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Russia Is Ready For War! Vostok 2018 Simulated World War III With 2 Nuclear Strikes Upon America Within 1 Week
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Edmonton City Council Approves 'Sanctuary City' Status – HOLLY NOTE: Sorry to see that our friends to the North haven't learned from America's shortsightedness.
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Alleged MS-13 Member Asks Court To Reverse Deportation Because He's Afraid His Tattoos Will Get Him Killed – HOLLY NOTE: This guy must be really bad since he lives in Toronto – Canada's first city to embrace sanctuary status and his nickname is Machete.
Japan Only Lets in 27 Islamic Refugees Because They Don’t Want The Chaos That Has Hit Europe – 2 of Them Have Already Been Arrested For Rape
UPDATE: Australian Government Gives No Comment on Trump Campaign Spying Accusations
Europe Flips Off America, Sides With World’s Largest State Sponsor of Terrorism
Pompeo Accuses EU of ‘Solidifying Iran’s Ranking’ As Top State Sponsor Of Terror
Venezuela: 5-Day Lines To Get Gasoline
Swedish City Wants To Stop Rampant Islamic Gang Crime With Coffee And Sandwiches – Yes You Read This Right
US-Iran: John Bolton Warns Iran of ‘Hell To Pay’ If Crossed
WAR GAMES Vladimir Putin Tests Terrifying New Anti-Ship Missiles By Blowing Up a Fleet Of Warships In Training Exercise
U.N.: Ecuador’s President Says Country Takes in 6,000 Venezuelans a Day with Diptheria, Polio
Kazakhstan Begins Chemical Castration Of Pedophiles, 2000 Injections Lined up
Erdogan Vows Turkey To Continue Buying Iranian Oil Despite U.S. Sanctions
Australia: The South Pacific Frontline in the Battle against Foreign Interference
Feminist Pours Bleach On Over 60 Men's Crotches To Fight 'Manspreading'
‘Major Mistake’: Israel, US Warn Russia Against Giving S-300 Missiles to Syria
France's Emmanuel Macron's Popularity Plunges to 29% as Migrant Crisis Worsens
King Abdullah II Tells Pompeo The International Community Must Support UNRWA
ISIS Video Claims Attack On Iran, Iran Still Blames US
US Tells Iran to ‘Look in the Mirror’ After Ahvaz Attack
Iran Warns Israel and U.S. to Expect ‘Devastating’ Revenge
U.N. Refugee Chief: Mass Migration a ‘Source of Progress and Prosperity – HOLLY NOTE: This is UN's globalist propaganda agenda at work – one that no thinking person believes. It begs credulity that people who arrive at another country can't speak the language, can't support themselves, have little education and depend on the host nation for everything from food to clothing to housing "is a source of progress and prosperity". Yet this is the UN's nonsense it still peddles.
Russia to Provide S-300 Missile Defense System To Syria Within 2 Weeks
Azov Sea Flashpoint: Russia, Ukraine Teetering on the Brink of War
Ukraine Terminates Friendship Treaty With Russia
Muslim Migration and Rape Statistics in Europe – HOLLY NOTE: President Trump was right about its cause – and the effect. Last year Trump received much undue criticism for stating the obvious. These crimes are what happen when you allow into your country people with completely backward morals and mores, who treat women as property and things. The sad thing is Sweden and the other countries in trouble, out of the goodness of their hearts, brought this on themselves.
Dalai Lama Takes Stand Against Immigration: ‘Europe Is for Europeans’
Iran Says It Completed Centrifuges Plant
Russia Warns Military Drills With China Are Going To Be The New Norm
Terrorists Prepare Fake Chemical Attack in Syria’s Idlib
More Than 30,000 Syrians Displaced in Latest Offensive
1,020 Untouched Clay Sealings Discovered After Two Millennia In Hidden Cave
U.K. Police Urge Citizens To Report Neighbors For ‘Offensive Or Insulting’ Speech
A Would-Be $100 Billion City in the Malaysian jungle Is In Jeopardy Over Growing Rift With China
Russia, in Coordination with China, Launches Largest Military Drill Since Cold War – NATO Condemns Maneuvers as a Rehearsal For ‘Large-Scale Conflict’
Russian Warplane Shot Down in Idlib, Syria
Turkey Warns Attack on Idlib Would Cause Humanitarian Disaster
Merkel Confronts a Defining Moment as the Global Order Realigns
Italy Will Start Deporting Some 500,000 Illegal Muslim Refugees, They Aren’t Just Content To Stop Them From Coming To The Country
Desperate Migrants Bound for Europe From Morocco Frantically Struggle To Escape Sinking Dinghy
UK Considering Raising Minimum Age Of Marriage To Stop Forced Child Marriage By Muslims
Brazil’s Conservative Presidential Frontrunner Stabbed on Video
Australia Up In Arms As Their Newly Elected Anti-Islamic Immigration PM Does A 180 And Decides To Let Millions Of Muslims Enter The Country
Found: One of the Oldest North American Settlements
MH370 Found in Cambodian JUNGLE? Search Launched as Google Maps shows 'Boeing CRASH SITE'
Archaeologists Unearth Village In Egypt Older Than The Pharaohs
British TV Presenter Nick Knowles Says He Can Prove King Arthur's Camelot Was in Cirencester - and the Round Table Was in the Middle of a Roman Amphitheater
GERMAN UPRISING: After 2 Muslim Migrants Kill a German Man, Thousands Of Fed Up Citizens Come Out to Protest – Government Only Condemns The Protesters
Zurcaroh: Best Dance Group RECREATE Adam & Eve In Heaven! – video of day
Arms Race: Russia To Stage Largest War Games Since Cold War
North Korea Resumes Crazy Talk: Says US Planning to ‘Unleash a War’ Against Us
DESPICABLE: EU Pledges $21 million to Keep Obama’s Catastrophic Iran Nuclear Deal Alive
Colombia, Peru Pledge Joint Response To Venezuela Exodus
EU Considering Requiring a Broadcaster License to have YouTube Channel
Massive Boat Full of Illegals Storms High-End Beach Resort
‘They Shot Him in the Head’: South African Security Expert Details Horrific New Wave of Attacks on White Farmers
Iran, Europeans Scramble to Save Nuclear Deal, Hardline Regime
King Salman Reportedly Called Off Saudi Aramco IPO
Turkey’s Erdogan to visit Iran on Sept. 7
Rohingya Refugees Long To Return Home But Fear What They'd Find There
Remains of 4,000-year-old Lost City With 230-Foot-Tall Pyramid And Pits Filled With Human SKULLS From Mass Sacrifices Discovered in China
Iran Says It Has Control of Gulf and Strait of Hormuz: Report
Iran's Strait of Hormuz Control Stokes Tensions, Could Prompt US Response
Thousands of People Live in These Ancient Spanish Caves
Australian Mom Makes $57,800 a Year 'Strictly Cuddling' Total Strangers
Scott Morrison Sworn in as Australia’s 30th Prime Minister
South Africa Risks Economic Destruction In Seizing White-Owned Farms, Analysts Warn
Naval Experts Concerned Over China’s Increasing Presence in Mediterranean
Venezuelans Rush To Peru To Beat Passport Deadline
OUTRAGED CITIZEN SPEAKS: This Man Tells The World What a Once Beautiful City In Germany Is Now Like After Accepting 1,200 Muslim Migrants
Mexican City Legalizes Sex In Public
Australia PM Turnbull Set To Be Ousted As Party Pull Support
Venezuela's Economy In Complete Collapse - And The Mother Of All Human Waves Outward Begins
South Africa Begins Seizing White-Owned Farms In Land Redistribution Program
Q - The Plan To Save The World – video of day
Chinese Bombers Likely Training for US Strikes: Pentagon
United States Told North Korea To Cut Its Nuclear Arsenal By 60% to 70%
Lack of Food Pushes 2.3 Million To Flee Venezuela
Italy Blocks New NGO Migrant Ship After Malta, Spain Refuse To Take – HOLLY NOTE: Countries can't take in more migrants than what endangers and changes the entire culture. We are seeing this first hand in America. Look what they're doing in Australia. This was yesterday's headlines in one of Australia's premiere newspapers: ‘I’ll Raid You, White Trash’: Australians Told to Lock Doors as Africans Rampage in Melbourne. Really? Aussies being so good to take them in and they are doing this?

Many, MANY migrants are going to Europe and in effect, making a new Africa. If immigrants' morals and mores mirrored the country they were going to, well, fine, but they don't and often they are bringing anarchy and chaos while demanding entitlements from the host country.

Some Africans believe raping a virgin cures them of AIDS and if they bring this thought line to their new country, it is a horror show. Last night on Coast To Coast AM, guest Dr. Peter Ward revealed new research that personality traits can be inherited, particularly those that pertain to violence. The globalist agenda is to change the face of Western countries — make us all the 'race of tan' – it – is – written – and they primarily vote Liberal.

Yesterday morning we woke to videos of Antifa chanting over the weekend, “No border, no wall, no USA at all!” Antifa is not about being pro-American. Instead they are more closely allied with Progressives to go borderless, and want to kill the President. Being complacent and not voting this year is a non-starter.
Dozens Reported Dead After Raised Motorway Collapses In Italy
Sweden Is Burning: Migrant Gangs Unleash Coordinated Fire-Bomb Rampage Across Multiple Cities
15 Acid Attacks Every Week In Britain And Even Children As Young As 2 Are Doing It
…More Than 2,000 Acid Attacks In Just 3 Years - Including One Victim 'Who Was Also Raped'
Manchester Shooting: 10 Hospitalized in U.K. After Gunfire At Caribbean Carnival
Ships Unwilling To Save Mediterranean Migrants After Italy Crackdown, SOS Mediterranee Says
The Shootings in Brazil Just Keep On Going
‘I’ll Raid You, White Trash’: Australians Told to Lock Doors as Africans Rampage in Melbourne
50 Dead, Mostly Kids, In Saudi-Led Coalition's 'Legitimate' Airstrike On Yemen Bus
28 year Old Indonesian Woman, 'Held Captive In Cave For 15 Years'
Saudi Arabia Crucifies Murderer In Rare Punishment – HOLLY NOTE: Saudi Arabia Crucifies Murderer In Rare Punishment – HOLLY NOTE: Actually Saudi Arabia is quite fond of capital punishment and leads the world in beheadings. "From 2007 through 2013, they held at least 643 such executions and they were done humanely. However, in 2015, Saudi Arabia carried out 158 beheadings – the highest number in two decades. This death sentence is reserved for serious crimes of rape, murder, apostasy, sorcery, armed robbery, drug trafficking and repeated drug use. Before 2004, beheadings were nearly non-existent. This is yet another sign of the times."
Prophetic Perils: End Time Events Revealed, p. 199. In the first 4 months of 2018, they'd already conducted 48 such executions.
Refugees in Austria Demand Access to Citizens Homes and Money
Children Being Euthanized in Belgium
Unrest In Iran As Sanctions Take Effect
Britain Confronts the Problem of Sharia Law
Brazilian Judge Orders Border Closed To Venezuelan Immigrants
Couple Sold Son to Pedophiles On Dark Net
White Genocide in South Africa Is Real: “3-Year-Old Girl Crucified On Kitchen Table Then Raped…” – HOLLY NOTE: This and the next story are both indicative of End Times where lawlessness takes over and people's hearts grown stone cold. ET
White House on Monday to Detail Reimposition Of Iran Sanctions: Pompeo
SAfrica Ruling Party Calls All White People 'Murderers'
Farms May Be Taken From White Owners Without Compensation
Brink of 'Anarchy' from Land Seizures
6 Held Over Venezuela 'Drone Attack'
British Labour Official Admits To Facebook Post Saying Jews Drink Blood
Boat Migrants Down 80% in Populist Italy, up 350% in Socialist Spain
Spanish Police Warn 50,000 Migrants Waiting in Morocco to Invade Spain
Theresa May fires BREXIT Warning To Macron: Stop Blocking Or France Will Lose Jobs
Venezuela’s President Admits Socialist Economy Has Failed
‘National Disgrace’ – UK Home Office Rejects Syrian Christians, Refugee Intake 100% Muslim
Anti-Trump London Mayor Sadiq Khan Under Fire For 'Pathetic' Response To Crime Surge
Astonishing Moment Dozens Of Migrants Land On Packed Spanish Beach
Donkey Herds Dwindle As Hungry Venezuelans Slaughter Them For Food
UN Warns It Is Running Out Of Cash July 29, 2018 – Cue The World’S Smallest Violin
Paris Has 300,000 Illegal Immigrants Crammed Into Just One Tiny Suburb
Pope Francis In Vatican Interview With Eugenio Scalfari Calls For A ‘Federal Europe’ To Be Created ‘As Soon As Possible’ ET
Hundreds Of African Migrants Armed With Flamethrowers And Feces Storm Spanish Border, Injure Law Enforcement
40,000 Chileans Take To The Streets To Demand Expansion Of Abortion Access
Iranian General Warns Trump: “War Will Destroy Everything You Own”
'Take Comfort' From Plans to Stockpile Food, Blood and Medicine in Case Of No Deal Brexit, Says Theresa May
Man Bites Dog: North Koreans Eat Dog Meat To Beat The Heat
Antifa in Germany Publish Rioting How-To Booklet
Europe Is On The Edge Of Calamity: Large European Cities Could Soon Become Battlefields Warns Conservative Belgian Leader
Australia Real Estate Set To DROP In Worst Crash In A LIFETIME! Here’s Why.
ISIS Takes Responsibility For The Toronto Terror Attack, Even as the World’s Media Tries to Cover Up the Islamic Angle of It
Turkey Vows To Keep Buying Iranian Oil: 'We Will Not Obey'
Jihad – and the Usual Excuse – in Toronto: Just More of the Global Outbreak of Mental Illness. Move Along. – HOLLY NOTE: That said, more people are going wackadoodle these days. Just look at the news for horrendous stories you've never conceived of, let alone know they're reporting real events. It is another End Times sign: 2 Timothy 3:1-4
Dozens Killed In Suicide Bombings In Southern Syrian Druze Area
In First, Palestinians To Head Bloc Of 134 Nations at UN
Iran Reportedly Threatens ‘Countermeasures’ If US Blocks Its Oil Exports
North Korea Reportedly Dismantling Key Missile Launch Site
World's 'Hairiest Baby' Has Mop of Hair So Thick She's Become An Instagram Star With 70,000 Fans
Greece: Illegal Migrant Arrivals Surge 122%
Australian 'linchpins' of Thai Cave Rescue Honored With Bravery Awards
Countries with the Most Human Slaves in the World? Global Index Lists Top 10
Toronto Shooting Rampage Leaves 2 Dead, 12 Hurt; Gunman Dead After Firing Into Restaurants
This Is Why Trump Pushes China To Collapse
South Africa’s White Farmers Take Action as Blacks Continue to Slaughter them, Causing the Country to Collapse
Iran Nuclear Chief Says Uranium Stockpile Has Doubled To 950 Tons
A Russian Warship Was Discovered with an Estimated $130 Billion in Gold on Board
Trump QUADRUPLES Down on ‘Sad’ Impact of Mass Migration on Euro Cities Like London and Paris, Praises Hungary
Open Borders NGO Staff ‘Raped Children’ While Working Abroad
The Odessa File – HOLLY NOTE: Saturday we watched this movie again. It addressed Austrian Nazi Eduard Roschmann, commandant of the Riga ghetto in 1943, and who was responsible for the execution of tens of thousands of Jews. He also shot the father of German freelance crime reporter Peter Miller, played by Jon Voight.

Voight hunts Roschmann down and confronts him about all the Jews he had slaughtered as well as personally committing his dad's killing. Paraphrased, Roschmann tries to excuse what he’d done saying they had to weed out the sick and the weak, and for Voight to look at himself - young, strong, handsome, blond and blue-eyed.

It suddenly hit Stan and me in a huge wave of irony about the Nazis, primarily Germans, murdering 6 million Jews in massive ethnic cleansing. Now, just a few decades later, Germany has let in millions immigrants with little to no vetting whatsoever because 80% have no documents. "Over 10 million people living in Germany today were born outside of Germany in 2017."

Instead of preserving their highly valued grip on 'superiority', they've let in anyone and everyone. Maybe this is Divine paybacks because 6 million Jews lost their lives just because they were born in the wrong decade. Regardless, it was a sorry, sad time in Germany’s history. What Germany tried so hard to preserve and make better by the harshest means possible, they are now throwing away.

Trump pointed out to Angela Merkel last week that as a result of massive uncontrolled immigration, Europe is on the verge of losing its culture. A couple months ago, German publication Der Spiegel carried an article stating, "Many Germans feel foreign in their own country." Will that happen in America?
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Trump, May Set For Joint Presser After President Stings Her In Bombshell Interview
Majority of Britons Support Trump Visit But…
Thousands Hit Streets Of London In Protest Over Trump
WARM WELCOME Red Carpet Rolled Out for Donald Trump and Melania as Theresa May Welcomes Them for Gala Dinner on first night of Historic UK Tour
LONDON SHOCK: Elderly Pro-Trump Visit Former UK Ambassador to US Beaten Bloody on Eve of Trump's Arrival
Trump at NATO: ‘Immigration Is Taking Over Europe’
France Gives Muslim Killer of Elderly Jewish Woman a Pass
Mexico Earthquake Uncovers Ancient Temple Hidden in Damaged Pyramid
Nikki Haley Unveils 89 Examples of North Korea Smuggling Oil, Calls For Supply Cutoff
Trump Says Europe Is 'Losing Its Culture' Due to Immigration
New Satellite Images Show Russia is Secretly Preparing for War ET
African Migrants Threaten to Kill Italian Cargo Vessel Crew Who Rescued Them
Nigel Farage Predicts May Will Be Out as PM in 'the Next Fortnight'
ALL 12 Boys and Coach Are Saved After 17 Days Trapped in Flooded Tunnel
'Lone Survivor' Marcus Luttrell on How Thai SEALs Saved Boys – video of day
‘Absolute Stinker’ of Brexit Deal ‘Like Polishing a Turd,’ Claims Boris Johnson After 12Hr Deadlock
Spate of Resignations Could Mean Game Over For Theresa May Government
Nigel Farage Threatens to Return as Ukip Leader Unless Brexit Is Put 'Back on Track'
'Italy Has Caused a MELTDOWN' 700,000 Migrants Waiting to Cross into Europe from Libya
Church of Climatology: Church of England Votes to Jettison Oil and Gas Investments
Montana Bishop Chastises Priests For Appearing To Support Trump At Rally
MIRACLE: Thai Cave Rescue Mission Resumes: '8 Boys Freed' As Five Remain Trapped
U.S. Sends Two Destroyers Through Taiwan Strait Amid Tensions With China
Swedish Dental Expert Fined $50,000 for Exposing Adult Migrants Masquerading as Children
Aum Shinrikyo Guru Shoko Asahara and 6 Other Cult Members Hanged For Mass Murders
‘Murder Capital of Asia’: Philippine Mayor Slain a Day After Sniper Gunned Down Another
Ambitious Plans for Megalopolis in Southern China Trigger Hopes And Fears in Hong Kong
Iran Tells Trump: Stop Tweeting, It's Driving Up Oil Prices
49 Missing From Tourist Boat in Rough Seas Off S. Thailand – Official
Voodoo Sex-Trafficker Who Forced Victims to Drink Blood Jailed for 14 Years
London’s Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan Authorizes Whoppingly Disrespectful ‘Baby Trump’ Balloon To Fly Over England For President’s Visit
Police: Nerve Agent Leaves Couple In Critical Condition Near Site of UK Spy Attack
Evo Morales’ Russia-Trained Cyberwarriors Work to Sway Bolivian Election
UN Calls Emergency Meet As 300,000 Syrians Flee Regime Offensive In South
Iraq Begins Constructing Border Fence to Keep Jihadis Out
Home Office Told to Keep Importing Refugees to Every UK Town
German intel: Iran Wants to Expand Weapons Into Nuclear Arsenal
Thailand Cave Rescue: Boys ‘Could Be in Cave For Months’
Leader of Greek Island Community Warns Residents Angry Over Muslim Migration May Take Law ‘Into Their Own Hands’ If Government Does Not Curb the Migrant Chaos
German Cabinet Crisis On Migrants Averted
Southern Syria Fighting Displaces 270,000
90% of Global Plastic Waste Comes From Just 10 Rivers in Asia and Africa
Canada PM Justin Trudeau Responds to Groping Allegation: ‘I Don’t Remember’