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OAS: 10 Million Venezuelans Could Flee Country Within Next Four Years
Venezuela Gets The Russian Bear Hug
Another Boatload of Illegal Migrants Lands in UK – ‘Authorities Must Get a Grip’ – HOLLY NOTE: As the illegal immigrant crisis pushes to the forefront around the world, people have to understand that this is one arm of the globalists' agenda in action. A worldwide concerted effort to put all nations in the poorhouse by urging those in 3rd world countries to move to the wealthy nations, laws be damned. European countries and America are being overwhelmed. If you don't this, look at the 2 archives for World Events and Borders, many countries that have awakened to the invasions are furious over this. When all nations are about on the same poor economic level and another crisis arises, whether it be war or disaster, no country will be able to or have the will to send foreign aid. They will be too busy lamenting their own sad state of affairs, wondering how the heck did this happen! In this scenario, those that were once super powers and leading lights will be ripe for takeover and control. It is the globalists' long game coming to fruition. In the words of James Warburg, member of Council on Foreign Relations to The Senate Foreign Relations Committee on February 17, 1950, “We shall have world government whether or not you like it, by conquest or consent.”
Related: The Globalist Agenda Is Being Met: "To Collapse the United States Internally And Attack It Externally" – flashback
Patriotic Countries That Rejected the UN's Global Governance of Migration in 2018
Migrant Transport Ship Rejected by Italy, Heads to Socialist Spain
Syrian Women Want Their Men Back From The Countries To Which They Fled
Scotland Demands UK Open the Borders So Migrants Can Spend Christmas with Family
40 Migrants Head to UK on Christmas Day Dash Across English Channel
Pope's 'Can't We All Just Get Along' Christmas Message Falls Flat on Venezuela
Russia Completes Rearming Crimea With S-400 Missiles To "Neutralize Possible Threats"
China Teams with Russia to Build Own HAARP
'Alexa, Drop a Bomb': Amazon Wants in on US Warfare
Ukraine to Send **More** Warships Thru Kerch Strait
Crushing Majority Adopts UN Refugee Compact, US and Hungary Refuse
The Guardian: ‘Doxxing’ Is ‘Effective’ Tactic Against ‘Far Right’
'Let Them Come To Venezuela' And See Socialism For Themselves
“Britain’s Political Class Could See a Revolution Like They’Ve Never Seen Before,” Yellow Vests UK Warn
Russia Deploys 10 Fighter Jets to Crimea Amid Rising Tensions With Ukraine
China Detains Third Canadian: Report
HOLLY NOTE: It's not just Americans angry over illegal and uncontrolled immigration and no border wall funds for national security. European nations are furious over these same issues, not helped by the Pope siding with the UN and against countries that want to preserve national sovereignty.
French Generals Allegedly Label Macron a 'Traitor' over UN Migration Pact
Illegal Migrants Arrested After Brutal Robbery of Elderly Italian Woman
Belgian PM Resigns After Public Anger over UN Migration Pact
Italy’s Migrant Crackdown: Expulsions up, Squatter Camps Cleared
Danish Minister Tells Somalis ‘Go Home and Rebuild Your Country’
New Spanish Migrant Route Sees 150 New Arrivals in Basque Country Per Day
Migration Watch UK Says “Immigration-Driven Population Growth” Is to Blame for London Becoming the Second-Most Gridlocked City in Europe
Rape Gang Found Guilty of Sexually Abusing Oxford School Girl
Pope Francis Decries Politicians Who ‘Blame Every Evil on Migrants’
Resorts in Jamaica Covered Up Sexual Assaults And Paid Victims, Report Says
Syria War: Russia, Iran and Turkey Fail to Agree on New Constitution Body
As the Russian Economy and Putin’s Popularity Tumble, The War Drums Grow Louder and Critics Take Cover
New Spanish Migrant Route Sees 150 New Arrivals in Basque Country Per Day
US Confirms Russia Has 'Significant Military Capacity' Along Ukraine's Borders
300 Migrants Storm French Theatre to Demand Legal Status – video
UK Govt Set to Open Visa Route for Low-Skilled Migrants Against Official Advice
Playboy Playmate Does Nude Photo Shoot, Sat Nude on Bibles, Was 'Crucified', Dragged Crucifix Across the Street ... in Front of the Vatican
The Camp of the Saints
Paris Is Burning – video of week
Third Lebanon War Seems Inevitable Amid Threats, Discovery of Terror Tunnels
Finland Considers Revoking Citizenship for Sex Crime Migrants After Child Rape Gang Bust
Kids from Right-Wing‚ Families Must Be Re-Educated: German Govt.-Backed Brochure
Another Russian Naval Exercise Seals Eastern Mediterranean
Iran Promises to Restart Nuclear Work as Tehran Identified as Top Global Threat
Iranian Hackers Go After Nuclear Workers, US Officials And Think Tanks
In Venezuelan Crisis, Families Can't Even Afford To Properly Bury The Dead
Australia Real Estate WORST DROP In A Lifetime! Central Bank Suggests QE!
Poland and Hungary Block ‘LGBTIQ Rights’ From Being Enshrined in EU Legislation
Black South African Politician Urges Followers to 'Kill Whites', Saying: 'We Will Kill Their Children and Their Women'
It May Soon Be ILLEGAL to Say ‘He’ or ‘She’ in Australia, as Political Correctness Hits Shocking New Low
Egyptian President: Migrants Must 'Abide by Laws, Customs, Traditions, and Culture' of the West
"Yellow Vest" Canadians Protest UN Migration Compact – HOLLY NOTE: Our Canadian brothers and sisters that we personally know are not in lock-step with Trudeau. They shun him, he who supports full-on, unimpeded migration, open borders. It was refreshing seeing Canadians supporting 'yellow vest' French people and Canadians in this video wearing a MAGA T-shirt.

It shows that people, REAL people with their heads on straight, do not, DO NOT support, a globalist UN agenda. We are now 13 nations strong that repel the global agenda of mass migration into our countries with an aim to take us over and make us ALL 3
rd worlders: Not happening say these nations: U.S., Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Australia, Israel.

France and Canada likewise are getting a belly-full of socialist, globalism spew. Silly blind Angela Merkel who let into Germany all these yahoos is now on the brink of being ousted, the people – German citizens – HATE the invasion and are arming themselves against invaders. See: Number of German Gun Licenses More Than Double During Migrant Crisis. Canadians, like Americans, say that media does not broadcast what the general population feels. Both rail against fake news and say they can't get away from liberal nonsense.

Then there is Sweden, beautiful, big heart-hearted Sweden with their boundless freebies to strangers, who let in all these Muslims that are raping, beating and murdering their women in enormous numbers. Trump called this out 2 years ago and was castigated for it. Then finally, when it could no longer be hidden, their leader Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, admitted their people were getting assaulted, raped and murdered by Muslims immigrants.

THE GOOD NEWS: Last year and the year before that, Alex Jones of Infowars stated on Coast To Coast AM that the globalists would be defeated. At the time, it looked doubtful. Now so many countries see clearly the prescribed untenable globalist agenda to turn prosperous countries into 3
rd world nations and do NOT like this scenario. They are rising up and spitting out Agenda 2030. We see what globalists are fomenting and are against it. This should be the real resist movement. H/T Ernie in Canada. – video
Brexit Battles: How Theresa May Keeps Fighting On
The Growing War Between Globalism and Nationalism Is Being Fought On the Streets of Paris
Russia Overtakes U.K., Is Now No. 2 in Global Arms Industry
US Sanctions 3 Senior North Korean Officials Amid Stalled Nuclear Talks
Second Canadian Held As China Row Deepens
AGENDA 21: Yellow Vest Protests Reach Sweden As Thousands Of Swedes Gather To Protest UN Global Migration Pact
Russian Defense Ministry Unveils New Laser Weapon
France Yellow Vest Protests: Macron Promises Wage Rise
Yellow Jackets Steal French Army Tank; PREPARED FOR CIVIL WAR WITH (Macron And EU)
We're Still Relying on Trump-Kim Chemistry to Prevent Nuclear War
France on Fire: 125,000 Were at It Again (Still) Saturday
Police Detain Nearly 1,400 Protesters…
Trump Says Paris Climate Accord ‘Isn’t Working Out So Well For Paris’ As Riots Engulf The City
Britain's Brexit Chaos: On The Road To Nowhere
Study Shows Russia's Public Image Is Declining As Its Global Power Rises
Desperately Seeking Perfection
800K Children Missing Yearly: International Tribunal Exposes Pedophilia, Child Sex Trafficking, Satanic Ritual Abuse
US Probe Into Huawei Includes Accusations of Bank Fraud And Sanctions Violations: Reuters
China Outraged…
Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou’s Arrest May Prompt China to Retaliate, 'Take Hostages,' Expert Says
Bolton Was Aware Huawei CFO Was Arrested While Having Dinner With Xi
German Biker Gangs Are Standing Up for Their Country’s Women By Beating the Hell Out of the Muslim ‘Refugees’ in the Midst Who Keep Assaulting Them
France's Macron Scraps Fuel Tax After Protests
China's 30-40 Million Men Who Will Never Have Wives Driving Sex Slavery of Girls
German Government Accused of Funding Brochure That Encourages Kids to Spy on Their “Right-Wing” Parents
Number Of Poor In Brazil Grows By Two Million
Putin Developing Fake Videos to Foment 2020 Election Chaos: 'It's Going to Destroy Lives'
Iran Vows to Continue Missile Tests Despite U.S. Warnings
Nigel Farage Sensationally Quits UKIP over Tommy Robinson
Will Paris Climate Change Riots Scuttle Climate Accord?
‘Allah hu Akbar!’: Migrant Males Arrested at 2 German Christmas Markets After Violence
PC GONE MAD: Criticizing Migration in the EU Could Become CRIMINAL Offence Under New Plan
Iran Test Fires Ballistic Missile Capable Of Carrying Warheads, Pompeo Says
Pompeo: 'We Are Accumulating Risk of Escalation'
Ukrainian Claims Massive Russian Buildup at Border
Fears Mount: Putin's Russia Poised to seize More of Ukraine?
Paris Riots: 133 People Injured in France and Over 400 Arrested As Protesters Rage at Rising Cost of Living – HOLLY NOTE: This is the ugly side of socialism as Macron stands stubborn on raising fuel taxes. He's in a rock-and-hard place position. He wants to raise taxes to support the Paris Climate Accord yet he's running out of $$ to fund France's enormous 'give-me' socialist programs. Progressives in America had better pay attention.
Never Before Have I Seen Blind Anger Like This On The Streets of Paris
Petrol Stations Run Dry After 'Yellow Vest' Riots in France
'I Will Never Accept Violence,' Macron Says After Paris Protests
Migrant Sex Attacks at West Edmonton Mall Pool – video
Trident Juncture 18, NATO’s Largest Major Military Exercise in Years, Is Playing With Fire ET
Indian Barber Sets Hair on Fire to Give a Great Haircut! – video
Canadian Hospital Waiting Room Promotes Euthanasia
Doctor-Assisted Suicide Could Save Canada Up to $139 Million Each Year, Alberta Study Suggests
Australian Capital Installs Same-Sex Silhouettes in Pedestrian Lights
13 More Migrants Attempt Sea Crossing from France Over Weekend as ‘Unprecedented’ Surge Continues
UN Warns Countries Are Falling Behind On Paris Climate Pledges – HOLLY NOTE: Aaaah, more countries are waking up to the real intent and purpose of this accord – redistribution of monies from wealthy nations to poor ones.
Anybody Looking At What’s Happening To Europe?
40% of Germans Fear UN Migration Pact Will Result in More Migrants
China, Vying With U.S. in Latin America, Eyes Argentina Nuclear Deal
North Korea Reveals Nuclear EMP Attack Plans – HOLLY NOTE: If SKorea is in their crosshairs, the U.S. can't be fair behind as we are one of their biggest allies and Kim Jong-un has frequently threatened America with nuclear annihilation.
Related: North Korean EMP Attack Would Cause Mass U.S. Starvation, Says Congressional Report – flashback
IAEA Calls on North Korea to Re-Admit Nuclear Inspectors
250,000 French Riot In The Streets of Paris In Protest Over The Incompetence of ‘Boy President’ Emmanuel Macron
Heavily Armed Riot Police Swarm Hundreds of School-Age Revellers in Australia as They Run Rampant and Attack Officers With Glass Bottles as Celebrations Spiral Out of Control
Socialism Is Causing Venezuela – With the World’s Largest Oil Reserves -- to Run Out of Gasoline
University Tells Teachers To Avoid Capital Letters, The Word 'Don't': Report
Putin Flexes Russia’s Military Muscles With World War 3 Training in the Mediterranean Sea, Off The Coast of Syria ET
WARNING: New Iranian Rocket Smuggled Into Gaza Could Seriously Threaten IDF Defenses…Even The Vaunted Iron Dome
Turkey Warns Saudi Arabia That War Will Break Out Between the 2 Countries If the Powerful Saudi Crown Prince Stays in Power, After Murder of a Journalist in Their Istanbul Embassy
Muslim Migrant Strips Naked in the Street, Then Brutally Rapes a 68 Year-Old Woman on the Beach – One Month After Italy Was Nice Enough to Grant Him Refugee Status
‘Enough, Enough, Enough’: Australia Ready to Slash Migrant Intake – Major Cut in Australia’s Migrant Intake Has Been Promised By Prime Minister Scott Morrison Who Says the Country’s Major Cities Have Buses, Trains And Schools That “Are Full.” – HOLLY NOTE: The U.S. needs to take a lesson.
Britain in Political Turmoil as Brexit Deal Descends into Chaos
Swedish Police Admit They “Cannot Cope” With Huge Numbers Of Violent Rapes Since Muslim Migrants Arrived – Many Go Free
Chinese Human Rights Groups Says the Million Muslims Locked in Horrifying Internment Camps Are Actually Excited to Be There Because They Are Getting to Learn About Chinese Culture and the Benefits of Communism
Poland Celebrated Nationalism as Macron Derided it
Venezuela Is Rolling Out A New ID Card Manufactured in China That Can Track, Reward, And Punish Citizens
Singer Céline Dion Launches Gender-Neutral Clothing Line In Creepy Ad Promoting The New World Order
U.K. Cabinet Approves Draft Brexit Deal
How ZTE Helps Venezuela Create China-Style Social Control
’Worst Political Decision in Post-War Europe’: Farage Demands Merkel Apologize for Migrant Policy
THIRD TIME THE CHARM? After Starting Both World Wars I and II, Germany Now Calls for Creation of a Massive European Army
USA Locates Secret NKorea Missile Sites
Secret Plot By 200 Elite Neo-Nazi Soldiers Within 'German SAS' to Slaughter Politicians And Immigrants in Mission Known as 'Day X' Is Smashed After Former Major Confesses All
Anti Radiation Pills Recommended If Leak Occurs in Chatham Ontario
United Kingdom Knife Crime Growing To Epidemic Levels
Netherlands: 1 in 5 North African Asylum Seekers Suspected of Crimes
Russia's City-Destroying Super-Nuke Avangard That Travels At 20 Times The Speed Of Sound Will Be Ready For Take-Off Next Year
Bulgaria is Latest Nation to Withdraw From UN Migration Pact Following U.S., Hungary
STAGGERING: Muslim Asylum Seekers From Just One German Refugee Shelter Commit 1,265 Crimes in Just 9 Months
EU Mulls Brexit Deal Summit Without May
Dutchman, 69, Sues to Lower His Age 20 Years on Birth Certificate
20,000 Armed Muslim Migrants Are Attacking The Border of Croatia, in Order to Stream Into Europe – Why Is This Not in the News?
12,000+ Corpses of ISIS Victims Discovered in 200 Mass Graves Across Iraq
Canada Joins Effort To Counter China With Asian Warship Drills
Australia Ramps Up Pacific Spending Amid China Debate
Iran Resumes Black-Market Oil Exports After U.S. Imposes Sanctions
Russia Amassing Ships off the Coast of Syria – video
UK Children Have Highest Risk of Being Stabbed on Way Home From School, Study Finds
US to Reimpose All Sanctions on Iran on Monday
Iranians Chant ‘Death to Israel’ and ‘Down with US’ to Mark Anniversary Of Embassy Takeover
Paris Police Arrest over 1,500 Moroccans in 2018, But Just 6 Deported
Salvini to Save 400 Million Euros by Cutting Migrant Daily Allowance
…Announces New Plan to Deport at Least 2,700 Illegal Migrants from Italy
Women in Migrant-heavy Paris Area Complain Harassment Getting Even Worse
Britain’s FBI’ Reveals Soft Border Exploited by Dangerous Criminals, Illegal Migrants, Traffickers
Merkel’s Migration Chief Suggests Courses Teaching Migrants Not to Rape After ‘Despicable’ Gang Attack – HOLLY NOTE: Who'd think you'd have to 'instruct' people not to do this.
Saudi Coup "Imminent" As Crown Prince's Uncle Arrives To Oust "Toxic" MBS
Israel Silent As Iran Hit By Computer Virus More Violent Than Stuxnet
Giant 5,655-Carat Emerald Crystal With 'golden Green Hue' Discovered By Miners
Woman Punched, Raped by Asylum Seeker While Walking to Work in English City

Regime Change In Riyadh? The CIA Has Just Publicly Dumped MBS
Angela Merkel's Fading Star
Hungary Puts Its Borders on Lockdown With Extra Troops And Security Controls, as 70,000 More Muslim Migrants Head Its Way – They Have Vowed Not Even ONE Refugee Will Be Accepted
Secret 'Passage to the Underworld' Tunnel Discovered Beneath Mexican Pyramid
Faith Goldy: Special Gun Rights for Muslims in Canada? – video

Russia Says It Is 'Preparing For War' Over the US Withdrawal From Landmark Missile Treaty
"Trump of Brazil" Bolsonaro Wins Bigly
Asylum Seeker Sentenced for Having Sex with 13-Year-Old ‘Wife’
‘Submission’ Author Houellebecq Claims West in ‘Advanced Decline’, EU ‘Murdering’ Europe’s Nations
Socialist Spain Collects Over 350 Illegal Migrants from Boats in the Mediterranean
Merkel’s Germany: Seven Syrians Arrested After 18-year-old Gang Raped
Merkel Coalition Loses Support In Germany Regional Election
Think Tank: Iran Was Closer To Nukes Than We Thought
Russia Fears US Surveillance Flights Portend Fresh Israeli Air Strikes Over Syria
Italy Rocked by Alleged Drugging, Rape, and Murder of Italian Teen Girl by ‘Africans and Arabs’
Europe’s Illegal Migrants ‘Need to Go Home’, Says Czech Prime Minister – HOLLY NOTE: It's not just Americans and Australians, countries around the world are tired of being invaded.
Venezuela Gang Beats Opposition Leader with Sticks in Public
Body Parts of Jamal Khashoggi Found, Reports Say – HOLLY NOTE: Have you wondered why journalists are pounding the Khashoggi murder? How is it any worse than ISIS or Mexican cartels just across our border torturing and beheading people? Or, keeping with journalists, how about the 16 that have been murdered in Mexico this year? Or the thousands of Christians around the world daily being raped, tortured and murdered? Two things come to light: 1) Journalists are on this story like a dog on a bone because it is one of their own. This explanation is from journalist Judith Miller who was a personal friend of Khashoggi. 2) MSM journalists, for the most part, are in bed with Democrats evidenced by their 92% negative reporting on the President. They are making this a wedge issue as Trump must walk carefully between not giving the Saudis a pass on this crime and alienating our necessary Middle East ally. Saudi Arabia is what stands between Israel and Iran, and her other enemies, as well as jeopardizing a $110 billion weapons deal that could crush 500,000 new U.S. jobs.
Secretary of State Pompeo Says US Will Revoke Visas And Consider Other Sanctions Against Those Responsible For Khashoggi Killing
Saudi Arabia’s Plan For $500 Billion Mega-City 33x the Size of NYC Now on Shaky Ground, Due to Journalist’s Murder
The Oldest Intact Shipwreck Ever Found Has Been Confirmed in The Black Sea
What America Will Look Like Should the Globalists Ludicrously Pushing For War With Russia Get Their Way
The Taiwan Strait Is Getting Hot, Hot, Hot...
Refusing To Integrate…Turkish Muslims in Germany Create Parallel Societies Which Police Are Unable To Control
In an Effort to Lull Bavarian Voters Into Complacency, Angela Merkel Fooled Them Into Thinking That the Dumping of Muslim Illegal Aliens Into Their State Was Over
Mnuchin Talks Iran Oil Sanctions With Saudi Crown Prince
South Africa’s Black Government Prepares to Seize Hundreds of Acres of Land From White Farmers as Test Case to See If Theft Without Compensation Is Legal
Tommy Robinson 'Expects Jail for Contempt' and Received 'Massive Payday' from £2M Public Donations When He Was Last Locked up
Former Intelligence Chief: Iran Is Forming Missile Plants in Lebanon
Trump: US to Exit Nuclear Treaty, Citing Russian Violations
Russia's Support to Syria Spurs Iran to Up Weapons Delivery to Hezbollah
Saudi State Media: Jamal Khashoggi, Missing Activist And Writer, Was Killed In Fight
18 Saudi Citizens Detained…
Russians 'Will Go To Heaven' In Event of Nuclear War: Putin – HOLLY NOTE: What Putin asserts is of lesser importance, but the fact he's even contemplating a nuclear war scenario reveals it's on his mind. That is a concern.
Steven Mnuchin Skipping "Davos in the Desert" Is No Empty Gesture
Toronto Hospital Releases Assisted Suicide Plan for Kids, May Not Even Inform Parents
Berlin Sees Rise in Homophobic Attacks with Nearly All Committed by Migrant-Background Men
Student Gunman Kills 19 and Wounds Dozens at a College in Crimea
France Could See Record Asylum Claims, Three-Quarters of Migrants Likely to Stay
After Canada Legalizes Pot, Industry Eyes Rest of the World
Turkish President Erdogan's Bombshell: Saudis May Have 'Painted' Over Khashoggi Evidence
Australia: Violent Immigrant Gang Bashes and Robs Pensioner
World War 3 Battle Lines Are Drawn: Was Russia and China's Vostok-18 a Dress Rehearsal Signified Their De Facto Alliance Against the U.S. – EMP Attack Would Be 'Tip of the Spear'
World War 3: Russian MP Boasts TERRIFYING New Defence System Can ‘SHUT DOWN WHOLE PLANET'
Woman, 64, Left With Punctured Lung After Being Attacked By 6Ft Kangaroo
No Brexit Deal After Surprise Brussels Talks
Theresa May Tells Parliament She Believes Brexit Deal Still Possible
South Korea's Moon Optimistic About End to Korean War
Canada in Crisis as Muslim Migrants Cause Chaos at Free Hotels They Are Being Housed in – the Most Shocking Complaint Is Slaughtering Goats in Bathrooms
Canadian Taxpayers Are Giving $50,000 To Each Muslim Migrant Family – And They Don’t Even Know It
Iran Spent $16B To Destabilize Middle East, US State Department Says – HOLLY NOTE: We have Obama to thank for releasing $150 billion into Iran's hands in addition to $1.7 billion in cash in that terrible Iran nuclear deal. It's only bit us in our backside.
As The U.K.’s Migrant Crisis Worsens, 25K Acres Of Countryside Is To Be Paved Over To Accommodate Housing Demand
Israel and America in Shock as Russia Imports Iranian Teams to Train to Operate Their S-300 Missile Systems Just Delivered to the Syria Regime
French PM Resignation Imminent as Macron Approval Hits All Time Low
Erdogan Demands Saudis Produce "Proof" That Missing Journalist Left Consulate Alive As 'Murder' Probe Intensifies
Investigative Journalist Probing EU Corruption Found Brutally Raped and Murdered
Far Right, Ex-Military Officer Wins Brazil Vote, Faces Leftist In Runoff
More Than 100 Migrants Arrive In Malta On Small Boat
Brazil Election Poll Latest: Far-Right Candidate Bolsonaro Makes HUGE Gains, Polls Show
Islamic Refugee Violence Has Gotten So Bad At Swedish Schools, That Many Are Forced To Permanently Close Because They Can’t Ensure The Safety Of Their Citizens
The First Border-Crosser to Attack in North America: Finally, an Update – Answers to Lingering Questions Come in a New 3,500-Word Report on the 2017 Edmonton, Alberta, Vehicle Attack
North Korea May Have Up to 60 Nukes In Its Arsenal – Seoul's 1st Public Assessment of Its Neighbor's Stockpile
Woman Jailed for Filming Maid Falling From 7th-floor Flat in Kuwait Instead of Helping Her ET Matthew 24:10-12
Germany to Ease Immigration Rules To Tackle Worker Shortage
Famed Italian Mayor Charged With Aiding Illegals
Austria Plan To Ban 'extremist' Hand Signals
Iran Launches ‘DEATH TO AMERICA’ Missiles in a Nighttime Strike – video
Netanyahu Reveals Hidden Iranian Atomic Site – video
The Decline (and Fall?) of Angela Merkel Is a Warning Sign for Immigration Apologists Everywhere
In 3 Years, Russian Strikes On Syria Said To Kill 18,000, Half Of Them Civilians
Merkel Fights For Globalism, Warns Trump Against ‘Destroying’ UN
‘Google Manipulates 25% Of World’s Elections’
In 3 Years, Russian Strikes On Syria Said To Kill 18,000, Half Of Them Civilians
UK: Over 100,000 Pounds of Onions Destroyed After Illegal Migrants Found in Delivery Lorries
Migrants - and a Dog - Disembark In Malta After Long Wait At Sea