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MAR 30
Satellite Photo: North Korea's Yongbyon Nuclear Reactor
Warning to the West: Vladimir Putin Test Launches Terrifying 4,000Mph “Invincible” Hypersonic Missile
Russia Announces Second Test of Ballistic Missile – video
Trump Says U.S. Is Pulling Out of Syria “Like, Very Soon.” – HOLLY NOTE: Does this pave the way for Damascus to become a 'ruinous heap' or get our troops out of the way in the nick of time? ET Isaiah 17:1
Moscow Says It Will Close US Consulate in St Petersburg
Migrant ‘Baby Boom’ Causes Highest Birth Rate in Germany in 40 Years
Canadian Love Affair with Trudeau OVER
Leftist Looms Large as Mexico Presidential Race Opens
MAR 29
Satellite Images Reveal "Massive Show Of Force" By 40 Chinese Warships, Aircraft Carrier
US Senator's Ominous Warning About Russia and China Should Stop the War Drums Beating: 'Right Now, We're Helpless'
How to Meet the Strategic Challenge Posed by China
Former OPCW Official: No Conclusive Proof of Russian Complicity in Salisbury Attack
Will a Coalition of Nations Halt Iran?
Kim Jong Un's Motives Remain Mysterious Even After China Says North Korea Wants Denuclearization
Europe All Inclusive: Understanding the Current Migration Crisis
The UN's 2030 Agenda Decoded: It’s a Blueprint For The Global Enslavement Of Humanity Under The Boot of Corporate Masters
MAR 28
Global Anti-Russia Campaign Is Taking Us Dangerously Close To Disaster
Mattis: U.S. Nearly Bombed Russians in Syria a Second Time
China Says North Korea Pledges Denuclearization During Friendly Visit
POLICE IN SWEDEN to Focus on Anti-Muslim Hate Speech Rather Than The Muslim Rape Epidemic or Islamic Terrorism
MAR 27
Syria Has Continued Developing Nuclear Program, Arab Site Says
Russia, China Eclipse US in Hypersonic Missiles, Prompting Fears
Our Enemies are Preparing for War – We’re Worried about Diversity
NATO Braces for Putin’s Next Military Move in Eastern Europe
Informant Provided FBI Evidence Russia Aided Iran Nuclear Program During Obama Years
German Woman Fighting for Life After Muslim Migrant Children Follow Her Home and Stab Her
DR Congo Massacre: 'My daughter Was Slashed With a Machete' – Many Murdered
Number of Children Forced Into Slavery Hits All-Time High
Pakistan Rapist 'Let Off' After 'allowing Victim's Brother Rape Sister'
Yemen Civil War Shows No Signs of Slowdown as It Enters 4
th Year
Porn Stars Call for Respect After Spate of Deaths
MAR 26
UK: Full Speed Ahead on Islamization
Trump To Expel 60 Russian Diplomats, Shut Seattle Consulate
'Exits Blocked' in Russian Mall Inferno Leaves 64 Dead
Ancient Peruvian Child Sacrifices And Treasures Uncovered in Tombs
Early Warning: A Potential New Refugee Crisis for Europe
Australia's PM Malcolm Turnbull Hits Rock-Bottom in the Polls, But Bill Shorten Could Be Worse
Facebook Approached Australian Political Parties to Microtarget Voters
MAR 23
US Makes Contingency Plans in Case Iran Nuclear Talks Fail
China Readies For WAR With New Unmanned Super Tanks Powered By AI
The US Liquidates Its 2 Main Mid East Air Bases at Incirlik and Al-Udeid
Saudi Arabia Has Options If US Walks From Nuclear Power Deal - Minister
MAR 22
Institute: Syria May Have Underground Nuclear Facility
Turkey Threatens to Attack Syrian Town Held by US Troops
This Muslim Leader’s Goal Is Uniting an ‘Army of Islam’ to Destroy Israel in 10 Days ET
Theresa May to warn EU Leaders of Russian Threat to Democracy
Saudi Prince Said He Owns Jared Kushner: Report
Paul Joseph Watson Video: The Truth About Broken Britain
MAR 21
Eyeing Pyongyang, Seoul to Deploy New ‘Artillery Killer' Missiles This Fall
Pentagon Expects Need for More Nuke Sniffers After US-North Korea Summit
Russia Issues Ultimatum: If U.S. Attacks Damascus "It Will Be The Last Thing You Do"
Germany: Migrant Rape Crisis Still Sowing Terror and Destruction: Women and Children Sacrificed on the Altar of Political Correctness
The Trump-Kim Summit Is Not a Negotiation; It's a Surrender
France: Toward Total Submission to Islam, Destruction of Free Speech
Dozens Killed as Rockets Hit Damascus Market
Canada Moves to Tighten Gun Laws
List of World's Most Liveable Cities Released: Vienna #1, Baghdad Still Worst
MAR 20
Saudi Arabia's Heir to the Throne Talks to 60 Minutes – HOLLY NOTE: A site reader who had already watched this wrote the following good points. "My opinion was that he was one smooth talking customer. He had an answer for everything and was very engaging. Not at all what I expected, but what will be necessary if he is the Antichrist. His unwillingness to discuss his personal life was the warning bell for me...he is hiding something. I find it more than interesting in the article below that he is buddies with Kushner, an American Jew. As we both know, the Antichrist will sign a peace treaty with the Jews to kick off the tribulation. Is he laying the groundwork?" – video of day
How Kushner Forged a Bond With The Saudi Crown Prince
Trump, Saudi Prince & UAE to Set Up Action Group Against Iran
Trump’s Holiday Greeting To Iranians: Your Gov’t Is ‘Brutal and Corrupt’
Egypt and Saudi Arabia Reportedly Pressuring Abbas to Embrace Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’
Trump to Boost Exports of Lethal Drones to More U.S. Allies
MAR 19
'Army of Islam' Would Be World's Biggest Military: Turkey Hints at Forming 5-Million-Strong Alliance Against Israel
Russia Claims US Deploys Warships For Imminent Attack on Syria, Trains Militants For False Flag Attack
Tens of Thousands of Civilians Stream Out of Towns Throughout Syria
Russia Stockpiling Nerve Agent, Says Johnson
German Spy Agency Said North Korean Rockets Can Reach Europe
India And Pakistan: Inching Toward Their Final War?
Global SITREP A10-18: Syria - Part IV
Putin Wins 4th Term in Landslide Amid Reports of Rampant Voter Fraud
Britain '4 Meals Away From Anarchy' If Cyber Attack Takes Out Power Grid
The Kingdom on the Brink - An Interview With Dr. Ali Alyami
Vienna: 2 Austrians Walking Their Dog Brutally, Randomly Beaten By 30 Muslim Migrants
Smuggler's Boat Sinks Off Coast of Greek Island Killing 16 Migrants
Chinese Reporter's Spectacular Eye-Roll Goes Viral, Sparks Censorship – video
MAR 16
ANALYSIS: Developments Show Syrian War Could Escalate into WWIII
Stunning. Hillary Clinton Gave Russia the US Technology for Hypersonic Intercontinental Nuke Missiles
U.S. Officials: Saudi Crown Prince Has Hidden His Mother From His Father, the King
Is a Secret North Korean Base In Syria Producing Chemical Weapons And Ballistic Missiles?
With Tillerson Out, Qatar and Saudis Left Sweating on Where Pompeo Stands on Gulf Crisis
So Long to the Iran Deal: Trump's Staff Shakeup Is Good For Hawks – Terrible for Iran
MAR 15
Saudi Crown Prince Warns 'We Will Follow Suit' If Iran Develops Nuclear Bomb ET
Russia Says U.S. Plans to Strike Damascus, Pledges Military Response ET
China and Russia Form Uranium Partnership – HOLLY NOTE: With Hillary and Obama no longer around to buy our scarce supply, these Euro enemies now have to mine their own. When government finishes up their multiple farcical collusion investigations, maybe they'll have time to check into the Hillary-Obama uranium scandal.
EU Preparing to Unleash First-Ever Regulations Targeting Search Engines
To "Protect" You…
MAR 13
Saudi Crown Prince to Visit White House on March 20
ANALYSIS: How Saudi Crown Prince Is Working on PA-Israel Conflict
…Called 'the Most Dangerous Man in the World'
Arabs Planning 'Day of Rage' on Friday
MAR 12
John Bolton: Kim Trying to 'Buy Time' to Complete Nuke Program
No Word From North Korea on Kim’s Proposed Meeting With Trump
After US Visit, Netanyahu Warns of Nuclearization in Middle East ET Zechariah 14:12
‘Raped, Beaten And Murdered’: Telford – Horrors of Britain’s ‘Worst Ever’ Child Grooming Scandal Revealed With Up to 1,000 Kids Drugged and Abused ET
The most important part of Putin’s March 1st Speech
GERMANISTAN: In the Dead of Night, Illegal Alien Muslim Migrants Are Being Flown into Germany – 10,000 Every Month
WW3 RED ALERT: Russian Jets’ ‘Dark Missions’ Over Baltic Spark Fears Of Covert Invasion of Europe
Are You Prepared For Nuclear War By April? – video of day
Putin: Russia Would Retaliate If Hit By a Nuclear Attack, Even If It Led to 'Global Catastrophe'
Putin Says "US Political System Eating Itself Up", Explains Preparation for Nuclear War
North Korea Defends Its Nuclear Weapons One Day After It's Suggested Country May Give Them Up
Belgium Begins Free Distribution of Iodine Pills "In Case of Nuclear Disaster"
Is North Korea's Nuclear Disarmament Offer Too Good To Be True?
Breakthrough: North Korea Ready to Denuclearize "If Regime Safety Is Guaranteed" – HOLLY NOTE: Few people over 45 that have watched NKorea's shenanigans over the years believe this and see NKorea for what it is – yet another 'hostage negotiator' to garner $$ from Western nations and MOSTLY from the U.S. They promise the world, say they'll 'behave', the U.S. acquiesces, pays in real $$ and/or more food and concessions. All the while, NKorea advances it nuclear program to now terrifying proportions.

This little short fat donut boy has no – zero, zip, nada – intentions of giving away his big stick – nukes. They operate just like China, Russia and Iran. Promise to stop charging ahead toward nuclear weapons or unfair trade relations, stall and stammer and just like that duck, its feet are going a mile a minute underwater.

According to Harry Kazianis, Dir. of Defense Studies at CFTNI, the inaction of past Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama because it was "way too hard" has allowed NKorea to acquire ICBMs, build as many as 60 nuclear weapons, and stockpile 5,000 tons of chemical weapons.

Will we quit being duped before America is irradiated? Doubtful as this is the same scenario, the same foreign nonsense that has suckered in every U.S. administration for the last 4 decades. Trump's tough sanctions are a long shot, but our only shot.

Iran: We Can Resume Uranium Enrichment in Less Than 2 Days
N. Korea Open to Denuclearization Talks with U.S. – video of day
World War III Starts In Syria
N Korea Reactor Likely Resumed Plutonium Production for Weapons: 38 North
U.S. Tailors Forces to Deter China Nuclear Threat
Red Alert! Japan Preparing for War with China
South Korea, North Korea to Hold Summit Talks Next Month: Seoul
South Africa: Populism’s Next Target
Emperor Xi Ascends to the Throne in China
Geert Wilders: Refugees Prefer to Come to Big Fat Welfare States in Europe
North Korea 'Fully Ready to Fight' the US
Change Is Coming: China Is Accelerating Its Plan For A Military Base In Pakistan
Iran Says Missile Work Will Continue Despite Western Pressure: Tasnim
Italy Election: Populist Surge Prompts Political Deadlock
Putin Boasts Military Might With Animation of Florida Nuke Strike
Stunning. Hillary Clinton Gave Russia the US Technology for Hypersonic Intercontinental Nuke Missiles
Germany: Muslim Migrant Thanks ‘Mama Merkel’ for Being Able to Practice Polygamy on Benefits
…Admits That 'No-Go Zones' Exist in Germany After Opening Borders
Russia Has 'Unstoppable' Supersonic Nuclear Missile That Cannot Be Traced By Western Defence Systems, Says Putin
Related: Satan 2: Putin Tells U.S. 'You Will Listen To Russia Now' as he Deploys Hypersonic Nuclear ICBM
Related: Last night (Feb. 28) on Coast To Coast AM guest Stephen F. Cohen made one of the most disturbing opening statements we've ever heard. He is a Professor of Russian Studies and History Emeritus at NYU, and Professor of Politics Emeritus at Princeton University. He is among the most distinguished scholars of Russian history in the U.S. When he speaks we listen and this is his statement: "I've been around al long time. I've been following, both as a scholar and a public commentator, American and Soviet relations since the 1970s. I am more worried today about the possibility of an actual, not cold, but actual war between the two nuclear powers, America and Russia, than I have ever before been in my life and that includes the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 when we came very close." Cohen lays out very precisely, very methodically, the reasons for his concern and why he see very little, if any, way out. With this in mind, we may not be far from seeing fulfillment of Henry Gruver's prophecy of Russia's nuclear attack on America.
Putin: Moscow Would Regard Nuclear Attack on Allies as Attack on Russia
Australians Turn in 57,000 Guns in National Amnesty
China Angered with U.S.-Taiwan Travel Bill, Adding to Tensions
Saudi Arabia Is Building a $500 Billion Mega-City That’s 33x the Size of New York City
South Africa Votes to Seize White Land
Instant Karma Greets Boy Who Peed in Elevator
FEB 28
New Satellite Photos Show Iran Establishing Another Base in Syria
FEB 27
Pentagon: Russian Military Policy 'Actively Considers' Limited Use of Nukes
Peace Since the End of WWII Could Be Set to End
Devastating War in SPACE Will Break Out Between Nations 'Within a Matter of Years', Warns US Air Force Chief
Russia Claims It Now Has Lasers To Shoot Satellites
NKorea Warns Australia That Supporting Trump Is a 'Suicidal Act'
China’s Xi to Assume Greater Dictatorial Power: Chinese Online Posts Compare Supreme Leader to NKorea's Kim
'A Boys' Club': UN Agency Accused Over Sexual Harassment Claims
Top UN Official Accused of Sexual Harassment Stands Down 
Saudi King Replaces Military Chiefs in Shake-up
Syrian Women 'Made to Trade Sex For Aid'
FEB 26
Satellite Images Reveal Advanced Russian Stealth Jets at Syrian Base
Spain Hosts Annual ‘Devils of Luzon’ Carnival in Guadalajara
The Islamic State of Sweden – video
Dozens Killed In Damascus Suburb, Marking The Area’s Highest Death Toll In Years – Almost 200 Dead Since Sunday.
We Don't Seek Nuclear Weapons, Claims Iranian Official
New North Korean Sanctions Tighten The Screws With Utmost Precision
NKorea Condemns New Sanctions But Opens Door to Talks With U.S.
FEB 20
Dawn of Global Government – FREE Screening for the next week only – video
War Preparation: Romania Orders $1 Billion of U.S. HIMARS Missile Launchers
3 Global Super-Powers & the End of M.A.D.
Germany: Taxpayers Are Funding Sharia-Loving Muslim Migrant with 2 wives and 6 children
Anti-Immigrant AfD Now the Second Most Popular Party in Germany
Hungary's Orban Appeals to “Patriotic Alliance” to Fight Soros and Save Europe From Islamization
The World's Most (And Least) Miserable Countries
FEB 19
North Korea Warns of 'Nuclear War' - Trump Must Back Off or Face 'Terrible Disaster'
Swedish Politician: There Are Already Small Civil Wars In Our Country, We Need Zero Immigration – HOLLY NOTE: Coming to America? While the U.S. does need and want legal immigration, we need to thoroughly vet who is coming in.
65 Dead After Iranian Passenger Plane Crashes, Killing Everybody Onboard
In Colombia Border Town, Desperate Venezuelans Sell Hair To Survive
FEB 15
Kim Jong Un Lives in Fear of Preventative Strike By US, Defector Says
Australia PM Bans Sex Between Ministers And Staff After Deputy's 'Shocking' Affair
Russia Moves Nuclear Missiles – video
FEB 14
Intel Chiefs Sound Alarm on China Threat: Call for Tighter Checks on Chinese Purchases of US Companies
FBI Director Says the Whole of Chinese Society Is a Threat to the US — and Americans Must Step Up as a Society to Defend Themselves
Intel Director Coats: NKorea Poses an ‘Evermore-Increasing Threat to the United States’
US Intel Chief Says Risk of Global Conflict Highest Since Cold War
Global Conflicts to Watch in 2018
How New Russian Submarine Tactics Are Threatening to Overwhelm Aging U.S. Fleet
Macron Threatens to Bomb Syria
Arrests by Israeli Security Reveal Connection Between Turkey and Hamas
Iranian ‘Winter’ Coming to Northern Border, Analyst Warns
Mass Exodus Begins: 1000s Flee Venezuela’s Socialist Starvation Across Bridge To Colombia
Boyfriend Hilariously Botches Valentine's Day Plans to See Red Hot Chili Peppers
FEB 13
Iran Unveils New Homemade Nuclear-Capable Ballistic Missiles Amid Massive War Celebrations
Damascus Warns Israel of ‘More Surprises’ in Syria
‘Sex for Aid’: Woke Charity Giant Oxfam Accused of Child Sex Abuse Coverup in Haiti, South Sudan
US Strikes Kill 100 Russian Fighters In Syria
Turkish Warships Block Cypriot Drilling Rig In Dispute Over Mediterranean Gas Field
94% of North Koreans Think Reunification Is 'Necessary' – HOLLY NOTE: Wouldn't you if your leader was literally starving all of its people except the military? NKoreans have everything to gain, which can't be said for SKoreans.
FEB 12
No Survivors After Russian Plane Carrying 71 People Crashes Near Moscow
May to Set Out 'Road to Brexit' in Speech
Over 2,000 Germans March Against Mass Migration in City Experiencing Wave of Muslim Migrant Crime
Man Who Sold America the Iraq War Warns Iran Is Next
Julian Assange Loses Challenge to UK Arrest Warrant, Court to Rule on New Bid Next Week
Soros Spending Huge Money Trying to Overturn Brexit
Canadians Have Had Enough of Trudeau's Silliness
Myanmar Military Withhold Food as Weapon Against the Rohingya
China Moves 300,000 Troops Closer to NKorea Border
Kelly McParland: Trudeau Might Imitate His Father – and Alienate the West for Generations over Trans Mountain Pipeline
Canada's Trudeau Corrects Woman for Using 'Mankind' in Her Question at Town Hall – HOLLY NOTE: It's standard practice that using masculine gender for a group of people was indicative of both sexes. For countries, vehicles and ships, the feminine was used. Until a few years ago, nobody got all up in arms. With women being overly sensitive on gender neutrality and politicians catering to perpetuating the nonsense, and more kids identifying as trannies instead of boy or girl (see news items under 'Health' today), pretty soon we're going to be one messed up pot of sexual stew. People aren't going to know 'what' they're dating until they get deep into a relationship and may end up with some undesirable surprises.
In Another Crazy Trudeau Moment: Sharia Law Is Compatible With Democracy
Trump on North Korea: ‘We Have No Road Left’
The Next U.S.-Russia Nuclear Arms Race
You Cannot Unsee This (language warning) – video
NEW GERMAN REALITY: The New Anti-Rape Pants Being Sold to Women in Germany Sell Out Immediately, as Fears of Being Raped By Muslim Refugees Skyrockets
More Than 5 Million Third World Immigrants Entered Europe Since 2011
Kissinger: Strong Temptation For Pre-Emptive Strike on NKorea
US Says Syria Making New Chemical Weapons Despite 2013 Deal
Photos Reveal What It's Like to Shop at Walmart in China
Man Drops Entire $42,000 Bottle of Champagne on the Floor! – video
Thousands of Mysterious Maya Structures Discovered in Guatemala
About 950 Workers Trapped Underground in South Africa Gold Mine
Swiss Central Banker Goes On Murder-Suicide Rampage: Kills Top Lawyer, Self
Senate Passes Bill to Make O Canada Lyrics Gender Neutral
JAN 31
Trump Warns NKorea's 'Reckless Pursuit' of Nuke Weapons Could Soon Threaten USA
Pentagon: China, Russia Soon Capable of Destroying U.S. Satellites
Pentagon Prepares For Next Global Conflict Which Could Start In Outer Space
Amid Growing US Immigration Crackdown, Canada Quietly Enforcing Own Laws
Swedish Woman Smashed With Bottle for Rejecting Being Groped By Stranger
Europe’s Hope: Austria ‘Joins’ Eastern Europe’s Anti-Immigration Bloc
JAN 30
NKorea Will Be Able to Strike the US with Nuclear Weapons in a ‘Handful of Months’, CIA Director Warns
'Another NKorea Missile Test' to Be Launched – Maybe During the Olympics
NKorea Latest – What Nuclear Weapons Does Kim Jong-un Have And Could They Reach the US?
EU Panic: Populist Candidate Wins Czech Presidential Election
Finland Next to Bail? Election Brings NEW Threat to EU
Italy's Population is Sinking Faster Than the Tower of Pisa
Freed Saudi Billionaire Alwaleed Is Effectively Under House Arrest Despite Paying $6 BILLION for Freedom
JAN 26
Doomsday Clock Ticks Closer to Midnight
Top Marine General: 'Prudent' Logistical Planning Underway for Possible War with North Korea
North Korea Calls on Koreans to Push for Unification
Boost to Nuclear Triad: Putin Hails Upgraded Russian Strategic Bomber
Startling Figures Shows Surge in Violent Knife and Gun Crime in England and Wales
Sweden Hell: Armed Migrant Teens Roaming With Kalashnikovs; Military May Be Deployed – HOLLY NOTE: Article states that these thugs are from the country's no-go zones, which has, in every other instance, referenced where Muslims have so thoroughly taken over that even police fear to enter.
France: 31.5% Increase in Reported Sex Crimes in 2017
Immigrants vs. Aliens: The Global Invasion-Giveaway Continues
NEW WORLD ORDER DYING: Numerous Global Leaders Decried Nationalism That Is Undoing Global World Order at World Economic Forum
NEW WORLD ORDER: Former Italian PM Declares Pope as the ‘Main Leader of the Left Wing’
JAN 23
What a Nuclear Missile Attack on Hawaii Would Look Like
Well-fed Kim Sends Thugs to Steal Farmers' Food For His Starving Army
Syria - Turks Attack Afrin, U.S. Strategy Fails, Kurds Again Chose The Losing Side
France Requests UN Security Council Meeting on Turkish Operation in Afrin
Will Turkish Invasion of Syria Bring About Pre-Messianic Conflict With Russia?
MUSLIM IMMIGRATION SCANDAL: French Border Guards Intentionally ‘Turning Off Migrant Monitors’ So Islamic Refugees Can Flee to UK
The State of Freedom Worldwide
ANGER as Multiple Properties in London Are Only Offered to Muslim Occupants
JAN 19
Hungary Moves to Halt 'Soros-Backed' Illegal Immigration – HOLLY NOTE: Ironic that Soros was born in Hungary.
Lesson on How Not to Get Car Jacked – video
Canadian Man Tricks Cops with Car Made of Snow
JAN 18
Trump's Leaked Review of the US's Nukes Seems to Confirm Russia Has an Underwater Nuclear Doomsday Weapon
India Test-Fires Nuclear-Capable ICBM
Trump on North Korea Getting Nuclear Weapons: 'They Get Closer Every Day'
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Her Austrian Counterpart Sebastian Kurz Clash Over Migrant Quotas During Their First Meeting
Turkey Notifies NATO of Imminent Massive Invasion of Syria to Fight Kurds
Someone Photoshopped Trump’s Face onto the Queen, and the Results Are Scary – humor
Russian Couple Who Regularly Raped Their 12-Year-Old Daughter Told Police: 'Better Us Than Some Maniac'
France Struggles With Its Immigrants in the Midst of National Security Concerns
JAN 16
US and Canada Host North Korea Nuclear Meeting in Vancouver Today
Trudeau Defends…
Andrew Coyne: Certainty of a Nuclear-Armed North Korea Leaves Only One Option for Canada
Now a Japanese Public Broadcaster NHK Issues False Alarm Over North Korean Missile Launch
State Department Warns Americans Going to North Korea to Make Funeral Arrangements and Draft a Will First
CDC Quietly Postpones Nuclear War Prep Briefing to Focus on the Flu
Sweden Reissues Cold War Booklet Advising What to Do in the Event of Conflict Following Russia's Intensified Military Manoeuvres
Troubled Cranberries Singer Dolores O'Riordan 'Dreadfully Depressed' Weeks Before She Was Found Dead at 46 Even if you aren't familiar with her name, you've likely heard her melodic Irish voice in Linger as well as many other notable hits like Dreams. – HOLLY NOTE: Recently the world has witnessed a number of suicides even by Christians. People often say that God never gives us more than we can bear and when I asked Stan about a scripture that supports this thought, he said it might have been a message misinterpreted from 1 Cor. 10:13. God promises you won't be tempted beyond what you are able to withstand, which is decidedly different from saying a person won't be burdened beyond what they can endure. See this commentary.
Australians Afraid to Go Out at Night Due to African Gangs
8 Bodies Found from 7 Years Ago as Latest North Korean 'Ghost Ship' Washes Ashore in Japan
Daredevil Back Flips Off a Cliff and Plunges Hundreds of Feet into a Lake Below
Model, 18, Is Auctioning Off Her Virginity to Pay for College - Claims Opening Bid Was $1.2 Million
JAN 15
US Quietly Conducts Exercises in Anticipation of War with NKorea
Expert: NKorea Able to Launch Sneak Attack With EMPs – N. Korea has built a “stealth satellite-launch” capability that would allow U.S. commanders in the Pacific just 60 seconds to decide whether to destroy a possible Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) weapon that could devastate the United States.

Speaking in an exclusive Newsmax interview, James Oberg, a NASA space-flight engineer for 22 years and the only Western space-launch expert to ever inspect North Korea’s sensitive Sohae Satellite Launching Station, warns North Korea has taken elaborate steps to camouflage its satellite-launch activities, allowing them to easily launch a satellite carrying a nuclear weapon that could strike the U.S.

Oberg’s claims confirm the warning made earlier this week by R. James Woolsey, a former CIA Director, who has told the President and Congress that N. Korea poses an immediate threat to the homeland of the U.S.
Road to WW3 "URGENT WARNING" with Benjamin Baruch and J.R. Nyquist – video of week
Trump Warns European Allies: Fix Iran Nuclear Deal’s ‘Disastrous Flaws’ — or America Withdraws
New UN Boss Unveils Plan to Promote Global Mass Migration – HOLLY NOTE: We have warned of this over the years and now you're seeing it as an unmasked plan in action. Globalists want to wipe out cultural differences, border walls, muddy ethnic heritages and extinguish our different traits. It is their desire to create 'a race of tan' throughout the world while wiping out 'undesirables'. The best way to accomplish this is to make some areas of the planet uninhabitable by fomenting wars and discontent, letting disease spread, and by altering weather so natural disasters escalate and crops are destroyed. Last year was the worst in recorded history, and mass migration? We've been chronicling these activities for over a decade. Stan first told me of the globalists' plan more than 2 decades ago though he knew about it for at least twice that long.
The Carefully Calculated Mass Migration Agenda – flashback
Mass Migration: Uninvited Guests
Mass Migration: The European Commission's New "Norm"
A Mass Migration Crisis, and It May Yet Get Worse – flashback
Young Britons 'Paying The Price' for Decade of Mass Migration
Venezuela on the Edge: Hunger Drives Thousands of Refugees to Colombia – video
Mohammed Is Most Popular Name for Newborn Boys in Holland for 2
nd Year Straight
7 Reasons Pope Is Wrong About Immigration
Pakistan Threatens India With Nuclear War After Indian Army Chief's Statement
JAN 12
North Korea's Punggye-Ri Nuclear Test Site Has 'Significant' Work Underway
Want to Strike North Korea? It’s Not Going to Go the Way You Think.
Amid North Korea Tensions, US Shows Off Military Might in Guam – video
Canada's Trudeau Changes Tune, Tells Salvadorans: Don't Come Here! – HOLLY NOTE: For some reason when Trudeau wants to protect Canada's borders and choose who to let it into his country, it is his right. When Trump does it, he's a racist.
U.N. Probe Details Fallout of Proxy War in Yemen Between Saudi Coalition and Iran
Becoming Swiss Will Be Harder in 2018
Switzerland Denies Citizenship to Welfare Recipients Unless They Pay It Back
Ecuador Confirms Grants Naturalization to Wikileaks Founder Assange
U.N.-Backed Police Force Carried Out a Massacre in Haiti; Killings Have Been Almost Entirely Ignored
JAN 10
Outrage after Alitalia Destroys 17th Century Instrument Worth $200G
"A Strange Coincidence": US Spy Plane Circled Near Russian Base During Massive Drone Attack
Trudeau Asked How He Feels About Being the First PM Guilty of Federal Crime
Anger as ‘Underage’ Migrant in Controversial ‘Teen Love’ Children’s Documentary Revealed as Adult
Mass Migration: The European Commission's New "Norm"
Boat Smuggling African Migrants Sinks in Mediterranean, 64 Feared Dead
The Hive Mind
Canada: Islamist-Leftist-Government Alliance Silences Free Speech
Scotland May Become First British Nation to Let Non-Citizen Muslim Migrants Vote, Bringing Concerns of Election-Rigging By Pro-Muslim Migration Parties
Report: Kremlin Looking to Influence Mexico’s 2018 Presidential Election
Czech President Milos Zeman: “There Are 100 Million MORE Muslim Migrants in Africa Trying to Reach Europe”
Denmark and Austria Making Their Countries Very Inhospitable Places for Muslim Migrants
Hungary's Leader Explains How His Country Is Successfully Keeping Out Illegal Alien Muslim Migrants, and Will Continue to Do So
Burning Tanker Off Chinese Coast 'in Danger of Exploding'
US Sanctions 5 Iranian Entities for Work on Ballistic Missile Program
North Korea Accidentally Hit One of Its Own Cities with a Missile
Dr. Steve Pieczenik Updates Alex Jones About Iran – video
Somali Immigrant Allegedly Tried to Rape Woman in Labor
Here Is What's Holding Back China's Plans for World Domination
‘World’s Most Expensive Vodka Bottle’ Stolen from Danish Bar
DEFCON Warning System Level Issued as North Korea to Test Missile ‘Sooner Than Expected’
Secret Doc Shows China Promising to Give Nukes to NKorea
Kim Jong-un to Build North Korea’s Largest Rocket Yet
Map of Iran Protests  - January 1, 2018
Twitter Suspends Ex-Muslim Cartoonist, Allows Hamas and Hezbollah
NKorean Soldiers Steal Food from Starving Civilians
Leaked Meeting Notes Show How Panicked Iranian Regime Considered Stopping Deadly Protests: 'God Help Us'
Hundreds Arrested, at Least 21 Dead…
Trump, Haley Declare America Stands with the Iranian People
Trumps Tweet That the U.S. Has Given Pakiston $33 Billion in Aid – and for What?
US Intelligence Reportedly Gives Israel Green Light to Assassinate Iran's Top General
What US Should Do as Protests Escalate in Iran Against Islamist Regime
Team Obama Warns Trump to BACK OFF Supporting Iran Protests
Trump: ‘No More’ Aid to Pakistan, ‘They Have Given Us Nothing but Lies and Deceit’
New Year's Eve 2017 2018 Around the World