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Venezuelan President Calls Mike Pence a 'Poisonous Viper' After VP Criticizes Socialist Policies – HOLLY NOTE: It's hard to argue with Pence as Venezuela's economy has been in a death spiral for months and its citizens are fleeing to neighboring countries.
For 'Migrants' and 'Asylum' Spoofers, the Party's Nearly Over – The West Finally Awakens to a Mortal Threat, the Days of Uncritical Acceptance of "Refugees" Are Coming to an End.
Iran Reopens Uranium Plant After 9 Years to Step Up Enrichment
North Korea Is Still Expanding, Upgrading Its Nuke Facilities, Say Experts
White Brits Will Soon be a Minority in UK’s Second Largest City
Trump Admin Won’t Intervene as Syria Strikes Obama/CIA Backed Rebels In Southwest
In Mexico, Rising ‘Mass Crime’ Defies Security Forces
The World Has Gone Barking Mad and Proud Of It
Spain's Socialist Government Reverses Policy And Refuses 'Migrant' Ship
Seriously? NY Times Publishes Gay-Bashing Trump-Putin Homosexual Cartoon
Hundreds Of Muslim Migrants Storm Croatian Border Screaming “ALLAHU AKBAR!”
Iran Erupts, Protesters Gassed for Confronting Regime After Trump Pulls out of Nuke 'Deal'
First Planned Biological Bomb Attack on Germany Confirmed
How Islamic Immigration Is Fueling a Political Earthquake in Europe
Related: Reuters: Violent Crime Rises in Germany and Is Attributed to Refugees
Spanish Citizens Incensed as Muslim and African Migrants Throw Away Towels and Clothes Donated By Red Cross
Turkey Entering Era of 1-Man Rule
Venezuela Crisis: UN Says Security Forces Killed Hundreds
Italy Orders 7 Boats With 1,000 Migrants on Board to Go Back to Libya Days After Turning Away Another Ship Carrying 234 People
Hungarian PM Brags That EU Leaders Are Attacking His Country Because They Successfully Kept Out Muslim Migrants and Are Victims of Absolutely No Terrorism
Erdogan With Landslide Lead In Turkish Presidential Elections, Opposition Claims Official Results Manipulated – HOLLY NOTE: Definitely peculiar when weekend news said Erdogan was 'on the brink'.
Hamas Leader Congratulates…
Report: Protesters Swarm Iran’s Grand Bazaar as Currency in Freefall
E.U. Calls on Member States to Cough up For ‘Africa Trust Fund’
Germany's Migrant Policy: Why Trump Was Right
Dozens Reported Dead In Nigeria After 'Deeply Unfortunate Killings'
Turkey's Erdogan Seeks New Term With Greater Powers
Open Borders Policy Could Spell End for Angela Merkel in Germany
Immigration Fears Fuel Crisis in Western Politics - Mynamis: Why Do the Propaganda Writers Insist oN Using "Anti Immigrant Feeling" When It Is Clearly "Anti Illegal Immigrant Feeling?"
China Says It ‘Cannot Stand’ Another Conflict With India
UK’s BIRMINGHAM: Notice Anything Missing Here?
Russia Warns: “Militarization of Space Is Way To Disaster”
Tommy Robinson's Last Stand – His Imprisonment and the Events That Followed Show Just How Swiftly Britain Has Become Sharia-Compliant
Viral Video Shows Terrified Airline Passengers Vomiting as Cabin Fills With Mist
EU Copyright Reforms Draw Fire From Internet Luminaries As Key Vote Looms
The China Syndrome: Is China Taking Over the South Pacific? Pt. 1, Pt. 2 – video
China Industrial Policy Seeks to Steal ‘Crown Jewels’ of U.S. Tech – HOLLY NOTE: They aren't just 'seeking' to steal it; they have had a presence right in the U.S. patent office where they have a permanent seat. Their cover story is that they 'review' rejected patents that are open source and take the technology and run with it for their country. Trump will close this treacherous loophole. However, this is nothing compared to Bill Clinton who unbelievably GAVE the Chinese our technology. How stupid was that.
China Says It ‘Cannot Stand’ Another Conflict With India
Russia Warns: “Militarization Of Space Is Way To Disaster”
EU Copyright Reforms Draw Fire From Internet Luminaries As Key Vote Looms
The China Syndrome: Is China Taking Over the South Pacific? Pt. 1, Pt. 2
WW3 RED ALERT: Putin Upgrades Nuclear Weapon Bunkers, as Russia Escalates Its Stand-Off With NATO
80,000 Muslim Migrants Enroute to Europe, Armed Forces Deployed To Stop Them
Violent Crime Rises In Germany And Is Attributed To Refugees
Merkel-Macron Meeting Is ‘Moment of Truth’ For Europe: French Minister
Canada’s Supreme Court Rules That LGBT Rights Come BEFORE Your Religious Beliefs
Angela Merkel May Lose Her Chancellorship Over Her Open Border Policy
…Her ‘Worst Crisis’ in More Than a Decade
…Seeks Emergency Talks With EU Leaders on Immigration
UK: Police Took Part in Ramadan Fast to “Show Unity” And “Gain Better Understanding” of Muslims
Italy's Refusal of Rescue Ship Leaves 629 Migrants At Sea And Exposes Growing EU Fault Lines
Arab States Launch Biggest Assault of Yemen War With Attack On Main Port
Merkel Under Pressure In Escalating Row Over Immigration
With Knife Crimes on Rise, British Judge Recommends Duller Kitchen Knives – HOLLY NOTE: Stan and I joked about this very thing 2 years ago. Now they're actually mulling it over. Will they ban knife sharpeners and sharpening steels?
1,300-Year-Old Stone Found With Latin, Greek and Christian inscriptions Could Prove That Tintagel Castle, 'the Site of King Arthur's Conception', Was a Multicultural Site
Germans Are Rethinking Their Immigration Policies After The Murder Of 14-Year-Old Girl
15,000 Illegal Adoptions In Ireland, Mothers Told Babies Had Died
Asylum Seeker Raped Disabled Belgian Woman for 3 Days Hoping for Anchor Baby
Austria: Police and Army to Stage War Games at Border to Deter Horde of 80,000 Migrants
Italy Appeals to NATO For Help In Tackling Illegal Immigration From Libya, Says Terrorists Could Sneak and Wreck Havoc
Ortega Stays Mum as Nicaragua Continues Violent Downward Spiral
Pregnant Man and Flower Power at London Men's Fashion Week
What Kim Is: Summits Won't Change the Nature of the North Korean Tyranny
Canada Warns Immigrants (Again) in U.S. About Heading North of the Border
Taiwan Holds Massive Live-Firing War Drill Simulating Chinese Invasion
Shock Figures Reveal Violent Crime Up 50% in Parts of Britain and an Image of a Machete Wielding Thug Sums Up the Country's Crime Wave
In Refusal to Become 'Little Africa,' Italy's Interior Minister Blocks Migrant Ship, Hundreds of North Africans Denied Entry "The Safest Port Is Yours"
UK in Shock as a Muslim Has Been Put in Charge of Islamic Immigration and Policing Islamic Rape Gangs
More Than 2,500 Women Shed Their Clothes And Dive Into The Irish Sea to Set New Guinness World Record For Mass Skinny Dipping
YOUGOV Poll: Immigration Now The Top Issue of Public Concern
Could THIS BE THE END of Memes? EU's Proposed Rules on Copyright Could Kill Off User-Generated Content, Critics Warn
In France, Netanyahu Predicts Collapse of Iran Deal Under US Sanctions Pressure
Australia's Sky-High Fuel Prices Are 'Financing The Extravagance' of Ultra-Wealthy, Oil-Rich Nations Like Saudi Arabia - Consumer Watchdog Warns
The Suicide of Europe – video of day
Iran Tells UN It Will Hike Uranium Enrichment Capacity
China Flights Tests New Multi-Warhead ICBM: 10th DF-41 Launch Shows Beijing's Most Lethal Nuclear Missile Nears Deployment
Liberals Who Normalized Incest & Pedophilia Now Have a Candidate, But He Is Also Their Worst Nightmare- 'Man Should Be Allowed to Choke His Wife to Death as Punishment'
New Italian Interior Minister to Illegals: 'Pack Your Bags'
Islamic World Outraged That Italy’s New Hardcore Government Warns Muslim Migrants That the ‘FREE RIDE IS OVER’
Governments, Social Media Companies Collaborating to Censor Anyone That Would Dare to Question Mainstream Media Narratives
Pompeo Calls For Venezuela to Be Suspended From OAS
Iran's Khamenei: Those Who Attack Tehran Will Be Struck 10 Times Harder
Intel Report: Iran Seeks Weapons of Mass Destruction Technology in Germany
‘People Are Seeking Overthrow of Entire Regime’ – Tweets Reveal Growing Revolution
A Weekend in Khan’s London: Man ‘Shot in Face,’ Woman ‘Slashed in Face’, Attempted Knife Murder
Labour's Brexit SABOTAGE: Now 15 MPs Demand Second Referendum as Civil War Erupts
UK: Fake ‘Child Refugee’ Gets Weak Sentence for Violent Rape of 14-Year-Old Schoolgirl
Exit Poll: Anti-Immigration Party Wins Slovenia Parliamentary Election
Italy Cannot Be ‘Europe’s Refugee Camp’: New Deputy PM Salvini
Germany: Chain and Mass Migration Posing Challenges for Intelligence, Law Enforcement – HOLLY NOTE: Interesting to note that immigration, illegal and legal, take center stage in European countries AFTER they realize they've made a huge mistake.
Grenell: NATO Allies Unprepared, Not Meeting Commitments
US Warns of Ability to Take Down Chinese Artificial Islands
Surprise: Watchdog Group Discovers Secret Iranian Missile Site Hidden in Remote Desert Location
Chinese SILENT KILLER Lasers Can Now Eliminate Aircraft – As Tensions With US Soar
"Britain Isn't Free Any More" Tucker Carlson, Katie Hopkins, Nigel Farage, Tommy Robinson – video of day
Discussion on the Arrest of Tommy Robinson and Free Speech in the U.K.
UK "Justice": "Silencing the Silencing"
MAY 31
Fake News: Iranian Propaganda Reports of Death of Saudi Crown Prince Spark Conspiracy Theories
Russia And Israel 'Agree to Deal' to Hold Back Iranian Militias So Assad Can Take Border Region
“We Are Coming And We Will Take Your Country” Muslim Biker Gangs And Boxing Clubs Training To Take Over Germany
The Muslim Refugee Rape Epidemic: Coming to America? Michelle Malkin Investigates
MAY 29
Iran Can Create Highly Enriched Uranium ‘in 2-3 Days’ — Spokesman
GERMANY: Mass Migration of Muslim Invaders Posing as Asylum Seekers Has Caused Crime Rates to Soar By 92%
Tommy Robinson Will Be the UK’s Tipping Point
Butchers 'Living in Fear' as Vegan Attacks on the Rise, Says Countryside Alliance
Inside Billionaires' Bunkers Where Richest Plan To Sit Out Apocalypse In Luxurious 'Doomsday' Dugouts - With Swimming Pools, Cinemas and Wine Vaults – HOLLY NOTE: Have you noticed over the past few years how many companies are building these lux bunkers around the world? Guess they figure that since governments have provided these for themselves – maybe not as upscale – they're thinking to ride out what's coming and not skip a beat. If they're used to having everything handed to them and don't have a practical bone in their bodies, let alone Christ, they may find silk sheets and Olympic-size pools aren't going to fill the void or fix the misery waiting for them 'outside'.
UK: You're Not Allowed to Talk about It. About What? Don't Ask.
The Death of Britain
Geert Wilders Releases Statement in Support of Tommy Robinson: "Lights of Freedom Going Out All Over Europe"
Report: Syria Bans Iranian Forces From Using Its Air Bases
Glazov Gang: The Horrifying World of Muslim Rape Gangs
MAY 28
Anti-Immigration Protester Jailed In London
Judge Orders Press Blackout Robinson Silenced
Extremely Dire Scenario Playing Out in Brazil Due to Trucker Strike
Brazil Trucker Strike Eases Just as Oil Union Threatens Walkout – Losses of Over $2.6 Billion in 5 Days
7 Injured in Massive Blaze At German Theme Park
Government Demands Telstra Explain How 600 Hoax Calls Were Made to Triple 0 Line in Just 2 Hours – HOLLY NOTE: 000 is Australia's equivalent of 911.
Paul Weston: Britain is Now a Genuine Police State
Ireland Votes Resoundingly to Repeal Abortion Ban
MAY 25
ANALYSIS: New Evidence Iran Is a Huge Threat to World Peace
Saudi Releases Photo of Reforming Crown Prince Amid Speculation That He Has Been Assassinated After Not Appearing in Public Since Gunfire Was Heard at His Palace A Month Ago
Trump Cancels Summit Because of ‘Tremendous Anger’ From N. Korea; Tells Kim, ‘Call Me’ If You Change Your Mind
The Calm Before the Storm – video
Canada Shocked as Glass Shards and Sewing Needles Deliberately Planted By Muslims on Beach Threatened By “Islamic Revolutionary Force”
Swedish Police Are Warning Women All Over The Country to NOT Leave Their Houses Late at Night Because There Will Be Lots of Rapes Due to Islamic Immigration
MAY 24
President Trump Pens Letter to Kim Calling Off North Korea Summit Over Dictator's 'Open Hostility'
REVEALED: Secret Iranian Missile Base Found, Experts Think It's Building Long Range Missiles, Report Says
Germany Will Now Train Muslim Migrant/Asylum Seekers to Become Truck Drivers
The Majority of European Politicians Are Traitors, Says Intelligence Analyst
The Latest in the Left’s Culture Wars: Disturbing Canadian Poster Subtly Promotes Pedophilia – After All, Love Knows No Age
MAY 22
Saudis Attack Crown Prince MBS
Europe Plotting to Undermine New U.S. Sanctions on Iran
Italy Forming New Populist Government Today to Challenge EU
Pray for Ireland in the Upcoming Abortion Referendum – video
Canada Granting Refugee Status to Fewer Illegal Border Crossers
Sweden Distributes ‘Be Prepared For War’ Leaflet to All 4.8M Homes
Swedish Police Warn Lots of Rapes Will Happen This Summer And Advise Women Not to Go Out Late
MAY 18
North Korea Buying Time to Hide Nukes With Threat to Cancel U.S. Summit, Intel Officials Say
Bill Gertz Explains Chinese Spying on America and American Industry: ‘It’s a 3-Pronged Threat’ – Stealing $600 BILLION a Year – video of day
MAY 17
Russian Heavy Golan-1000 Rocket Launchers For Assad, Kalibr Cruise Missiles Off Shore
MAY 16
North Korea Cancels Talks With South, Threatens to Pull Out of U.S. Summit: Report
Soros Group Pulls Out of Hungary as Orban Government Floats 'Stop Soros' Package
New Migrant Surge Tests Canada's Welcoming Stance
93% of Migrant Sex Crimes in Finland Are Committed By Migrants From Islamic Countries
MAY 15
Iran FM in Moscow as Russia Moves to Save Nuke Deal
Dismembered Human Feet Keep Washing Up On Beaches In Western Canada
MH370 - The Situation Room – video of day
Erdogan Recalls Ambassadors From Israel And America; Accuses Israel of Genocide
MAY 14
US Threatens European Companies With Sanctions After Iran Deal Pullout
Merkel, Macron Vow Brussels Won’t Tolerate Resistance to Inundation of Muslim Migrants
Russian Nuclear Bombers Intercepted Near Alaska
Russian Warship Stalks USS Harry S. Truman Aircraft Carrier Strike Group Amid Fears Relations Between Moscow and Washington Could Deteriorate at Any Moment
MAY 11
NKorea's Last Nuclear Test Had the Energy of 10 Nagasaki Bombs and Was So Powerful It Moved a MOUNTAIN
Oil Sales, Bank Woes: Can Iran’s Economy Survive Trump Exit?
Moscow Says It Won’t Supply Advanced Air Defenses to Syria
MAY 10
1 MILLION People Flood into Colombia Amid Venezuela Crisis
No, Iran Wasn't Going To Toss Its Nukes Thanks To The Iran Deal. Here's Why.
Kenya’s Patel Dam Burst ’Causes Huge Destruction’
Maasai Herders Driven Off Land, Homes Burned to Make Way For Luxury Safaris, Report Says
The Ayatollahs' Clear and Present Threat to the USA
US Pullout Won’t Kill Nuclear Deal, Iran’s Rouhani Says
Alberta’s New Conservative Party Votes to Restore Rights of Parents Over Their Children – HOLLY NOTE: It would be nice if England and Australia would get the message. Think Alfie Evans.
Iran Warns Trump of "Historic Regret" If US Withdraws From Nuclear Deal, Has "Plan to Counter Any Decision"
Turkey Warns of Retaliation If US Stops Arms Sales: Report – HOLLY NOTE: Turkey that used to be Christian, then Christian-tolerant, is now wholly Muslim-oriented. They used to be a U.S. ally and evermore are not. Remember that vicious assault by Turkish bodyguards on peaceful protesters in Washington last year? That takes a lot of nerve to be so overtly anti-American yet demand we continue to sell them arms. If this same sentiment grows we could be in a conflict with Turkey and them using our own weapons against us.
Related: Turkey Declares a Military Frontline Against America
Rouhani Says Plans in Place for Any Trump Decision on Nuclear Deal
US Navy Resurrects Its Cold War-Era Atlantic Fleet To Counter Russia
16 Bizarre and Disturbing Facts About NKorea
Pentagon Confirms Chinese Fired Lasers at U.S. Pilots
White House Warns China: There Will Be 'Consequences' For Militarization of South China Sea
Venezuela's Maduro Threatens Armed Revolution If Voters Sell Out Country to “the Gringos” – HOLLY NOTE: This is like the Democrats here putting party and politics over country. 'Somebody' drove Venezuela into the ground. Maybe gringo Henri Falcón can 'drive the bus' better than Maduro.
Related: In Venezuela, Inflation Quadruples to 18,000% in 2 Months, With No End in Sight
NZ Prime Minister's Campaign to Ensure Country Isn't Left Off Maps – HOLLY NOTE: NZ has often received short shrift, which is unfortunate because Kiwis are some of the finest people in the world situated in a most beautiful country.
MUST READ REPORT: NKorea Already Has Numerous Nukes and “Super-EMP” Weapons – PLEASE download and read this report made to the House of Representatives and pass it on.
North Korea Reportedly Hands Trump a Win By Releasing US Prisoners – HOLLY NOTE: Kim also needs to release the USS Pueblo seized January 1968.
UK: Man Arrested For Possessing a Potato Peeler
Germany: 200 African Migrants Riot to Prevent Man Being Deported, Police Flee
CENSORED REPORT: Trump Knows Obama Armed Iran To Trigger Islamic Armageddon – video
The Islamic Response to the US Embassy Move to Jerusalem
NKorea Starts Pulling Cables From Tunnels at Its Nuclear Test Site After Historic Peace Summit With SKorea
The War Against Iran Escalates; JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) Nuclear Deal is Toast ET
The Short and Ugly History of the Disastrous Iran Deal
Hundreds Are Arrested as Anti-Capitalist Rioters Attack Buildings, Torch Vehicles and Loot McDonald's in Paris with Millions Taking to the Streets in May Day Madness – HOLLY NOTE: We wanted to post some of the larger crowd shots, but they just would have looked like a zillion little colored dots. The magnitude of these May Day protests is truly astonishing. You owe to yourself to click this story and be prepared for a shock.
Russians Sold Uranium to Iran After Buying Uranium From Hillary Clinton – HOLLY NOTE: As Secy. of State, she should have known the uranium would end up in enemy hands.
Pope Francis Tweets: 'Let's Ban All Weapons' – HOLLY NOTE: Now there's a dose of common sense…
80-foot Monster Wave Gives Brazilian Surfer World Record, Judges Say
GO TO HELL BRITAIN: Victim of Muslim Rape Gang Raped By 70 Men By Age 13; UK Authorities Did Nothing For Fear of “Islamophobia” Charges
APR 30
North Korean Leader Vows to Give Up Nukes If US Promises Not to Invade
‘Their Country Is Being Invaded’: Exodus of Venezuelans Overwhelms Northern Brazil
Chemical Weapons Base Where Russian Scientists 'Made Salisbury Nerve Agent' Is Demolished (Supposedly) as Vladimir Putin Is Accused of a Cover-Up
APR 27
Iranian Leader Ayatollah Khameini Says That ALL Muslim Nations Should Unite and Wage War Against The United States and Israel
Trump Warns Iran That If the Islamic Republic Threatens the US in Any Way, They Will ‘Pay a Price Like Few Countries Have Ever Paid’
Kim Jong Un Bringing 'Personal Toilet' to South Korea: "The Leader's Excretions Contain Information About His Health Status So They Can't Be Left Behind." – HOLLY NOTE: One has to wonder if Kim has serious health issues that if it became public might make him vulnerable to takeover. Regardless, truly strange.
North Meets South! Korean Leaders Pledge Denuclearization, But Avoid Specifics
APR 26
Iran’s Khamenei Urges Muslim Nations to Unite Against U.S.
Germany’s Merkel: No to Jerusalem Embassy, No to ‘Settlements,’ Yes to Iran Nuclear Deal
North Korea’s Nuclear Test Site Has Collapsed ... And That May Be Why Kim Jong-Un Suspended Tests
China Tests Fighter Jets Equipped With 'Invisibility Cloaks'
Russia Claims It Has a US Tomahawk Cruise Missile and Will Use It to Improve Its Own Weapons
Parents Mount Last Ditch Effort to Save Their Baby Son
‘Breathtaking Homicidal Violence’: Latin America in Grip of Murder Crisis ET Matthew 24:12 and Revelation 9:21
How The Globalism Con Game Leads to a ‘New World Order’
APR 25
North Korea’s Nuclear Test Site Remains 'Fully Operational’, US Watchdog Claims
Saudi Arabia Arrests Nearly 1M People in 4 Days for Illegal Immigration and Violation of Labor Regs
British Politicians Declare War on Knives
Belgium: First Islamic State in Europe?
'Bin Laden Bodyguard' on German Welfare
Turkey's Erdogan Threatens France
APR 24
Putin Warns Russian Students in the UK That They Should Leave IMMEDIATELY and Return Home – What Does He Know?
Senior Iranian Official Warns Tehran Could Pull Out of Non-Proliferation Treaty, Yet…
Iran’s President Warns US of ‘Severe Consequences’ If It Pulls Out of Nuke Deal
Army Trucks Roll Into Salisbury to Begin Clean-Up Operation at Nerve Agent Hot Spots in Wake of Sergei Skripal Poisoning
Venezuela Banned Guns. Now Their Murder Rate Is Skyrocketing.
Woman Cuts Off Boyfriend's Penis With Shears Because He Leaked Sex Tape: Report
Armenian PM Resigns After Days of Protests
War Against The New World Order – Hungary Victorious in Their Battle Against Soros, as He Decides to Move His Organizations Out of the Country
Saudi King to Launch 129-Square-Mile ‘Entertainment City’
APR 23
Russia Warns Israel That They Will NOT Stop Arming Syria, No Matter What the Threat Is to the Jewish State
Kate Middleton, Prince William Welcome Baby Boy
After Some of the Most Shocking Rapes and Murders Against Young Girls in Recent Memory, India Will Now EXECUTE Rapists in Major Crackdown
Another London Woman Stalked, Stabbed
Australian Soldiers Banned from Wearing ‘Arrogant’ Death Symbols
Scottish Karate Fighter Escapes Illegal Migrants Who Planned to Rape Her by ‘Kicking Them in Balls’
Sweden’s Chief Economic Forecaster: Taxes Will Have to Rise to Support Non-Working Immigrants
APR 20
Iran President: If US Scraps Nuke Deal, They’ll See Impact ‘Within a Week’
Russian Missiles Alarm Israel, Stoking Risk of Next Syria Crisis
APR 19
Iran Warns The United States With a Huge Show of Military Force – Is Trump Getting The Message?
China Touts New 'Brigade' of 'Guam Killer' Missiles
A White Farmer Is Murdered By Blacks Every 5 Days in South Africa, and Not One Thing Is Done About It
Trump Ready to Kill Iran Nuclear Deal
Vlad Unveils the Death Star
Study: Almost 90% of Refugees Still Not Working After 2-1/2 Years in The Netherlands
APR 18
UK Journalist Visits Syria, Local Doc Tells Him Douma Victims Suffered From Oxygen Starvation, Not 'Chem Attack – HOLLY NOTE: This doesn't explain why people writhed in agony after exposure or had foam coming out of their mouths.
35,000 Soldiers Participate In Norway's Biggest Drill Since Cold War
Pride Parade Bans Drag Queens Over Fears They'll Offend Trans People ET
APR 17
The Road to World War III
Why Another Chemical Attack Is Coming Soon From Putin and Assad
Canada's Influx of Illegal Immigrants Shows No Signs of Letting Up
Canada Pulls Families of Diplomatic Staff From Cuba
APR 16
Syria Attack: Will Russia Launch CYBER warfare? Expert Says It Is IMMINENT
China Just Conducted Its Biggest-Ever Display of Naval Power – HOLLY NOTE: One has to wonder what they're preparing for: invasion of Taiwan? further actions in Syria where Russia, China and Bolivia were united against the allies' airstrikes or if tensions escalate again with N. Korea? Maybe all scenarios.
48 Warships
76 Aircraft
10,000+ Personnel
What Would Happen If a Nuclear Bomb Went Off in a Major City? Terrifying Bomb Went Off in a Major City? Terrifying Simulation Reveals Potential Impact of a Blast in Unprecedented Detail
4000 US Troops Launch Massive Military Drill on Edge of Syria ET
Russian Reinforcements Head for Syria ET
Pentagon: Syria Strikes Put Chemical Weapons Program Back Years
Syria: Chemical Weapons Inspectors Denied Access to Douma Site
Putin: Further Attacks on Syria Would Lead to ‘Chaos’
Russia’s UNSC Resolution Calling to Stop Aggression Against Syria Does Not Receive Enough Votes
Nikki Haley Says U.S. Imposing New Sanctions on Russia over Syria Support
Arab Leaders Meet to Unify Ranks With Eye on Iran, Jerusalem
APR 13
Russia TV Instructs Viewers How to Prepare Bomb Shelters For Nuclear War
US Considering 8 Possible Targets in Syria — President Trump Says Decision Coming 'Fairly Soon
Nogel Farage: Globalists Hate Christians and Want War With Russia
Director of UN Weapons: Chemical Attack In Syria Was Not By Assad
In Hungary, Pro-Government Weekly Prints List of ‘Soros Mercenaries’
APR 12
Trump Vows Missiles Will Fly Over Syria. Russia Threatens to Shoot Them Down. What Could Go Wrong?
Experts: Assad’s Missile Defense No ‘Ring of Steel’
White House: Trump Weighing 'All Options' in Syria After Threat of Military Strike
Turkey: ‘Russia Won’t Be Able to Stay Away’ If U.S. Strikes Syria ET – HOLLY NOTE: This is Biblical. Ezekiel 38:3-6 reveals that God will 'put hook into the jaws of Russia'. In other words, Russia will be forced into conflict regarding Syria. This may be due to signed treaties with Syria or Russia needing to keep its only port access to the Mediterranean, which is in Syria. These and 7 other reasons explaining Russia's near-conjoined alliance with Syria are discussed in
Prophetic Perils: End Time Events Revealed. Even though we know these things must come to pass since they are prophesied, but it's both eerie yet reassuring to see prophesy come to life.
Russia Moves 11 Navy Ships Out of Syrian Port
Syria 'Chemical Attack': France's President Macron Says He Has Proof
Theresa May Calls Cabinet Meeting to Decide Britain's Response in Syria
Nerve Agent Experts Race to Smuggle Bodies Out of Douma
“There Wasn’t a Single Corpse”: Russia Claims ‘White Helmets’ Staged Syria Chemical Attack
The UN Hits All-Time Low By Appointing Syria to Head a Chemical Weapons Forum
Saudi Arabia Intercepts Three Missiles Over Riyadh as Explosions Rock Capital
Putin: 'The World Is Becoming More Chaotic'
How The Media May Justify Land Confiscation in South Africa
Gay Pride Parade Bans Drag Queens Over Fears They’ll Offend Transgender People
APR 11
At Least 80 Killed in Gas Attack on Syrian Civilians
Murdoch's Fox HQ in London Gets Raided – European Commission Seizes Documents, Computer Records
APR 10
A Syrian Talks About the Chemical Weapon Attack in Duma Damascus – video of day
Russia Suddenly Puts Troops on Full Combat Alert
Russia Jamming US Drones in Syria
Ahead of U.S. Nuke Deal Deadline, Iran Threatens to Renew Enrichment
Gas Attack Near Syrian Capital Kills 40
Survivors 'Forced To Leave Or Die'
Russia Blames Israel for Deadly Airstrike on Assad Base After Alleged Chemical Attack
Syria and Russia Accuse Israel of Missile Attack on Assad Airbase
Syrian Showdown: Trump Versus The Generals
NHL Teams Line Up Side-By-Side and Bang Their Sticks on the Ice in Touching Tribute to Victims of Horrific Hockey Team Bus Crash in Canada
Over $4 Million Raised For Canadian Hockey Team
London Mayor Sadiq Khan Targets Knives as Murder Rate Spikes: 'THere Is Never a Reason to Carry a Knife' – HOLLY NOTE: Can’t believe this! Stan and I have previously half-joked that in gun-restrictive countries, people would kill with knives or baseball bats, or whatever is handy, and then their Feds would come for those. And so they are. These killings aren’t a matter guns and knives. It’s a matter of lawlessness and hardened, indifferent, cold hearts as described as another End Times sign. ET Matthew 24:12 and 2Timothy 3:1-3
Canada's Customs & Immigration Union Leader "Begging" For More Resources at Border
North Korea Could Nuke the U.S. By July
Trump Hits 17 Russian Officials, 7 Oligarchs With Sanctions
London’s Hospitals ‘Look Like War Zones Due to Gun and Knife Crime Epidemic’
Mossad Chief: I'm '100% Certain Iran Is Committed to Building a Nuclear Bomb
LUNACY: Germany Claims They Are ‘Unable’ to Deport 65,000 Failed Muslim Asylum Seekers Because They Don’t Have Any Identification
UK: Funding Textbooks That Teach Children to Blow Themselves Up
Russia Aims to Boost Gold Reserves, Increase Sales to India & China
…Considers $50 Billion Investment in Iranian Oil & Gas
UK Police Arrest 78-Year-Old Man For Murder After He Stabbed a Burglar in His Own Home ET
Movie Theater to Open in Saudi Arabia for the First Time in 35 Years
Pentagon: Russia Tested Nuclear-Powered Cruise Missile Twice
Far-Right Views Going Mainstream In Much of Central Europe
5 Scenarios after U.S. About-Face on Syria
MBS Takes a Page from Obama's and Hillary's Book: Saudi Prince Dines With Rupert Murdoch, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, James Cameron, More
Swedes Turn Against Cashlessness; 'Puts at Risk of Attack'
‘Gender-Neutral’ Swedish Preschools Teach Boys to Wear Dresses
Pakistan Tests Submarine-Launched, Nuclear-Capable Missile
Revealed: China Authorizes Aggressive Program of Stealing U.S. Science and Tech Info
Putin Shows Off ‘Satellite Killer’ Missile System Just Days After Revealing Days After 4,000mph ‘Satan’ Rocket
Israel: Deal Reached to Resettle African Migrants in West (Including the USA)
Saudi Crown Prince Admits Saudis "Financed Terrorist Groups", Blesses Statehood For Israel
What Should We Call Secular Ideologies like Marxism and Social Justice?
Kuwait Reports IAF Flew Over Iranian Nuclear Sites Undetected
Shock Report Finds London's Murder Rate topped NYC's as Killer Turn to Knives
Swedish Student Suspended For Giving Classmates Factsheet About Horrifying Statistics Of Muslim Migrant Sex Crimes – Truth Is Now a Hate Crime