PC forefront, Wax exhibited rare courage in an arena of left-leaning lunacy at colleges and universities. Keep in mind these institutions are molding your child's mind – our future leaders.
'We Are at a Precipice Right Now': Mark Levin Warns of the 'Eroding' of the Constitution – video
Mom-daughter Duo Shoot Would-Be Robber in Their Liquor Store
Michelle Obama Bags $30 Million for Her Memoir – HOLLY NOTE: Not bad considering Barack got $35 million for his. It pays to be president.
Book Timing Suggests Michelle Obama Running for President in 2020
FEB 23
Armed Deputy Accused of Hiding During Florida School Shooting Now Guarded By Police
Mueller Adds New Tax, Bank Fraud Charges Against Manafort, Gates 
How Putin Meddles in Western Democracies – And Why the West’s Response Is Inadequate
Shooting Survivor: Media Pushing Gun Control, But Not Listening to Conservative Side
Poll: Majority of Americans Don’t Trust Government to Fairly Enact Gun Control Laws
How an Indiana School Protects Against Mass Shootings as the 'Safest School in America
Judge Napolitano: Mueller’s Russian Indictments Are Only the Beginning – Americans Could Be Next – video
Flynn Ruling Could Mark End For Mueller As Special Prosecutor
POLL: Americans Are More Satisfied With Their Country Than They Have Been in a Decade
Want Infrastructure? Washington Can Help By Getting Out of the Way
FEB 22
Trump Vows to Push Comprehensive Gun Background Checks: 'Raise Age to 21', Ban Bump Stocks
David Clarke: Fla. Students' Gun Control Push Has 'George Soros' Fingerprints All Over It'
CNN Busted Trying to Put Scripted Words in Mouth of Hero Stoneman Douglas Student at Televised Town Hall
CNN Contributor: "Now It's Time For Us to Take the NRA Out"
What Percentage Of Mass Shootings Happen In 'Gun Free Zones'? The Number Is Stunning.
NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre Addresses CPAC 2018 – video
According to the FBI, Knives Kill Far More People Than Rifles In America – It’s Not Even Close
Surviving The Coming Storm Attacking Your Rights
Lawyer Gregg Jarrett Lists 6 Ways Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe & Yates Are in “Serious Legal Jeopardy”
Truck Hit By Train Carrying GOp Lawmakers Was In Crossing After Warning, NTSB Says
Florida, California, Nevada Top ‘Sinful‘ List
SODOM AND GEMORRAH: California Will Free 10,000 Sexual Predators
Obama: I'm Proud to be the First Kenyan-American President – video
FEB 20
Mueller Charges Lawyer With Lying in Russia Probe
Where Are the Indictments of Obama’s Foreign Colluders?
The Russian Collusion Investigation as Therapy – HOLLY NOTE: Two things to remember: 1) Russia didn't change any election votes, not one, and 2) Americans are mature enough to make their own decisions for whom to vote regardless of social media. Most will look at candidates' voting records, listen to candidates interviews and their own PSAs, and generally disregard nonsense posted on social media. With the name 'social' media embedded in its name, that should be a red flag to not take it seriously.
CNN and MSNBC Helped Russia Sow Discord by Promoting Fake Anti-Trump Rally
Michael Moore Participated in anti-Trump Rally Allegedly Organized By Russians
Limbaugh: ‘Russia Investigation’ Designed To Protect Obama
Judicial Watch: Obama Travel Cost Now $105,662,975.27
Hacker Doubles Down: It WAS Seth Rich Who Took DNC Files
Fatal Bureau of Investigation: FBI Bureaucratic Failures and Willful Blindness Rack Up a Horrifying Body Count
Sheriffs Thank Trump for Sending Them Military Gear
Trump Endorses Mitt Romney, Who Called Him a Fraud
Violent Crime In Chicago Loop Up 97% But Mayor Rahm Cuts Police Force
Ban the Guns, So we Can Be Like Chicago!
FEB 19
Vermont’s First Family Dogged By Scandal as Bernie’s Stepdaughter Runs For His Old Job
Sessions Says He's 'Aggressively' Going After Leakers With 27 Investigations Launched
Flummoxed Facebook Helped Mueller
STUNNING: Mueller Patched Together Much of His Indictment from 2015 Radio Free Europe Article
CBS Host To Podesta: How Did Russians Know To Focus On Purple States, But Hillary Didn't? – video
REPORT: Chinese Security Skirmished With Trump's Aide Over 'Nuclear Football'
Q Anon: “Learn to Read the Map” A Cartography of the Globally Organized Corruption Networks: A Treasure Trove of Maps, Diagrams, Org Charts, and Family Trees
Leftist Media Try to Claim NRA Paid, Trained Parkland High School Shooter
Trump Spanks FBI: Too Busy With Russia Probe to Act on School Shooter Tips
Trump Just Turned The Tables on Democrats Calling For Gun Control
Chicago Inmates Applaud Man Suspected of Executing Police Commander
Clarence Thomas Decries Victimhood Culture in Rare Public Remarks
Chicago Inmates Applaud Man Suspected of Executing Police Commander – video
Maxine Waters Attended Nation of Islam Convention
Donald Trump Fuels Viral ‘Loser CNN’ Meme
5 States Have No Paper Trail Of Votes
FEB 16
Gen. Jerry Boykin: Obama ‘Weaponized’ US Intelligence
American Flag Shredded at Utah High School and Replaced with 'ISIS Flag', Cops Say
Tucker Carlson: ‘They Call It Gun Control But It’s Not — It’s People Control’ – video
Second Shooter Reported in Florida Massacre – video
Trump Quotes God's Word in Speech on Parkland Shooting: 'I Will Heal You'
Trump Administration Stakes Out Bipartisan Ground In Gun Debate
Here Are the Major Gun-Related Bills and Actions the Federal Government is Currently Considering
The FBI Keeps Missing Mass Shooters Before It’s Too Late
‘Disgraceful’ for Liberals to Cry Gun Control in the Midst of Tragedy, Says Steve Scalise
Heartbreaking Photo Appears to Show Man Eating Across From Wife's Ashes on Valentine's Day
Why The Media Stopped Reporting The Russia Collusion Story
State Department Nominee Confirms FBI Was Blocked From Arresting Chinese Security Officials
FEB 15
Department Of Education: We're Done Being Involved With Transgender Students And Bathrooms
Byron York: Why Are The Comey Memos Secret?
After Florida Shooting, U.S. Must ‘Make School Security a Specialty,’ Says Fuhrman
Florida Gunman, Nicolas de Jesús Cruz, Member of 'Resistance' Groups, Reports Say
Trying to Understand The Loner Florida Shooter – See increased lawlessness prophesied in Matthew 24:12
Controlling The Narrative: Facebook-Owned Instagram Quietly Deletes Cruz Account Displaying Interest In ISIS, Leaves Up One Wearing MAGA Hat
MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Accuses Trump Admin of “Hiding Behind” School Shooting
Right on Cue: Liberals Demand Gun Control After Florida School Shooting
Media Push The Claim There Have Been 18 School Shootings In 2018. Here Are The Facts.
The FBI Was Warned About A School Shooting Threat From YouTube User Named Nikolas Cruz In September
Leaked Julian Assange Message: Hillary Is a ‘Well Connected, Sadistic Sociopath’
Democrats Fleeing Blue States, Infecting Red States With Failed Liberal Disease
Mardi Gras Marred as 3 Killed, 5 Wounded in New Orleans
FBI Says Chinese Operatives Active At Scores of U.S. Universities
Americans Mock Obama Portrait With Side-Splitting Memes
Fauxcahontas Doubles Down, Says Even Trump Can't Take Her Native American Heritage!
Georgetown Works With Slave Descendants Group Amid Demands For Cash Reparations
Wondering Which States Americans Hate to Live In? Ask U-Haul.
FEB 14
Intel Chiefs Warn of Russia Threat to 2018 Midterms
Who Will Influence The 2018 Elections More: Russia or Mexico?
Newt Gingrich: If We Had a "Reasonable System of Law," Hillary Clinton and All Her Aides "Would Be In Jail"
Dr. Sebastian Gorka 1-on-1 Interview With Sean Hannity – video of day
Hannity: The Weaponizing of the Phony Dossier – video
Dan Bongino: John Brennan 'in a World of Trouble' Over Dossier
Todd Starnes: School Bans ‘Racially Insensitive’ Star Spangled Banner
Piers Morgan: 'Poisonous Viper' Omarosa Asked Me for Sex on 'Apprentice' to Try to 'Make Money'
Hannity: The Weaponizing of the Phony Dossier – HOLLY NOTE: Shocker to follow – Former CIA Director John Brennan voted for a Communist, then ended up in Obama's administration and we wonder why this country is messed up. – video of day
Related: Polygraph Panic: CIA Director Fretted His Vote for Communist
Wait–The FBI Agents Who Interviewed Michael Flynn Didn’t Think He Lied To Them?
Sean Hannity and Other Conservatives Suggest Obama Portraits Are Sexually Perverted
Trump Lawyer Says He Paid Porn Actress Out of His Own Pocket
FEB 13
Donald Trump Jr.'s wife, Vanessa, Taken to Hospital as Precaution After White Powder Sent to Her Home
Schiff Memo Blocked Because DOJ & FBI Under "Criminal Investigation" Says Former Federal Prosecutor
Peeling Back The Layers of Hillary Clinton’s Deceit
Either Former FBI Director Comey or Former NatSec Advisor Susan Rice is Lying Based on Yesterday’s Email Released by Senator Grassley
Senators Flag 'Unusual' Susan Rice Email On Russia Probe from Inauguration Day
Obama Portrait Artist Also Painted Black Women Holding Severed White Heads
Bannon Quietly Plotted His Own Run For the White House
Federal Abuses on Obama's Watch Represent Growing Blight on His Legacy
An Open Letter to Robert De Niro from a Conservative Fan
FEB 12
Evidence Suggests Former FBI Head of Counter Intelligence, Bill Priestap, is Obamagate’s ‘Deep Throat’!
CNN, NBC, Others Hit for Fawning Over North Korea and Kim's Sister During Olympic Coverage
FBI’s Lisa Page to Peter Strzok: ‘I Truly Hate’ Pro-Lifers
Marc Short: Adam Schiff Intentionally Sabotaged the Release of House Intelligence Committee Democrats' Memo
Devin Nunes' News Website Crashes After Attack on Server
Hurt: Pelosi Consumed With Hatred for Trump, Has No Vision for Her Party
Harvey Weinstein Drivers 'Required to Keep Condoms and Erectile Dysfunction Injections in the Car at all Times': Lawsuit
City Fines Landlord $2 Million Because They Offered Homeless & Disabled Veterans Cheap Rent
Couple Sells All Possessions for Sailboat, Sinks 2 Days Into Trip
Meghan McCain, "The View" Conservative, Helps Raise Ratings
Bill Murray: Democrats Are Dividing the Country Through Identity Politics – video
Juanita Broaddrick Puts Barbra Streisand on BLAST Over Rumored Affair With Bill Clinton
Las Vegas District Judge Rules Coroner Can Enter Newsroom Against Federal Law to Seize and Destroy 1 Oct. Victim’s Autopsy Report
Democratic Sen. Mark Warner Texted With Russian Oligarch Lobbyist in Effort to Contact Dossier Author Christopher Steele
Washington Post Met Twice with Hoax Dossier Author Christopher Steele During 2016 Election
Cory Booker’s Incendiary Rhetoric Raises His Profile In Democrats’ 2020 Race to the Left
Hillary's Uranium One Reaching Critical Mass
School District Removes Classics 'To Kill a Mockingbird,' 'Huckleberry Finn' from Required Reading Due to N-Word
Another 'Flip Flop' in Congress? 2018 Midterms Give Democrats Hope
Another Longtime Comey Aide Leaving
Northeastern Professor Caught Saying He Wouldn't Mind Seeing Trump 'Dead'; Apologizes Following Backlash
Journalist Calls for Profs to Drown Conservative Students
Outrage After Kim K Shares Topless Snap Taken By 4-Year-Old Daughter North
Linda Sarsour to Chuck Schumer: 'I'm Tired of White Men Negotiating on the Backs of People of Color'
Uranium One Informant Makes Clinton Allegations to Congress
Related: FBI Informant: Russia Tried to Bribe Hillary Clinton – video
Government Source: Clinton Insider Peddled Trump Dirt Sooner Than We Thought
Majority Staff Report: The Clinton Email Scandal and the FBI's Investigation of It – HOLLY NOTE: This library contains other interesting documents.
Report Suggests FBI Paid Trump Dossier Author Steele’s Travel Expenses So He’d Look Like an ‘Informant’ Rather Than a Hack for the DNC
Report: Evidence Exists to Charge Schiff With Treason – QAnon
Gowdy Suggests Sid Blumenthal Is Key Dossier Source
DHS Cyber Chief Confirms Russia 'Successfully Penetrated' Some US Voter Systems, But...
GOP Rep: Benghazi, Fast and Furious Connected to Obama FBI & DOJ Exposed in FISA Memo
FBI Changed Hillary’s Exoneration Letter – Switched “President” to “Senior Government Official” to Protect Obama
Ex-AG Eric Holder Signals Possible Run for President, Trashes Nunes Memo
Must Read: List of Attorney General Eric Holder Scandals
Related: Eric Holder Perjury Charge Weighed By Republicans
Related: Scandals Call Eric Holder's Legacy into Question
Related: Holder Became the First Sitting Member of the Cabinet of the United States to Be Held in Contempt of Congress
AMAZING! President Trump’s Approval Rating Tops Barack Obama BY 4 POINTS at Same Time of His Presidency
California Will Block Oil And Coal Shipments, Risks Constitutional Battle
Pelosi-buster: House Democratic Leader Speaks for Record 8 Straight Hours Demanding Immigration Vote
Pelosi Bores Dem Rep. to Sleep — TWICE — During House Filibuster
Mapping Governor’s Salary in Every State
Facebook Hides NRA Veteran Video Behind 'Violence Against a Child,' 'Sexually Suggestive' Warnings
Naked Passenger Forces Alaska Airlines Flight to Turn Around
It Can Happen Here
BOMBSHELL EMBARGOED TILL TODAY: FBI Lovers' Latest Text Messages: Obama 'Wants to Know Everything' in Clinton Email Case
Sean Hannity: New Senate Memo Shows Dossier Saga Even Bigger Mess – video of day
The FISA-Gate Boomerangs
Trump and Rosenstein Meet About Democratic Intelligence Memo
Judicial Watch Sues DOJ: Public Has Right to See How Obama Admin. 'Justified Spying on Trump Team'
Shoe on Other Foot: Dems Blasting Release of Nunes Memo Once Backed FISA Court Transparency
Was the FBI Out to Get Trump?
The Prosecution Is Weakening
Real Bullets and Garrotes
Democrats Flip Deep-Red Missouri State House Seat, Signal Problems for GOP
Mark Dice on Left-Wing Lunacy – video
Intel Memo Mystery: John McCain Pushed ‘Pee’ Dossier to FBI Months After Feds Already Used It to Gain FISA Warrant
Adam Schiff Sent His Staff to Try and Collect 'Classified Materials for the FBI' after Russian Pranksters Told Him Putin Has Naked Blackmail Pictures of Trump
Poll: 73% of Republicans Believe FBI & DOJ Working to ‘Delegitimize’ Trump
The Many Wars of Donald Trump – What He's Accomplished
James Comey: Connecting the Dots
Yep, Los Angeles Has the World's Worst Traffic Congestion for 6
th Straight Year
Hillary Clinton Keeps Whining in Georgetown Speech. Get Over It Already!
California Judge Delivers Huge Win to Christian Bakers Being Forced to 'Bake the Cake'
FEMA Gave $156 Million Contract to “Dr. Tiffany Brown” for 30 Million Meals for Puerto Rico – She Delivered 50,000
Lawmakers Vote to Release Democrats' Memo
Calling a Spade a Spade: Mark Levin on FISA Memo Revelations: ‘Hillary Clinton Paid for a Warrant – That’s the Easiest Way to Put It’
Dossier Author Steele Wrote 2
nd Anti-Trump Memo; Was Fed Info By Clinton-Connected Contact, Obama State Department
The Clintons' Political Death By Delayed Reaction: For the First Time in Their Charmed Lives, Bill and Hillary Clinton Are Genuinely Damaged Goods.
Clinton Again Blames 'Misogyny and Sexism' for 'What Happened' in 2016 – HOLLY NOTE: Hey, let her talk. She's burying herself and taking the Progressives with her. Bet Slick Willy wishes she'd muzzle herself.
Trump Says FBI Was ‘Caught in the Act’ of Spying By GOP
GOP Lawmaker Pushing to Subpoena Transcripts From FISA Court Hearings – video
FBI Told State Police Not to Wear Body Cameras for 2016 Stop of Refuge Occupation Leaders
The Illuminati Are About to Make Their Final Move (2018-2019) – video of day
Overnight Figures Show Super Bowl Ratings Take Another Tumble
Sen. Grassley BUSTS the FBI Trying to Suppress Release of New Steele Dossier Revelations
Now Judicial Watch Demands All Docs Used to Obtain Spy Warrant
FIGURES. Comey’s Former Special Assistant Lands Gig at CNN After Resigning From FBI and Trashes Trump
Why Liberals Root Against America
Being Black in America Is a ‘Disability,’ Black Law Professor" Argues – video
Larry Nassar Jailed for Another 40 to 125 Years – HOLLY NOTE: We watched the judge's summary statement and she said she'd handed Nassar his 'death warrant' and wasn't in the slightest sorry. Another 40 years just emphasizes how heinous, how life-altering his actions were.
Pentagon's Defense Logistics Agency 'Loses' Track of $800 Million
Citizenship Question Drives Uncertainty Over 2020 Census
Stand-up Team: No Philadelphia Eagles Players Knelt for National Anthem in 2017
3 Eagles Say They’ll Skip Trump White House Visit
Trump Job Approval Rising from 2 Weeks Ago: Rasmussen 45% =>
49%, CNN 43% => 43%, Fox 45% => 45%, Economist/YouGov 42% => 44%, Harvard/Harris 42% => 44%, Reuters/Ipsos 37% => 41%, Gallup 36% => 38%
Memo Fallout: 9 Questions About James Comey’s Role in Fueling Russia Collusion Conspiracy
Report: Nunes as Many as 5 More Memos Coming
Louie Gohmert Says Payments to Ohr's Family 'Sweetened the Pot' For DOJ to Take Action
GOP Memo Proves DC Swamp Is Dangerous
Explosion Over the Washington Swamp
Gowdy: FBI Concealed Hillary Clinton’s Role in Steele Dossier
Trey Gowdy Isn't Taking Any Schiff. He Took a Wrecking Ball to Democrats' Criticism of the FISA Memo – video
Deep State – video of week
Philly Fans Loot, Flip Car, Set Fire and Injure Themselves as Super Bowl Celebration Turns Ugly
After Trump Calls on Americans to ‘Proudly Stand,’ No Players Kneel During Anthem at Super Bowl
Americans Turned Off Super Bowl in Droves: Bars, Bowling Alleys, Veterans Boycotted
Related: 14 Million Call in to Take Off on 'Super Sick Monday'
Students Hate Trump’s SOTU Quotes – Until They Realize They're Obama’s – video
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Finally Announces Carjacking Taskforce, Asks for Fed Help
North Carolina Father-Daughter Couple Had Love Child, Officials Say
Pelosi, Dems Attack Nunes as Damning FBI Snooping Memo Poised to Go Public
Hannity: Democrats & Media Breathlessly Trying to Discredit…
FISA Frivolity: FBI Warns Memo Could Undermine Faith In Massive, Unaccountable Secret Agencies
Comey Lashes Out Against FBI Foes, Invokes Joe McCarthy Before Expected Memo Release
GOP Case: FBI Probe Based on Tainted Evidence Linked to Clinton – HOLLY NOTE: If you're confused about the players in this historic scandal, this article gives a great summary of who did what and why certain parties' hair will be on fire when the memo comes out. Heads will roll.
Memogate: There Is Worse Coming Down the Pike
Hurt: Pelosi Consumed With Hatred for Trump, Has No Vision for Her Party
It's Very Clear Why the Democrats Have Lost Over 1,000 Seats Nationwide the Last 8 Years
Related: Trump Compares Pelosi's 'Crumbs' Remark to Hillary's 'Deplorables' Insult
The True Threat to Our Freedom and Democracy is a Compliant Media
Maxine ('Impeach 45') Waters: Russia Is Out to Get Me! – HOLLY NOTE: If Maxine were a Hostess treat, she'd be a Ding Dong.
Yale Feminists Demand Frats Allow Women
Photo Catches Dem Playing Candy Crush During SOTU
A-HA! Pat Sajak Knows the REAL Reason Dems Didn't Stand Up at the SOTU
Frank Luntz, Former Trump Hater: ‘I Owe Donald Trump an Apology’
Joy Reid: 'Nobody That Doesn't Watch Fox News Has Ever Heard' of MS-13 – HOLLY NOTE: We'd heard of them over 12 to 15 years ago via the liberal L.A. Times. Here's just one of their 2005 articles: Gang Uses Deportation to Its Advantage to Flourish in U.S. and Police mag's, "America's Most Dangerous Gang."
Pressure Mounts on Democrats as Trump, GOP Fulfill Promises
Curiouser and Curiouser: Rick Gates Attorneys Withdraw from Case Initiated by Robert Mueller…
Trump Could Declassify GOP Document on FBI Spying as Soon as Today
Adam Schiff: FISA Memo Could Lead to Firings of Mueller, Rosenstein
GOP Lawmakers Pushing for FISA Memo Release in Massive Train Crash
THIS IS CNN: Network Regular Says God ‘Cleaning Up’ After Fatal GOP Train Wreck
Judicial Watch Reveals Obama Officials Distributed ‘CLASSIFIED RECORDS’ to ‘Undermine’ POTUS Trump
Top House Intel Dem says Nunes Sent Trump ‘Secretly Altered’ Version of Memo
Nunes Claims Only "Minor Edits" Made to Memo
US Engulfed in the Most Corrupt Scandal in History & All Roads Lead Back to Obama
Clark County Defies Order to Release Vegas Shooter Coroner's Report
Maxine Waters Wants Parental Advisory When Trump Is on TV
Trump and the Real Divide
John Kelly: Teacher 'Ought to Go to Hell' for Anti-Military Rant
L.A.’s Homelessness Surged 75% in 6 Years
The Real Gender Gap: Family Breakdown and Black Males
Robert Wagner Is a 'Person of Interest' in Natalie Wood's 1981 Death, Investigators Say
Black Dems Take Lead in Push to Impeach Trump
JAN 31
Trump Hails ‘New American Moment’ in First State of the Union Address
'AMERICANS ARE DREAMERS TOO': President Extends ‘Open Hand’ to Dems on Immigration, Holds Firm on Border Security
Dems Shocking Disrespect: Sit, Check Phones as President Praises Vets
Dems Boo When Trump Notes Illegal Immigrant Crime, Get Quiet When He Points to Grieving Parents in Balcony
Related: Illegals Commit Crimes at DOUBLE the Rate of Native-Born: Study
Black Dems' Sat Stonefaced When Trump Announces News of All-Time Low Black Unemployment
If You Thought Petulant Pelosi Looked Like She Could Chew Her Arm Off When Trump Called for Unity…
Imagine When She Saw the CBS News Poll: Viewers Overwhelmingly Approve of Trump's First SOTU Address
Obama Used ‘I,’ ‘Me,’ ‘My’ 199 Times in Speech Vowing Unilateral Action
Trump Says 'We' 129 Times
Trump Lawyers Say Mueller Hasn't Met the Threshold for a Presidential Interview: Report
Republicans Aim to Speed Trump Judges’ Confirmations
Porn Star Stormy Daniels Now Says Trump Affair Never Happened
The Dark Empire Strikes Back: A Second Trump Dossier & Fed-Inspired Drop in the Dow on Eve of State of the Union
Nancy Pelosi's Unraveling Is a Sad Sight
NSA Deletes “Honesty” and “Openness” From Core Values
Student Activists Invade Winston Churchill-Themed Café, Scream He ‘Was a Racist’
JAN 30
FBI Director Wray "Shocked to His Core" By FISA Memo, McCabe 'Removed' Next Day, More Heads to Roll: Report
SWAMP STRIKES=> New Acting Deputy Director Replacing Andrew McCabe Previously Worked With Comey to Hide Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting From Press
REPORT: McCabe “Lashed Out” When Asked to Resign, FBI Whistleblowers Warn More Resignations Coming
FBI Texts Discuss "Destroying Evidence", Scramble to Find Hard Drives: Report
Kunstler: "The 'Resistance' Is Dragging the Country Into Dangerous Madness"
‘The Military Has Seen the Writing on the Wall’: The U.S. is preparing for a war with NKorea that it hopes never to have to fight, says Senator Tammy Duckworth. – HOLLY NOTE: The last thing anyone wants is war with North Korea. However when President Trump met with other world leaders they agreed that Kim Jong Un can not be allowed to achieve nukes on ICBMs. In the last 10 days, we've received numerous phone calls from people living close to military installations who are witnessing a flurry of activity around bases. We too, witnessed, unusual activity on Jan. 4, with 10 gunships flying overhead, which we shared in this Photo of the Day. We also hear practice gunfire from 50 calibre weapons at Ft. Carson in Colorado Springs, about 45 minutes straight north. Ft. Carson covers 137,000 acres that stretches into 3 counties, one of which is ours. They often use these fields for mortar fire exercises and when they hit, it can rattle the house since their impact travels through a shale bed. While they stage these exercises maybe 3 times a year, the latest began yesterday.
Related: USAF Begins Massive GPS Blackouts In The Western US During Largest Ever Air War Drill
…Exercise 'Red Flag' to Include the U.S., UK and Australia Lasting to Feb. 16
Related: NKorea Will Be Able to Strike the US with Nuclear Weapons in a ‘Handful of Months’, CIA Director Warns
Related: 'Another NKorea Missile Test' to Be Launched – Maybe During the Olympics
Related: NKorea Latest – What Nuclear Weapons Does Kim Jong-un Have And Could They Reach the US?
Hawaii Tourists Saw This Blow Up Over Hawaii? Maybe Hawaii False Alarm Was No False Alarm – video
Shrugging Toward Doomsday: Experts Warn That the World Is Now as Dangerous as It Was at the Height of the Cold War. Many Americans Already Know It.
Related: Here Is a Draft of Trump’s Nuclear Review. He Wants a Lot More Nukes
Russian Fighter Jet Flies Within 5 Feet of US Spy Plane, Causing "Violent Turbulence"
American Flag Used as Doormat for College 'Art
‘Police State’ National ID Card Tucked in Major Bill
Who’s in Charge?
JAN 29
House Votes to Release FISA Memo
'Release the Damn Memo': Geraldo Calls on Congress to Expose Whether FBI Probe 'Politically-Motivated'
FBI Shakeup: McCabe 'Removed' as Washington Awaits GOP Memo on Obama Surveillance
Trump’s 5 Goals for State of the Union Address
Students Hate on Trump’s SOTU…Before It Even Happens! – HOLLY NOTE: One silly female comments on a chant that Trump starts. Gee her PREcognitive powers are extraordinary! Not one of these people interviewed knew the SOTU hadn't been given yet. Oops. – video
8 Years After Obama’s Unusual State of the Union Attack, Citizens United Endures
Poll: 98% of Americans Want the Memo Released
Todd Starnes: If Only Hillary Had Read a Passage From Juanita Broaddrick’s Book
City Councilman and Teacher Caught in Rant Against Military
The Week Ahead Promises an Awful Lot
Cherokee Woman Blasts Elizabeth Warren: 'We've Asked Her to Stop' Claiming Our Ancestry
Unhinged: Michael Moore Assails Trump, 'Unfit,' 'Narcissist, 'Sociopath,' 'Threat to Humanity' – HOLLY NOTE: Look who's talking.
One Percenter Jay Z Says Black People Need 'Happiness' More Than Jobs
'Slimiest of the Slimy in the Swamp': Bongino Blasts Adam Schiff Over Attacks on GOP – video
Hillary Clinton Praises 'Activist B----es Supporting B----es' in Online Video
Experts Suggest Fitness Tracking Data Reveals Locations of US military Bases
JAN 26
Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe All Named In FISA Memo, First Leak Reveals
White House Gave Robert Mueller Nearly 8,000 Pages of Documents Related to James Comey
(Miraculously) Missing FBI Text Message Have Been Located
Report: Missing FBI Text Messages Include Threats of Violence Against Trump
From ‘Secret Societies’ to Flawed FBI Probes, the Russiagate Narrative Is Imploding
Mueller Probe Accidentally Exposes FBI Cover-Up of Saudi Role in 9/11
Q Anon Update - January 25, 2018
– video
Trump Reassures May, Gets Rock-Star Greeting at Davos Economic Conference
Trump Job Approval Soaring: Rasmussen 45%, CNN 43%, Fox 45%, Economist/YouGov 43%, Harvard/Harris 44% – HOLLY NOTE: What's up with the high rating at CNN?
Trump Approval on Economy Rocketing: Reuters/Ipsos 49%, CNN 51%, Fox 51%, Economist/YouGov 52%, Harvard/Harris 59% – HOLLY NOTE: Again, look at CNN's rating. Simply stunning.
Would Rural Areas Be Safer in a SHTF Situation?
You Are Either a Prepper or a Future Victim
McMahon Takes Stand: Announces XFL to Begin in 2020… Kneeling Banned During National Anthem
NFL to Salute Medal of Honor Recipients at Super Bowl After Ad Rejection Outrage
GAME OVER: Republicans Demand Answers Over Claims Obama Gave Islamic Terror Group Hezbollah a pass
Betsy DeVos: ‘Common Core is Dead’
Legacies Aren’t What They Used to Be as Obama Faces Environmental Lawsuit
Corruption-Convicted Dems Corrine Brown and Chaka Fattah Still Receiving Taxpayer-Funded Pensions
Preaching to the Choir – audio
Trump Supporters Are Not Ignoramuses
California Considers $1,000 Fine, Jail for Waiters Offering Plastic Straws
Obama-Farrakhan Photo Released After 13-Year Media Cover-up
JAN 23
BREAKING in an Alex Jones Exclusive: Infowars Releases Secret FISA Memo
Treason: QAnon Exposes Obama/Hillary 16-year Coup d’état Plan – Describes Plan to Destroy America, Reshape World
Trump Signs Bill Ending 3-Day Government Shutdown After Dems Cave in Immigration Fight
“Americans Will Be Surprised How Bad It Is”: GOP Rep. Admits “Deeply Disturbing” FISA Memo Shook Him to the Core – video
Obama Coup Plotters to be Revealed and Face Prison - Second Revolution Looms – audio
“My Gut Tells Me This is Probably Bigger”: Rep. Jim Jordan Hints Missing Strzok Texts Is Next MAJOR Scandal to Rock FBI
Unsealed FISA Court Ruling Shows 85% of Obama’s FBI and DOJ 704-5 FISA Searches Were Illegal and Illegally Provided to Government Outsiders
FBI Shadow Figure Surfaces to Protect President Obama Amid Released FBI Text Messages…
Bombshell: FBI Texts Between Peter Strzok & Lisa Page MISSING!
Chaffetz: 5 Months of Missing Texts Between Ex-Mueller Team Members 'Highly Suspicious'
Former Federal Prosecutor Details “Brazen Plot” by FBI and DOJ to Exonerate Hillary and “Frame” Donald Trump – video
Congress Quietly Pushing Bill to Require National Biometric ID For “ALL Americans”
Supremes Join Trump to Stop Obama Power Grab
Fervent NeverTrumper Does 180 After Year of Massive Trump Successes
The Rise and Fall of CNN, The Most Busted Name in News
‘America First’ Polls Poorly in Other Countries. Trump Backers Don’t Care. – HOLLY NOTE: As I wrote last year, of course they're not happy because their enormous free ride gravy train has been derailed. Many of these other countries are socialist and they're only happy when their hands are in your pocket – clear down to the bottom. Ask Bernie. While they want free this and free that, somebody has to pay, and often its been the U.S. So no wondered they're unhappy that we have a President totally opposite of Barack Insane Obama, one who puts America. It's like that old 1920s saying, '"tough titty" said the kitty when the milk went dry.' The updated version is, 'Tough tittie said the kitty wallowing in self-pity'. Either way… gravy's over.
Alabama Senate Passes Bill to Eliminate Marriage Licenses
JAN 19
'Alarming' Memo on FISA Abuses Must Be Made Public, GOP Lawmakers Say
Shocking FISA Surveillance Abuses Stun Lawmakers
Sean Hannity Sara Carter FISA Memo – video
INTEL EXPERTS: "Heads Will Roll" When FISA Intel Memo Released Rosenstein and Ohr Will Be Fired – video
CIA-Connected Amazon Turns Over Record Amount of Data to US Law Enforcement
Democrats Ready to Block Bill to Avert Government Shutdown Sang Different Tune in 2013
Professor, Newsweek Mocked for Claims Clinton Can Still Become President
Course Uses 'Pyramid of White Supremacy' to Teach Diversity – video
Colorado Springs Remains Prime Nuclear Target
Kneel On This: Analysis: NFL Lost 23 Million TV Viewers for Playoffs 
Deep State DOJ Claims a "Glitch" is to Blame for 'Missing' Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting Docs
Media Crushed to Discover President Trump Is Not Crazy
Newsweek Thinks Trump Might Have Erectile Dysfunction. Seriously?
Breaking: Donald Trump Is Not Pregnant
Hannity: Media Refuse to Face Reality That Trump Is Healthy – video
13 Children Who Were Held in House Of Horrors By Their Abusive Parents Were Only Allowed to Shower Twice a YEAR, Fed Just 1 Meal a Day
Senate Tees Up 17 Judicial Confirmations
Joe Tries to Stop Fruitcake-Mika After She Goes Too Far; Flat-Out Accuses DHS Secretary of Taking a Bribe from Trump
Army Major: "We're Killing These Kids, We're Breaking The Army!"
'Spit in Trump's Eye': Antifa Urges U.S. Soldiers to Revolt
Maysen Melton Charged with Raping 4 Classmates
Don't Miss These Amazing Old Photos
JAN 18
Trump’s Highly-Anticipated 2017 ‘Fake News Awards’ Shame CNN, New York Times and More
Fusion GPS Founder Admits He Didn’t Believe Trump Was ‘Suitable’ to be President While Compiling Hoax Dossier
Metro Lawyers: There Are Additional Suspects in the Mandalay Massacre
New Embarrassment for Megyn Kelly as NBC Sends Katie Couric to Olympics
CNN Star Sanjay Gupta Roasted for Stating Trump Has Heart Disease
Report: FBI Agent Shared Russia Probe Information With Christopher Steele
100 Victims Testify in Court Over Massive Child Molestation Cover-Up in USA Gymnastics
Confirmed: NBC News Crew Spotted Inside Bunker That Sent Hawaii Missile Alert, Just Hours Before Alert Went Out
What I Learned in the Peace Corps in Africa: Trump Is Right
Big Brother on America's Fishing Boats
Senior Democratic Staffer: ‘We Do Not Care About Anti-Semitism’
The Grooming of Oprah Winfrey: Setting the Stage
Just 24% of Voters Want Oprah to Run for President: Poll
S–hole? Clinton Made Us Explain Far Worse to Our Children
JAN 17
Journos Can't Accept Trump Is Healthy
Here is Trump's 2018 Medical Report
President Scores PERFECT 30 Out of 30 on Cognitive Exam… – HOLLY NOTE: I watched the hour-long Q&A where reporter tried their best to nail Trump (repeatedly) with Alzheimer's, bone spurs, stroke, heart attack, mental unfitness, Hep C (which you primarily get from using contaminated needles), dementia, cardiac issues, how much ice cream does he eat, what's his life expectancy (really?), criticized for eating burgers and drinking diet coke, for watching TV, lack of exercising, for sleeping only 4-5 hours a night, and did the doctor have a problem with how much Trump uses Twitter! In the last or nearly last question, one reporter even asked Trump's physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson, if Trump was a drug addict. Trump's blood pressure is good at 75 / 122. Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson replied that Trump has exceptionally good genes and the fact that Trump has never smoked or taken a drink also helps, especially the no-smoking factor. The depths to which reporters plunged were astonishing. Reporters even asked Dr. Jackson if he was hiding anything, had he been completely truthful, was there anything Trump asked him not to disclose. (Jackson had the patience of a saint to repeatedly answer the same inane, asinine, insulting questions for an hour.) Reporters tied valiantly to find something, anything wrong with Trump and failed – miserably. Jackson shot them down with every response.
Related: Ronny Jackson: The White House Doctor Who Gave Trump a Clean Bill of Health
Google Refers to Republican Senator David Perdue as 'Lying, Unscrupulous Politician' (Sen. Perdue recently defended POTUS for not having made the "shi*hole" comment he was accused of making)
Unhinged Cory Booker Uses Misleading Terror Data to Attack Trump, Rips in Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen
DHS Secretary Under Oath: Trump Didn’t Say ‘Sh—hole’
If Hillary Was President, Would She Allow the USA to Freeze During the Arctic Blast to Save the Planet?
Unnamed Semi Driver Crashes Into Minnesota Christian School, Didn't Brake or Try to Steer Away from School
Update: 4 Injured…
Valet Receipt Indicates Marilou Danley Was at Mandalay Bay on Day of Las Vegas Shooting
"New California" Conservative Movement Declares Independence As First Step Towards 51
st State
Study: 90% of Networks’ Coverage of Pres. Trump Negative
Fisherman Sues After Boat Crash in Oregon
San Francisco Is A Literal S***hole, Public Defecation Map Reveals
Armed Antifa Prof Admits Chasing Charlottesville Driver — Before Deadly Crash!
Conservative Blacklist Grows: Comic Convention Bans Kevin Sorbo
Conservatives Demand Twitter Answers After Project Veritas Videos Point to Political Bias
Bill Clinton’s ‘Scandalous’ Past Revisited By Fox as Part of New Historic Series
JAN 16
4 South Carolina Cops Shot While Responding to Domestic Call; Suspect in Custody
Parents Arrested After 13 Siblings Found Chained and Starving in California Home – Bail Set at $9 Million
If It Weren’t for The Constitution, America Would Be a ‘Sh-thole’ Country, Too
Historian Slams Jeff Flake on His Trump-Stalin Comparison: If Anybody Thinks Trump Controls the Media, They’re Crazy
Watch A Sitting Congresswoman Shred the MSM Narrative in Under a Minute
Ex-CIA Officer: Deep State Is ‘TERRIFIED’ of Trump and ‘Want Him TAKEN OUT’
What Was Destroyed in Clinton House-Fire? – video
All Roads Lead to Obama & Clinton - IG & Congressional Committee Expose Criminal Actions – video
FBI Probe Into Russian Uranium Bribes Concealed By Obama DOJ; Mueller, McCabe, Rosenstein Involved
Battle to Shut Down Obama's Presidential Center After 'Library' Morphs into 20-Acre Private "Center" on National Historic Park
Gender Studies Coordinator Denounces the ‘Logic of Meritocracy’ as Fundamentally ‘Racist’
Emma Watson Writes Open Letter Apologizing for Her 'White Privilege' – HOLLY NOTE: Consider the source, a Socialist French fry.
Gutfeld on Hawaii's Grave Mistake and Other Topics – video
Only 1-In-3 Americans Think Michael Wolff's Book Is Credible
'NOprah' Gear on the Horizon ... But Only If She Runs
JAN 15
Worker Who Caused Panic Over Hawaii's False Missile Alert 'feels Terrible,' Will Get Re-Trained
Feds Announce Indictment in Massive Bribery Scheme Connected to Hillary Clinton’s Uranium One Deal
Rand Paul: Trump Cares 'Very Deeply' About Haiti, Financed Medical Mission Trip
Dan Bongino on the Hawaii Nuke Alert, the Uranium One Deal and Immigration – video
Cotton Hits Durbin for Claims of Trump's 'S---Hole Countries' Comment
GOP Senator Perdue Comes to Trump's Defense After 'S---hole' Outcry, Questions Durbin's Credibility
Hillary Clinton Is the Last Person Who Should Be Talking About Trump's Remarks on Haiti
50-Yr-Old Haiti Official, Slated to Testify Against Clinton Foundation Corruption Next Week, Found DEAD in Miami With “Gunshot to the Head” – flashback
Bill Clinton Says Haiti Relief Funds Didn’t Pay for Chelsea’s Wedding… Then Wikileaks Drops This Bomb
Related: Chelsea Clinton Buys New $10.5 Million Apartment Across the Street From Her Husband's $4 Million 'Starter Pad' Bought Just Before They Married
BBC: US Election 2016: What Really Happened with the Clintons in Haiti?
Related: Haitians Protest Outside Hillary Clinton's Office Over 'Billions Stolen' by Clinton Foundation – video
Related: Haiti Earthquake Contracts Ran Through the Clinton Foundation – video
Trump and His Sh*thole Remark: The Story Nobody Is Talking About
Democrats SO UPSET with Trump’s Sh*thole Remarks that they Beam “Sh*thole” on Trump Hotel
Rand Paul: Calling Trump 'Racist' Hurts Immigration Negotiations
DOJ Turns Over 1.2 Million Documents Related to 2016 Election to House Intel Committee
Moby Says CIA Agents Asked Him to Spread the Word About Trump and Russia 
John Podesta, Hillary’s Creepy Campaign Manager, Now in Middle of Obama’s Illegal Spying on Trump and Phony Dossier
How Many of Twitter’s 1,110 Foreign Visa Holders Are Actively Working to Shut Down Conservative Speech in America?
Ben Carson: Martin Luther King’s Message Is ‘Urgently Needed to Heal the Divisions’ Now
JAN 12
SHOCK: Former Obama Official Hints Admin Warned Terrorist That Israel Was Going to Assassinate Him
Congress Monitoring Trump Admin Investigation into Obama Scheme to Nix Hezbollah Investigation
Fusion GPS Co-Founder Is Doubling Down on ‘Dodgy’ Anti-Trump Dossier
Women's March Urged to Drop Pink Pussy Hats Over 'Transphobia,' 'Exclusionary Color'
Jay Leno: Late-Night Has Become a 'Depressing' Anti-Trump Bashfest
Accuser: I Never Would Have Trusted Weinstein Without Oprah
Killing Trump Is Deep State's 'Plan C,' Warns Adviser Roger Stone
NO to the Dawn of American Socialism
House Extends Surveillance Law, Rejecting New Privacy Safeguards
What is Section 702 of FISA, Anyway?
Teacher Told Black Student He'd Be 'Lynched By Angry Mob,' Parent Says
Leftists Scream Racial Profiling After Police Shoot Black Teen. Then The Video Comes Out.
JAN 11
Shock Memo: Democrats Admit That They Need Illegal Immigrants to Win Elections, Plan to Use Foreigners to Influence American Election Outcomes
The Hillary Scandal Everyone's Ignoring – FEC Probing Alleged $84 Million Money-Laundering Scheme
7 Revelations From Fusion GPS Founder's Senate Testimony
Feinstein Blames ‘Bad Cold’ Slowing Her ‘Mental Facilities’ for Sloppy Fusion GPS Transcript Release
Pop Star Seal Calls Out Oprah Winfrey for Hypocrisy Days After Widely Praised Golden Globes Speech
Foreign Leaders Showered Obama With Gifts in His Final Years Worth More Than $1.5 Million
Rancher Cliven Bundy Renews Range Fight, Pledging to 'Do Whatever It Takes'
Female Democrats Will Wear Black to Trump's First State of the Union
University Sued for Limiting Free Speech to Lunchtime
UNDERCOVER VIDEO: Twitter Engineers to “Ban a Way of Talking” Through “Shadow Banning,” Algorithms to Censor Opposing Political Opinions
Pence on North Korea Strategy, Trump's Jerusalem Decision – video
What Is America's Mission Now?
Ex-DEA Agent Says Obama Admin. Lost ‘Gold Opportunity’ to ‘Crush’ Hezbollah
Court Order Confirms DNC Fraud Lawsuit Appeal Will Proceed
Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens Admits Affair But Denies Related Blackmail Allegations
Woman Returns ‘Dead’ Christmas Tree to Costco for a Refund, in January
Super Bowl Exec Producer: If Players Kneel During National Anthem, “They’ll Be Shown Live” – HOLLY NOTE: While many Americans may sympathize with their message, players have missed the mark thinking people are still listening. Their message is stale and people just want to watch The Game minus political messages. Viewers are switching off the NFL in droves. Sports was literally the last forum where people could escape dramas, and now that arena is polluted. If they want to make a difference, they could donate some of their multi-million dollar salaries to lifting up black people. Volunteer as a "stand-in" dad since 70% of black households have absentee fathers, married or not. They could create community centers that teach educational skills, sports activities, tutor kids for SATs, offer counseling and classes on how to live productive lives away from drugs and gangs. Instead of continuing to kneel and do nothing productive, stand for something positive, do something that actually nets results. Kneeling has become a pile-on activity that costs players no time, no salary, no thinking, no skin in the game. The only thing they're doing is turning off viewers and team owners are too cowardly to take action. While Stan and I are both Broncos and Cowboys fans, we quickly tired of the nonsense and watched exactly 0 NFL games since Kaepernick began his trick pony show. They've had their day, had their say, but people are over it.
JAN 10
Author Michael Wolff NOW SAYS He Didn’t Interview ANY TRUMP CABINET MEMBERS for Trump-Bashing Book – video
Unstable Yale Psychiatrist Who Labeled Trump Unstable Recants Armchair Diagnosis
The Madness of the Anti-Trump Shrinks
Identity of CIA Official Found on Anthony Weiner's Laptop by FBI
What Trump Will Tell Davos
Feinstein Unilaterally Posts Full Testimony of Fusion GPS Founder, Grassley Furious
'Somebody Has Already Been Killed' Over the Dossier, Fusion GPS Lawyer Claimed
Trump Backs Off Plan to Allow Drilling Off Florida Coast
Bannon Betrayal Latest Deep State Attack on Trump and MAGA
Steve Bannon Lit Himself On Fire — and Trump Extinguished Him
Bannon to Leave Helm of Breitbart News
Congress at War Over New U.S. Nuclear Missile System to Combat Russian Threat
Democrats’ Desperate Ploy to Unseat President Trump Over “Mental Health” False Diagnosis Will Push America to Bloody Civil War
The REAL Truth: Oprah Is NOT a 'Unifier,' She's a Divider
Trump’s EPA Is On Course to Retire Half Its Staff
Pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio Will Run for Arizona Senate Seat
NYPD Reshuffling Top Cops In Major Shake-Up
FBI: Indicted Maryland Senator Confessed to Taking Cash Payments & Vegas Trips
Clinton Foundation Donors Could Have Money Clawed Back By Government: Judge Napolitano
Epic Greed, Power, and Pride: Where’s the Bottom? With Bill and Hillary, There’s No Telling – flashback
The Problem with Hillary Clinton Isn’t Just Her Corporate Cash. It’s Her Corporate Worldview.
Our Journey into "The Storm": An Interview with Dr. Jerome Corsi – video HOLLY NOTE: The 'meat' doesn't come in till 12:50 min. in. The beginning time documents that Q Anon's account had been hacked. If you can take that as a given, skip this part. It's rather dull. – video
Related: Australian Taxpayers Gave the Clinton Foundation $100 Million
Confirmation: Why Have We (Australia) Donated to Clinton's Foundation?
Additional Confirmation: Australian Taxpayers' $75M to Clinton Foundation
Related: Norway Gave the Clinton Foundation $90 Million
Conservative Group Claims Hillary Clinton's Foundation Took Millions – HOLLY NOTE: Keep in mind these 'paltry millions' listed from foreign countries are the amounts on the Clinton Foundation's site. However, the donor countries themselves, who are squarely in bed with progressives, list their donations as much higher. Example: the CF shows Australia's donation as $5 to $10 million, but Australia lists their contributions as $100 million. Also, the 19 donor countries listed are only those that gave more than $25 million. The CF doesn't spell out specifics how much more than $25M, but newspapers have ferreted out the info.
Related: Clinton Foundation Received Up to $81 Million from Clients of Controversial HSBC Bank
Related: After Mining Deal, Financier Frank Giustra Donated Over $130 Million to the Clinton Foundation
Related: Scottish Philanthropist, Sir Tom Hunter, Gives Clinton Foundation Between $110 and $125 Million
Related: Ukrainian Magnate, Victor Pinchuk, Who Donated $29 Million to Clinton Foundation, Demanded Meeting with Bill Clinton to Discuss Maidan Failure
Related: Canada's Trudeau Gave at Least $20 Million to the Clintons
Related: As of 2012, More than 146,000 Individuals, Organizations and Governments Contributed to the William J. Clinton Foundation
Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton's State Department – flashback
Sex Criminals Revealed on a Large Scale
Anatomy of a Child Trafficking Network
Obamas Criticized for Lavish Library Plans, Including 'Test Kitchen' – HOLLY NOTE: Most ornate, complex Presidential 'library' Americans have ever seen.
Related: …To Include: Museum, Exhibition Space, Education and Meeting Rooms, Auditorium, Restaurant, Public Garden, PLUS Basketball Court, Sledding hills, Children’s Play Areas, Walking and Bike Path, and Oh Yes, a Library
Related: …To Cost $1.5 Billion
Related: Obama's Parking Lot Alone to Take 5 Acres of Parkland in Addition to 20 Acres for His 'Library'
F-word Rows and Bitter Disputes over Russia, Iran and Syria: New Documentary to Lay Bare the Truth about the Obama White House's Last Days
Oprah Gives Much-Ballyhooed Speech on #MeToo. Here Are 4 Problems With It.
ROASTED: James Woods Slams Oprah Winfrey Using These 3 Pictures
#OprahKnew Trending on Twitter
Inconvenient Truth: How are We Supposed to Take Woke Hollywood Seriously When They Still Support a Convicted Child Rapist?
White House Spokesman on 'Fire and Fury': 'This Book Is Just Tabloid Trash'
Wolff Insists ‘I Came into This with No Agenda,’ ‘Literally with No Political Agenda’
Bannon Group Shopped Anti-Trump Document in 2015
Federal Judge Dismisses Bundy Ranch Standoff Case, Bars Retrial, Cites Federal Prosecutors' Conduct as "Outrageous" and "Violated Due Process Rights"
America’s Forgotten Towns: Can They Be Saved or Should People Just Leave?
Tom Steyer Not Running in 2018, Will Funnel $30M into Races to Boost Democrats
Paybacks for Protests? NFL Protests Up for Possible Legislation
Talks Reportedly Are Underway About a Trump Interview in Robert Mueller's Russia Probe
Nolte: Schizophrenic Media Flails as Trump's Focus and Success Torpedo 'Crazy' Claims
Dan Bongino: The Network Is Closing in on the Clintons and They Are Really Worried Right Now – video of week
Judge Jeanine: Clinton Is About to Face a Real Investigation – video
Bannon Does 180 and Apologizes: "Donald Trump Jr. Is a Patriot and a Good Man"
Scientologist Elisabeth Moss Slammed for Golden Globes Speech
The Internet Is Ready for an Oprah and Tom Hanks White House In 2020
Americans Are Ditching These Five States In Record Numbers
Law Enforcement Backs Sessions's Ending of Hands-Off Approach to Marijuana
Missouri Adopts Performance-Based Funding for Higher Education
Veteran Fights to Fly American Flag Outside His Own Home
Man Sentenced after Marrying Woman and Her Daughter
Mohammed’ Becomes 3rd Most Popular Name in This Minnesota Town
Justice Department (Finally) investigating Clinton Foundation over 'Pay to Play' Allegations
DOJ Reportedly Reopens Hillary Clinton Email Investigation – video
Hillary Clinton Backer Paid $500G to Fund Women Accusing Trump of Sexual Misconduct
Liberal Leaders Now Running from anti-Trump Dossier in Russia Probe
Sessions Will End Obama-Era Policy That Allowed Legalized Marijuana to Prosper
DOJ: Rolling Back Obama-era Marijuana Rules a 'Return to the Rule of Law'
Newt Gingrich: There's No Coming Back for Steve Bannon
The Morphing of Communist Party, CNN, Dems
DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison Slammed After Posing with ‘Antifa Handbook’
Related: The Radical Skeletons In Keith Ellison's Closet
The Democrats Have Become Socialists – flashback
Freedom Caucus Republicans Call on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to Resign Over FBI Leaks
JFK's Nephew Says Emanuel Has Plan to Force Blacks Out of Chicago
College Kid Say It’s Okay to Kill Little Kids Because They Can’t Communicate Like Adults
Trump Erupts on Bannon: He's 'Lost His Mind'
Don Jr. Relentless on Bannon: 'Backstabbing, Harassing, Leaking, Lying & Undermining'
How Breitbart Readers Are Reacting to Bannon Turning on Trump
Trump versus Bannon: Is Trump Right?
WAR! Meryl Streep Attacks Melania and Ivanka Trump -- She Isn't Ready for What's About to Happen
Paul Manafort Sues Mueller, Justice Department
The Media Is Upset About Trump’s ‘Nuclear Button’ Wars. Why We Should Ignore Them.
Trump Ends Voter Fraud Commission
Uncovering Vote Fraud: Plan B Begins
Robber Tries to Shoot and Pray His Way Out of Store after Staff Locks Him In
African-Americans Blaming Whites for their Own Murder Rates
Trump's Jerusalem Card and the 'Obama-Hezbollah' Scandal
How Trump Really Beat the Media
Is Hell Frozen? House Democrat Has Praise for Trump
The US Doesn’t Have to Lose the Information War in Iran
Witness: Mueller Russian Probe Grand Jury Like Something Out of a ‘Black Lives Matter Rally’
Former CIA Director Panetta Throws Down Against Old Boss: Obama Should Have Helped Iran Protests in 2009
Trump Fights Fake News with 'Awards' for 'Most Dishonest and Corrupt Media' – Winner TBA Monday
House Expands Russia Probe to FBI, Justice Use of Unconfirmed Dossier to Snare Trump
Huma Abedin Forwarded Top Secret Passwords to Yahoo Account Hacked By Russian with Odd Clinton Connection
Trump Calls on ‘Deep State’ DOJ to Go After Comey, Clinton Aide Abedin
David Brock Exposed as a Key Money Source Behind Efforts During the 2016 Presidential Campaign to Entice Women to Accuse Donald Trump of Past Sexual Misconduct
Trump Really Is Draining The Swamp
Baltimore Breaks All-Time Homicide Record In 2017
California Ushers in 2018 with Ammunition Control
The Craziest Laws Taking Effect in 2018 – video
Dad Performs Epic Rendition of Beyoncé's 'Single Ladies' with His Daughters – video humor